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[The network is greeted with a set of high cheekbones covered in deathly pale skin. Well, there are more than cheekbones to the face, but they're probably his most prominent feature. He's scowling somewhat and if one looked closely, he seemed to be... smoking? Not in the traditional sense. He does that, too, but that's not what's happening right now. More like some kind of fire had been put out under his black trench coat. Said black trench coat was pulled up over his head as if it were raining and that was his only source of cover. However, it's quite obviously not raining. But for now, he was holed up in the shade of the orchard.]

If this is someone's idea of a sodding joke, let me be the first to tell you; no one's laughing! And anyone I catch laughing will have their throat torn out! Bugger the chip! The head ache will be well worth it!

[The feed cuts out and he's about to chuck the device across the field, but... he stops. Re-engages the video feed with a slightly calmer demeanour, almost trying to pretend he didn't just have a little temper tantrum.]

Right! Well. On that chipper note, where the bloody hell am I? Because Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more.
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[ Here's someone who hasn't been on the network recently. A thoughtful, albeit tired (though, honestly, it would be surprising if he weren't tired) Sam Winchester peers briefly at the camera, then away. ]

Anyone have, uh... issues looking at your reflections, now? [ There's a weary sigh, as there usually is. ] Having them exist in the first place--the doppelgangers--is hard enough, but...

[ The rest goes unsaid. "Having them with us here is too much." ]

... Makes you wonder.
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-----xcuse me, is this working?

[ The picture focuses on Daniel, who -- despite weeks in the mansion being exposed to all sorts of eras -- is still stubbornly wearing his 1830s Victorian clothes and 1990s Kurt Cobain hair. The room behind him is similarly styled; once he figured out he could change its appearance at will, he went all out.

Daniel taps on the screen and peers into it, like he's trying to see through a particularly opaque window. ]

Hello? I, ah... I hope this is working.

[ Well, if it isn't, then nobody will be able to see him making an ass of himself. He takes heart. ]

I am Daniel Barker, of London. I wonder if anyone in Wonderland -- that is, anyone this message reaches? -- might be so kind as to direct me to, perhaps, a chapel or a church. You see, it is Sunday tomorrow and I have been quite unable to find one.

[ He sort of lets it hang there, wearing his best 'i hope i don't look like an idiot' smile, and feeling more than a bit silly to be talking to an inanimate object. ]
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[Dracula spends the first day adjusting to his weakened senses and trying to find a way out of the mines. He was hoping that his weakened senses meant he had been made human again, but alas! That is not the case. He still feels the craving for blood and the first day was restless.

Dracula is rather tired of being separated from his earth. If he survives this, he's going to start carrying some earth in the lining of his coat and keep it nearby! Fortunately, some rats and other vermin are providing him with the blood he needs. Being deprived of his senses hasn't erased five hundred years of experience at hunting, though the task has been made far more difficult. Dracula feels sluggish and weak, as he hasn't since his breathing days.

On the second day, an explosion jars him out of his useless attempt at sleeping. Groaning, he stumbles to his feet and looks around. New areas are available to explore and Dracula takes full advantage. He feels both a sense of relief and foreboding, when he finds a pickax that, while a bit rusty, is still sharp. He also discovers a radio, which he turns on, then places in his pocket. A scurrying noise in the corner draws his attention.

Walking cautiously closer, Dracula discovers a giant spider and sighs. He is weak, but determined. The spider attacks and Dracula throws himself to the side. The battle is brief, but exhausting. Fortunately, Dracula is the victor and manages to leave his adversary just alive enough to serve as food. Bending to his meal, Dracula begins swallowing the spider's blood. The taste is frankly disgusting, but he can feel it giving him strength.

He wonders, as he settles back to try and rest some, how the others are fairing and what purpose of Wonderland is being served.

(ooc: If your muse is willing to keep Dracula's secret, feel free to have them come upon Dracula while's he feeding. :D )
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[Dracula hesitates, then gives an almost silent sigh.]

I commend those who have revealed their secrets, but you must realize that might not be an option for everyone. Some secrets are darker, or more potentially disastrous, than others. I will not reveal my own secret. It is personal and, really, of no concern to anyone here.

On the other hand, I will not be manipulated into killing those who have never wronged me. If my secret is revealed by Wonderland, then so be it. I will deal with any consequences, as they come. I doubt anyone else's secret will make much difference to me.
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I've been considering the matter of our safety here. Wonderland is a place of magic, with many dangers. We are often called on to fight. I can teach some basic fighting skills. Is there anyone here who feels qualified to teach magic? Anything is better than nothing, even if it is only some basic defensive spells.

