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After a conversation a short while ago, I find myself wondering if anyone has ever made any attempt to organise a group of people willing to teach other capable individuals their combat skills.

[He had thought about simply doing it himself - he knows he can, but he will get nowhere by stepping on toes.]

If they haven't, then I'd like to begin. It won't be something suitable for everyone, but it should be available to everyone, should they want and be able to engage in it.
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[There's no warning what's going on before the video starts, just a flash of bright light and violent motion as the recording device shoots across the room and bounces off a wall, landing to give a tilted view of Jowan's room. It's not a particularly interesting room, nearly as stark and empty as they all start out when claimed, although it does now feature a small fire burning merrily in the corner. Not in a fireplace, which is probably why it's starting to spread quite alarmingly, but it definitely brightens the place up.

It's also probably the reason why Jowan is panicking just a little.]
That wasn't supposed to happen!

[He stands at the edge of what the device is recording of the room and looks largely uncertain, glancing around the room for an idea of what to do before swallowing hard and taking a step forward, brow furrowing as he extends his hands and frost leaves his fingertips. The flames crackle loudly at the ice and Jowan closes his eyes, pushing more power into the spell until a sheet of ice surges forward suddenly, dousing the flames and leaving a good chunk of the room covered in ice. But at least there's no fire any more, right?]

I don't understand what went wrong! It shouldn't be this difficult. [He wanders over to nudge the ice with a toe and sigh heavily.] Why does this always end up happening to me?
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[As the video starts to play, the person on screen looks like they've come about as close to the brink of death as anyone can manage and still come back from it. Her dark hair is pulled back from her ghostly white face and pale blue eyes that are normally accentuated with black eye makeup, appear to be lined with blood. Her tongue flickers out over dry, cracked lips and the picture is shaky, as if the person holding the camera has unsteady hands.]

Aren't you supposed to take the red pill before you wake up in bizarro land? [The woman trying to inject as much vibrancy as she can manage into her voice, despite the obvious struggle to do so.]

There should at least be food. Like, nachos. Why don't any of my kidnappings ever come with nachos?

[The shake of the camera worsens as she pulls one hand away, trying to rub away the evidence of what had happened before she woke up here.]

As comfortable as this floor is... if somebody could point me in the direction of food? [Aware of how she looks, her hand vaguely gestures to her face.] It's okay. It was just a minor case of Fae plague. A burger or six and I'll be good to go.
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[ Video ]
[ When the video screen turns on, it's a rush of motion, one hand fumbling to right the device before Brennan's face appears in the screen. His expression is tense and drawn and is lit by an eerie green glow from where he's observed to be kneeling on Wonderland's beach. There's a hint of panic in his eyes, and he's still bloody and banged up from a recent battle. But that's not the cause of his frantic urgency.

Flickering green flares and flashes alarmingly as he grits his teeth in pain. ]

I don't... I can't hold it back. Stay away. You need to stay away from the beach. Dorian... Solas!

[ Those are the only words he can get out before there's a blinding flare of light as his Anchor discharges with the force of a small explosion, the video feed going black as his device gets destroyed in the process. The explosion itself might be heard by anyone who was outside at the time, accompanied by a flare of green light coming from the direction of the beach. Anyone who comes to investigate (after his departure) will find a widened crater in the sand where the force of the releasing magic left an impact. ]

Action Threads: Closed to Dorian and/or Solas )

[ Video ]
[ It's hours later when he finally reappears on the Network, tired and haggard but alive, his device newly replaced after the explosion had destroyed the last one. He manages a sheepish expression in apology to the Network at large. ]

Well, it hadn't been my intent to announce my return in quite such a noisy manner, but I wasn't given much of an option. To those concerned, the matter is....[ He pauses, struggling to find the right words. ] contained, for the time being. I'm sorry if I alarmed anyone by it.
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[voice ~ ota ~ a few hours after ellie's annoucement]
[There, again, is no video and this is more of a public service announcement, but Freya speaks quickly and clearly all the same.]

In order to keep the infected out, I'm going to be putting a barrier spell in place on the bar on the fifth floor. I'd like to try and protect as many people as I can, but once the barrier is in place, nothing will be able to physically pass through it, even something as small as spores.

