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[She's been here for a few hours now, and really isn't sure what to make of anything. She's tried to do the exploring thing, and now feels as good of a time as any to do the talking over the communicator to people. When she pops up on screen, she's awkwardly smiling, and looks off to the left and to the right before speaking. Oh, this just feels weird.]

Is it on? Hello? [She purses her lips together, and eventually decides that yes it is, and gives a firm nod of her head. Her smile becomes a little more warm at that point, and she flips a hand up in a wave.]

This is all real, isn't it? Really, actually real. [Some of the things that have happened recently, she's a bit unsure about all of that.] Right then, I'll take this over being dead any day. But -

[A pause, and then she's left frowning.]

I'm looking for someone, thought that maybe he might be here. Answers to Doctor. Not a doctor. The Doctor. Dunno why he insists on being particular about that, but now he's got me doing it too. [Which is just great, really.]

He's easy to pick out of a crowd, what with the tweed and bow tie -

[Oh wait. Her Doctor might not be wearing those anymore. New face, new man, new style. She frowns deeply, looking pained, and gulps down her emotions as she forces herself to continue talking.]

And the inability to stay out of trouble. Also the eyebrows. They look a bit like white caterpillars. Doubt he's shown his face, but if he has, I could really use his help in getting out of here. I've been to plenty of topsy turvy places here lately. Not really looking to stay in this one long term.

[ooc: I wasn't sure if the event ended at midnight on the third or on the fourth, so please think of this as going up after the event's over! Sorry for any confusion.]
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[Clara is pressed against a door, her hair wild and struggling for breath, as it shakes and jerks forward with the force of the zombies pressing against it, dozens of fingers curling around the heavy wood door from the room behind her. She obviously can't move without allowing the zombies in to the hall, and is barely holding her ground against the weight of the bodies behind her.]

You know, I've never like zombies much. Don’t even like the word, really. So of course, I'd get zombies for my birthday. I'm just about sick of shooting things and bashing their heads in, so thought I'd pop up a message letting anyone that might care know the likelihood of my being eaten right now is looking pretty hig-

[She gasps as her feet slip, the door pushing open more to reveal several zombie faces when suddenly-]


[In comes The Doctor from the opposite direction and he's not alone. A right horde of zombies are following him, he holds out the sonic directly in front of him even as he closes the distance between them, running at full tilt.]

Quick Quick get over here! NOW!

[Clara rushes to The Doctor, stumbling, and as he catches her in his arms, fumbling with the sonic before aiming it at the ceiling which crumbles in large chunks, taking the zombies out in a symphony of horrid squishing noises and thumps and roars, The camera going black as both the Doctor and Clara disappear as well. There's darkness and the sound of debris settling for a long moment, and then suddenly light as The Doctor shifts, several feet away from the camera, having braced himself over Clara to protect her. He kicks off some of the debris with a grunt, and then there's a bunch of giggling from the two of them.]

Look at you, my own personal shield. If I had known you were so good at it, I would've insisted you show up in Wonderland sooner.

Well you know me, always Fashionably late. Cutting it close is my middle name. More or less.

And here I thought great big hero would be your middle name. Might want to work on the frequency of your sonic, though. Try setting it to something a little less...getting us caught up in the debris next time, yeah?

And miss this bonding time? Never. Though[And he looks over his shoulder, frowning.] It might not hold very long so we should-

[As if on Cue the rubble shifts, and several zombies lunge forward from it, one grasping at The Doctor's ankle, another sinking his teeth into his arm as he lifts it to defend them. The Doctor shouts in pain, and uses one foot to jam the zombie back, kicking it onto the other two and disabling them amongst the rubble. He scrabbles to his feet, kicking at the now disembodied hand still grapping at his pants leg, and drags Clara up with him.]

Go go go go go!

[as they rush off, leaving the device where it lays, the zombies free themselves and lumber forward, nearly a dozen of them climbing over the device before it finally times out.]
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[With the Doctor's arrival and a new companion, Amy feels that it's finally time to do something that's been long overdue: A companion slumber party. It's mostly an excuse for gossip on the Doctor but also a chance to get to know the others better as well. She's spent all morning getting things set up and making space in her room to host everyone.]

