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Oh- Oh Really? That's unexpected.

[There's a man on the screen, his thick brown hair sticking up in all directions like he's been worrying it with his fingers, and the location is definitely near the fountain, where he sits on the edge and grins at the camera, curiosity glinting in his eyes and his face incredibly animated.]

Hello! Aren't you brilliant? Never  thought that the afterlife would come with wifi! Well, never expected there was an afterlife at all, actually, but wifi is probably the last expectation I'd have if I did.  Learn something new every day!

I'm The Doctor, by the way. [There's a bit of a flinch to that, and he tilts his head side to side as if weighing his next word.] Thouugh, if one of my theories are correct I may not be the only one. Fantastic gardening here by the way, bit Alice in Wonderland. You know I took Charles with me on a short trip to  Mimsy, a planet in the Mirror Galaxy that's around, oh say ninety percent gardens? Bit of a squabble going on at the time. He claims not to remember a bit of it but honestly I think he just wanted all the credit. Definitely not Mimsy though...Smells wrong. 

[He clicks his tongue and takes a breath, looking over the camera and around at his surroundings again. Then after a moment he looks back, a charming smile on his lips.]

Anyone want to catch me up on the goings on here? Always liked a bit of gossip. Ta.

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[When the feed kicks on, it might be difficult to realize exactly what's shown on the screen, at first glance- because there's a lot of- whatever it is. The device seems to be settled on a table, with a clear view of the room, surrounded by things of every shape and size; papers, socks, food, lamps, pillows, silverware, toiler paper holders, hats, feathers, binoculars, books, wires, telescopes, pots, globes, cups, dice, flowers, darts, briefcases. If you can name it, it's probably somewhere in the middle of the mess, although god only knows why, or where it all came from. Jack certainly doesn't know, if the cursing from somewhere offscreen is any indication.]

Oh for the love of-

[Then there's a sudden inhuman sounding screech, cutting him off mid sentence, and something small, dark, and fast flies across the screen. It's followed by an excited barking sound and then the shape of a puppy, a Welsh Springer Spaniel to be exact, bounding after it. And more swearing.]

Get back here, you little-!

[And then there's the creaking sound of a door opening, and Jack's sudden panicked voice,]

Ianto, shut the door!!

[The door quickly shuts in response to Jack's command, followed by more excited barking, more screeching, and Ianto's normally soft baritone voice raised above the din.]

Jack, what in the name of...! What is all of this? Is that. [Ianto bends to pick up the puppy so it quiets and stops running around after the-] Is that a pterodactyl?

Yes, yes it is. Not a full sized one, thank god, but- [He cuts off again, and there's a clatter of motion, the sound of things being knocked over, another screech, and a growl.] It's Wonderland's idea of a joke, apparently. I don't suppose you have any chocolate on you?

[Ianto raises an eyebrow at the other man, adjusting his grip on the puppy slightly.] Can't say that I do. You could always ask the closet for some, though. Although by the looks of it maybe I should be putting a lock on it while I'm not here. [What is all of this stuff, even?]

Jack, dare I even ask what you were doing? Or why we have suddenly acquired a puppy? Or why there is a baby pterodactyl flying around in my bedroom? [A pterodactyl is still a pterodactyl, full sized or not, Jack Harkness, Ianto's tone seems to suggest.]

Oh no. If you want anything out of that closet, you can ask it yourself. [His tone is annoyed, raising at the end, and then there's another loud clatter, combined with a shouted,] Gotcha! [and then finally an almost manic laugh.] Ha!

I was trying, [Jack comes on screen finally, and this time the small dark shape is clearly that of a tiny pterodactyl, screeching and struggling in Jack's arms, pecking at him with its own annoyance. If the scratch marks on his face and the way he easily ignores the pecking and clawing are any indication, this isn't the first time he's managed to catch it.] to pull some decent weaponry from the damn thing. It's given me just about everything else instead.

[The puppy in Ianto's arms lunges for the pterodactyl, yipping slightly, and Ianto deftly tucks it further into his grip. The look on his face does nothing to change now that he has something more of an explanation.]

For weapons, right. [It seems that Jack's gotten just about everything but what he was looking for out of the closet, then. He glances back at Jack.] Jack. All you need to do is picture what you want in your mind and the closet will give it to you. How did you get from weapon to puppy and pterodactyl?

What do you think I was trying to do? [The look Jack pins the Welshman with is- well... Okay, look, the pterodactyl should be easy enough to explain. After all, Myfanwy had been their 'guard dog' for the Hub, so to speak. As for the rest of the complete random stuff the closet spewed out at him, and the puppy... Rolling his eyes, he turns away from Ianto, shifting to hold the struggling dinosaur with one arm so he can sift through the rabble with the other: he could have sworn he remembered pulling out a cage at some point, now where did the thing go? And under his breath, more grumbling than anything else, he mutters to himself,] those eyes of yours are weapon enough when you want them to be.