[If she had more time, and maybe access to the blood of one of the infected, as dangerous as that is, she might try to tailor the spell to something more specific, but for now she's just going to work generally, because who knows how Wonderland may have affected her magic.]

The spell takes about an hour to put in place which means that if you wish to make use of this protection, you have an hour to arrive with any supplies you may have. I'm sure we will be able to retrieve some from the closets, but a little extra wouldn't hurt, just in case. If you are a magic user I would especially like your help, as the more of us work together, in theory the stronger the spell will be.

[Basically, she needs you to be magical batteries, but she's not going to say that out loud.]

After the spell has gone up, I won't be able to leave, but I will be able to astral project and conjure fire. If you are in trouble, please reach out via the devices with your location and I will try to help you if I can. I can only do it so many times per day, so I will not be able to help everyone without sapping my strength, but I can try.

[She wouldn't have done well with sitting in the bar doing nothing, regardless, but she knows she can only help so many and maintain the barrier spell at the same time. She is an overachiever and she's had a thousand years learning how to perfect doing that safely.]

My name is Freya. Please stay safe.

[And with that, the feed will cut out, but you all are welcome to join her at the bar.]

[ooc: Feel free to use this post as a mingle for the bar for the five days of the event, as well as for responding to Freya via the device, just mark your subject lines accordingly! I will be setting up a thread for the spell itself in a bit which people are free to wander in and out of as they see fit. Everyone who responds will get a Freya. If you want to get more specific plotting before we launch into something, feel free to PM this journal or hit me up on AIM/plurk = iluvroadrunner6.]
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[voice ~ ota]
[This isn’t the first time Freya is woken up to find her world changed, but she had thought she had put this part of her life behind her. She’s also super annoyed because she’s supposed to be saving her dumb family right now, but apparently she can’t ever have what she wants. Story of Freya’s life.

This is not where she’s supposed to be but she’s too paranoid to place that on the network right away. She buys her time, explores, gets to know things, and after finding her way to a bar for a big girl drink, while she’s sitting there, swirling the straw in her hand, she opens the device and decides to test the waters. She speaks calmly and clearly, but doesn’t show her face quite yet.]

So. Instead of demanding information I'm sure you've all shared a thousand times before, I’d prefer to keep things interesting. If you all don’t mind indulging the curiosity of someone who so rarely finds themselves in a place that is quite so … eclectic, I think I’d like to know more about where you all are from.

Granted, there are many variables that make up different worlds, so let’s not let ourselves get carried away. Beginning with one topic would probably suffice, so I’ve chosen the one that I know best.

[You can almost hear the smirk as she speaks.]

Let’s talk magic.

[action ~ the bar ~ for cami o'connell, but ota]
[The reason she chooses the bar, rather than the safety of her assigned room to make that particular announcement is that she does need someone to explain this world to her and as far as she can tell, there is only one person she knows and trusts here. She would rather hear it straight from Cami, getting potentially conflicting information from strangers.

(She's aware that she's fortunate Cami was there at all - she might have had no choice but to rely on the kindness of strangers - but for how she's choosing not to think about being trapped, alone, in a world she doesn't understand. It's bad enough that her siblings aren't here and she seems to be trapped here indefinitely.)

So there she is, perched on a bar stool like she belongs there, and waiting for Cami to make her appearance. That being said, she's not completely unfriendly, so if you wish to chat her up, she'll be more than happy to talk to you.]
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[From the Korcari Wilds to the gilded corridors of Orlesian palaces to the mysterious hallways of this very mansion, observation has been key. There are few betters ways for Morrigan to learn, and learn she must.

As a black cat with watchful golden eyes, she spends an entire afternoon studying anyone who uses the network in the mansion's more public areas, particularly the gardens, the dining room, and the library. Those who seem to be moving from one place to another with a very specific destination in mind also earn her attention. The cat shows no fear, moving in close when the need arises, but attempts to touch her are met with evasive maneuvers.]


[Later, in the evening, she resorts to privately using the network herself, her observation paying off to some small degree. Without introduction or pointless small talk, she launches directly into what currently weighs on her mind.]