Right, since it looks like there's another of us here and a Doctor as well, I say we have ourselves a little get together and get to know each other better. We can help her get settled in and learn a thing or two about the Doctor. I'm sure there's plenty of things we all have to say about him. So whenever you're ready, head on over to room 207. I've got a few things set up but feel free to bring anything with you or we can always pull it out of the closet. See you soon.

[Her room will be set up with soft fairy lights that twinkle like stars against her blue walls. A vase of sunflowers sits on her bedside table. Various bits of arts and crafts projects resembling her Doctor sit about on a table. But there are also snacks and drinks sitting about and plenty of blankets and pillows.]

[ooc: feel free to set up your own threads! Everyone can mingle and chat and dish about the Doctor and paint their nails or braid hair or chat about adventures or what have you.]

( video )

Oct. 22nd, 2013 05:43 pm
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[ Rose Tyler is no stranger to portal jumping, accustomed to blinking and finding herself in another world, another universe, another plane of existence. Home, or her surrogate home, as she's come to think of it, is only a place to dust off her shoes before the next jump. Parallel Earths and alien fields and unfamiliar constellations up above are old hat now.

But Wonderland? The incredulous expression on her face is nearly amused, brown eyes warm and curious as she blinks into the camera, fingers raking lightly through dyed golden hair. Headquarters is going to get an earful about jumbled up cannon coordinates when she gets back. Still, she can't help but be a little fascinated by it all, despite the kink in all of her grand plans, her search for that someone she'll never be able to let go of, not ever. ]

's real, then? The Queen of Hearts and all that. I mean, it's a bit brilliant, really and I'm all about a good cuppa with a mad man every now and then but this isn't exactly what I was aiming for, y'know? The way out... still through the rabbit hole, or is that too easy?

[ There's a brief, uncertain pause, her teeth edging into her lower lip thoughtfully before she carries on, giving in to the other nagging question nearly always on her mind. ]

While I have you... does anyone here know the Doctor?


Oct. 21st, 2013 05:11 pm
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Oh- Oh Really? That's unexpected.

[There's a man on the screen, his thick brown hair sticking up in all directions like he's been worrying it with his fingers, and the location is definitely near the fountain, where he sits on the edge and grins at the camera, curiosity glinting in his eyes and his face incredibly animated.]

Hello! Aren't you brilliant? Never  thought that the afterlife would come with wifi! Well, never expected there was an afterlife at all, actually, but wifi is probably the last expectation I'd have if I did.  Learn something new every day!

I'm The Doctor, by the way. [There's a bit of a flinch to that, and he tilts his head side to side as if weighing his next word.] Thouugh, if one of my theories are correct I may not be the only one. Fantastic gardening here by the way, bit Alice in Wonderland. You know I took Charles with me on a short trip to  Mimsy, a planet in the Mirror Galaxy that's around, oh say ninety percent gardens? Bit of a squabble going on at the time. He claims not to remember a bit of it but honestly I think he just wanted all the credit. Definitely not Mimsy though...Smells wrong. 

[He clicks his tongue and takes a breath, looking over the camera and around at his surroundings again. Then after a moment he looks back, a charming smile on his lips.]

Anyone want to catch me up on the goings on here? Always liked a bit of gossip. Ta.

009; Video

Oct. 10th, 2013 06:19 pm
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[Waking up in a room you're familiar with but not quite being able to place it wasn't entirely odd to Amy. It's not like she's been in too many places for that long since she started traveling with the Doctor, after all. What was weird what she remembered before she woke up. Her head is still a little foggy from whatever the Cyberman shot at her. But everything that happened while she was gone comes back in a rush. Something horrible was going to happen to the TARDIS, maybe even the Doctor. Then the cyberman started attacking her and…and here she was in a room that was almost like her one back in Leadworth except for the calendar on the wall.


She wonders how long she's been gone. It felt like only a day back home. The timelioop situation had been taken care of and they were investigating the Pandorica…piecing together memories of her time in Wonderland and her life back home took a few moments to organize.

Once she gathers her bearings, she grabs her phone. After her death here, she doesn't want to waste time letting people know she's back, but she doesn't know where to start. Still lost on what to say, she opens the video. And after a moment, she just begins rambling. She looks groggy and disoriented.]

So it's true, then. We go back home and we don't remember our time here. But once we're back, it's all there. Everything we did here, everyone we met. It's like it never happened when we're home but it did happen. How does that even work? How can we forget everything when we leave but remember it all when we return?