We need to learn to fight and to use magic in our defense. It would also not hurt if we learned to fight together, rather than simply as individuals.
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The worlds will crash again soon and it will be particularly unpleasant this time around. You have some time to prepare, but not much, so you must listen carefully.

On the third day from today, you will hear howls in the woods, but the creatures voice them will not approach until the following day.

The creatures that you'll face are powerful and tenacious, and will not stop pursuing their prey once they have a scent. But there are ways to hold them off! Salt will create a boundary they will have great difficulty crossing, and a well barricaded door may hold them off, though be careful not to trap yourself in a dead end.

Finally, a large enough explosion will destroy them, but be cautious. You don't want to catch yourself or any of your comrades in the blast.

In the future, I will see that you are warned sooner of crashes. For now, please use the time you have and survive. I believe in you.
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Hello again, Wonderland. That last little spectacle was a hell of a thing, wasn't it?

[ enjoy his customary lighter clink! and a low breath. ]

I noticed there are a fair few of us who don't feel secure in what we can do and what we have as it is, and I thought I'd help ease the tension up a bit. For a limited time, I'm offerin' some simple little pieces've tech I brought along with me from the rusty bucket I used t'live in. These little fellas are capable've keepin' you and any room you leave them in safe.

They're equipped with sensors to assess the danger and an automatic machine gun to dispel it, whatever it may be. No one will be capable've layin' a single finger on you without earning a few new body piercings for the trouble, and any creatures will have one hell of a time tryin' t'circumvent their watchful eye.

I know what you must be thinkin': Mister Sinclair, we don't have any currency here in the mansion! There's no way any've us can afford it! [ a slight chuckle. ] Well, sport, I'm here to tell you you've got the wrong idea. I'll give anyone who asks one of my bots absolutely for free, purely on the goodwill of keepin' the mansion feelin' safe and prepared.

And, just for the cautious: there's absolutely nothin' t'worry about as far as them ever goin' out of control: they'll be programmed t'keep you safe, and won't fire unless they perceive an actual physical threat t'your person. The manual can show you how t'make it learn who never t'shoot under any circumstance, as well, so you can set it t'keep your whole apartment safe or go after a friend in times of need.

[ click! comes the video, showing a bot hovering in the air, attentively focused at the camera and starkly lit by a light behind the camera itself. the room is otherwise dark, save for some soft coloured light in the background. ]

Just contact me with your name and room number and I'll send one of these beauties right on down, complete with care-and-keepin' manual and a round of ammo t'get you started.

[ ooc note: you may want to consult this post if your character is interested. ]


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So uh. Question.

[The Once-ler coughs into his gloved hand and looks at the camera. He looks like he's trying very, very hard to be calm but is actually freaking out not very far under the surface.]

Anybody else get a whole bunch of their stuff stolen after that chess thing? Because I haven't seen any of my Thneed materials anywhere and it's been days and I'm pretty sure my no-good lousy nerd of a Mirror snatched them all.

...Unless anybody's seen them around? Anybody seen a bunch of fluffy Truffula tufts around? If so, uh. Let me know. Because that is my entire company right there, and I would really.


Appreciate. It.


[And he hangs up.


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Greetings Wonderland,

I am here today because many of you have asked me who I am. I am the United States of America. This answer has led many of you to confusion. I do not entirely blame you for your ignorance. I am repeating myself time and time again when asked to explain who and what I am.

Today I present point-by-point answers to your questions. )

[ Filtered away from America, 100%. ]

Hello Wonderland, this is Will Graham. I'm really sorry for all this.

I just want to say I don't share any of these opinions. I only transcribed what America forced me to write. He's very friendly, and I like him, but I'd appreciate any advice on how to get him to leave. Please. I've been trying to get him to go for two hours.

I don't think I can listen to him recite the Declaration of Independence again. I'm pretty sure he's crazy. Please help. I'm running out of patriotic songs to distract him with.

[ooc; replies will be coming from both [personal profile] designates and [personal profile] ahousedivided. the original notes that America forced Will to transcribe can be found here, here, here, and here for your viewing pleasure. god speed.]
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[Dracula is sitting in the dining room, drinking what looks like a large glass of wine, though it isn't. He's discovered the dining room is quite willing to provide him with warm, animal blood. So, he's drinking cow's blood and reading a book he got from the library. His network device is next to him and open for messages.]

