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Right. Hello again. Update on the escape plan! Good news.

[his lips stretch wryly over his teeth, his brow rising into his hair. it's practically a grimace] I actually have one now.

I know, few days late--looking to you, Gamora--but not my worst delay. And I went about it the long way 'round. So. Wonderland!

[he stops gripping his hands and spreads his arms with a welcoming smile]

In case you missed it, I'm the Doctor. Anyone who'd like to help in my little project, please stop by the library on second floor. I need the spectacular and the mundane. Anyone who wants to make a difference. Beyond that--[he winks] Well. Let's not share our secrets with our neighbors, eh? People will talk.

[true to his word, the Doctor is sat in the library, glancing through a book on advanced quantum physics. propped up against his table is a full-length mirror, a single red-marker message written backwards on the glass:



Sep. 22nd, 2015 08:53 am
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... Oh. Oh, I get it.

[He's not exactly paying attention when the device in his hand finally starts broadcasting video. Dan had found a place in the gardens to sit down and was finding himself continuously distracted by scents and insects and the fact that nothing was crawling out of the undergrowth to try and claw his face off.

It was very unnerving.

So, look, I'm assumin' that someone can hear me right now, that's usually how these things work. I got two real important questions. First is 'where the fuck am I'. Second is 'what does whoever brought me here want from me before I can get the hell out'. [He pauses; sniffs.] I don't really wanna start shooting up the place, but I can resort to that.

[The video tilts as he examines the piece of technology.]

I like to get this kind of thing over with as quickly as possible.
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[ the last time dean had addressed wonderland, he’d been all leery smiles and compliments— with a set of nice inky eyes, too, that is. today finds him in entirely different mood, face set to a carefully guarded neutral expression, as he sits by a table somewhere within his own room. fingers drum a steady beat against the wooden surface, the only cue that not all may be as well as he’d like for it to appear. ]

Now that we’re all done hating each other, I got a small refresher as far as our feathery ranks in Wonderland go. Looks like Cas — uh, Castiel — has fluttered off back home, leaving this place without any flying nerds to bark about Heaven. [ which should be great, sure. but it was cas, and anyone who knows anything about dean also knows how much said nerdy little dude meant to him.

it’s as if that very thought crosses his mind, too, as his sets his jaw into a harder line some seconds later, then attempts to brush off the topic. ]

He didn’t have a lot of stuff, perks of wearing Heaven’s badge, but it turns out he did have this. [ the feed drops a little lower on the desk, where placed neatly right in front of dean is the first blade. the drumming intensifies, but dean firmly keeps his hands away from it— hell, he doesn’t even look at it. ]

I need someone to take it.

[ before i jam it into someone’s throat. ]

That's it.

[ end feed. ]

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[ the girl on the feed usually prefers text to video as the latter brings forth a shower of people all wanting to alert her to the fact that she is green and it's honestly more than a little annoying. but there is merit to it today and so you have a green girl, dark hair falling down to her hips and walking barefoot on the floor of the library around a very large map she seems to be drawing with a brush dipped in black ink.

elphie straightens up, pulls her hair up into a ponytail. ]

where are you from.

[ a question that should be a given in a place like that but ]

once we thought the limits of my realm are known until a man came from another realm in a colorful balloon in the sky. Now I think that we know nothing about worlds and what ties them together. maps would be a help in that, I reckon so if you are not entirely hopeless with a brush, I'd be interested in seeing what your realm looks like, the parts that you know of, at least.
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[there's a clatter and a shake of the video as it's set down on a teetering column of books. then this strange young man in a ridiculous bow tie stands back and spreads his arms theatrically. as he speaks in an English accent, he waves his hands about]

Helloooooo there, Wonderland! I've a lovely message to impart to whomever happens to be presiding over this mucked up fairytale this time 'round, but I'll save that for later, FIRST!

I'm the Doctor, you may have heard of me. Time traveler, alien, wizard with any tech, I've even got my own magic wand. [he whips out his sonic screwdriver from his inside jacket pocket. it pulses with a green glow and a strange buzz before it switches off and he tucks it away.

his expression sobers seriously]
I know you've been trapped here a long while. I know you may be scared, or lost hope, or even accepted your lot in life. Made the most of a pretty prison, because that's what humanity does, makes the most of what they have, no matter how little or how strange.

But now the Doctor is In. And I'm here to help. [he flips back to speaking quickly, excited] I'll be wandering about asking only slightly invasive questions on whatever isn't covered on this LAN network of yours, if you want to drop by and speed up the process of your escape, then please! Give a shout.

[the transmission ends, allowing the Doctor to march about the manor and grounds. you can find him nearly anywhere, waving his "wand" at walls, hedges, and people, muttering to himself, talking to flowers, you know. general sane inspecting activity]
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[The Doctor's room looks like a total junk heap.

He'd managed to find a fairly good sized room on the top floor of this place, and in less than a week he had turned it into a dump. There were metal bits and bobs everywhere. Wires thin and thick connected to several different power sources. There were things that might look familiar to some and other things that looked, and were, out of this world or any world one might be familiar with.

He fiddles with the cellphone like thing for a moment and then it seems to spring to life. This is his first time using it, though he had played with it a little since being here. Hopefully it's working. It's probably the only thing in his room he hasn't completely dismantled.]

Hello there! This might sound a bit strange but, I come to you with a quick question so I do hope this works.

I seemed to have broken my closet. Or perhaps I just overworked it. [It's more likely the latter given the huge amount of stuff he's pulled from his own already. They're put here to appease them but apparently the Doctor is too hard to please.]

Might I borrow someone elses for a bit? I promise I'll stay out of the way. I only need a few more things, hopefully.


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