[There's a pause from her rambling and she runs a hand through her hair. She straightens and fixes her gaze on the camera.]

Right. How long was I gone and what did I miss?


Oct. 9th, 2013 07:42 pm
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[It's taken Clara a while to get to the point of being able to speak out loud. She's freaked out after waking up in a random part of the mansion, remembering the event and the fact that she most definitely died.

It was all too familiar of a feeling, the intense heat and the feeling of internally being torn apart. So it's set her on edge, and she's not in any condition at all to post her usual video message. But those that know her well enough should recognize her voice, as well as the calculated level of calmness that she's projecting.

That wasn't very nice. Then again, not many things here are.

[A pause, and she gives out a shaky breath of air.]

So. [Awkward pause goes here.] Did anyone else happen to die during the last event?

[That's her way of demanding everyone she knows check in and tell her that they in fact didn't die, and they're all perfectly okay and in one piece and nothing at all is wrong with them.]
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[ Daniel wakes up in his hotel room in the village of Altstadt. He is definitely in Altstadt, and certainly not in a room in Wonderland which has styled itself to look exactly the same. And, it logically follows, this room is definitely not broadcasting a video of him without his knowledge or consent.


Daniel springs out of a restless sleep and sits up on the edge of his bed, blinking in the morning light. It must be earlier than it looks, because nobody has come to knock him up, and he definitely asked to be knocked up at 7am promptly. He was very clear in asking to be knocked up.

They'd better not have forgotten. Might they have done? This is sort of a ghetto guest-house, if you want his honest opinion. There's not even a bell he can ring to call a servant.

Okay, Daniel doesn't have time to be annoyed by the inconveniences of rural life. His thoughts are too full of the last leg of his journey, which will be undertaken today, to the castle where he might finally find some safety -- so he stands up quickly, steps away from the bed. Lacking a clock, he just assumes he's late, and starts to undress hurriedly out of his woolen cap and night-shirt.

The network is still definitely not there, but if it were, it would probably now be broadcasting an early Victorian strip tease. ]

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[When the feed kicks on, it might be difficult to realize exactly what's shown on the screen, at first glance- because there's a lot of- whatever it is. The device seems to be settled on a table, with a clear view of the room, surrounded by things of every shape and size; papers, socks, food, lamps, pillows, silverware, toiler paper holders, hats, feathers, binoculars, books, wires, telescopes, pots, globes, cups, dice, flowers, darts, briefcases. If you can name it, it's probably somewhere in the middle of the mess, although god only knows why, or where it all came from. Jack certainly doesn't know, if the cursing from somewhere offscreen is any indication.]

Oh for the love of-

[Then there's a sudden inhuman sounding screech, cutting him off mid sentence, and something small, dark, and fast flies across the screen. It's followed by an excited barking sound and then the shape of a puppy, a Welsh Springer Spaniel to be exact, bounding after it. And more swearing.]

Get back here, you little-!

[And then there's the creaking sound of a door opening, and Jack's sudden panicked voice,]

Ianto, shut the door!!

[The door quickly shuts in response to Jack's command, followed by more excited barking, more screeching, and Ianto's normally soft baritone voice raised above the din.]

Jack, what in the name of...! What is all of this? Is that. [Ianto bends to pick up the puppy so it quiets and stops running around after the-] Is that a pterodactyl?

Yes, yes it is. Not a full sized one, thank god, but- [He cuts off again, and there's a clatter of motion, the sound of things being knocked over, another screech, and a growl.] It's Wonderland's idea of a joke, apparently. I don't suppose you have any chocolate on you?

[Ianto raises an eyebrow at the other man, adjusting his grip on the puppy slightly.] Can't say that I do. You could always ask the closet for some, though. Although by the looks of it maybe I should be putting a lock on it while I'm not here. [What is all of this stuff, even?]

Jack, dare I even ask what you were doing? Or why we have suddenly acquired a puppy? Or why there is a baby pterodactyl flying around in my bedroom? [A pterodactyl is still a pterodactyl, full sized or not, Jack Harkness, Ianto's tone seems to suggest.]

Oh no. If you want anything out of that closet, you can ask it yourself. [His tone is annoyed, raising at the end, and then there's another loud clatter, combined with a shouted,] Gotcha! [and then finally an almost manic laugh.] Ha!

