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When her scaly blue face shows up on the feed, it's clear something's up. Her normal cool, calm demeanor is gone, and her usually perfectly-coiffed hair is sticking out in a few places. She's somewhere outside, having abandoned her room a long time ago. She is livid, and has been for a very long time.

If there's one thing Mystique knows, it's when someone's in her head. And someone's been in her goddamn head since yesterday. A few minutes, she can tolerate. She'll let it go. Maybe snap some necks for it, but she'll move on with her life. But hours upon hours of it? Unrelenting? Nothing but sadness and regret and so many other annoying emotions? Being forced to relive a memory she'd thought been forever buried has definitely done nothing to help her mood, so with this on top, she is not having it.

She breathes hard, teeth bared. ]

I know one of you is in my head. I don't know why, but I'm giving you ten minutes to get out. That should be enough time to give you a head start before I find you.

[ Whoever you are, she will look for you, she will find you, and she will kill you. Figuratively. Literally, if she can get away with it. ]

Your time starts now.

action )


Feb. 21st, 2015 05:23 pm
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[William has been using text for the last few weeks, and for once he's going to use video. And most would be able to see a rough looking young man, dark smudges under his eyes and hair slightly untidy instead of it's usual neat style.

Plus one very thoroughly unimpressed look.]

This event goes above and beyond the usual Wonderland puts out. I think I'd rather have the giants back, or even the wagon trails complete with snakes and stomach viruses than this. Apart from torture, what is even the point of these events? I've seen enough of them now and I'm still no closer to figuring out why this place does it, other than to mess with our heads just because it can. If anyone even has ideas on it, feel free to say so.

[Gives an eye roll before shrugging.] I'm not staying in my room. I'll be in the bar if anyone needs me.

[Of course.]
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assistance needed in acquiring the following:

- 3 bags of nuts, walnuts especially

- one bag of fruit: a mix of oranges, apples and pears

- a bag of mushrooms ( NOT poisonous )

- pine cones

- corn

- a dictionary of your languages + your presence for at least one half of an hour.

Those who have one of the following, I do wonder if you would be kind enough to bring them to the gardens.

[ the question is, wonderland, do you dare to ask? ]

06 Video

Feb. 16th, 2015 12:26 pm
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[As with all of Bigby's videos, the air appears smokey which obscures the picture slightly. However, to the observant person, they will note that Bigby is not in his room (even though there is a terrible similarity). He sits at a desk with a large corkboard behind him. Some of the papers have names and dates on them - approximations of arrivals and departures from Wonderland. A large cabinet is off to the side. In fact, the room looks well worn and a bit familiar to those used to Bigby's messy but organized style.

Yes, this is the Sheriff's office he has been promising.

Want more of a visual? It looks something like this.]

I know I've been meaning to open up this office for some time now. Many things have happened in the meantime and it's either now or never. So, without further ado, welcome to the Wonderland Sheriff office. I'm Sheriff Bigby and until the time comes when we're organized enough to choose our own sheriff, I'll be heading this office.

If you want my resume - tough. You'll just have to trust me on this. I'm the man for the job.

I invite all of you to come by and check this place out. I know some of you expressed interest in lending a hand and I'll be more than happy to sign you up. There are a couple assignments I'd like to work out but I won't take up anymore of your time right now than I have to.

If you are in need of assistance, come by. Cases will be handled on a first come, first serve basis with some degree of importance considered.

Anything else, drop by. Office hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, investigations (and Wonderland chaos) permitting.

First floor - third office down.

[Bigby takes a long drag of his cigarette before reaching out and turning off the feed. The Sheriff is IN.]
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[ The video feed is particularly shaky at first, focus blurry over the sharp green of the grass. When it jerks upward it reveals the face of a very beautiful woman, one with, say, "skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony." For example. But at the moment all those features are formed into an expression of mild, but controlled, panic, brows pinched and eyes sharp, darting often over her shoulder as she moves hurriedly out of the woods. ]

I know there isn't any connection-- oh. [ She exhales roughly; there is blood on her face and blouse which any mildly-practiced detective will note as a spatter and not any kind of cut of her own. ]

I need to reach the Business Office, we need to send help up to the Farm right away-- dammit!

