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[Ah yes, Wonderland gives us an unintentional video today as Sollux enters the kitchen. He's got a very serious gaming marathon going on which has led to the inevitable -- A HUNGER THAT NO CLOSET FOOD CAN SATISFY. This kid needs nerd food. He walks over to the oven and looks down at it.]

Okay I need a fuck ton of bagel biteth.

[The oven pops out a serving of the things. Sollux is not amused.]

No, I thaid gimmie a tonne.

[Of course there's no actually way of knowing if he says 'ton' as opposed to 'tonne', but we'll have to give it the benefit of the doubt. As you know, the mansion does, as it proceeds to generously present the troll with a tidal wave metric ton of pizza flavored bagels. That's like 45,545 of the things, son.]

JEGUTH. [And then the camera politely shuts off.]
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[Far below Wonderland's rolling hills and questionable forests lies a complex, cavernous maze that put the one in the gardens to shame - a veritable labyrinth of natural passages and crevices, pools and underwater tunnels. A subterranean system that has yet to be properly explored and documented.

Behold, then, Wonderland's very own intrepid explorer and wannabe archaeologist!

Evelyn has set up something of an encampment site a little ways from the basement steps into the caves. A steady drip...drip...drip in the background accompanies the brushing sounds of her tools on stone, and she very excitedly picks up some of her samples before taking them back to a lantern-lit table. She switches on her communicator.

I've discovered something really quite remarkable, it- the geological strata here is a complex amalgamation of impossible stones and rock formations, many of which should be separated geographically by thousands of miles, much like the plants above ground, but there are veins of pyrope garnet right next to limestone stalagmites, enormous calcium deposits, and chalk beds, of all things!

[Physically impossible, by all accounts. Next thing you know there will be dwarves mining for precious gems down here.]

I'm not certain if anyone else has made findings regarding the cave system, but if you have, please let me know; I'd very much like to share notes.


Jan. 25th, 2013 09:06 pm
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Okay so I'm still pretty new here and not really in the know! But are the events around here always along the weird and creepy vein? I've been hearing a lot about people getting hurt or worse and I mean, that's pretty disturbing, right? Yikes!!

So is it always like this and should we be worried or have the last few times been the major exceptions to the rule or what?
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...Did anyone survive that last event?

[Yousuke seems tired and upset, and well... disappointed. In himself, most likely, as his eyes seems to wander around everywhere but directly at the camera.]

That fog was from my world. It was a lot more aggressive and fast than it was there, but it was the same. We were able to stop the source back in my world. But here, it was like there wasn't one.

In the end, I... I couldn't do anything.

I'm sorry.

[He sighs heavily, and adds mostly to himself:]

It would have ended up the same way...


Dec. 26th, 2012 08:54 pm
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[Yuu is in front of a heavy, metal door, looking at it with more than a little uncertainty. He still hasn't decided whether or not it's a good idea to go through, but he also doesn't think he has much longer to make his decision.

He takes a deep breath and looks at the scanner on the wall next to the door, bringing one hand up to his opposite arm and rubbing at a spot on the outside of his bicep through the material, like he's getting at a slow itch.]

...I wish I knew what to expect.

[If he could just brace himself for it, it would be easier to decide. After several more moments, he takes another deep breath and starts to roll his sleeve up.]


Nov. 27th, 2012 10:33 am
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[Note: This post is backdated to day 3 of the event SORRY KOJI I KNOW YOU HATE BACKDATING SOMETHING CAME UP :D;.]

[Yuu turns on the video, looking, for once, more or less happy, though kind of tired. The scene behind him is like a three-dimensional level from an early Mario Bros game, all blocky and bright colored. Several knee-high gumba-looking creatures are shuffling around in his vicinity, but he just nudges them away gently if they bump into him.]

I don't know if anyone else's um...lands? turned out to be good or bad, but mine's pretty fun. The event will probably end soon, but if anyone wants to come hang out in here, you're welcome to.

[He scratches his head sheepishly, showing a small burn on his wrist.]