I was trying, [Jack comes on screen finally, and this time the small dark shape is clearly that of a tiny pterodactyl, screeching and struggling in Jack's arms, pecking at him with its own annoyance. If the scratch marks on his face and the way he easily ignores the pecking and clawing are any indication, this isn't the first time he's managed to catch it.] to pull some decent weaponry from the damn thing. It's given me just about everything else instead.

[The puppy in Ianto's arms lunges for the pterodactyl, yipping slightly, and Ianto deftly tucks it further into his grip. The look on his face does nothing to change now that he has something more of an explanation.]

For weapons, right. [It seems that Jack's gotten just about everything but what he was looking for out of the closet, then. He glances back at Jack.] Jack. All you need to do is picture what you want in your mind and the closet will give it to you. How did you get from weapon to puppy and pterodactyl?

What do you think I was trying to do? [The look Jack pins the Welshman with is- well... Okay, look, the pterodactyl should be easy enough to explain. After all, Myfanwy had been their 'guard dog' for the Hub, so to speak. As for the rest of the complete random stuff the closet spewed out at him, and the puppy... Rolling his eyes, he turns away from Ianto, shifting to hold the struggling dinosaur with one arm so he can sift through the rabble with the other: he could have sworn he remembered pulling out a cage at some point, now where did the thing go? And under his breath, more grumbling than anything else, he mutters to himself,] those eyes of yours are weapon enough when you want them to be.

[Okay. So he might have had a stray thought about Ianto just before the puppy came bounding out of the closet.]

[There is a healthy flush that spreads across Ianto's cheeks in response to that statement. Jack doesn't have to be talking very loud or speaking directly to him for him to have heard it, after all. He can see it all too easily, Jack getting distracted, thinking of him, and winding up with a puppy. A Welsh puppy, for that matter.]

[He doesn't have enough time to save himself from that moment, though, because that's just about the time that Ianto realizes that there's a flashing light coming from across the room. And it takes him only about two seconds to realize that it means they've been recorded this whole time, including that last little bit of interaction. So much for having a private life.]

...shit. [He says emphatically, to no one in particular.]

What? [He's found the cage and has the pterodactyl half wrestled into it when he hears Ianto curse, and he looks up, follows his gaze- and groans. Finishes stuffing the thing into the cage, swings the wire door shut, then moves over to the table. The last image the feed gets is a half annoyed look and Jack's hand closing over the camera before it ticks off.]

[OOC: Blue text is Jack, red text is Ianto. Replies will be coming from both!]
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I have a question for everyone! I've just thought of it now, suddenly, and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter!

I've heard stories about Superheroes, you know. There have never been any Superheroes native to Wonderland, of course, but sometimes they pass through now and then. They're very interesting, with all their colorful costumes and powers and gadgets!

But I was wondering - what makes a Superhero super? Where do they come from? How do they get so super in the first place? Is there a Superhero factory, perhaps, where you drop an ordinary person in one end and they come out the other more super than ever? Or maybe there's an entire world of Superheroes where Superheroes aren't terribly super because everyone is super! If that makes any sense at all, which it might not. I've never been known to make much sense.

But does anyone know how Superheroes are so super? Is there something that makes them super? I suppose what I'm asking is...could anyone do it?
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[apparently he's given up pretense. He's wearing his old lab coat and gloves]

Gold has never been my favorite person, but at least he keeps the deals you make with him. This place doesn't follow any rules. So fine, here it is.

I haven't always been Doctor Whale. That is a name I bore because I forgot my real self. And that self is Victor Frankenstein. I dug up graves, watched my family die before my eyes, and reanimated the dead. And if you want to avoid or fear me... Go ahead.

[private to Regina]
Heard what you did to Alphonse.
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[It takes a while to fathom out the device, it's a strange object that both frightens and intrigues him. But in the end, it's just like any other object he has stumbled upon in his short life. It takes careful study and observation, an ability to master what was in front of him and use it as an aid. And as much as he wants to remain hidden in the shadows, he has to reach out or else he will never find what he's looking for. He was alone here. The world around him had changed entirely and this was his last chance to make some sense of it.

And this seemed strangely how everyone communicated here, some odd magical device that allowed communication by distance. It was -- useful. At least he didn't have to show his face.]