I am led to believe that leaving this place by choice is unlikely. I would speak to anyone who has attempted it. Or perhaps those who know someone who has disappeared. Is there a pattern that has been pieced together?

(ooc: I'll be pretty steady with tags this afternoon/tonight but then I'll be unusually slow for about a week. If that's okay with you, tag away!)
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-land's influence on you. [ Good morning from the tired and faintly exasperated countenance of Robyn, who hastily replaces a wayward braid behind her ear before actually attending to the broadcast. She smiles wearily, clearing her throat before addressing the mansion. ]

Hello, Wonderland. In case we've yet to meet, my name is Robyn Cousland of the Gr- [ She cuts off momentarily to glance away, frowning, and speaks to someone or something off-camera. ] Stop. Sit.

[ There's a low whine, but she returns to the device with a satisfied, short sigh. ]

When I arrived, I... found, if it can be called that, a mabari - a Ferelden hound - in the wardrobe of my room. He isn't nearly as well-behaved as my own, unfortunately; he seems much younger, though I've just been thinking it might be because of the way that this place seems to affect us all. Though, luckily, we haven't all been taking little things from other people and hiding them away.


Which... brings me to my point, which is that the dog has apparently been taking things that don't belong to him. Some of them have names written in them, some books, but most of these things have been difficult to return. I know for a fact that he confiscated possessions of an Emily Bennett, Evelyn O'Connell, and Cullen Rutherford. Also... [ At this, the Warden sifts through the pile as she speaks: ] Several boots, gloves, and gauntlets, mostly leather. A... necklace, I think, made of bone, a clay flower pot, some kind of- [ Maker's breath. She looks momentarily pained and spots of pink rise into the apples of her cheeks. ] Something... called Busty Asian Beauties, and several other things I've yet to identify.

[ The picture on the cover of that particular piece of reading material is overwhelmingly embarrassing and she hastens to end the broadcast. ]

Andraste's grace. Please stop by room thirty on the first floor if you've been missing something, or just tell me what you've lost and I will return it once I've made some sense of this mess.
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What a strange place this is. There's so much magic here, and like none I've ever seen before. And this network! It's a wonderful little invention. Though not as wonderful as these closets. They gave me the most delightful pair of shoes when I asked. A bit unfashionable, but nothing that can't be changed.

It's a shame there doesn't seem to be an exit. It makes this quite the gilded cage, does it not? And one does wonder how all the magic is powered. Even with blood magic and lyrium both, this is quite the feat.

[ which, in her experience, means it's probably something terrible that will kill everyone or worse. which is what has her frowning at her device even as she makes a somewhat cheerful-sounding post. bless written missives and their ability to appear blase when leliana is too annoyed to mask her feelings entirely. ]

At the very least, I suspect this will make for an interesting story someday, no?

— L

( video )

Mar. 21st, 2016 11:47 am
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[ The video starts with an elf centered in the frame. He’s bald and dressed in armor that’s mostly ornate metal, burnished golden scales, and a large pelt of some furry animal. There’s no fear in his eyes or confusion. If he’s affected by his arrival, he certainly doesn’t act like it. His expression is calm and confident. His voice, when he speaks, is measured and soft. ]

Wonderland, I've heard it called. [ There's the slightest uptick at the corner of his mouth, as though he's gently amused by the name. ] Yet I question the truth of that claim.

[ His eyebrow arches in what appears to be curiosity, the movement made more obvious by his lack of hair. ]

To whom is this place meant to wondrous? And why? Is it the prevalence of magic?

[ There’s a dryness lingering in his voice as he asks that last question, as though he’s wholly unimpressed by what he’s found. His neutral expression doesn’t change, but the dryness remains. Solas is not impressed, though admittedly, he might be anywhere, witnessing wonders untold and still find them lacking against the glory of his precious Arlathan. ]

I fear I’ve seen marvels far more astonishing than this communication device. [ His voice shifts, becoming faintly criticizing. As though the place has disappointed him. ] What of the rest of you? How do you find your accommodations?
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[When the video comes to life it's clear that it's not an intentional recording but one of the many stationary wall mounted devices scattered around the mansion flickering on, perhaps to notify those watching that someone is poking around the bedroom levels.

