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[Winter was now over and spring had just started. Minato kind of missed the snow, but at least the weather was cool and comfortable instead of being too cold. For a change of pace as he wandered outside, now that the space event was over, he decided to head to the Checkerboard Hills. He hadn't been there often. It was time to check it out again.

That is, if checking it out meant doing a once-over on the checkered patterns from dark to light, then ending up laying in one of the darker square patches, his comm device off to the side as he looked up at the sky.

It's spring here and spring at home. School would be starting again, if he were there and time progressed.

Were these questions even fair? Did he have too much time on his hands, playing around with or thinking about 'what if' in a place that may make him forget his existence here at all?]

..... Would you rather be dead at home or alive here?
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| Action & Threadjacking encouraged! She's in the Kitchen.|

[It's very rare that Rose graces the network in Wonderland, only having appeared once since she arrived here. That in and of itself makes this particular video rather curious. The subject at hand, likely one that's playing on everyone's mind but has Rose looking more than a little unsettled, despite her attempts to play at casual.

Clearly, she thinks the best way to deal right now, is to attempt to overdose on sugar; A plate piled high with an assortment of pastries, appearing in the corner of the shot.]

So... That whole thing with the Wonderland that wasn't really Wonderland?

[Her eyes narrow, teeth running over her lower lip as she carefully considers what she wants to say before giving it voice.]

We're all in agreement that it didn't really mean anything, right? It was just some, fake, alternate... you know, thing?

[She's obviously reaching but all this 'sciencey crap' is way outside of Rose's wheelhouse.]

Another one of Wonderland's stupid little mind games. [The unmistakable air of somebody trying to convince herself.

Rose breaks off a large chunk of a donut and pops it into her mouth, a flicker of doubt creeping in as she chews slowly.]

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[ Unlike her announcement of Leliana's departure, this one does not reveal her voice. It's only text, written word with the author's feelings left implied, and less verbose than last time, too. ]

Alistair has gone. His room is empty and his things have vanished. As his fellow Grey Warden, I thought it best to inform those who may have known him.

[ Leliana, Brennan, Dorian. Alistair, too, now. All of her closest friends in Wonderland seem to be steadily vanishing (and she hasn't heard of Bethany Hawke, yet, another one who would be regretfully added to the list). ]

He was exactly what a Warden should be. He was brave and kind and with a good heart.

[ Ridiculous jokes and all.

Soon after, she sends out one private message to Anders: ]


Alistair left behind Purrlock. Do cats and mabari get along? Could you teach me how to take care of a kitten, if you have the time?
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[Have you seen the inside of the therapy office before Wonderland? Because you're getting a good shot of it now, featuring the owner of this particular room.]

Good morning, Wonderland. Since it's been awhile, and we're just coming off the heels of a rather chaotic event, I thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Cami O'Connell, and I am the therapist in residence here in Wonderland. An officially licensed therapist at that, thanks to a trip home a couple of months ago.

[She's got a degree and everything now. Clearly she's a force to be watched out for.]

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of psychological therapy, the idea is to work through mental issues in order to help alleviate or lessen their effects. This could be anything, from a traumatic loss to guilt over something you've done, to trying to deal with whatever hell Wonderland has put you through. It's often a slow process that takes dedication and time, but one that can be immensely helpful if people are willing to see it through.

[As so many people in Wonderland have failed to do. And that's half the reason why she's making this broadcast; too many people have been one-time visitors before they retreated into their own shells of denial.]

Of course, therapy doesn't work for everyone; that's just a fact. But the problems you've got right now, the secret things you don't want to face because they're all just too much and you think that if you try they'll swallow you whole? They aren't going to go away if you just ignore them. They'll linger, and they'll fester, and then Wonderland will do what it always does by sparking some event that makes that trauma even worse.

Trust me. I've been here long enough to see it, and to have it happen to me too.

[She pauses then; hopefully she's gotten some people's attention with the speech this time.]

