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Now, now. I don't find this at all amusing. Do you see how I'm switching my tail? I'm not a dog, so you ought to know what that means.

I have a heavy feeling in my paws, like a dark sun rolling through a dark sky. I simply can't shake it off.

I will just have to find a quiet corner to sit still in like a statue of a cat and wait it out there.
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Oh by the Maker, this is why I never wanted to be a Mother. If anything, I was going to adopt a street urchin some day and teach her how to be a wisecracking rogue like her not-mother. At least then I could skip over the rest of... of this.

[It's almost a little hard to tell the baby is really Hawke, except for the mop of messy black hair on its head, nearly covering her eyes.]

Aveline, for the love of Andraste tell me you're willing to babysit. I may not be the best person in the world but you know as well as I do that if this child is left in my care it may not survive a day.
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[The video opens to a horizontal profile of a woman staring at the ceiling, her crystal blue eyes focused intently upward. After a moment, she grunts, and sits up, brushing short black hair back from her face. The red mark across her face is more evident when she looks in the direction of the camera, staring at the wall behind it.]

... Okay. Can't say I'm familiar with this style of interior decorating. Orlesian, probably.

[The video times out as she rummages around the room, picking up and pocketing anything that looks valuable enough. Only fair since most of her stored equipment seems absent save for what she had on her. When it starts back up again, it looks like the device is being held in her hands as she monkeys around with it.]

-ome sort of artifact or something? Probably not worth much, either way...

[She taps at the camera inquisitively; someone will need a crash course in electronics before the day is through.]
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[ While exploring the mansion's newfound love for greenery somebody ran into the Bread-and-Butterflies who didn't seem too pleased about the lack of refreshments offered.

Consequently somebody's legs began feeling stranger and stranger until they turned brown and wooden and wouldn't move at all and come to think of it weren't actually so much legs anymore as they were the trunk of an oak tree that now makes for the middle half of Aveline.


I'll give you tea, you bloody--

[ She squirms, struggles and pulls, but it soon becomes obvious that she's taken root and any chopping action she might undertake with her sword now will be far more pain- than it will be helpful.

With a defeated sigh she reaches for her communication device, grudgingly transmitting her situation.

For your own safety it might be wise to carry a flask of tea with you. Or slay any odd-looking butterflies on sight.

[ A beat. ]

...There is no immediate cure for this ridiculous whim, I take it?
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[We all know this part by now, guy was doing something, guy gets transported here, guy is confused. Thor was in the middle of a particularly important something when he appeared in this place. So many things are hanging in the balance right now, Midgard, The Tesseract, Asgard and, while he would not admit to his worry, his brother.

When the feed clicks on he is pacing his room, twirling his hammer in his hand. Right now, he really wants to start smashing the unfamiliar objects in his room. Fortunately, this is a more mature Thor. He knows better than that now. He's taking deep, shakey breaths and mulling over the situation, looking more and more bewildered with every step.

Finally, he pauses and lets out a yell that could shake the walls, his frustration and concern obvious in his roar.]


[After being tricked so many times, even Thor will catch on eventually.]
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[Step right up, girls and boys, to the class that very well may be the best class in the entire school. Now, let’s not play coy. Everyone knows that the practical skills in this particular course can be applied to every aspect of your daily life. Who knows? You might meet a Hinkypunk on your next woodland hike!

Your illustrious professor - Winchester, Dean Winchester - and Head of Gryffindor House stands before you, twirling a long cypress wand between his fingers, chewing a piece of Droobles Best Blowing Gum.

What poise! you declare, what attitude!

But bloody Hell he’s so cool works just as well as he pops a bubble the size of your head.

All right, lissen up!

[With a lazy wave of his wand, his gum disappears and the classroom door shuts. Dean straightens.]

We got one heckuva day ahead of us, so let’s get started.

cue Yackety Sax )
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Salvio Hexia...Protego...Prior Incanto

Point Me to the kitchens...Accio treacle tarts...

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[ Meet Aveline, aka. the woman standing on the beach in heavy armour, scanning her surroundings as carefully as irritated surprise will allow. Madness she knows well, but it usually has the decency to announce itself, most commonly in the form of Hawke seeking her aid.

But Hawke is not here... and neither is anyone else, for that matter. The device that has been attached to her belt without warning will transmit her quietly spoken thoughts for the mansion's convenience:

So much for today's routine patrol,

[ she mutters to herself with a frown and wraps one hand tightly around her sword, staring out at the ocean. Not the docks. ]

Not the Wounded Coast. Normally that would be reassuring.

[ Aveline turns around slowly, eyes wandering over the hills and the forest. ]

The Fade was... different as well. This is...

[ Finally Aveline fixes her gaze on the building in the distance - the only building in sight. ]

Not the time for more guesswork.

[ Not the time to talk reassuringly to herself either. Her look is more decisive now. And so are her steps when she walks towards the mansion. ]


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