(ooc: Hi! I'm just setting Dracula out here for some CR. :D Feel free to poke at him.)
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Wonderland, right.

[ Yes, she is doubting every moment of this. It can't be unusual for people to spend the early days in denial, she's sure, and Alana is definitely in denial. She's practical, scientific, and there's no room in that world view to allow for magically appearing in 'Wonderland'.

Still, dream or hallucination it seems to be long term, so she's making the best of a bad situation. Friendly is good, right? Friendly is playing along with whatever this is? Friendly is what she's going for anyway, so with an only slightly forced smile she continues.
] I've read the pamphlet - very helpful, by the way, kudos to whoever conjured that one up. Anyway, I've read the pamphlet, I've...wandered around this place, but I'm still confused on a few points. Bear with me, it's my first time in...a place like this.

[ She laughs a little, obviously confused expression furrowing her brows, but don't worry, she's not done. ] I won't take up too much of everyone's time though. if you could just direct me to whoever you consider to be authority figures around here, I'll be on my way. Thanks?

[ And on that incredibly hesitant note, she cuts her feed. ]
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Someone better get with the talky before I start in with the punchy. And I don't mean the fun sort of cheeky-punchy where everything is oversaturated and there's a laugh track. I mean an honest-to-goodness fist to the face. This place is totally creepsville and I don't appreciate it even for a microsecond. That's like, a thousandth of an actual second so my patient toe-tapping faze is like way past over and done with.

This place is like a bad acid trip without any of the perks. Not that--I would know. So in the interest of keeping things copacetic: who wants the gold star? Only available for a limited time here, people.

[She cuts the feed, her chest heaving wildly; she doesn't want any of these strangers to know just how fucking shattered she is by this. Kill yourself, wind up in some wacky cartoon fantasy? Only Buffy Summers. This was her life, and she would shoulder that burden alone.]

005; video

Jun. 20th, 2013 04:16 am
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[The feeds opens up on Amy sitting in the gardens, sunflowers filling the spaces around her. She's plucking the petals off a few of them and they form a carpet around her. Despite the fact that she turned the video to record, she's trying to get her thoughts in order first. It's obvious that whatever she wants to say has been on her mind for a while. After a moment, she looks up at the feed. When she speaks, her words come quickly.]

Is it true that when we go back, we don't remember Wonderland? It's as if we never left? If so, then what's the point of all of this? Why torture us with shadows and monsters and the like?

[She presses her lips together.]

What if I don't want to forget any of this? [And then softly.] Or any of you?

[Despite it being a question she knows the answer to, she's still upset about it. For the first time in a long while she has true connections to people. Having her shadow constantly in her ear telling her that everyone is going to leave her and she was going to be alone again made for a very trying weekend.

She offers a weak smile to the camera once she's finished.]

It's funny. When I first got here, I couldn't wait to go back home and get back to my adventures. And while I still want to see what the universe has to offer...[She trails off and looks down at her lap.] I wish I could take all my friends with me.

[And that's a new feeling for Amy Pond. It used to be that all she needed was the Doctor to make her life complete. And while she stills feels that there's a hole inside of her that's missing something vital, she isn't ready to say goodbye to anyone. Especially since she noticed that people do occasionally disappear. Sometimes they return and sometimes...She clicks the feed off.]

[ooc: got a little busy and don't want to be swamped with backtags. but if anyone wants to handwave a shadow encounter, here is a little summary of what Amy's been up to.]


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[Ianto's always been pretty clever and pretty good at problem solving, so it doesn't take him very long to figure out how to get to the network and post a video. Once he gets there, though, he doesn't know what to say. What do you say when you're pretty sure that you should be dead and all of a sudden you find yourself in some bloody great mansion that you've never seen before in your life and you have no idea where you are or what you're doing there or how Jack and Gwen are doing back home. The only thing that Ianto's sure of is that he's dead, and so wherever he is, home is at least somewhere he can't be returning to.]

Right. [He clears his throat.] Look, I. Can anyone tell me where this is? It's just that there are some places that you expect to end up, yeah? Everything that Suzie said, that Owen and Jack said, about the Darkness, I thought. [He stops himself. He doesn't want to make assumptions. Maybe this isn't the afterlife, maybe this is... Who is he kidding, he's so out of his element and turned on his head he doesn't know what to think. He shakes his head.]