One other benefit to the process is that it is entirely confidential. I will not divulge anything you tell me when you come to see me as a patient, unless you or someone else is at risk of harm. No one will even know you've talked to me at all.

So if you're interested, if you think that there's the slightest chance that talking to someone may do you some good? Come by the office in room 20 on the sixth floor. If the door is closed, write your name on a piece of paper and slide it under the door, and I'll get in touch. Or you can respond to this broadcast, and we can arrange a time to meet.

[She looks directly at the phone now, directly at the people watching this. Hopefully, it manages to reach them.]

Wonderland is not an easy place to live in. And while you can learn how to shoot a gun or to defend yourself physically, the biggest toll it takes on all of us is an emotional and psychological one. So why not strengthen yourself there to?

[A heartbeat longer, and Cami reaches to turn off the video. After that, it's just a matter of waiting for people to show up, or for her phone to ring.

But while she does spend a good chunk of her day in the office, after certain replies she ends up fielding? By that evening Cami is more than happy to abandon talking to people in favor of hitting up the bar. Not that she'll reject anyone who tries to approach her there; it's just that the therapist is out for the evening, thanks, so please stop complaining about her life's work now so she can drink in peace.]
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[voice ~ ota]
[This isn’t the first time Freya is woken up to find her world changed, but she had thought she had put this part of her life behind her. She’s also super annoyed because she’s supposed to be saving her dumb family right now, but apparently she can’t ever have what she wants. Story of Freya’s life.

This is not where she’s supposed to be but she’s too paranoid to place that on the network right away. She buys her time, explores, gets to know things, and after finding her way to a bar for a big girl drink, while she’s sitting there, swirling the straw in her hand, she opens the device and decides to test the waters. She speaks calmly and clearly, but doesn’t show her face quite yet.]

So. Instead of demanding information I'm sure you've all shared a thousand times before, I’d prefer to keep things interesting. If you all don’t mind indulging the curiosity of someone who so rarely finds themselves in a place that is quite so … eclectic, I think I’d like to know more about where you all are from.

Granted, there are many variables that make up different worlds, so let’s not let ourselves get carried away. Beginning with one topic would probably suffice, so I’ve chosen the one that I know best.

[You can almost hear the smirk as she speaks.]

Let’s talk magic.

[action ~ the bar ~ for cami o'connell, but ota]
[The reason she chooses the bar, rather than the safety of her assigned room to make that particular announcement is that she does need someone to explain this world to her and as far as she can tell, there is only one person she knows and trusts here. She would rather hear it straight from Cami, getting potentially conflicting information from strangers.

(She's aware that she's fortunate Cami was there at all - she might have had no choice but to rely on the kindness of strangers - but for how she's choosing not to think about being trapped, alone, in a world she doesn't understand. It's bad enough that her siblings aren't here and she seems to be trapped here indefinitely.)

So there she is, perched on a bar stool like she belongs there, and waiting for Cami to make her appearance. That being said, she's not completely unfriendly, so if you wish to chat her up, she'll be more than happy to talk to you.]

( video )

Mar. 8th, 2016 06:31 pm
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[ The feed eventually shutters to life and it's pointing at the ceiling. It's a mostly nondescript ceiling, please enjoy it for being pleasantly neutral. Because it's going to be ruined in less than ten seconds.

Carver's face pops into the view and he stares at the device like it's some unholy abomination that just tinkled on his favorite shirt. It's clear he's in a terrible sort of mood—but when is he not?—by the harsh line of his brows and the curl of his mouth. While he doesn't have his full plate armor on, he still wears the blue and silver of the Grey Wardens. ]

So, apparently this sodding thing is supposed to let me talk to other people. [ Here he is. Doing just that. ] I'm—

[ He stops, sighs through his nose then rubs the side of his head. Does he introduce himself? Maybe. Ugh. ]

My name is Carver Hawke and I have a request and don't really know where to start. I'm looking for books. [ The harsh lines of his expression soften to the slightest degree for a brief moment. ] Easy ones. Ones that kids can read. Don't know what is considered that here, so.