The someone in question turns out to be a decidedly scruffy looking man who looks like he'd need the concept of 'bathing' explained to him, possibly with pictures. There's dirt and grime and something that may or may not be blood caked on his robes and he creeps more than walks through the hallways, almost like he's expecting someone to catch him in the act at any moment.

The nervousness may have something to do with how he's trying the doors as he goes, largely finding locked ones but eventually one opens and he jerks back in surprise. Perhaps it's an empty, unclaimed room, or perhaps it's someone's who didn't think to lock the door on their way out. Either way, Jowan cautiously pokes his head into the room and stares around wide-eyed at it all.]

Maker, a bed! I know none of this is real, but still... if I'm going to die in a dream, then at least it's a good dream. It'd be better if there was something to eat...

[A thought occurs to him and Jowan glances back over his shoulder, down the hallway he'd come from.]

If this is a manor or something, maybe there's a kitchen? I can't imagine food in the Fade is going to help me much but at least it might taste good.

( video )

Mar. 8th, 2016 06:31 pm
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[ The feed eventually shutters to life and it's pointing at the ceiling. It's a mostly nondescript ceiling, please enjoy it for being pleasantly neutral. Because it's going to be ruined in less than ten seconds.

Carver's face pops into the view and he stares at the device like it's some unholy abomination that just tinkled on his favorite shirt. It's clear he's in a terrible sort of mood—but when is he not?—by the harsh line of his brows and the curl of his mouth. While he doesn't have his full plate armor on, he still wears the blue and silver of the Grey Wardens. ]

So, apparently this sodding thing is supposed to let me talk to other people. [ Here he is. Doing just that. ] I'm—

[ He stops, sighs through his nose then rubs the side of his head. Does he introduce himself? Maybe. Ugh. ]

My name is Carver Hawke and I have a request and don't really know where to start. I'm looking for books. [ The harsh lines of his expression soften to the slightest degree for a brief moment. ] Easy ones. Ones that kids can read. Don't know what is considered that here, so.

[ He lifts a shoulder in a shrug as if that will explain the rest of the request so he doesn't need to. Basically, he needs pointing in the right direction with titles and maybe even large print.

Off-screen there is a small scuffling noise and it's followed soon by a little yappy sort of bark. There's a fun, bright usage of several even more fun curses before Carver disappears for a second. The video shakes as he picks up the device to hold at arms length. In his other hand is this abomination of a dog. It wriggles in his hand and that only seems to irritate him further. ]

And what in the Maker's name is this bloody thing? It's like some horrible Orlesian dog some sod would wear on their hat. What good are these wardrobes if this is what I get instead of a mabari?

[ The puppy happily licks Carver's nose and he grunts in disgust before putting it down and returning to the device. It seems he wants to say something more, but he isn't sure how. Clearly annoyed—and mostly with himself—he frowns all over again then just shuts the feed off. ]


Mar. 7th, 2016 06:58 pm
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[ For a few moments, all that’s visible in the slightly shaky view is an exciting expanse of bland-colored carpet. A light scratching sound is audible in time with the tilting of the image, as though the material that covers the device is moving against something unyielding and metallic. To someone who’s seen this sort of thing before, it’s indicative of someone examining the device.

A moment later, the image blurs and the boring carpet is replaced by large green eyes, shaggy white hair, thick black eyebrows, a scowling mouth, and a chin marred by white lines. ]

Hn. [ It’s a derisive snort, though the word that follows is even more so, heavily laden with disgust. ] Magic.

[ The image spins again, resolving a few dizzying seconds later to a crooked view of a sparsely furnished room. It’s the sort of room that looks to have never yet been lived in, the furniture of the most generic sort. Prowling near the far wall is the owner of that too-close face.

He’s wearing spiky armor, sharply pointed gauntlets, and a conspicuous lack of shoes. Pointed ears poke out of his hair and when he turns to unlimber a large greatsword from his back, more of the white lines are visible on his skin where it shows through gapes in his armor. As is probably apparent, he has no idea that he’s being recorded and continues to examine the room with wary unease.