[Okay. So he might have had a stray thought about Ianto just before the puppy came bounding out of the closet.]

[There is a healthy flush that spreads across Ianto's cheeks in response to that statement. Jack doesn't have to be talking very loud or speaking directly to him for him to have heard it, after all. He can see it all too easily, Jack getting distracted, thinking of him, and winding up with a puppy. A Welsh puppy, for that matter.]

[He doesn't have enough time to save himself from that moment, though, because that's just about the time that Ianto realizes that there's a flashing light coming from across the room. And it takes him only about two seconds to realize that it means they've been recorded this whole time, including that last little bit of interaction. So much for having a private life.]

...shit. [He says emphatically, to no one in particular.]

What? [He's found the cage and has the pterodactyl half wrestled into it when he hears Ianto curse, and he looks up, follows his gaze- and groans. Finishes stuffing the thing into the cage, swings the wire door shut, then moves over to the table. The last image the feed gets is a half annoyed look and Jack's hand closing over the camera before it ticks off.]

[OOC: Blue text is Jack, red text is Ianto. Replies will be coming from both!]


Sep. 5th, 2013 02:39 pm
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[At this rate, Donna's going to get a reputation for being the mansion's crazy cat lady. She's sitting cross-legged on the floor in her room, a different cat than last time - a tuxedo kitten - romping around behind her and a small fire extinguisher in her lap.]

I don't usually set much store by magic, but I was wondering if anybody out there maybe had some sort of, I dunno, spell or something to make everything in my room - and possibly my other cat - fireproof? And me, I suppose, that'd be nice too. Or if anybody has any ideas on how to go about training cats, but they don't really seem like terribly trainable animals, really. And how does one go about-

[The kitten suddenly bursts into flames, and Donna glances over her shoulder to make sure it's not setting something on fire. From her lack of surprise, it seems like this is a fairly regular occurrence.]

-teaching a cat to only set itself on fire on command?

[After a few moments of burning merrily, the flames extinguish themselves, and the kitten - apparently unharmed - settles down to lick one paw.]
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[What's a radio announcer to do in a place that has no radio and, worse still, no news updates?]

[Well, do the news, of course.]

Is this place a prison, or a sanctuary? You could ask the same about life itself. You could ask the same about many things. Welcome...to Wonderland.

Play us in, Disparition. )


Jun. 9th, 2013 01:53 pm
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[Donna's reclining on her bed, a fluffy calico kitten snoozing next to her. She looks bored, and that's never a good sign.]

So, what's everybody been up to 'round here lately? Besides events and whatnot, that is. Anything interesting? [She arches an eyebrow at the camera, smirking deviously.] Any decent gossip?
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[ for several months up until this point -- months that she spent in england and france dealing with a war, as well as a few weeks here -- she's been putting on a brave face, trying to push through with what needs to be done, but she's hit the end of her patience, of her ability to pretend that everything will be okay. she has nothing to focus on now except a seemingly impossible task of getting home and how much she misses one man in particular.

is this what it feels like to lose people?

so she looks a bit worn when the feed comes on. the light and determination in her eyes are dim and she looks like she could use someone to talk to. someone to trust and listen. ]

After all this excitement, I could use a good cup of tea. Would anyone care to join me? I'll even tolerate coffee nearby if that's preferred. [ it's a very, very small attempt at a joke. normally she can't stand even the smell of coffee, but she's a social creature, desperate for companionship. she'll tolerate it if it means being able to be social. ]

In the meantime, does anyone have any book suggestions? I'm afraid I might need something to keep myself occupied.

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May. 6th, 2013 06:06 pm
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[All that's visible for a moment is empty space in what looks to be the library, before Clara pops up. Smiling, she eagerly waves, and holds up a book titled 10,000 Planets to See. When she speaks, she's a ball of excitement and energy, and talks faster than some people may be able to keep up with.]

Some of the books here, I thought I might find a way out in one of them. Makes sense, doesn't it?

[She shakes her head.]

Not so much. I know that now. Doctor might've said I'm cleverer than I give myself credit for but sometimes open my mouth before things have worked themselves out.

[She pulls a thoughtful face and hm's to herself, and pulls the book in close to her chest.]

That's awfully brave and incredibly stupid of him, don't you think?

[She looks away for a moment, seeming to be distracted by something. But then she perks right back up and holds up a finger.]