Doesn't matter. Point is, this isn't where I'm supposed to be. I was. [Dead. Dying.] I. This isn't where I expected to wake up. [He runs a hand through his hair, frustrated and well. A bit frightened at the same time.] I know that it sounds a bit mad. I feel a bit mad asking, but. [Top Secret Organization and all, and he's using it as a relative safe word.] I don't suppose anyone here has heard of Torchwood?
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[If one were to retrace the events in an attempt to find a culprit to blame, they could go so far as to point a finger at Gabriel, who had the brilliant idea of getting his siblings drunk. How he could not foresee the disastrous results of such an idea is anyone's guess at this point. Regardless, if one wished to find a source for what happened Tuesday night, they would have to look no further than dear Gabriel.

The facts are these: Castiel is drunk. Really, really drunk. Apparently giving a fallen angel access to unlimited alcohol supplies and having him drink with his older siblings, whose tolerance is supernaturally (heh) higher than his was not the best course of action. Countless bottles, shots, glasses and questionably colored drinks later, the usually reserved angel of the Thursday is something of a hot mess, inhibitions lowered, shame non-existent, creativity stoked by his older brothers.

Yes, at some point Balthazar and Castiel may have abducted some poor mattress and used it to slide down several flights of stairs. They're very noble beings, these angels.

Most importantly it should be noted that over the course of the evening, Castiel has taken to texting. Apparently even angels have the brilliant notion to attempt such feats when enough barrels of alcohol are poured into them and their judgement is muddled. Therefore, various text messages have found their way to various people. Some Castiel knows, some he doesn't. Most of the time he just pressed shiny buttons, leading to the text messages arriving in the inboxes of unrelated people. The spelling is atrocious, the meaning is basically non-existent, the intent mostly questionable. But more than that, a drunk Castiel is easily enabled, it would seem - and several people might find supposedly hilarious pranks have been pulled on them.

Enjoy, Wonderland. And really, keep him away from the drinks in the future.]

((OOC: There will be several top-level comments with texts. I'm not specifying a recipient. If anything tickles your fancy, feel free to assume your character received it and just respond to it! And yes, Castiel is still drunk when he replies to it, of course. Where's the fun in sober? Multiple characters can tag into each thread, and characters are allowed to tag into multiple threads, of course. In addition, if you want Cas to have played a "prank" on your character, poke me and we can set up an action log for that, too. Enjoy~))
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So, that was exciting, wasn't it? Like a caucus race on a stormy beach!

I'm very glad everyone figured out the door though. I could have never gotten something like that. It would have been like trying to drink tea straight out of the pot without eating the leaves by mistake. And that would be just dreadful; no one wants to eat tea leaves. But congratulations to everyone else!

Oh, but I wonder what's going to happen next? I'm about as curious as a goldfish in the big wide ocean. It should be something grand, like elephants on parade! Or circus full of adorable monkeys.

Sigh. Wouldn't a circus be fun? I'd really like one. But I don't think it will be that, this time...
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[Despite the fact that she had the Doctor here and now, the knowing that she lost him back home is starting to get to her. She wants to know how and why. What makes her leave the Doctor? No matter what she said to Clara- that she had entrusted the safety of him to her- she doesn't feel that it sits right. So what happened to convince her to leave? And what would life be like back home? How would she live with the knowledge that she had seen so much of time and space and go on living in boring little Leadworth? No one to believe her, no one to share her stories with. It would just be Amy Pond, on her own. As she always was.

So she's been stewing in these thoughts for ages, growing more and more unhappy with what lies back home. It still hasn't hit her that this is permanent. The Doctor's here, she has no doubt that if someone was going to figure out a way back, it'd be him.

Finally, at her wit's end, Amy decided that the best way to forget was to drink it away. She didn't often do it, but it felt right. She started off in the dining room, but wanted somewhere a bit more fitting and made her way to the bar.

So there she sits with a glass of wine, nicely plastered and ready to share her secrets and her woes. And to make sure she wasn't going to have a pity party for one, she decided to broadcast a little notice for people to join her.]

Oi, finally breaking in this bar stool. Figured it was time I made my way down here. After all, I am Scottish.

[She takes a clumsy drink.]

Come join me if you fancy a drink. I promise I don't bite.