The video will continue for quite some time, documenting a positively riveting video of an over-armored elf doing nothing but poking around a room, until he’s alerted to the fact that the device is both active and broadcasting his business to others.

Someone, quite clearly, does not know how to use the communication device properly. ]
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[When the feed clicks on, at first all it shows is a view of Regina and Robin's room; it's tidy, but there's touches of both of them visible and a large chemistry set in the background. Soon, the device is jostled as someone picks it up and Regina comes into view. For once, she doesn't look like her entire world is awful forever, instead, she looks remarkably happy.]

Wonderland. [That's it. That's your greeting.] Recent developments, both here and at home, have reminded me of the pressing need to figure out a solution to our little memory problem.

[Unfortunately, her own missing memories are back home trapped in a dreamcatcher...]

So, if you come from a land with magic, I'd like to talk to you.

[Regina reaches down to turn off the device, before she stops. Her smile warms again before she speaks.]

Before I go, I want to let everybody know that there'll be another wedding in the near future. Robin Hood and I are getting married.

[So everybody can expect another giant party. The feed clicks off after that.]
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While I understand that winter is typically cold in a number of places, does it seem to be especially so to anyone else? It can't be just me; there must be others who hail from more humane climates.

[While Wonderland's shift to winter was sudden and, as Dorian has been told, reasonably mild, the cold has hit him hard. He's prepared for all manner of teasing, having been subject to all manner of it while following Brennan across both Ferelden and Orlais, the former of which was barbaric on top of being absolutely frigid-- at least Orlais had style along with all the snow and ice.

He thought he would be able to weather Wonderland's change in temperature without much trouble, having suffered through both the Frostbacks and Emprise du Lion, but given the fact that he seems to be visibly shivering onscreen despite being wrapped in several layers, it would appear that he thought wrong.]

How anyone lives under these conditions year-round is beyond me. I'll never understand Southerners.

(OOC: Dorian will be under the effects of the Little Match Girl mini-event from the 14th - 16th! Any in-person threads people would like with him during that period can go here as well; by the night of the 15th he'll be tucked away in bed and likely staying there, but until then he'll be out and about and available as he struggles to get warm and curses the cruel, cruel south.)
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[ well, this is a delightful predicament.

jade has wandered around portions of the mansion and has more or less figured out the story, due to polite inquiry and playing incredibly stupid. wonderland, giant mansion. potential wormholes that turn places into other weird places. all in all, a combination of curiosity and very much not where he'd like to be.

initially, he words his first greeting to the network in the form of text. ]

I require the following individuals to announce whether or not they're dead. They are listed in order of importance per bullet point.

* Peony Umpala Malkuth IX.
* Anise Tatlin, Guy Cecil, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Tear Grants.
* Luke fon Fabre.
* Miscellaneous individuals who claim to know who I am, but should probably be ignored.

[ it's after he's pressed send that jade realizes that some of his beloved party may not be so smart as to check to see who sent the damn thing, and so it's with a resigned sign that jade curtiss, dressed in his crisp malkuth military uniform, addresses the network with a brief video and a cheerful smile. ]

You may tell them Jade sent for them.

Additionally, is there a map available of the entirety of this mansion?
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-does this do? What about this? Helllooo?

[The video feed begins with a close-up of a gauntleted thumb and then twists nauseatingly around until there's a giant eyeball... that gradually diminishes in size as its owner pulls back from the device. Once it's farther away it reveals a large man in heavy armour with a sword at his hip and a shield on his back, looking rather put out. Alistair frowns down at the thing for a moment then shrugs and begins to speak.]

I heard I can use this thing to talk to people. People far away. I don't know if I believe it, I've never heard of magic like that. But this way it doesn't look like I'm crazy and talking to myself. Maybe.

I don't talk to myself normally of course. That would be crazy. But I do talk to myself - and little... boxes - when I get lost and wind up in a strange place I've never seen before. Especially when I'm supposed to be somewhere else doing something important. Then I might talk to myself.

[But only because he hasn't found anyone else to talk to yet and he's still trying to figure out what's going on. He isn't buying anything he's heard so far so he's reduced to thinking out loud at a little box.]

