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[Jenny wakes up, mouth dry. She squints at the ceiling suspiciously, then huffs. So much for that adventure. It isn't that she didn't believe the stories about getting lost in the forest and passing out, but she had thought she had something of an advantage in that regard, knowing that she didn't drop half as easily as the average human.

Sadly, it just meant she'd been lost for a lot longer.

While she was now a lot more familiar with the layout and features of Wonderland, she hadn't really learned much of value. Except maybe the location of her room, which she was presumably in now. She hadn't bothered to figure it out before. When you don't need much sleep and you're unbothered by cold, it's the last thing you think about.

Sitting up, she finds her communicator on her night stand and sets up the privacy settings.]

[Private to Martha Jones]
Hey, sorry I was gone so long. Got a bit lost. What'd I miss?

[Once her message is sent, she gets up and leaves her room to better explore the mansion. Anyone could run into her in the hallway.]


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