[ He lifts a shoulder in a shrug as if that will explain the rest of the request so he doesn't need to. Basically, he needs pointing in the right direction with titles and maybe even large print.

Off-screen there is a small scuffling noise and it's followed soon by a little yappy sort of bark. There's a fun, bright usage of several even more fun curses before Carver disappears for a second. The video shakes as he picks up the device to hold at arms length. In his other hand is this abomination of a dog. It wriggles in his hand and that only seems to irritate him further. ]

And what in the Maker's name is this bloody thing? It's like some horrible Orlesian dog some sod would wear on their hat. What good are these wardrobes if this is what I get instead of a mabari?

[ The puppy happily licks Carver's nose and he grunts in disgust before putting it down and returning to the device. It seems he wants to say something more, but he isn't sure how. Clearly annoyed—and mostly with himself—he frowns all over again then just shuts the feed off. ]


Mar. 7th, 2016 06:58 pm
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[ For a few moments, all that’s visible in the slightly shaky view is an exciting expanse of bland-colored carpet. A light scratching sound is audible in time with the tilting of the image, as though the material that covers the device is moving against something unyielding and metallic. To someone who’s seen this sort of thing before, it’s indicative of someone examining the device.

A moment later, the image blurs and the boring carpet is replaced by large green eyes, shaggy white hair, thick black eyebrows, a scowling mouth, and a chin marred by white lines. ]

Hn. [ It’s a derisive snort, though the word that follows is even more so, heavily laden with disgust. ] Magic.

[ The image spins again, resolving a few dizzying seconds later to a crooked view of a sparsely furnished room. It’s the sort of room that looks to have never yet been lived in, the furniture of the most generic sort. Prowling near the far wall is the owner of that too-close face.

He’s wearing spiky armor, sharply pointed gauntlets, and a conspicuous lack of shoes. Pointed ears poke out of his hair and when he turns to unlimber a large greatsword from his back, more of the white lines are visible on his skin where it shows through gapes in his armor. As is probably apparent, he has no idea that he’s being recorded and continues to examine the room with wary unease.

The video will continue for quite some time, documenting a positively riveting video of an over-armored elf doing nothing but poking around a room, until he’s alerted to the fact that the device is both active and broadcasting his business to others.

Someone, quite clearly, does not know how to use the communication device properly. ]
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[The feed starts with Dipper’s face way too close to the screen, tongue out as he sets the phone in place. It wiggles a bit as he finds a good balance, then he moves back to sit next to Mabel and gives an awkward grin and a wave.]

Hi! Dipper and Mabel here. Welcome to Gravity Falls, I guess? Sort of? [He glances over at Mabel.]

Close enough, anyway! [Mabel’s not exactly concerned about the differences, to be honest. she’s all but bouncing in her seat.] For once, Wonderland’s giving us a break! Gravity Falls is totally awesome so long as certain well-dressed triangles aren’t here. [she blows a raspberry.]

Which he probably isn't since he used to be here as a… [Dipper glances up, scratching his chin.] Well, I’m still not sure if he was here on purpose or not, but the fact is, he’s no more likely to secretly be lurking here now than he was before the event started. But isosceles horrors aside, there is a lot to watch out for here. The woods are filled with amazing creatures!

Gnomes! Unicorns! Sometimes an occasional cow with extra legs. But the important thing to remember is that for the most part, none of them are really gonna hurt you. They’re more… [she squints, trying to find the right word.] ...annoying? Weirdly stalker-y? [she shrugs] Point is! They’re pretty easy to deal with if they get on your nerves. And accidentally swallowing unicorn blood will not give you an extra face on the back of your head! [she turns around in her chair and tosses her hair over her face to demonstrate] See?

And the Multibear has surprisingly good taste in music. [Dipper looks slightly shifty as he says it.] For the record, we mean deal with in a non-fatal manner. [He spreads his hands out in front of him, looking serious.] I know a lot of you fight monsters in your worlds, but can you just… try not to do it here? It’s unnecessary and really sort of a jerk move. I mean, a lot of them are sentient.