Well, I think I know what's going on here. This is the Fade, is it? I'm stuck in the Fade again.

What do you think box? Am I right? [His voice turns high pitched and squeaky and the video judders about as the device is waggled back and forth.] 'I think you are Alistair, you handsome fiend you, you must be in the Fade! Now we just have to go find the eeevil demon that trapped us here and make it let you go!'

[And back to a normal voice, the video steadying again.] I'm glad you agree and I am looking rather handsome today, aren't I? Now, let's go find that demon!

[And, companion... box in hand - and still broadcasting - he strides boldly off in search of something that looks like a demon, keeping up a running commentary until someone decides to interrupt him.]
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[ If Brennan is surprised to wake up beside a particular Tevinter necromancer this morning, he's quick to slip out of the room before the other man wakes, to keep any such reactions to himself. Except then he's not really sure on where to go, because there's a mage asleep in his bed, so he ends up at the diner instead.

When he flicks the feed open, he's looking somewhat tousled and a little confused as he nurses a steaming cup of tea. ]

Did anyone else wake up... somewhere odd this morning? Or just somewhere they didn't expect to be?

[ Or perhaps, in his case, somewhere he didn't expect someone else to be.

As far as video messages go, this is a rather short one, but he flicks it off after that to see if he gets any response from anyone.

Instead, he makes himself cozy in a diner booth and has some breakfast. If anyone comes to join him, they might notice that the Anchor, usually so prominent on his left hand, has gone missing. Not that he seems at all concerned by that, or even seems to notice. ]
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Greetings, Citizens of Wonderland! [Bubblegum is sitting in her room, wearing a pink gown and her tiara and looking grave, but not particularly anxious. She’s certain she’ll be able to think her way out of here, even if the time bubble means that Finn and Jake can’t come rescue her as usual, but for now, it’s time greet the people.]

I am Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom. I have been taken to this land against my will, which I understand is common here.

[She slams her fist on the table in front of her, leaning forward.]

I will not stand for it. And I will tell this supposed “Queen” [She rolls her eyes, making quote marks with her fingers] to her face if given half the chance. Honestly I’m insulted. This is some sort of interdimensional nexus, right? With "magic?" [She rolls her eyes, wiggling her fingers. Magic. Phah. It’s just science with extra special effects.] Come on. Who are you trying to impress? Sure, the sheer level of power that must go into powering this place seems pretty sweet, but come on. I could easily build a place like this with the right equipment and a decent power source. Though the transportation process was surprisingly smooth. I need to figure out how that part was done….

[She looks momentarily thoughtful. A project for another day. She straightens, smiling sweetly, and adds:]

Anyway, it’s nice to see so many humans around. I thought you were all but extinct. Then again, the anomalous nature of time and space might account for that. In which case… whoops. I hope you’re all from well before the Mushroom Wars.


Oct. 26th, 2015 12:34 pm
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[It took her a few hours of exploring and playing with the phone she found on herself before Isabela is ready to do anything but threaten the first person she sees. From the looks of it threatening does no good and she'd rather save that energy. So first things first, talking to the strange device seems like her best option of getting more answers.

The camera turns on and shows not a face but the cleavage of someone with a very nice chest covered it what could only be a person's corseted undergarments. There's muttering and suddenly the camera zooms up onto a face that's entirely too close to the camera. It takes a second but the camera moves away to reveal dark skin, brown eyes and a very attractive knowing smile.]

Well this is an odd little device, not sure I've quite gotten the hang of it. I've read these pamphlets and while I'm not very inclined to believe it I figure I'm stuck here for now aren't I?

[She doesn't let out the sigh she wants to because that would be giving too much away. She doesn't do well land-locked. Even if she'd been land-locked for the last four or so years.]

I do have an important question though. Whose ship is in the ocean? I find myself in need of one.

[She just wants to know who she's going to have to fight for it. If she's going to be stuck in this place then she's going to do it on a ship and not in a mansion that is big enough to swallow her whole. She's a captain, her place is on the ocean.]

I suppose I'm supposed to introduce myself, that seems to be a trend on this thing. Let's just leave out names for now. I'm a ship captain from Thedas. If that means anything to anyone you may contact me.

