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( She still had questions. It had been over a week since Claire had found herself here, and found someone. They had answered a few things and whilst it all seemed hard to believe the lack of captors coming to take her elsewhere, demands or people familiar to her made it perhaps a little more believable.

There was also a lot that happened on the device. General conversations and questions - nothing more than what you might expect to see on any message board, despite some of the more unusual questions. Claire hadn't responded to anything yet, not quite so eager to put her face or name forward.

She still had questions, though. At least, if she didn't want to be known, she could do it anonymously - that was one thing that Claire had remembered that the man (Steve) had told her, and one thing that she found simple enough to do. Anonymous in place she began on her question. Anything other than the obvious initial wonders she'd posed to Steve. She didn't want to believe his answers but maybe, like he'd said, people would confirm it )

How long have you been here?

( She was starting with just the one - letting one lead into more depending on what people told her. Maybe if someone had been there for a while, as Steve claimed, they could be helpful )


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