[Mabel turns around tosses her hair back.] Yeah, seriously guys, even the gnomes aren’t that bad, and they tried to make me marry all two thousand and something of them.

[there weren’t that many, Mabel.] And, most importantly, don’t forget to check out the gift shop for all your mystery needs!

[she beams proudly, much like someone who expects to be rewarded for throwing that in.]

[Dipper rolls his eyes like someone who won’t actively speak out against the family business but also refuses to participate in the sucking up part of this message.] And ask us if you have any questions. No one knows these woods better than us. [A beat, then he quickly adds:] Except Great Uncle Ford. [Ford is the reason Dipper and Mabel know so much, after all. He looks over at Mabel, frowning slightly.] Do you think the gnomes’ll bother Wirt?

[still facing the camera and beaming.] He’ll be fine.

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[Henry’s had a good start to the year so far. He has no idea how long it will last, but all of his parents are in Wonderland, no one is the Dark One, and he’s...happy. So, he can focus on other things, like trying to understand just how far reaching this place is, and how many realms over-lap each other. He knows there are worlds with zombies, where New York is completely over-run and America is gone, but he also lived in New York for a while, and...no zombies. So, how many versions are there?]

Hi, so. I was kind of curious about what people have experienced in their worlds versus my version of the world. So, I’m gonna toss out some things and if you could say where you’re from, and which ones you’ve heard of (not because of people talking about it here in Wonderland), that’d be cool. Oh, and maybe your best guess on what year it is at home, too.

No one has to do anything, I just thought it’d be fun. So, here are some popular things/events in history or whatever:

  • The Ogre Wars
  • The Beatles
  • Central Park
  • iPhones/Apple
  • The Dark Curse [sorry, mom, it was an event.]
  • Disco
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Titanic
  • San Francisco Earthquake (1989)
  • The Dark One
  • Internet
  • Moon landings (or space exploration in general)

    Thanks in advance if you answer back. You can ask me about events too, to see if we match on anything you think was important.
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    [The woman who pops onto the screen? She doesn't look at all pleased. She's disheveled and incredibly sore, but at least she's been able to have a shower since things have returned to normal. She'd woken up in her own bed, having muddied up the sheets -- so, okay, she's still pretty annoyed.

    Still, it had occurred to her that she'd done something a little bit irresponsible the night before. It had been motivated by anger, certainly, but it isn't as if she'd killed the man -- still, she needs to get it off her chest and just make sure that he's -- you know, still alive.

    She clears her throat.]

    Uh, all right -- this message is especially for Alistair, or for anyone from his world -- now that this thing is working again.

    I was attacked in the forest last night by someone accusing me of being a demon, so I thought that you guys might know him. I knocked him out and left him tied up outside the tavern, so I don't know where he'd be now.

    [She scowls.]

    And just to clear it up for anyone who might be wondering ... I'm not a demon.

    [She motions to her hair.]

    I mean, do you see a set of pointy horns? I have no interest in your immortal soul, okay? So further attempts to end me? Not going to be dealt with so gently.

    [It's a bit of posturing since she's never actually killed anyone, but...they don't need to know that.]
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    [ It's strange, being more often out of armor than in it, but Wonderland doesn't often call them to battle in the same way that she's gotten used to. The Warden is dressed simply and more for comfort, though still in the kind of dress of Ferelden, rather than the modern clothes of much of the others in the mansion. Her hair is braided to keep it out of her face and her expression is quietly contemplative. Shutting her eyes briefly, she says: ]

    "Your name is etched into my every step. I will not forsake You, even if I forget myself."

    [ And then opens them again, taking a deep breath, admitting a little smile. ]

    I've yet to find any kind of... chapel, or place of worship. I never thought there would be one strictly Andrastian, but any sort of quiet space for prayer would be suitable. If there is one, I would appreciate the help in tracking it down.