[ She stumbles; it's apparent from her breathless tone and stricken look that she's been running for quite some time. ]

Please, it's urgent. This is Snow White and I really do not want to deal with any more tigers.


Jan. 22nd, 2015 01:12 pm
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This is probably going to be one of the few shout outs for help I make on this thing. Considering we have so many people from different worlds, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that someone knows something. The probability is low but I have high hopes anyway.

Too much writing.

Who here has the best and easiest hangover cure? One that preferably doesn't involve a lot of doing anything? I have a lot to do today but.... Short lists will be fine.

On another note the Ball was spectacular. Thank you Ms. Ives for putting it on for us all.

[Seems like the alcohol was spectacular too.]
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[ Jeep taps at the screen with a frown, he's less confused than he is frustrated by the fact that he has no goddamn idea where he is. He's been lost before, he's never been lost someplace like this. ]

Cute as all this is, I'm hoping somebody here knows where the emergency exit back to Vega is. I've got... well, I got things I need to do that aren't gonna get done here. [ He runs a hand over his face, looking rather tired of well... everything. ]

What I need right now is to know if there's anyone from that can tell me what's going on. If you can manage it without acting all squirreley it'd would be a bonus. Barring that, [ He manages a wry smile now, softening hard features into something more friendly if still more weather worn than a man his age usually looks. ] I'd like directions to a place to get a decent drink.

[ It takes him a moment to figure out how to turn off the feed, a bit of fumbling and a quiet curse before it cuts off. ]


Jan. 17th, 2015 06:39 pm
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My name is Claire Riesen, daughter of General Riesen, the ruler of Vega. [She's taking a huge risk, announcing herself like this. But Claire can't stay here.]

I'm looking for any information on a way to get out of this place. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

[Spoken like the future lady of the city. Always good to get some practice in before she undertook her role after her father had set off for New Delphi. Which might be sooner, given what had happened recently back home. Claire had her baby to think about and the city, the people relied upon her.]

The sooner, the better.

[She promptly ends the feed there, hoping that her last few words would have more of an impact than the pleasantries.]


Jan. 14th, 2015 06:16 pm
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Um...excuse me, but...has anyone else been having difficulty with the closets?

[Tohru is in the diner's kitchen, looking very uncomfortable to have to ask about this.]

I was trying to pull some equipment from the closets and...well...

[She bends down to pick up what the closet keeps giving her - a flintlock rifle. She's not holding it correctly at all, but she looks like she's terrified it might go off at any moment.]

I...I-I don't think this is something I can actually cook with. [Obviously not.] All I wanted was a candy thermometer--!

[Yes, poor Tohru had grand plans to try and make homemade marshmallows for the first time, with an American recipe she had found, but this is the sixth gun she's managed to pull from the closet, and there's also a small pile of 3D Maneuver Gear in the corner.

She very, very, very, very carefully sets the gun down on the counter and takes several steps away from it.

...A-Anyway! I was just, I was wondering...is this something that's been happening to everyone?
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[The video starts up with an image of one of the battered barricades, then turns to show Beiste's vaguely confused expression.]

So...that's still around. And I got a stack of rifles in my room, 'cause the closets don't seem to be back to normal either.

Does this feel weird to anyone? All that action and then nothing's happening but the stuff's still here? Almost like it didn't shut off all the way or somethin'.

Anybody notice anything else weird? I hear folks've got their powers back, so at least if those things show up again we're a little better off than before. Still feels off, though.
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[ Gold was the one to tell David about death not being a permanent thing here. It's hard though to really swallow that when you watch your wife get impaled to a tree trying to save your life while in battle. He's not sure if he believes it. Because Gold hadn't exactly explained how it happened. David sort of assumed it'd be instantaneous. He didn't imagine he'd have time to carry her from the battle field and back indoors. Another hour went by and David finally wrapped his wife in linens from their bed and left her on the mattress. Face uncovered.

Now is not the time for sarcasm or rattling David's cage. He's a patient man, but there's just something about watching your wife die in front of your eyes that gets to you. Having to take down her body and carry it inside is just the icing on this awful cake.