Just be careful of dragons guarding bridges, okay?
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[The camera seems to be traveling through a hallway, lit by a dim yellow glow, and by the occasional luminescent blue butterfly that floats by at intervals. Eleanor's voice can be heard as her gloved hands cross over the camera now and then to gently shoo the butterflies away from her. They seem a bit more like fairies, really, but the wings are the only thing clearly visible with the way they flutter past so quickly.]

-I said I don't want to take it off just yet. Especially not right now.

[There's a tinkling sound, but it does sound like it'd be coherent if the speaker were actually close enough to be heard.]

Because I don't know what else I'm going to find down here.

[The camera moves past some wide windows, showing what looks like an underwater setting outside the pipe-like hallway, almost like a coral reef.]

No, it has nothing to do with Mother. I just...

[Her voice trails off as she turns a corner and the base of a large, golden statue in the middle of a large, open room can be seen. There are other butterflies fluttering about the room, but they continue whatever it is they're doing (decorating?) while the small crowd already around Eleanor remains by her side. Her voice almost sounds a little defeated as she stays stationary, most likely staring at the statue.]

... I just need something to remind myself who I am...

[Her hand goes up to her head, and that's when she notices the light on her device. She picks it up and the camera gets a brief glimpse of a red light from her diving helmet before it fades to yellow, and the video ends. It's a moment before the transmission continues in audio only.]

Is anyone having better luck finding the door to their own room than I am? I can't seem to find Marian, eith-oh, there she is. Yes, thank you, the tank looks lovely, I'm sure she's happy. No, no, I'm sure the dress would look lovely, too, but I-... Yes, maybe later. Thank you.

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[The mysterious doors that appeared during Halloween still hadn't disappeared. They had to be there for a reason. Whenever Minato saw one, he took a photograph of it with his digital camera. Perhaps there was some kind of pattern to all of them, even if they all looked different and unrelated.

Therefore he wasn't entirely surprised to see one particular door somewhere on the Tenth Floor. It was gold with three pairs of eyes darting about and entangled in barbed wire.

He gazed at it for a while before deciding to sit down across the hall from it. He could look at it from here since he never really did get a good look at it before. No point in trying to open it when it wasn't supposed to be opened in the first place. It was probably locked like the other doors were too.

At some point Minato dozed off while sitting there in the hallway. But feel free to catch him before he does take a nap.]
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Tim bolts upright in his bed, looks at the clock on the night stand. Two hours of sleep. That's fine. That's all he needs. It's not like he could go back to bed anyway, his heart is racing and he's sweating and he needs to get out of here, he needs to go home. Not that he has much of a home to go back to, but at least it wouldn't be here.

But he can't.

There's no way out of here. There is literally no way out of here. He looked. For the past day and a half, he looked. Outside, inside, asked other people...and came up with nothing other than the feeling of being utterly lost. And maybe there was something he missed, but the idea of going back out there feels like someone has reached into his chest and is squeezing the actual life out of his heart. He can't breathe. He can't leave, he can't get out, he can't move, and he can't breathe.

It's dark and he should turn a light on; what if that thing is in the room with him, what if that's why he feels so fucking afraid? It's there, in the corner, he knows it. It's watching him, it's always fucking watching him and he can't get away from it. Ever.

He sucks in air and chokes on it, the need to cough forcing him out of his frozen position on the bed. He can feel his eyes watering with the effort of trying to regain some sort of breathing rhythm, but he can't find it. He can't breathe, he can't do anything but cough. He tries to stand up and find the lightswitch, but his head is swimming and in seconds he's on the floor, digging his fingers into the carpet.

And he can feel a tightening through all his limbs, like the onset of a full-body muscle cramp, and that can't happen, no not now not now, please not now, he just needs to find somewhere to hide, he just needs to hide.

The closet. If he can make it to the closet, he'll be safe. Three walls and a door, nothing gets in or out without him knowing it. He tries to push himself up but his arms are suddenly boneless. This isn't going to work. He's never going to make it to the closet.

But the bed is right next to him, and if he can just drag himself...