    [ Maker knows, she's faced a lot of trials thus far and needs a little more guidance lately than usual. ]

    Most of you won't have heard of the Maker or of Andraste, but I don't think the idea of solace in faith is too strange, is it?

    [ Lightly, Robyn clears her throat before changing the subject. ]

    I mentioned once that I was in an order called the Grey Wardens? Part of that life is nights of very bad dreams. But, I haven't had a one since I've been here, not in all those months. [ There's a pause in which she thinks back, frowning thoughtfully, almost torn between concern and relief at the lack of the nightmares. ] ... We must be far from home, after all.
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    While I understand that winter is typically cold in a number of places, does it seem to be especially so to anyone else? It can't be just me; there must be others who hail from more humane climates.

    [While Wonderland's shift to winter was sudden and, as Dorian has been told, reasonably mild, the cold has hit him hard. He's prepared for all manner of teasing, having been subject to all manner of it while following Brennan across both Ferelden and Orlais, the former of which was barbaric on top of being absolutely frigid-- at least Orlais had style along with all the snow and ice.

    He thought he would be able to weather Wonderland's change in temperature without much trouble, having suffered through both the Frostbacks and Emprise du Lion, but given the fact that he seems to be visibly shivering onscreen despite being wrapped in several layers, it would appear that he thought wrong.]

    How anyone lives under these conditions year-round is beyond me. I'll never understand Southerners.

    (OOC: Dorian will be under the effects of the Little Match Girl mini-event from the 14th - 16th! Any in-person threads people would like with him during that period can go here as well; by the night of the 15th he'll be tucked away in bed and likely staying there, but until then he'll be out and about and available as he struggles to get warm and curses the cruel, cruel south.)
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    Good morning Wonderland; it's that time again.

    [The face on the network is friendly enough; Cami does her best to be warm, particularly in the wake of everything that's happened lately. The nightmarish events that have hit Wonderland are bad enough, but Cami hasn't forgotten how things went this time last year. If history does repeat itself, these people need to be prepared--so much as anyone can be for the insanity so rampant in this world.]

    For those new to this corner of the multiverse, my name is Cami O'Connell, and I'm acting as the mansion's resident therapist. With how things have gone recently, I thought it might be a good time to remind everyone that there's an office on the sixth floor with someone willing to listen to your problems and concerns. It probably doesn't need to be said that what we go through here can be pretty terrible, and that's on top of anything that went on in our home worlds.

    The simple truth is, sometimes it helps to talk about it. As much as many of us want to get back home, we don't know when that will happen. A few days turns into a few weeks, and then suddenly a year's gone by like that. [She snaps her fingers, her grin widening a touch as she thinks of how it's been like that for her. A whole year in Wonderland, and it had only taken Cami a month to realize that particular anniversary had come and gone for her.]

    Or maybe you're one of the ones that sees Wonderland as a second chance, in spite of all the insanity it throws at us. Either way, we all have to figure out how to make a life while we're here, and part of that is coming to terms with some truly awful things. As hard as this place is to bear sometimes, in my experience it's even worse trying to do it on your own. Therapy is one way of finding support, be it by getting a chance to vent, or hearing a little bit of advice. And as an added bonus, no one else will be told about what you talk about, or even that you've come to see me. It's all confidential and private.

    So feel free to get in touch if you want to give it a try, or if you've got any questions. Like I said, I'm here to listen.

    [She cuts the feed with that, but as promised, Cami will be in her office and paying attention to the phone most of the day. Not all of it though; as reluctant as people can be to show up the first time, it seems like certain others aren't showing up for second or third appointments. It's up to them, of course, but don't mind Cami if she just happens to go around the mansion later in the evening looking to bump into those who haven't stopped by for awhile, strictly for the purpose of catching up.]

    {{ooc: feel free to have cami run into your character if they've been a patient in the past! or even if they haven't. prose or actionspam is fine for in person interactions.}}
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    -does this do? What about this? Helllooo?