I am looking for Doctor Victor Frankenstein. I have been searching all day and have not seen him once. I do not know if he is out there, if he is capable of hearing this. If he is then... then I am here.

[He speaks with a sort of lisp, somewhat mumbled and unsure. He pauses, his hands fumble with the device nervously, unsure what to say. Unsure how many could hear him.]

This is a strange place but very beautiful, I have never been somewhere so grand. The snow is gone, everything is much brighter and nicer. And these machines? I don't yet entirely understand them. [How they worked were beyond him. Magic perhaps? Or more science he can't understand.] But I am curious to know more.


Sep. 5th, 2013 10:49 pm
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[Clara's spent the past handful of weeks being busy locked away in her room and the library, doing some research and jotting down notes. The product of all this research is currently sprawled out in front of her, a calendar filled with perfectly written and organized information.]

Suppose I've been a bit distant here lately. [A pause, and she tips her head to the side, frowning.] It happens.

[She shrugs, and continues.]

So, figure Wonderland ought to have a proper school. There are children here. Course, classes won't be limited to just them. Everyone's invited to attend. Oh! And assist, too. Still need to set up a classroom and gather supplies, but don't see any reason why things won't start in a week or two.

[And now she's feeling socially awkward for proposing something that most people probably won't have any interest in, so she gives a curt nod and a grin, then cuts the feed.]
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[ Something is really, very Wrong with Sam today. And it isn't like their loss after the chess match when his determined, smarmy mirror was able to slip through to Realside; oh, no. Anyone who's spoken to Sam will know that the man now projecting over the network, face a mask of distrust with a faint but chiding smile, will be able to tell that something's a little off about the younger Winchester. Anyone who knows him very well may find his new confidence, disregard for morality, and general robust asshole attitude to be striking and disturbing.

Anyone who spent time with him when he'd been without a soul will know in an instant; this is the soulless version of Sam, come back to play. ]

Evenin.' [ He drags his tongue over his lips purposefully, gaze sharp, smile a complete facade. ] ... Honestly, I'm feeling a little, uh. Restless. I'm planning on hitting up the party later, but if anyone's free, I'd love some company.

[ Up for interpretation what kind of company he's asking for, there. ]

Or a good training session. Gotta get rid of all this energy somehow.


Jul. 27th, 2013 04:21 pm
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[Ianto's expression is tight as he turns on the camera and addresses the network, but there is a sadness around his eyes. It's only the second time he's done so, and he wishes that it were under better circumstances.]

Has anyone seen Jack today? Jack Harkness? He...

[Damn it. He's tried to send messages to Jack but to no response, and this place isn't that big to lose someone for this long, plus Jack doesn't have any reason to avoid him for this long. And then there's the fact that.]

His things have disappeared from my room, and I don't know. I'm not sure what that means. I can't...

[Ianto doesn't care that that's admitting a lot over a public forum, which says a lot about his state of mind at the moment. Ianto knows, in the corner of his mind, what the response to this is going to be. What sort of response people are going to give him. In the back of his mind, Ianto knows what has happened. It's why he hasn't gone to look at Jack's room to see if his things are gone from there too. He's too afraid of what he'll find. He's trying not to seem desperate here, trying not to appear like he's falling apart, or that the floor has just fallen out from under his feet, but he's never been much of an optimist, and he's fairly certain that one of the only things that gave purpose to his life has just disappeared from it, and clinging to this one last chance of hope is the only thing that's kept him from losing himself all over again.

He doesn't even know who he's addressing or what plea he is trying to make as he continues with one final word:]

[ooc note: as of the morning of the 27th, jack harkness has disappeared from the mansion and gone home ;; and ianto is not dealing well with this. feel free to try and give hope or console or stay clear of him, i welcome any interactions here <3]

✑ one

Jul. 10th, 2013 12:09 am
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I do believe the French have coined a phrase for it. Folie à plusieurs, madness, shared by many. It seems entirely improbable considering the circumstances where several of you have found their way to this establishment. [ He's glancing behind him, towards a towering window in a hallway he's found. ] As unlikely as it seems that so many of us share a delusion in which we've been abducted from a familiar place and set here, perhaps it's best to accept such a fact. The alternative... [ Being that they are here, that this is actually something that's happening. ] Is more so.