And he does. He curls up under his bed, keeps sucking in air. He tries to get a hold of himself but he's crying, hiccuping, still coughing. It will go away if he just stays under here, it will go away, it has to go away, please go away, please...
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[Wasting time is not an option. Honestly, this place gives Tim the creeps. And he is good and familiar with being creeped out. He's learned to trust his judgement when it comes to these things.

So no. Staying here any longer than he absolutely has to...can't happen.

Another thing he should feel familiar with is being completely disoriented, but if this actually is some alternate dimension or whatever, it's probably justified that he really cannot get a grip on where he is. At all. Outside is massive, and he's not going to get anywhere fast on foot. But he doesn't actually have anything. For that, he'd need. His closet?

He looks over at it and frowns.

Those things are so shady.

But then again, he's already smoked an entire pack of cigarettes he obtained from one of them. If that didn't kill him, he kind of doubts anything he's not going to be inhaling will be any worse.

So he stands up and shuts the door, stares at it for a second. A bicycle would probably be enough, but if these things can actually give you anything you want...

A motorcycle.

Yeah. He's gonna go for a motorcycle. A motorcycle with racing flames.

He opens the door and

...that's a motorcycle alright.

In about twelve pieces.

This is going to take a while, but it might be worth it if only for the racing flames (they do look pretty cool.) He reaches in and takes the bike out piece by piece. Guess it's time to get to work.]
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[A certain ice fairy by the name of Jack Frost (it's really Minato, I swear!) was in the kitchen, attempting to jump up and down to grab the handle to the freezer to open it. After a few failed attempts, he put his hands on his head as he shook it, then he wobbled from side to side.]

What's a Jack hee-supposed to do, ho? How can I be hee-cool like the King now? A Jack isn't a Jack without ice magic, hee ho. I can't hee-tend!

[The Jack flopped onto his stomach before flipping up to his feet. He flapped his arms at his sides a couple of times as he rocked back and forth from the heels of his blue boots to his toes before going off to pull a chair over.]

But Jacks are hee ho-smart! A Jack like me will hee-think and use his hee-nstincts and ho-tential to be the hee-coolest Jack ever!

[Shh, just pretend I have the most appropriate icons for Minato for this. XD]
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[A man wearing a parka and jeans with questionable stains, sporting a utility belt around which is looped a walkie-talkie, a flashlight, and several anti-ghost precautions (salt, because he remembers that much from the Winchesters, and some iron nails in a bag to use as deadly projectiles) adjusts the dial on his professional-grade EMF reader.

(That's Electro-Magnetic Frequency reader, to all you n00bs out there.)

His ratty Converse sneakers scuff the floors noiselessly, his fabulous gingery beard gleams in the dimly-lit hall, and behind his glasses flash the eyes of a proficient in the paranormal.

Who is this dashing man, a man who could totally get all the girls he wanted, but simply has no time because he's far too busy facing ghosts?

The answer is Ed Zeddmore, professional Ghostfacer.

It is 7:00 PM on Halloween,

[he murmurs, knowing that the speaker in his handheld camera will pick up the sound. The green screen flickers and he masks his disappointment that his investigations have yet to yield any fruit - or ghosts. Fruity ghosts.

Heheh, like Boo Berry.

No signs of activity yet, but the night is young, my friends. The night is young.


Oct. 26th, 2012 09:18 am
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[Sherlock is dressed as a pirate and looking rather dashing in costume as well. He doesn’t seem too annoyed by this in the least, really. He has Billy the skull out on his table with a little patch over the eye socket for a cohesive thematic. He’s always been a bit dramatic and costumes and make-believe suit him just fine.]

Bit American this but nothing wrong with Fancy Dress. Could certainly have offered up something less appealing as means of a costume. No, I’d say this is rather nice, really.

[He drums his fingers over the skull, not really able to stop the small smirk of satisfaction on his face.]

These Halloween things generally start out fine and deteriorate into something nasty. Could get dangerous.