    [The video feed begins with a close-up of a gauntleted thumb and then twists nauseatingly around until there's a giant eyeball... that gradually diminishes in size as its owner pulls back from the device. Once it's farther away it reveals a large man in heavy armour with a sword at his hip and a shield on his back, looking rather put out. Alistair frowns down at the thing for a moment then shrugs and begins to speak.]

    I heard I can use this thing to talk to people. People far away. I don't know if I believe it, I've never heard of magic like that. But this way it doesn't look like I'm crazy and talking to myself. Maybe.

    I don't talk to myself normally of course. That would be crazy. But I do talk to myself - and little... boxes - when I get lost and wind up in a strange place I've never seen before. Especially when I'm supposed to be somewhere else doing something important. Then I might talk to myself.

    [But only because he hasn't found anyone else to talk to yet and he's still trying to figure out what's going on. He isn't buying anything he's heard so far so he's reduced to thinking out loud at a little box.]

    Well, I think I know what's going on here. This is the Fade, is it? I'm stuck in the Fade again.

    What do you think box? Am I right? [His voice turns high pitched and squeaky and the video judders about as the device is waggled back and forth.] 'I think you are Alistair, you handsome fiend you, you must be in the Fade! Now we just have to go find the eeevil demon that trapped us here and make it let you go!'

    [And back to a normal voice, the video steadying again.] I'm glad you agree and I am looking rather handsome today, aren't I? Now, let's go find that demon!

    [And, companion... box in hand - and still broadcasting - he strides boldly off in search of something that looks like a demon, keeping up a running commentary until someone decides to interrupt him.]
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    [ If Brennan is surprised to wake up beside a particular Tevinter necromancer this morning, he's quick to slip out of the room before the other man wakes, to keep any such reactions to himself. Except then he's not really sure on where to go, because there's a mage asleep in his bed, so he ends up at the diner instead.

    When he flicks the feed open, he's looking somewhat tousled and a little confused as he nurses a steaming cup of tea. ]

    Did anyone else wake up... somewhere odd this morning? Or just somewhere they didn't expect to be?

    [ Or perhaps, in his case, somewhere he didn't expect someone else to be.

    As far as video messages go, this is a rather short one, but he flicks it off after that to see if he gets any response from anyone.

    Instead, he makes himself cozy in a diner booth and has some breakfast. If anyone comes to join him, they might notice that the Anchor, usually so prominent on his left hand, has gone missing. Not that he seems at all concerned by that, or even seems to notice. ]


    Oct. 26th, 2015 12:34 pm
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    [It took her a few hours of exploring and playing with the phone she found on herself before Isabela is ready to do anything but threaten the first person she sees. From the looks of it threatening does no good and she'd rather save that energy. So first things first, talking to the strange device seems like her best option of getting more answers.

    The camera turns on and shows not a face but the cleavage of someone with a very nice chest covered it what could only be a person's corseted undergarments. There's muttering and suddenly the camera zooms up onto a face that's entirely too close to the camera. It takes a second but the camera moves away to reveal dark skin, brown eyes and a very attractive knowing smile.]

    Well this is an odd little device, not sure I've quite gotten the hang of it. I've read these pamphlets and while I'm not very inclined to believe it I figure I'm stuck here for now aren't I?

    [She doesn't let out the sigh she wants to because that would be giving too much away. She doesn't do well land-locked. Even if she'd been land-locked for the last four or so years.]

    I do have an important question though. Whose ship is in the ocean? I find myself in need of one.

    [She just wants to know who she's going to have to fight for it. If she's going to be stuck in this place then she's going to do it on a ship and not in a mansion that is big enough to swallow her whole. She's a captain, her place is on the ocean.]

    I suppose I'm supposed to introduce myself, that seems to be a trend on this thing. Let's just leave out names for now. I'm a ship captain from Thedas. If that means anything to anyone you may contact me.

    [She's about to turn the video off when she pauses another thought occurring to her.]
    Someone please tell me this place has a tavern with a bar.


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