I would like to ask a question of those who have found their way to this mansion. Did you recall what happened when you lost sight of your own existence? Was there an event that triggered the occurrence? Perhaps a particular food that you've never tried before. [ He's determined to understand this, to analyze their surroundings and what they mean. Certainly there's a symbolism, a common ground that's caused them to find themselves here. ]

And speaking of food, is there a kitchen available? According to this leaflet I've found in my assigned room, there's apparently not a possible way out. I figure I would make the most of my time in a productive manner.

004 ; video

Jul. 8th, 2013 06:10 pm
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[Clara's not looking all that great in the moment. A bit bumped and bruised, her hair's an awful mess, and it's painfully obvious she's recently been crying. She looks a bit lost and bewildered, and when she opens her mouth to speak she seems to second guess herself and clamps her jaw shut.]

I don't know where I am.

[She finally admits, softly, and takes a moment to look around her from her spot on the ground. Memories of this place come flooding back to her, and she realizes pretty quickly where she is. She's got that going for her, at least.]

The maze, most likely. Think that'd be just my luck. [A pause, and she tries smiling. It falls flat.] The impossible girl, lost again.

[She isn't sure what else to say other than that, she figures someone out there that knows her ought to still be here and see this. She doesn't ask for help, despite needing it, and just decides to abruptly end the feed there.]
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[Hello, Wonderland. Clara is currently sitting at the desk in her room, looking very much like a miniature and much less threatening version of the Godfather. She's got her device sitting up on a nearby shelf recording, so it leaves plenty of room to have her hands clasped together and resting on the desk. There's piles of neatly stacked papers resting near her hands, all of her recent notes on a certain subject.

And what is that subject you ask?


[Yep, as much as it pains her to talk about magic, she really has to. But then she realizes that she actually has no idea what she wants to say, her mind's gone totally blank. And she fumbles.]

Magic, magic, magic, magic.

[She buys herself some time with that as uncertainty settles in, but she keeps her business face on.]

Thought I'd hold a bit of discussion on it, magic. Got a few questions about certain kinds of spells, if anyone's experienced in the field.
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[ The fuzzy face of everyone's favorite illusive vampire is now broadcasting because it's getting hard for him to focus on anything these days. He doesn't wanna bring this to Dean's attention either because he's got enough on his hands. He can't babysit Benny and his problems all the time. Benny is capable of handling this--or he thought he was. The hunger is getting bad though. He's not at his breaking point yet, but he has to do something about this. If he reaches the breaking point he's afraid of what he'll do to these folks. He doesn't wanna be a moving target either. This place has some angels in it and he'd rather not ruffle their feathers. Being smote just ain't his idea of a good time.

He shuts his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath that he doesn't actually need. Sometimes it helps him get his nerves under control when he gets like this. Sometimes it just makes him feel a little more human which he just ain't. ]
I got somethin' I wanna say to you fine folks. [ He swallows hard and looks around his room once more. He's putting himself in a considerable amount of danger if this place has hunters or humans with itchy trigger fingers, but he's hoping things won't go south. ] Whoever's listenin'--Hell I don't even know. I need somethin' from you people. If any of you are at all sympathetic to vampire's I could use a hand. I ain't gonna hurt ya, but I could sure use some food of the blood variety. Think of it as uh--a donation to my survival. I'd be awful appreciative if you could help. [ He hasn't drunk live in so long and he's not sure he wants to start again. He's hoping that nice doctor from before is still willing to help store some for him. He was willing to overlook the whole "drink me" incident. ] Please.
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[A face appears on the network, that of Leonard McCoy, and he looks particularly disgruntled, a frown creasing his forehead. (The wrinkles are deep, almost as if this isn't the first time he's made the face.)]

Right, found one of those pamphlet things for the newcomers, and it was useful 'n all, but it didn't really tell me anything, if you catch my drift. Lots of info for people who're plannin' on stayin' here, which I'm not. So.

Could somebody give me the other pamphlet? That tells us how to get outta here? Or what planet we're on? Or somethin'?

[Or where his friends are? Look, he really needs to get out of this place. He's got a ship to be on and a universe to explore. He's kinda busy.]

Can anyone even hear me?
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[One moment he was being transported to a cold fusion cruiser and the next he was standing in the entrance hall of a mansion. And he barely even blinked. It took a moment, but the memory of what this place was came back to him, a misplaced chunk of time from months before.