[ooc: feel free to meet her at the bar or reply to her post!]
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[ For a moment all that's heard is some grunting and probably a few obscene curses. He's still trying to figure the phone out, but that's because he's not familiar with it. Technology isn't Benny's strong suit in the slightest. He had a flip phone when him and Dean were talking, but he ditched that a long time ago. Getting anything fancier never really appealed to Benny. No need. This thing wasn't what he wanted to be shackled to at all.

Suddenly a fuzzy beard appears in frame and it's clearly speckled with spots of gray. There are a few more grunts as Benny finally arrives at the conclusion that this isn't just your run of the mill phone. Then again the only phones he's familiar with are the flip ones. This one's in a whole different league and dammit if it's not pissing him off.

He clears his throat quickly and finally becomes a little more visible on the screen. When he found this damn thing in his pocket he didn't know what to expect, but maybe he could get a hold of someone who could help him out. ]
I don't think this damned thing is even workin', but if anyone's out there I could sure use a nudge in the right direction. A state would greatly appreciated. This house don't look too comfortin' and I'm itchin' to get the hell outta dodge.

001 ; video

May. 6th, 2013 06:06 pm
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[All that's visible for a moment is empty space in what looks to be the library, before Clara pops up. Smiling, she eagerly waves, and holds up a book titled 10,000 Planets to See. When she speaks, she's a ball of excitement and energy, and talks faster than some people may be able to keep up with.]

Some of the books here, I thought I might find a way out in one of them. Makes sense, doesn't it?

[She shakes her head.]

Not so much. I know that now. Doctor might've said I'm cleverer than I give myself credit for but sometimes open my mouth before things have worked themselves out.

[She pulls a thoughtful face and hm's to herself, and pulls the book in close to her chest.]

That's awfully brave and incredibly stupid of him, don't you think?

[She looks away for a moment, seeming to be distracted by something. But then she perks right back up and holds up a finger.]

Right then! I'm looking for someone with a huge chin and a bowtie? He's probably gone off in his snogbox and gotten himself lost again. Looks like he's gotten me lost this time too.

[She now looks incredibly fed up with the world, and her little face crumples into near upset. When she speaks now, her voice is softer, slower.]

Why is that, exactly? Rule number one of time travel, never ditch your partner.
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[Vlad is beginning to settle in, though he feels he has much to learn, still. Still, he is adjusting and making progress. He knows how to use the electronic device everyone uses to communicate, now, and does so.]

I've been pondering this riddle. The first two lines obviously describe the answer to the riddle, but we seem to be somewhat at a loss. These are relatively obscure. They could be and probably are metaphors. Throne, for instance, could mean many things or be quite literal. "Unlock my body," is far less likely to be literal, however, unless the answer is an inanimate object or someone bound in chains. However, binding a body rarely results in capturing the mind...unless drugs are involved, of course. Let's leave that for the moment.

The next four lines, however, are instructions, perhaps advice. We are told to look for treasure that has been "enshrined," to "hear" some "fragments," and to "take a breath and take a chance." Well, then. The first instruction is to look for a treasure. If we do so successfully, we may find a clue to what "fragments" we are supposed to be hearing. Of course, the fragments could, even probably do, refer to the first two lines, but we cannot be certain, yet. There are other possibilities. So, if we follow our instructions in order, we look for treasure first.

Is there any area, such as a church, graveyard, or monument, where treasure could be considered "enshrined?"


Apr. 30th, 2013 04:58 pm
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[Kirigiri turns on the feed; the camera is sitting on her desk. She has a pencil tucked behind one ear and a pensive expression. She's wearing short sleeves for the first time--it's getting warm, okay?--but the hand her chin is resting on is still encased in a dark glove.]

Some of you may already know about the database I'm compiling. I have only been in Wonderland for two months and alone, there is no way I can gather enough reliable data to create a wholly objective record.

In light of this, I would appreciate any information about Wonderland, current residents, and past events that would fill in the gaps. Observations regarding the various specters who appeared yesterday will also be recorded, if offered.

Once I--

[Kirigiri is interrupted by her pencil falling out of place. She blinks in surprise as it clatters on the floor, staring down at it, then looks back at the camera without skipping a beat otherwise.]

...Once I have compiled the information, I will create several copies of the database to distribute to any who are interested. They will need to be updated and redistributed regularly, but it is more secure to have several copies circulating, in case I leave this place. And...I don't trust the security of this network enough to upload the database and make it generally available.

If you would like a copy, please let me know.

[She pauses, then nods. Yep, that's all she had to say. She stretches out a gloved hand and shuts off the camera.]


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