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[ All things considered, things have been rather interesting recently, but now they've settled down again, and honestly, the Doctor's been feeling a bit deflated.

For one thing, he's used to having the option of going nearly anywhere in time and space, and now he can't. Oh, yes, he can go from one end of the mansion to the other, and go off to various places branching off from there, but it's starting to lose its charm a bit.

He's tried digging around in the attic for things for experiments, and he's done the same with the closet in his room. But he's been lacking inspiration, so all he's got is a bunch of junk filling up space in his room and not much to show for it.

Main point being, he's bored and just a tiny bit unhappy. So he's taking to the network to see if he can't find inspiration from somewhere or someone. ]

Hello, Wonderland.

[ He waves, but it's a hair less energetic than it might have been normally. ]

I'll keep this short, but the thing is, I've run out of things to do. Well, the things I'd usually do to keep from getting too bored.

[ He hates the very sound of that word, and just saying it leaves a bad taste in his mouth. ]

So, that's why I'm here. What do you lot do when you've got too much energy but can't think of anything to do?
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So. As I told you before, my name is Captain Jack Harkness. All of the alcoholic beverages you had in any of your common areas are now mine.

[There's a good chance he's lying there. If one judges by the background, he's up on the roof in a lawn chair sunning himself. A plastic pink flamingo at his side holds his drink. It can't be healthy to be drinking something that's a swirling liquid of red, blue, and orange.]

So is some of the food.

[Meaning snack food. A few piglets lounge about, safe and content with Jack. Each one has a light drink carrier strapped to it. Who doesn't want a drink they have to keep up with?]

I've met a few of you that want physical contact. Should you want that, feel free to come to me. What I won't promise you is sex. While I like it as much as the next person, but something is wrong. We all saw that in one's communication about this not being something we are in control of. Addictions. Craving.

It's safe here.

[All he wanted long ago was the Doctor to be proud of him. He'd like to think Ianto could be now too. He smiles, welcoming and as seductive as Jack Harkness can. He can do this for them.]

It's a great view of the beach. I have cards too! Ever watched the sunset? It's amazing here.

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May. 12th, 2014 06:50 am
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A beach. This is better than last time I was kidnapped. It's better than the past several times I was kidnapped really. I've got clothes on this time.

[There's a short pause as he looks down at himself and grins cheekily at the camera.]

That's a condition I'm willing to change if requested.

[A wink and he's back to being mostly serious as he studies the communicator.]

I'm Captain Jack Harkness, and judging by this, I'm somewhere in the 21st century. Apple hasn't taken over the world yet. Glad to see that. If people actually read the Apple service agreement, they would notice there's a part in there about not starting a nuclear war with their products. Not everyone reads that. Especially not the kid out in -

[Something Shiny or Sexy rolled across Jack's path because he glances off to the side at it and then back to the screen.]

Is there a reason that there's a pack of piglets running around on your beach with little bathing suits? This isn't one of those planets where that's the dominant species, is it? [Because he's going to be real disappointed if it is.] Also, has anyone seen a big blue box, a scrawny rooster haired man with a striped suit or a stunningly beautiful blonde woman he doesn't deserve?


Apr. 29th, 2014 10:44 pm
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[She'd expected to hit the water, so when she does, it's no surprise. Instinct has her holding her breath and fighting to reach the surface even as the heavy weight of her gown drags her inexorably downwards. It takes only about twenty seconds of rapid descent through oddly pretty depths, her speed aided by the sheer height from which she'd fallen, for Milady to realise that if she wants to live, the gown needs to go.

Struggling with her skirts, she reaches through a hidden slit in the voluminous fabric to pull a dagger from the sheath on her thigh and reaches up to slice away her heavily embroidered stomacher. Despite not being able to breathe underwater, removing the hard panel gives her some small confidence (and a little less weight), and her next move is to cut the ribbons connecting her sleeves to her bodice. A desperate shake of her arms has the material floating away, leaving her only with the heavy swathes of fabric entangling her legs and dragging her unrelentingly downwards. Feeling the tightness in her lungs that signals the need for air - soon - Milady begins the frantic slashing of her waistband - and it takes almost too long. Fighting desperately to keep her mouth shut to prevent the instinctive intake of air that simply isn't there, she continues to hack at the uncooperative jacquard until she can wriggle out of it (internally cursing the stupidity of a bum roll). Judicious kicking frees her of the weighty mass which continues to sink, and she immediately strikes for the surface--

--and inhales a huge lungful of water.

Through her panic is irritation that she's going to bloody drown, of all things, and she kicks desperately

to save


Blue eyes open blearily, wet sand gritty and harsh under her cheek. Her dagger is gone, lost to the ocean, but she can see a sleeve that somehow made it onto the beach, bedraggled and limp, mocking her.

Moving is too hard.

Something much closer in her field of vision draws her focus, and while she has to blink several times for the small box thing tied to her wrist to be clearly visible, when it does happen, she's hit with a strange sense of deja vu.

Lifting her hand with some effort, she slaps at what she's sure is the button to make the thing work.]

…not again.

[En français, and in raspy, harsh tones, but undeniably her voice, for those who'd know it.]
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[ The Doctor turns on the feed and waves energetically a bit. Clearly something's tickled his fancy and now he's going to share it with whoever happens to be looking or listening. ]

Right, so the forest. Blimey, but it's gorgeous. The trees are just so tall, it's almost as though they grow right up into the clouds.

Well, at least, they might if you could see the clouds from way down on the ground.

[ He rubs at his chin before continuing, still grinning all the while. ]

Though, it's a bit too easy to wind up turned about in there, as I found out. It wasn't bad, though. I just lost about a day. Could've been a lot worse, really.

[ Although, you'd think he'd lost a bit more than that, since that event was days ago, and he's only just now commenting on it. ]

So, how is everyone? Everything alright?
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[She touches her ear lightly, dressed elegantly but confused in her manner. Thank goodness she had stepped foot in this world before, otherwise she would be greatly afraid. Her voice is a thick French accent, but she is speaking English.]

I am looking for a man, tall and thin, strange and erratic in behavior. He goes by the name "The Doctor."

[A small pause]

This is Wonderland, is it not?


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