He remembered Martha was here and even Owen, but that didn't make him feel any differently than he had only moments before. Desolate, alone, broken-hearted, and so utterly done with the life he'd been leading for nearly two-hundred years.

When he'd been here last, there had been some copy of him following him around and insisting on how much Jack didn't care about his friends, his team, and now part of him wished that was true. It hurt to care. And being Captain Jack Harkness, the man who had to choose between the life of his grandson and the lives of millions of children around the world, wasn't worth it anymore.

He sighed and made his way up to where he knew Dean's bar was, perfectly content with the thought of trying to loose himself in the bottom of a shot glass. When he was just outside, he paused and felt in his pocket for the communicator he expected to be there.

He very nearly put it away. He didn't really want to answer questions but there was an annoyingly pushy part of him that was still 'Jack Harkness' that insisted it wasn't fair to Owen or Martha or anyone else who might have been looking for him to not say hello.

When he turns on the video, he's next to expressionless and his tone of voice only matches that.]

If anyone's been looking for me, sorry, I went back to Earth for a bit.

[He very nearly called Earth 'home' but that would be lying.]

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the bar.

[And he was really hoping the only 'needing' anyone would have would be for him to suggest a drink.]
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I know this place is hard to deal with at the best of times, and the past couple of events seem to have been especially bad. If anyone is interested in getting together in a group setting to discuss the things that have happened to them here and share knowledge, coping skills, and emotional support, please respond.

Private to Sherlock Holmes )


Jun. 21st, 2013 09:40 am
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[Elizabeth looks a little panicked.]

Mr. Dewitt? Mr. Dewitt??

Where is he?

Has anyone seen Mr. Dewitt? I can't find him anywhere and he won't answer me!

005; video

Jun. 20th, 2013 04:16 am
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[The feeds opens up on Amy sitting in the gardens, sunflowers filling the spaces around her. She's plucking the petals off a few of them and they form a carpet around her. Despite the fact that she turned the video to record, she's trying to get her thoughts in order first. It's obvious that whatever she wants to say has been on her mind for a while. After a moment, she looks up at the feed. When she speaks, her words come quickly.]

Is it true that when we go back, we don't remember Wonderland? It's as if we never left? If so, then what's the point of all of this? Why torture us with shadows and monsters and the like?

[She presses her lips together.]

What if I don't want to forget any of this? [And then softly.] Or any of you?

[Despite it being a question she knows the answer to, she's still upset about it. For the first time in a long while she has true connections to people. Having her shadow constantly in her ear telling her that everyone is going to leave her and she was going to be alone again made for a very trying weekend.

She offers a weak smile to the camera once she's finished.]

It's funny. When I first got here, I couldn't wait to go back home and get back to my adventures. And while I still want to see what the universe has to offer...[She trails off and looks down at her lap.] I wish I could take all my friends with me.

[And that's a new feeling for Amy Pond. It used to be that all she needed was the Doctor to make her life complete. And while she stills feels that there's a hole inside of her that's missing something vital, she isn't ready to say goodbye to anyone. Especially since she noticed that people do occasionally disappear. Sometimes they return and sometimes...She clicks the feed off.]

[ooc: got a little busy and don't want to be swamped with backtags. but if anyone wants to handwave a shadow encounter, here is a little summary of what Amy's been up to.]


Jun. 17th, 2013 07:22 pm
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[Ianto's always been pretty clever and pretty good at problem solving, so it doesn't take him very long to figure out how to get to the network and post a video. Once he gets there, though, he doesn't know what to say. What do you say when you're pretty sure that you should be dead and all of a sudden you find yourself in some bloody great mansion that you've never seen before in your life and you have no idea where you are or what you're doing there or how Jack and Gwen are doing back home. The only thing that Ianto's sure of is that he's dead, and so wherever he is, home is at least somewhere he can't be returning to.]

Right. [He clears his throat.] Look, I. Can anyone tell me where this is? It's just that there are some places that you expect to end up, yeah? Everything that Suzie said, that Owen and Jack said, about the Darkness, I thought. [He stops himself. He doesn't want to make assumptions. Maybe this isn't the afterlife, maybe this is... Who is he kidding, he's so out of his element and turned on his head he doesn't know what to think. He shakes his head.]