When the feed comes on David's eyes are red and he's breathing heavy. ]
My wife--uh Mary Margaret--[ Because it occurs to him that people might not know she's married to David. ]--she--[ He can't do it. He shuts the feed off and for a few moments there's nothing from David. Finally though he texts. ]

She perished in the battle. They come back right?

[ He just wants some reassurance. Some validation that he'll see her again. He has half her heart. Which he would gladly rip out of his own chest and put in hers if she would return to him immediately. ]


Jan. 9th, 2015 09:48 pm
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There's one thing I don't understand...

[Cue the inevitable Peanut Gallery echoing one thing?! behind her]

[You were all thinking it.  Admit it.]

Okay, so....like, I totally get forgetting pants when you leave the house.  Happens to me all the time.  But who forgets their skin?  How do you even do that?
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[It had been a long while since Bela made a public address to Wonderland, and it taken some time for her to prepare for. Not because she was anxious or nervous, but she was working on something prior to her video message going out.]

Long time, no see. [A rueful smile. She knows that she hasn't been around a lot recently.]

But I digress- I'm not here to discuss my absence. That's not the point of this video.

[The video pans away from Bela's face and shows a rather comfortable looking room, with couches and beanbags, the decoration warm and inviting. The kind of room where a person could relax in. There are tables scattered around, and there's a stereo in the corner with the option to hook up to speakers. Bela moves the camera to show the room in its full glory before she appears on the feed again.]

This room was put together a long time ago by someone close to me. Jesse Pinkman is his name and he was sent back home a few months back and this room sort of..well, no one really looked after it. He had the idea that people should be able to relax and be themselves in their downtime, as well as creating something for himself. Something which reflected his personality and his interests.

[Bela smiles fondly, thinking about him. She's quiet for a moment.]

So I decided to give it a sprucing up and return to its former glory for everyone to enjoy. I think Jesse would want it to be used as it should be. The room is on the eighth floor.

Oh, and there were hookahs in the room, but I stored them away in a cupboard- I don't know if people even want to use them, but they are there.

[The feed ends.]


[Bela is hanging around the room for a while, ready to greet people and show them around if they like.]
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[ What's that you may see there? Why, a bored-looking mutant! The communicator is perched on a nightstand and aimed at just the right angle to catch Mystique sitting on her bed in her full lizardy glory. She's not happy, if you must know.

Sure, she's no stranger to waking up in strange places, but after poking around on the network and getting the basic gist of things (i.e., she's screwed), she resigned herself to her fate and went to pick a room. But instead of quiet brooding, her device decided it was time for some amateur video action. How nice!

(She'll hate herself later. She likes to think she's the paragon of knowing technology. It's not supposed to get the best of her.)

So there she sits, observing her hand blandly. For a brief moment, nothing happens. Then a ripple spreads across her skin and it's a human hand. Then it's blue again. Next her arm is human. Blue again. Eventually, she's fully her human doppelganger. It's faint, but there's a small sigh of relief.

What's prison life if you can't do what you're best at?

Mystique lazily switches back to blue normalcy and gazes out of her window. Trapped, hmm? And in a mansion, of all places. She doesn't like trapped, seeing as she's yet to meet a trap she can't get out of. But! Sometimes there's nothing to do but accept the existence of people craftier than her. ]

Hmph. Touché.


Jan. 6th, 2015 08:09 pm
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[As per usual William is sat in his room, mulling something over as he turns the video feed on. The room is neat, almost too neat, decorated sparsely with the color blue. Despite the drama of the last few days, William isn't giving much thought to things back home, or for the part where certain people have found things out about him that shouldn't have gotten out. Such was life in Wonderland.]

So there's some kind of warning there, though I can't say it makes much sense to me. But I will share what they told me, it might make sense to someone. From what I heard it's twelve or more things, probably in the forest. With teeth, some premolars and lacking wisdoms so probably young? Ah, I'm not very good at this sort of thing. What it did sound like was they would be in the sky and if we didn't have means to get up there now, we would when whatever this is happens.

Personally I'm hoping for toothed birds. I've seen enough things with teeth back home to last a long time. Please be toothed birds, I can settle with that. Maybe not so much the sky part, what goes up always has to come down and I don't think I can trust myself to manage that bit okay. [Yes, it was a joke. Shush now.]