Right then! I'm looking for someone with a huge chin and a bowtie? He's probably gone off in his snogbox and gotten himself lost again. Looks like he's gotten me lost this time too.

[She now looks incredibly fed up with the world, and her little face crumples into near upset. When she speaks now, her voice is softer, slower.]

Why is that, exactly? Rule number one of time travel, never ditch your partner.
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[ Perhaps to exercise cruel and horrifying irony, Rose wakes up in the middle of a rose garden. Furthermore, she finds herself Doctorless and TARDISless. Not that it matters that much. He wasn't there for her back in London, either. Whole of the world in danger and he just... Was unconscious. Unfair it may be of her to be so demanding of him, but the abandonment she felt and still feels pierces like a knife and if anybody knows how to be bitter and petty when wounded, it's Rose. Her arrival is disquieting at best and staggering at worst. The girl who speaks is distressed, and has a very thick London accent. ]

What's all this, then? Some sort of -- transport? Well, you've gone and got yourself in a bit of a twist, haven't you? 'Cause I'm not alone. Not ever. He wouldn't just leave me here. This place. Strange, innit? Bit... Spring-like. Nice, for a kidnapping. And callin' it Wonderland, hah!

[ She really does crack up, bust out laughing. Is that a nervous edge to her voice? Perhaps. Perhaps it is. But she hides it well. ]

Fat lot of good that name is. No... Stoned caterpillar or nothin', is there? Alright then, identify yourselves! Who's behind all this? He's gonna find me, y'know. He'll wake up. He'll come for me.

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Apr. 27th, 2013 06:25 pm
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Wonderland, huh? Never thought I'd see the day I visited here. Last I knew the ti- ship I was traveling on was having some issues. Thought I got them sorted out but I guess I was wrong. Although it sounds like less of a malfunction and more of a kidnapping. How long do people usually end up here anyway? Not too long I hope. I have other places to go and times to see.

[She leans back and crosses her arms over her chest before sitting up again.] Oh, and for those of you I haven't met yet, name's Amy Pond. It's a pleasure to meet you. Or it will be, I'm sure. Once I meet you I mean. Say, any chance any of you have seen the Doctor around? Tall, skinny, got a chin like this? Has floppy hair and thinks bowties are cool?
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[Jenny wakes up, mouth dry. She squints at the ceiling suspiciously, then huffs. So much for that adventure. It isn't that she didn't believe the stories about getting lost in the forest and passing out, but she had thought she had something of an advantage in that regard, knowing that she didn't drop half as easily as the average human.

Sadly, it just meant she'd been lost for a lot longer.

While she was now a lot more familiar with the layout and features of Wonderland, she hadn't really learned much of value. Except maybe the location of her room, which she was presumably in now. She hadn't bothered to figure it out before. When you don't need much sleep and you're unbothered by cold, it's the last thing you think about.

Sitting up, she finds her communicator on her night stand and sets up the privacy settings.]

[Private to Martha Jones]
Hey, sorry I was gone so long. Got a bit lost. What'd I miss?

[Once her message is sent, she gets up and leaves her room to better explore the mansion. Anyone could run into her in the hallway.]
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[Al had gotten an idea. An idea that he knew his brother would say no to in an instant, so obviously he didn't tell him about it. But there wasn't any reason they couldn't have a cat--they could easily take care of one or two while staying here! So he waited until Ed was out of their room, then opened their closet with a grin.]

[A little bit later Al flips on his communicator with an embarrassed look. Behind him a few kittens can be seen wrestling on the bed, but the meowing makes it clear there's more than just those few.]
Um. Apparently my closet got a bit overzealous on me when I asked for something. Soooo...does anyone want a kitten?

((Al has five kittens in total, feel free to decide what breed they are! They'll be given out to good homes on a first-come, first-serve basis. No one looking for stir-fry ingredients, plz. >:|))


Apr. 16th, 2013 06:29 pm
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[Donna's hands are firmly planted on her hips, and she's glowering at nobody in particular - not yet, anyway] All right, I'll thank anybody who's around to tell me just what's going on here, ta. I was a bit busy just then, you know, what with the bloody Daleks kidnapping the Earth and people crossing dimensions and all. [she pauses for a moment to take a look around] How'd I end up in the middle of nowhere, anyway? I was just in the TARDIS - oh, god, it's not that- whatsitcalled - artron energy again, is it? This place looks like it'd be infested with giant spiders - maybe not the particularly evil kidnapping sort, but still the kind that would probably like to eat me as a snack.

[her voice is suddenly tinged with a bit of concern] Doctor? Are you around here somewhere? If you've gone off and left me on my own, I swear, I'll-

[She cuts off. It's an empty threat, of course, but nobody needs to know that.]


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