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[Filtered Away from Angelus]

[The feed opens up in a very matter of fact sort of voice.]

So, a little less than a weke in Wonderland and I already got to live in some sort of Twilight Zone town for a bit. That was a thing. But not the thing I'm here to talk about. Why yes, I'm aware I've been here before and no I don't remember it. But for those who don't know me I'm Cordelia Chase and I have a message/warning for the people here.

So there's this guy from my world, Angel. He's the big dumb hero type with the world's largest forehead and he tends to use a little too much hair gel. I don't know how long he's been here in Wonderland but the guy who you all think is Angel? Yeah, that's Angelus, and he is a not a good guy. Sociopathic bloodsucker is more like it.

See, vampires in my world don't have souls, typically. But Angelus pissed off the wrong set of gypsies and he got cursed with one hence Angel -- but when he experiences a moment of true happiness the curse breaks and he goes back to his much more evil form. That must of been what happened even if I can't figure out what or who could given him perfect bliss.

The point is if you see Angel? You need to run, he will torture you, he will kill you, and he's extremely dangerous. Until we get a soul back in him he's a threat to everyone.

Speaking of that -- are there any witches I can talk to? If only Willow were here -- she actually knows the spell but we have to do with what we have sometimes.


Oct. 20th, 2014 02:09 pm
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[When the feed comes on it's to a dark room, lit only by candlelight. The curtains are drawn and not a sliver of sunlight is getting through. Wonderland has provided well when it comes to Vlad's room, and he's looking at the device with an expression of bemusement, leaflet loosely clasped in one hand. The angle is slightly tilted too, the Transylvanian prince not used to such technology. At least he's decided to look at it before chancing a talk to the network.]

Nothing about this place is normal, even when I read the information that was provided on the colored paper. I will not ask if there is a way out, there would be no need for us to be catered for in such a way if there was an option. That being said, who is in charge of the party responsible for finding the way out?

[He doesn't really want to introduce himself, somewhat wary after more recent events. That being said, it will be one way to know who here knows of him and his misdeeds. That and it would be rude if he didn't, merely giving the camera a nod. He's wholly unaware of the fact most would know him by his last name.]

My name is Vlad Dracula. Back home I was nobility, but I do not expect that to carry over here to those who are not of my realms. Should anyone have information to share that is not on this paper, then do share it.


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