It never ends in this place. [William just shakes his head and turns the feed off.]
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Eat! Devour! Swallow! Consume!

[ The Duchess' announcement sounds loud and fierce, from the mansion's very rooftop, and any device that would listen. But no sooner does her last scream ebb away, than her voice and face alike turn into a picture of quiet melancholy. ]

Would that we could leave it all behind. Alas, such matters make poor resolutions, for what certainty is there, truly, that we could become the hunters, and not merely food for another?

[ She looks towards the forest and lingers thus a moment longer, lest her silent dignity should inspire an artist to paint her greatness. Then she turns with flourish, and embraces the presence of her dearest audience at last. ]

Oh, oh! I do promise we shan't dwell on it a moment longer than we must! [ Her hands clap together with excessive cheer. ] You've all conducted yourselves rather splendidly, and did I not tell you that matters would resolve just as you all deserve? I am so very pleased with you today, and I should like to share a moral thought:

[ Cue the dignified pause for effect. Then: ]

Year's end is no end, yet neither is it beginning. 'Tis a continuance, with all the wisdom instilled by experience.

[ She smiles very, very warmly, and parts with her final thought: ]

Try to avoid the teeth this time, won't you?
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[Some citizens of Wonderland will be given a special treat today from the Archangel in the form of a slip of the thumb over the record option. He's not yet realized it either, he's too distracted by someone off screen. The expression he wears is one of surprise, like meeting an old friend you haven't seen in ages, though his smile doesn't quite reach his eyes.]

Charlie. My but it's been a long time since Paradise Falls.

[The device drops to hang lazily at an upside down angle from his grasp near his leg so you get a view of the young woman who looks disgusted and none-too-happy to have met the Archangel in the hallway.]

Like you have any right to say that to me. Go to hell.

[In that moment the young, former waitress manages to catch the Archangel off-guard with some well-deserved karmic retribution in the form of a swift kick to the balls. Her bold, knee-jerk reaction is unexpected, so he'll give her that one. There's a gut-wrenching grunt of a noise as the air leaves his lungs and he crumples, dropping the phone in favor of grabbing himself and squeezing his knees in tight. He uses the wall as support as Charlie goes running for her life down the 10th floor hall, calling for help.

He wheezes, teeth grit for a few seconds as he glares after the young woman for a few heartbeats to recover. When he can breath he starts laughing, low at first then loudly. He'll then slowly push off the wall, hobbling a bit as he stoops to pick up his device and frown at it.

I hope you're all satisfied.

[He grumbles, realizing that was caught on camera and then turns the feed off.]

((ooc: Anyone on the 10th floor is welcome to hear that and poke their head out or come running or what not.))
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[Gabriel is sitting pretty in an arm chair in his room, one leg crossed over the other at the knee as he addresses Wonderland. It's almost as if he hadn't gone on a murderous rampage, but really, we're not talking about that. It was the Event after all! It wasn't his fault. No need to bring it up right? He's comfortable and there's a glint of adoration, kind of in the way an adult would look at a child who's said something stupid but they're too nice to correct them. He'll just nod and smile, yes, you're right little ones, all is well and right in the world again.]

You humans are so amusing at times with your odd coping mechanisms, no one grieves or heals quite the same. I must say, for many of you the show must go on, but to fall from one horrific event into a large feast? Now that must take some strong stomachs. Tell me, did your celebration of the enslavement of a native race and theft of land go off without a hitch? I'm just dying to know.

[A look of mock embarrassment as he covers his mouth as if he's said a bad word. He seems almost honestly apologetic but the little quirk at the corner of his mouth tells you he's trying hard not to laugh.]

Sorry. Right, I forgot it was commercialized and made into a day of thanks and brotherhood long before the War. I suppose most of you can give thanks for being alive after recent events. Though, humor me won't you? What are you truly thankful for??

Private to Alex, Michael and William )


Nov. 22nd, 2014 07:44 am
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[He can't take it anymore. Something has to be said to the masses in hopes to make them more aware and to make it stop, regardless of if it'll work or not.]

ALL OF YOU NEED TO SHUT. UP. Stop thinking so damn loud or projecting your feelings all over everyone as if we're supposed to give a damn!!

