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[ It's late when Jeep makes this post. His room is dark except for a single lamp on the desk and from the camera angle it's easy to see sheets of paper scattered. All of it is covered in scribblings, notes that Jeep has been taking, there is a stack of books nearby on old languages. Going by both the multiple empty coffee mugs and his tired voice he hasn't slept in a while. ]

...I'm wonderin' if anyone here's any good with old languages. Really old ones.

It's a long shot but I figure if I'm in a place with people from other world's then maybe they might know somethin' I don't.

[ He sighs and rubs a hand over his face. ]

Hell, at this point I'm willin' to entertain any ideas. If you're any good with this kind of shit let me know.
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[ Jeep taps at the screen with a frown, he's less confused than he is frustrated by the fact that he has no goddamn idea where he is. He's been lost before, he's never been lost someplace like this. ]

Cute as all this is, I'm hoping somebody here knows where the emergency exit back to Vega is. I've got... well, I got things I need to do that aren't gonna get done here. [ He runs a hand over his face, looking rather tired of well... everything. ]

What I need right now is to know if there's anyone from that can tell me what's going on. If you can manage it without acting all squirreley it'd would be a bonus. Barring that, [ He manages a wry smile now, softening hard features into something more friendly if still more weather worn than a man his age usually looks. ] I'd like directions to a place to get a decent drink.

[ It takes him a moment to figure out how to turn off the feed, a bit of fumbling and a quiet curse before it cuts off. ]


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