[She's about to turn the video off when she pauses another thought occurring to her.]
Someone please tell me this place has a tavern with a bar.
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[ The camera is upside-down, on video because the user hasn't completely mastered the strange, electronic device, because she's actually shied away from using it in her time within Wonderland thus far. When she speaks, the young woman's voice sounds vaguely British (or Ferelden to the few who would know). ]

As it's been about a month since my arrival, I thought it about time to introduce myself. [ If it's even sending out her message to the others in the mansion; she isn't totally sure. ] My name is Robyn Cousland of the Gray Wardens. I know many- or most of you won't know what that means, but-

[ How do you summarize the Wardens without explaining the darkspawn, the Blight? The oft-debated history of fear, exile, conscription, the Joining- ]

The Wardens are meant to protect. To serve. Our enemies haven't reached Wonderland, thank the Maker, but I still made vows. If there's anything that I can do to help, any way I can be of use, please, don't hesitate to ask.

[ Every other living soul in Ferelden had already done that, more or less. Side quests! An adventurer's work is never done. ]

I'd love to learn more about this place, or those from which you've all come. If you'll tell me-

[ There's a heart bark behind her; Robyn looks momentarily scolding at the dog in question, though he's out of the frame. ]

Hush. [ And then she turns again, smiling. ] I found a mabarai in my closet, which I'm told isn't unusual. [ But, for the record, it is unusual. ] If you mean him no harm, then he's perfectly agreeable. And he's absolutely spoiled already, if you have any food on hand to treat him with.

[ Now that that's settled. The brunette tucks a strand of wayward hair behind her ear, considering. ]

I... think that's all, for now. Thank you for your time.


Sep. 3rd, 2015 11:20 am
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[Don’t adjust your tint. The woman is green, not your screen. Gamora, a very unique looking woman unless one’s used to seeing someone with her particular shade of skin, looks into the video feed uncertainly but also with a note of defiance. She will not be intimidated by this… peculiar prison so easily. Sure, it may appear to be a comfortable mansion, but a place she is brought against her will is a prison no matter what it looks like.]

My name is Gamora. It looks like we are all prisoners here. I have no quarrel with you, but should you cross me, I will not hesitate to deal with you in ways you won’t enjoy. Let’s make that clear from the start.

[She is a captive, right? And she doesn’t know if the people here are hostile or not. She’s not about to let this turn into her last prison visit.]

This is not the first time I’ve been in a prison, though this one doesn’t look like the typical style I’m used to seeing. It’s far too… well, it doesn’t matter if it’s reasonably comfortable or not.

[The less sense it all makes the more irritated she gets.]

Who is in charge here? I demand to know why I've been brought here and where my crew is.

[Whoever is in charge is probably going to get punched or worse.]
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[It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that this broadcast is an accident. After all, it’s currently a very clear view of a blue bird standing on the phone and bending down to peer into the camera. She seems more interested in the thing than most animals are, but still, just a cute little bluebird, staring into the screen.]

Other people can see this, right?

[….okay, most bluebirds don’t talk. Beatrice moves back and adjusts the phone, leaning it up against something so that she can get the whole view.]

Great. I’m looking for two idiots. One’s tallish and has a red cone on his head. The other has a frog and a tea pot. They’re probably being completely useless and walking into walls without me, so if you could return them to me? That’d be just great. I’d also really appreciate it if anyone could point me towards the way out of here.

[She leans forward, eyes widening innocently.] You should know, it’s a very good idea to help out magical creatures. I’d owe you a boon! And you never know when that could come in handy.

[She hesitates and adds:]

And Wirt, Greg? If you’re listening? I’m— [She pauses, shakes her head, and hunches a little, pulling her wings tight against her body.] Just tell me where you are, okay?
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[ The camera in one of the Mansion's rooms turns on when somebody bumps into it.

At first he's just a blur, because the room is kind of dark, and the guy is literally half an inch from the camera. But then he backs off several steps, blinking in confusion. You'll be able to get a good look at him now.