Not a single one of you is worth saving.

[And he certainly can't control the way his own deep-seeded hatred is just ebbing out through him and to others. If he can read your minds then obviously it goes the other way. There's a seething need to wipe out humanity and if anyone had any doubt about his apparent change when arrived, or desire to leave his war back home? It's certainly proven now that he still very much wishes to kill all the humans in cold blood. He still blames you all for the disappearance of his father. There's a strong sense of betrayal there. He once loved you. Lived amongst you. He once protected you from his own twin and for what? Disappointment and disgust are still strong, a wound still festering and clearly Gabriel feels the only way to heal it is by mass genocide.]


Nov. 16th, 2014 04:32 pm
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[When the video comes on William is in the gardens, lion cub on a harness leash prowling around his feet as the young man talks to his device.

Just another day in Wonderland, but hey at least William looks awkward today, frowning slightly as if he's trying not to cringe too much. It's something he's curious about though, and for once William is going to take the initiative and just ask.]

When we were in that other town for a bit, it made me a Pastor. And that's not actually far off from what I do back home, so it got me thinking on it. And I have to apologize in advance if this isn't everyone's thing, though feel free to say so, I'm pretty open to most things and we never forced people to join the church back home.... Right, anyway, are there many people here of a uh, religious persuasion? I was head of the church back home, and it's not something I've given much thought on since the last event that happened. More like I never thought to ask, I just assumed it wasn't a thing here.

Is there even any kind of church or chapel here?

[With that William just gives a half-smile and ends the feed. Feel free to bump into him in person if you wish.]

02 - Video

Nov. 15th, 2014 03:46 pm
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[ Usually, when Alex uses the video function on his device, it's up close, just his face. This time, he's propped the device up on a desk or something to record. He's in his room, wearing his usual long sleeve shirt, showing nothing but his face and hands.

He has something on his mind. ]

I know when we leave here, we don't remember anything that happens here, but I have to know.

[ Exactly what it is he has to know will wait a second, as he instead begins to take his shirt off, revealing a torso covered in strange tattoos. ]

This writing, these markings. They're all over me, and no one from my world has any idea what they say. Sometimes I can make sense of some of them, but... mostly they're just indecipherable.

I have to know, is there anyone here who can read this? It's important.

[ But he won't say why it's important, simply reach forward and turn off the device. ]
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[ It's late when the video feed kicks on. In the background, the library stretches out behind him, but Blake's seated at a large table with a multitude of crayons and construction paper instead of the usual stacks of books. On the tabletop, a small gray tabby kitten bats around crayons and generally invades Blake's space as he adjusts the camera. ]

Hey, uh... Wonderland. [ He offers a wave as he sits back from the camera propped on the table. ]

Been thinkin' a lot lately. 'Bout this place, 'bout these murders, 'bout the people we meet an' the people we lose, and I—

[ Blake shakes his head. He feels almost instantly like he's made some kind of mistake. Not being a particularly outwardly emotional person, not really one to admit there are chinks in his armor, let alone display them, he can't be sure why he's decided to share with the network this time around.

He reaches to go turn off the feed when his hand is intercepted by that affectionate and persistent kitten, purring and butting against his fingers. Instead of ending the transmission, he scoops up the cat and holds it close to his chest.

It's been rough. For a lotta people, not just me. The, uh... the Elrics are gone: Edward and Alphonse. And Jesse Pinkman, too. A— [ He sighs a little. ] —a lotta people, really. 'Specially lately. And it sucks, really sucks losin' family like that.

[ When he looks down at the kitten, he realizes he doesn't have much else to say, that he's probably said enough (or too much). John smiles thinly, scratches at the kitten's ears, and then focuses back on the camera. ]

Anyway, pretty sure I'm not alone in feelin' that way, so... It's late, but if anyone wants to come down to the library, I hear colorin's good therapy and I don't mind sharin' my crayons.

[ He might even draw you a picture. ]

VIDEO 001;

Oct. 28th, 2014 09:22 pm
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[Hey kids! It's Peter Quill AKA Star Lord. In fact he'd prefer Star Lord seeing as how you guys somehow managed to grab Drax, Gamora, and Rocket and take them out. He might have expected it with him. You didn't screw with his friends however.