I’m beginning to wonder if these Events are not simply a byproducts of our memories being stolen but are actually in a way a test—a set of randomly generated trials which are set to see if we are worthy of something. It would give being here more a purpose than simply as a means of food and make as much sense with the current understanding that Wonderland wants us alive but events seem to put us in harms way. I’ll need more time to really fortunate any hypothesis worth investing in. Tony perhaps—

[Twitch. No, wait, Tony is gone.]

--Oh, nevermind.

More than simply guessing, my time would be better spent if I had information from a knowledgeable source. If there is ever a means to contact the Queen, do let me know. I greatly desire an audience.
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[Evelyn is in the library.

Now, this isn't abnormal. This is routine: very nearly every day finding something new, spending time looking up a subject not previously explored, clearing her head, getting a little alone time at the top of a ladder, reorganising the stacks because she has nothing better to do.

She is frustrated, though, because a mad extraterrestrial is strutting around in Philip's body somewhere in Wonderland and she doesn't know if she'll ever see him again and maybe she should just try to move on or should she wait until more time passes and see what happens then and perhaps if this damned book would fit into its spot between the copy of Theoretical Time Travel for Dummies and Theocles: Origins of a Gladiator, then she could get on with her da-


[That's when the spring holding the ladder to the shelves snaps free and she teeters back, wobbling precariously a good fifteen feet in the air before gravity beckons its seductive finger and the ladder collapses against the nearest case with a booming thud, upsetting it.

...And every single one in the row after that, leaving her in a crumpled pile of dust, books, and broken shelving.


Oct. 18th, 2012 07:55 pm
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[The feed turns on to a prematurely white-haired Pinkie Pie, slightly obscured behind blotches of green paint on the lens.]

Hi everyhuman! Could one of you do me a teensy-weensy favour and bring some more pots of paint out? The ones I brought got knocked over somehow.

[Probably when she was using her hair to make cloud-esque prints on the big landscape picture behind her.]

I'd just go inside to get them, but I'll get paint everywhere! Maybe hoof-painting wasn't such a good idea...

[She shrugs. No biggie. As to how she'll get back inside later without painting the floors, well, that's a problem for later.]

And if anyperson wants to come out here, I'll paint a picture of you!
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[A line of glasses filled with varying levels of blue-colored water were arranged on the table in a tearoom. Off on the side and behind the curtain of blue liquid and transparent glass was a small blue velvet cake. The only reason one could tell it was blue velvet cake despite the white cream frosting around it was that a slice had been cut, and that piece was on its side on a nearby plate.

Minato had his fork in hand. Then there was a clink, clink, clinking sound, a short tune. After testing out the note and pitch each glass made when tapping it with the utensil, he was ready.

Soon he began to play this song on his makeshift instrument setup before thinking out loud to seemingly no one in particular.]

... I know. Home will always be there. It shouldn't matter then how long I stay?


Oct. 2nd, 2012 01:15 pm
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[This is audio, because if it were video, Yuu's bright red face would screw up all the color settings on the display.]


That was awkward.

It's not anyone's fault, but...


[Okay, wow, inarticulate much? He gives up.]
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[Eleanor's voice sounds tight, like she's putting effort into keeping it level.]

I can't believe I only just now noticed that he was gone. Father... I'm so sorry...

[She's quiet for another moment as she tries to calm back down.]

... This place isn't right. It's like being back in Rapture, except... warmer. Not a good warmth, either. I don't like it.

[Her voice becomes a little more muffled, like she's got her arms against her head.]

I can't find any of my comics. I tried looking in one of the rooms for something to do earlier, and all I found was a... a swimsuit. I don't need a swim suit.

[Sure enough, anyone who finds her sitting in the hall will see she still has one of those Japanese school swimsuits with her.]


Sep. 9th, 2012 02:57 pm
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[Sherlock is out for a walk. He had been talking to himself but a certain thought has crossed his mind that he cannot ignore. Have a skaky-cam video of him as he walks towards the hedge maze.]

Network communication has been at a near standstill. Five public communications in a week? None since Friday? The grounds are safe and have been since the event's close but I've encountered very few people or their traces. Either most residents have become hermits in response to stress stimuli or our numbers are dwindling.