He's neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin; his smart shirt is tied loosely around his head; and his sunburn is beyond polite description. He still has an undershirt on, revealing the fuzzy blue tattoos on his arms and shoulders -- and the wrinkly burn scars, and pinkish keloid patterns, that have mostly obliterated them. His eyes are... no, let's not talk about those endless black holes, let's please talk about anything else but that. His mouth is open, beaming, infinitely relieved to be wherever the heck he is.

If you can overlook the eyes, and the scars, he looks a hell of a lot like a radio professional who used to live at the Mansion. ]

Oh my goodness, a room this dark should not be allowed!

[ ...but he doesn't sound like Cecil at all. His voice is higher, with more of a giggle to it. And, currently, it sounds as raspy as a dehydrated salamander. ]

This is not a joke! [ he continues in the same lighthearted tone. He swings around, arms out in front of him, clearly not sure where he's walking. It's not that dark in the room, is it? Then again, he's just walked out of some pretty hardcore sunlight, and hasn't had time to adjust. ]

Legal action should literally be taken against this r--

[ His grasping hands find a doorhandle; he opens it; and he's buried underneath a tidal wave of brand-name bottles of water. Kevin's found the closet. ]


Jul. 13th, 2015 10:34 am
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[Hello Wonderland. You may have noticed a black cat wandering the grounds and within the mansion. Maybe staring at you, but running off if you turned your attention toward it. Whether or not you saw this cat, it is now human, and it is not pleased with what it's found.

The feed comes on to a young dark haired woman with piercing eyes. It switches off, switches to text, switches back to video and she stands back, apparently unsatisfied with what she has discovered of the device.

I was under the impression this infernal contraption has the ability to send messages, but I do not see how. What magic it employs is beyond me, like much of the magic of this place. [Which is frustrating, to not know something she's meant to, something she's supposedly an expert in.

She takes a closer, disapproving look at the device. It's certainly no Eluvian.
] 'Tis meant to speak to me now, yes? Rather, the voices of those it reaches. Or am I speaking plainly to a little box and looking the fool for it? ... [She'd growl if she were the sort to growl. But she's clearly exasperated. When she speaks again, her tone makes it clear she is on her last bit of patience.]

Tell me now, residents of this place, of where I am and, also, what sort of place leaves rooms strewn about its grounds, books among the leaves as they are. I am no architect, but it seems a poor choice of design.

...Well? Speak now!
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This thing really is marvelous once you get the hang of it, isn't it?

[The camera is blocked by a gloved thumb for a moment as Dorian turns the device over in his hands, examining it from all angles. He'd taken a great deal of time to experiment once he'd discovered it, after hours of exploring the mansion and grounds and another solid hour investigating the mansion's library-- or what remained within the mansion itself, anyway. Finally, the camera steadies, too close for half a second before he pulls back in order to correct it, offering a bright and confident smile once he's certain he has the video component of this figured out.

It had taken some doing, but he's rather proud of himself for not having to ask. A bit of patience and simply having the ability to read had made it possible, even if he'd had to fumble with it for a little while.]

Interesting place you have here-- and this, whatever you call it, is remarkable. Here I thought a mirror was a man's best friend.

[He's going to be taking so many selfies in the future.]

I am a bit curious about the decor. I've already managed to answer several questions on my own, but there are others I'm afraid there is no obvious answer for-- such as why it appears you all take your meals along the shoreline. [Interesting place to have a dining hall.] And the shelves full of books in the hedge maze? I enjoy reading out of doors as much as anyone else, but it doesn't seem wise to leave them exposed to the elements like that.

Maybe they work like the wardrobes? [ Another voice speaks up from somewhere nearby, behind Dorian, before Brennan’s head pokes partially into the picture, eyeing the screen with fascination before withdrawing again. ] Maybe someone just wished it out there and poof? Either way, are you actually talking to anyone there, or just to yourself? Not that either answer would really surprise me at this point…

[The camera shows Dorian looking irately to his left in response.]

Don't get me started on the wardrobes again. Do you really think I'd be talking to no one? No, it's meant to reach everyone who has one of these things, whatever it is. Here, look--

[The screen goes momentarily dark as he prepares to demonstrate. Whether or not that will actually do any good remains to be seen.]

( OOC: Responses will come from both Dorian and Brennan! If you want one of them in specific, let us know! )


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