See less then five hours ago (maybe?) Xandarian time, he had curled up in his bunk and specifically told Drax not to wake him. And when he woke up next he was in fact - well.

Not in his bunk.

Not on his ship.

And there was vaguely Xandarian space outside but some helpful soul (some soul perhaps hoping to avoid a shoot out given what's just happened.) left him a pamphlet and his guns. Well. One of them.

He's dangling it against his knee, could be a lot worse.

Could be a lot better too but he'll take what he can get. He's found the bar however, and that's where he's choosing to set up his first broadcast. Ever see Star Wars? Literally he looks just like Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina.]

Afternoon Wonderland. No no, there's no need to get up from your seats. You're tuned to Star Lord. Same bat time, same bat channel. I have been. All over this rock and all over this location. [Or at least as far as he can get] And my ship seems to have taken a walk.

I want it back.

I'm reasonable though. We can make a deal. Or we could get creative.

[He'll sip on his beer] ...Good beer, but that ship was expensive and it cost me a lot to get it. Least of which is that it had my crew on board. My team as it were and if you've got them then you're... [Nonchalant.] Well you're screwed.

First there's Drax. If you've got him then I wanna know how many people he put in your hospital. They don't call him the destroyer for nothing. Gamora? Deadliest woman in the Galaxy. She could probably kill you with both hands and most of her toes tied somehow. Rocket? ... I haven't seen holes. So I can only imagine you took his gun. He's deadly with it and Groot...

[He points a hand] Only. an asshole. would kill. Groot. And I don't truck with assholes.

But I'm reasonable so give them back, give us our ship back, and I'll even transfer you units to pay for their lives.

Question is. [He glares at the camera, pointing a hand.] Are you willing to pay the price if you don't when I rip this place down around your ears because you kidnapped the Guardians of the Galaxy - and we don't go down without a fight.

[You're goddamn right.

He nods mutely and has more beer.]

...That really is good beer.

Choice is yours guys.

[And the feed turns off with a click.]
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[Crowley is chuckling even as he starts his post.]

Delusional and dangerous, he says! I daresay the good Dr. Lecter believes we're all idiots. Which, to be frank, is an accurate assessment. A man named Hannibal Lecter shows up in Wonderland and somehow we all just accept it. He couldn't possibly be the Hannibal Lecter of the movies and books, could he? And yet how uncommon is it, really? In the course of my year here, I've come to realize that we, all of us, are a fiction to someone else. In some other world, our lives are just a story.

Maybe that's just too difficult for some of us to accept. Makes sense, I suppose. No one wants to go through more existential crises than is strictly necessary.

[His grin vanishes.]

But it's the truth. Hannibal Lecter is Hannibal Lecter, and that's all there is to it. He has murdered several people here. And considering who he is, I don't think I have to spell out what else he might have been doing. One of the people he killed is a friend of mine. I said I would find who did it, didn't I?

[He smirks again and ends the feed]
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[It is a rare moment in his life where Hannibal is in something akin to a impotent rage. It seems those moments come with more frequency here in Wonderland, as he keeps tabs of all the wrongs the Dutchess, the Queen of Hearts, their whole entourage of masturbatory miscellany have done him. He'll find a way to get back at them, and when the moment comes he will strike.

This is a little different.

How does one seek vengeance against a demon? Therein lies the question. The first step is, of course, exposure. That he can provide in spades. When he makes the connection he presents Wonderland with the genuineness of his offended rage--the only strong emotion he can recall with familiarity--behind the lens of composure. ]

Good morning Wonderland. I have had enough professional experience with the criminally volatile to know that even when there is no police force present, it is best to expose unlawful and uncalled for behavior as a warning to others.

I was attacked last night, by one Anthony Crowley. I wish I could say that it was without reason but unfortunately, he had a reason. His reason was merely an inability to parse reality from fiction, or the choice not to. I should not have to continue to to validate myself against unfounded accusations. You should all know it is my professional opinion that Crowley is either delusional or, as is more likely, a highly effective demon, and not to be trusted. More than that, he is dangerous.

This may be my last communication through the public network for some time, though of course I am always open to private inquiry.