If I ask nicely, may I have a current roll of those still on holiday in Wonderland?
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[Anyone who happened to stumble upon this video feed would be greeted (and very happily so) by one particularly cheerful penguin plush.

Minato's room was all covered in black and white and spots of yellow or orange now. There were penguin plushies all over the bed, some on his desk where they happily took over, and near the closet in a neatly arranged group.

And all along the floor were even more penguin plushes that it was a miracle Minato could actually walk or get from one side of the room to the other, like he had to swim through them.

One of the penguin plushes on the overcrowded shelf fell off and bapped Minato on the head before tumbling to the floor.]

--Ah. Sorry.

[He smiled slightly, picking it up and putting that little guy back up onto the shelf next to his seal friend and made sure both plushes had enough room and were now on terra firma (or shelf firma).]

... I don't know which one of you is best. What do you think?


Sep. 1st, 2012 07:32 am
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[There is no video, but the audio turns on as the device clatters against the floor.]

...No. No no no please no....

[Yuu's voice is quiet, somewhat distant from the mic, and vague, as though he isn't really aware he's saying this out loud. The litany continues until the audio cuts out on its own.]
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[[ accidental video ]]

The crocodiles have grown a bit since Vector was a cute little thing riding on Tim's shoulder. Now they're nearly five feet long nose to tail, quickly outgrowing every vivarium Alex has the mansion make for them. And Alex isn't completely sure that they know where dinner ends and his hand begins.

He looks for a while at the thneeds he got them in a couple of adjacent fits of madness. Then he looks at Mosa, who is actually smaller than his brother, and already looks like he could swallow someone's arm.

Alex holds up the red plaid thneed idly in front of Mosa, as you might hold up a shirt in front of your torso in the mirror.

He's been getting these fits of really vivid deja vu lately, and the one he gets right now he'd mistake for a proper memory if he wasn't sure that he'd have no limbs left if he'd tried to dress up the crocodiles before. Um. No. Forget that, he's out.

Mosa looks almost disappointed.

[[ action ]]

...So Alex walks to the kitchen instead, and armed with a large mug of coffee and half a bagel he tries to work out exactly what it is you do with a thneed. Do you turn it into a hammock and sit on it? Do you use it to mop up a minor spill of boiling water? Do you -- with every attempt at discretion -- wear it as a scarf or perhaps a kind of fluffy stomach-warmer?

We just don't know.
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since we should stay inside during this..curse, does anyone want to watch a movie, cards?

there isn't much else to do, regardless. it looks like we're going to be stuck here for some time.
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[Usually Minato always found something to do to keep him occupied. For the past couple of days though, no matter what Minato had tried, it didn't keep his attention for very long. His entire room seemed to turn into a sea of white, book after book laying open. The only place that was absent of white paper and black text was the desk, where Minato had been seated, his blazer draped on the back of his chair.

The desk was covered with a pale blue sheet. A metal tray lined with various tools and instruments for performing surgery glinted under the light.

Since Minato had had enough of reading all of his medical textbooks, he decided to to get some hands-on practice. With his bare left arm flat on the table, palm toward the ceiling, Minato picked up the scalpel in his right hand, putting the blade to his arm.

It was only when he started to move the blade down and into flesh that the video feed cut out.]
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[The communicator should not be on, but it is, oops. The room is dark with a strange, ethereal red glow in the corner. Nothing else can be seen but the red glow. The glow is transferred into a smaller container. A keen eye will be able to notice the smaller container is a syringe. Oh my.]

[A bizarre, strangled noise is heard after the color fades into the blackness. Brief panting comes next, then a slam of Delta accidentally hitting a closet in a brief foggy moment caused by the cards he's been dealt. It's drugs or craziness here, folks.]

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[The camera gets a good look at a singular glowing green viewport on Eleanor's helmet before she pulls back from it. Her posture's kind of slinky, crouched low for a moment until it's clear the camera's just on the ground beside the pool, at which point she hops down into a sitting position at the edge.]

I know people have been feeling rather tense lately, but since I haven't seen very many other people out here at the pool, I was thinking...