Doesn't matter. Point is, this isn't where I'm supposed to be. I was. [Dead. Dying.] I. This isn't where I expected to wake up. [He runs a hand through his hair, frustrated and well. A bit frightened at the same time.] I know that it sounds a bit mad. I feel a bit mad asking, but. [Top Secret Organization and all, and he's using it as a relative safe word.] I don't suppose anyone here has heard of Torchwood?
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[ the voice message is quick, but he sounds tired and run-down and just a bit cranky. ]

Is there any chance anyone's found a way t'keep these damn creatures from makin' noise? Mine's not exactly the best conversationalist. I'll take a wild guess of "no", but. Better t'ask than assume in this particular situation.

[ the message ends abruptly once some odd noise in the background kicks up. it sounds almost like whale song.. ]
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[ Everyone's so busy ducking shadows and spilling secrets around here! So, have a Winchester, looking to mix things up. ]

Funny thing about these guys is, they may know our weaknesses, but we know some of their's, too. Like, silver--

[ Silver? If you're thinking knives and bullets, don't. Because the video turns from Sam's half amused, half still secretly very worn down expression to the shadow version of the man, who's tied up nice and tight in a chair, mouth sealed up with some duct tape. ]

Anyway, you don't have to deal with them if you know all their--

[ Tricks? Speaking of, that surly-looking shadow in the background seems to know Sam's, as previously mentioned. And springs out of his bindings to tussle with the original, so clunk goes the device. ]
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[Owen's first thought when he wakes up next to his double is that it must be the mirror version of himself. The second thought is that yellow eyes really don't look good on him. His third thought-]

I know I'm narcissistic and all, but really, waking up in bed with myself is just too much. That's more of a Jack thing, don't you think? Put some clothes on, for fuck's sake. And maybe a pair of sunglasses.

You don't like yourself enough to shag yourself.

Don't be ridiculous. As you can see, I'm quite a superb specimen. I'm fit, I have an exhaustive daily skin care regimen, and I cut a nice figure in some tight trousers. Who wouldn't want to shag me?

Plenty of people want to sleep with you - but nobody wants to be with you for more than a night. And why would they?

[...Owen pauses while he dresses, staring blankly at his shadow. Oh, this is going to be fun.]

Cheery bastard, aren't you? Oh, bollocks, it's Friday, does that mean you're going to be around for another few days? Bloody brilliant.

And then you'll lose me, just like you've lost everyone else.

[His annoyed expression darkens suddenly. Snarking at himself is all well and good - he wouldn't expect any bizarre double of himself to not be sarcastic - but this is something entirely different. The other Owen is needling at all his weak points, and that...that's the biggest weak point of them all.]

Sod off.

[It's then that Owen notices the device recording, and he switches it off quickly, barely resisting the urge to throw it across the room.]

[OOC: This is a general catch-all post, feel free to reply via the network or bump into Owen anywhere around the mansion over the course of the weekend. you did not see this in the log comm first, I totally didn't change my mind or anything]
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This isn’t my off-ramp.

[ cordelia had been expecting white fluffy clouds ... or at least a mall again. which means one thing: skip. but, then, that didn't explain the talking cat … if this was skip's doing, she's sure keanu reeves would be somewhere, lurking in the corners, ready to enter an alternate reality with his glasses. but, he wasn't. ]

[ she fiddles with the device, switching it from audio to video with a few misguided clicks, and her face, eyebrow cocked, distress clear in her eyes and voice, can be seen. the gardens are behind her. she's sitting by the large pond. ]

Can someone tell me which direction a large, metallic looking thing who is a big fan of Keanu Reeves is? Don't let the exterior fool you, he's super friendly. I need to talk to him; it's important. Like I've lost my ruby shoes and this isn't Oz, but, hey, there's a talking cat who knows how to work a phone kind of important.

I can handle red demons and blue demons and singing demons and spikey demons and, hell, vampires with souls! But talking cats?

[ is she freaking out? no way! (yes way.) cordelia can handle green, singing demons with hearts of gold, but talking cats? no way. no, no, no. she's wiggin' out right now. she has to go kick skip's ass for being a jerk and then make him send her on her merry way to becoming ... whatever it is she's meant to be now. ]

[ inhale, exhale. she's back on the right track. ]

His name is Skip. Honestly, you can't miss him.


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