[ Private to Will, Private to Evelyn, two separate but identical messages ]

I could use your company, if you could spare it.
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[ There's a long stretch of silence, of a fizzling screen and no picture. Then, there is one, and it's Sam, who's been missing for exactly a week. He's less than a year older than he'd been before his disappearance, but there are a lot of noticeable differences: his hair is a little shorter, his arm in a sling. And, most importantly, his expression is a little... different. ]

Great. Should've known... well. Guess not, since we can't, but...

[ There's a dark, mirthless chuckle. Someone is having a bad, bad day. ]

Screw you, Wonderland. I'm sick of this friggin' bungee cord that keeps snapping me back to this place.

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Oct. 9th, 2014 09:22 am
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( Lydia's stood in the ballroom, walking around and surveying the area as she posts - multitasking, obviously. She's in planning mode, and that can only mean good things for everyone. Unless you obstruct her planning )

Next week I'm throwing a party.

( Stay with her, Wonderland. You've not been to a Lydia Martin party before )

Monday. In the ballroom from- ( There's a pause. She's thinking ) -seven. And I expect everyone to dress up for it.

( Don't be too casual you might get turned away. It's not just a regular dumb teen party. There's another bit of a pause as Lydia turns around, looking up above the doors. Clearly she's decorating in her mind )

It would have been my birthday. Just because I'm here instead of at home doesn't mean I have to miss out on anything for it.

( #priorities. She also wouldn't be able to celebrate with some of you back home either )

So dress up, turn up and have fun. Unless you'll ruin it. And if anyone wants to help decorate- ( Aka do the lifting ) -I would appreciate it.

( There's a smile before she shuts the feed off. You've been warned )
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What does family mean to you?

[It's a question that has been on her mind since her arrival. The answer isn't coming to her and she feels like she should know it.

A memory of a memory.]

And love?

[Somehow that question is more important. That emotion is far more distant.]
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Er… hello, Wonderland. [ Carlos gives a bit of an awkward wave at the camera, not sure how to really get this started. Maybe he should have kept it voice-only, but the camera is already on… too late now. ] I have something I need to say… to share, actually, with all of you. In case this affected anyone else besides myself. And if it did, I encourage you to contact me immediately. Verbally, psychically- you can even send an email if you want. Anything is fine.

So there was a strange event a few weeks ago, and… well, I don’t think I have to tell you that. You all were probably there for it. Unless you’re new. In which case, uh. Welcome to Wonderland? [ He smiles, but there's a nervous edge to the expression. ]

In any case… yes. The phenomenon, where individuals from the other side of the mirror came through to our world, and some of us ended up on their side of the glass. That was exactly the type of phenomenon I’ve been waiting for, Wonderland! A chance to see the denizens of this world in action, to meet and examine a Mirror, or to even see the other side…

[ He trails off, expression clouding as he frowns into the camera. ]

The thing is, I think I did see the Mirror side of Wonderland. And I think something mimicking my form and my voice and my pulse and probably everything else about me took my place. I just… I don’t remember it. I don’t remember anything from that event at all. I came-to in my room the day after it was over.

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[Hello, Wonderland.

This is an unfeasibly large gun.

In fact, that's pretty much the entire broadcast right now- the four barrels of an unfeasibly large laser cannon. Off-screen, presumably wielding said unfeasibly large cannon, a Brooklyn-accented voice speaks up.]

I've been here two hours and I ain't heard any demands, so I hope I'm not stealin' your thunder if I skip the theatrics and move right on to the negotiation process. [There's a pause and then a dry laugh.] Oh, who am I kiddin'. I don't give a shit about your thunder. You took somethin' what belongs to me. Four somethings actually. They go by the names Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, and Groot. They are completely helpless without me, so I get why you'd think they were the ones to kidnap. This will still go down in history as the dumbest move of your lives, so way to think strategically, you d'ast imbeciles.

Here's my terms. If I don't see all four of 'em alive 'n breathin' in the next six seconds, I'm gonna put a round in this communicator just for the hell of it. And then I'm gonna put about eight more rounds in your face. And after that I'll get real creative.

[The gun is lowered. And there is one pissed off raccoon now staring into the screen.] Do I make myself perfectly freakin' clear?


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