Would, um... Would anyone be willing to take swimming lessons? I've never taught before, but it's not terribly difficult. And it's something that you may need someday, so...

[She trails off again, and pushes off into the water, lazily swimming back through the water so she can hear if/when she gets a response.]
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[The feed comes on to find Aang in the garden, sitting cross-legged among the shrubbery and flowers. He looks a bit worse for the wear; dark circles under his eyes, and there's a peculiar gleam in them. He gives a great sigh.]

I suppose some of you were wondering where I've been all this time. Don't worry, I'm okay. Sleep and food deprived, maybe, but I'm alright.

I felt the need to take a spiritual sabbatical, I guess. I've been wandering the fields, spending time in the forest and in the garden. I wanted to get to know this place a bit better. The mansion may be the center of it all, but there's so much chaos and lots of distractions there. It's difficult for me to try and cross over to the Spirit World there.

This past event confirmed what I had only guessed at when I first got here: this place is alive. It's a conscious, living thing. I've tried communicating with it, but to no avail. I am tempted to go to the Jabberwocky Scar and try there, but I'm not too sure what would happen. I don't want to accidentally do something that would upset it.

I've talked things over with my past selves - we've discussed things in depth. My initial reaction a while ago was to just get home, to leave this place forever. But I know now that I can't do that. We're all here for a reason, even if we can't understand it. It brought us here to serve some sort of purpose, and I'm not going to leave until I've done just that.

Katara, Toph, Sokka, and home...all of that will have to wait. For now, I need to find out why Wonderland is hurting. Why it hurts us. Where the Queen fits into all of this, I don't know, but there has to be other beings here that have answers. Perhaps the Mirrors...

[His brow furrows in thought.]

Don't worry about me - I'll be fine. I just need more time to meditate, more time to think.


Jul. 13th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Sorry, this is so overdue, I was dealing with an... incident.

[If anyone notices him brushing his fingers against his neck absently, pay that no mind... he's just remembering where his neck was slashed open.

He clears his throat awkwardly, drops his hand and continues, expression growing concerned.]

...In any case, I'm looking for a young boy named Conan. He was injured quite badly the other day and I was... interrupted while treating him.

Has anyone seen or talked to him? Is he alright?

I owe him an apology.

1. [Video]

Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:57 pm
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[Oddly, when the video feed initially clicks on, there's nobody in sight - the only thing onscreen is a bedroom, which would be extremely tidy if not for the tangled vegetation spilling through the window and all over the carpet.

There is a voice, but it might take a little effort to make out the words. Not that the speaker is slurring or anything; she's just that quiet.]

U-Um... hello? [It comes out as more of a squeak.

Finally, a face emerges - more accurately, the top half of a face, cut off by the bottom of the screen. And it's a pony's face. A pastel-yellow one, with a pink mane.

The owner of the face doesn't seem to want to make eye contact with the camera.]
I'm awfully sorry to interrupt. I know you must be busy. I just - [A pause. There's a small scraping noise from somewhere below.] I just wanted to know if anypony's seen a white bunny around here. He's really the sweetest little thing, but it's his dinnertime, and I've looked all over, I swear! All I did was step out for a moment, and... [Her voice trails off. She starts to sink under the screen again.] Um. It's okay if you don't know where he is either. No pressure. Thanks for listening, anyway.

[The video cuts out before she disappears entirely.]
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[It's July 1. The date hadn't meant too much, other than the fact that for some reason, the Garden was on its way to taking over the Mansion. It seemed to be spreading at a rapid pace, enough to cause concern. But it was low on Minato's list of concerns at the moment. He had something else to worry about--even besides turning more plant-like--and that was trying to figure out how to stay upright on his feet without wanting to fall over, pass out, or vomit. He would very much like the room to stop spinning too.

Minato resorted then to just sitting on the floor with his back against the side of the bed. It might've been more logical to sleep in the bed. When he had the strength in him to get up there, he would.

But right now he was as comfortable as he could get from just sitting where he was with his eyes closed, and trying not to pay too much pay attention to the way his head hurt and the incessant chatter of the larkspurs in his room.]


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