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[ As with her last broadcast, the Warden looks particularly sad today, appearing over the network with a brightness to her eyes and the expression of someone with a heavy weight on her shoulders. ]

... If you knew Leliana, spymaster for the Inquisition... she's seemingly vanished from here. I've heard that they've gone back home if their quarters are emptied, and hers are bare.

[ Now that she's gone, Robyn may never see her again. She's stricken with the grief of that thought, momentarily, but she remembers herself and presses on. ]

Leliana was my closest friend. When we first met, she joined our cause without much incentive. We had no forces or reputation. [ Not a good reputation, anyway. ] She pledged her skills because she believed. I always felt inspired by her faith. I still do.

[ Leliana, who had been like a sister. Leliana, who had comforted her through the worst of things. ]

She was - is - an incredible woman. [ She was one of the two who remembered Robyn at all. ] I hope we're all able to see her again.

[ "The one who repents, who has faith, unshaken by the darkness of the world, she shall know true peace." If only. ]

It can be hard to manage hope. [ She speaks quietly, before ending the broadcast. ]
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[When the feed begins, the blonde whose face appears in the center of the screen makes no attempt to speak immediately, seeming to be thinking about something with her lips pulled into a bow, her eyes narrowing infinitesimally as they look off screen before snapping onto the camera itself.]

I have to admit. [Her face animated as she starts to speak, accompanied by a dry, almost snarky tone.] I was all ready to pin this on the little Witch but I think it's fair to say we're not in Mystic Falls anymore.

[It's hard to say whether she's annoyed, bored or amused. The woman who can't look much more than early twenties, taking time out to top up her glass of Scotch. She doesn't so much as grimace as she takes a drink before speaking again.]

Right - [Refocusing on her screen.] Introductions then. Lexi Branson.

[The blonde raises her glass and drains it before setting it aside.]

I'm not exactly sure how long this is going to last... [Leaning closer to her device.] So lets skip all the boring bits and you can tell me what passes for fun in this place. Okay?


Jun. 18th, 2016 06:09 pm
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After a conversation a short while ago, I find myself wondering if anyone has ever made any attempt to organise a group of people willing to teach other capable individuals their combat skills.

[He had thought about simply doing it himself - he knows he can, but he will get nowhere by stepping on toes.]

If they haven't, then I'd like to begin. It won't be something suitable for everyone, but it should be available to everyone, should they want and be able to engage in it.
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[There's no warning what's going on before the video starts, just a flash of bright light and violent motion as the recording device shoots across the room and bounces off a wall, landing to give a tilted view of Jowan's room. It's not a particularly interesting room, nearly as stark and empty as they all start out when claimed, although it does now feature a small fire burning merrily in the corner. Not in a fireplace, which is probably why it's starting to spread quite alarmingly, but it definitely brightens the place up.

It's also probably the reason why Jowan is panicking just a little.]
That wasn't supposed to happen!

[He stands at the edge of what the device is recording of the room and looks largely uncertain, glancing around the room for an idea of what to do before swallowing hard and taking a step forward, brow furrowing as he extends his hands and frost leaves his fingertips. The flames crackle loudly at the ice and Jowan closes his eyes, pushing more power into the spell until a sheet of ice surges forward suddenly, dousing the flames and leaving a good chunk of the room covered in ice. But at least there's no fire any more, right?]

I don't understand what went wrong! It shouldn't be this difficult. [He wanders over to nudge the ice with a toe and sigh heavily.] Why does this always end up happening to me?
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action under the cut )

[ It's many hours after she arrives in the gardens that Robyn remembers the network, that she thinks to pick up her device and to send out a message. She's freshly washed and no longer dressed for a fight, but when she does show her face, there's something distinctly different about it. Where she had just a week earlier seemed a little more the overeager girl, today she seems a great deal more Grey Warden than anything. ]

Greetings. [ Robyn speaks, tone crisp and polite, but almost distant, as if she's mentally somewhere else all throughout. ] I'm sorry if I... worried anyone. I've been told that I've only been gone a week, but as I suspect many of you know from experience, it was a little longer than that where I was.

[ She pauses, then scoffs faintly, shaking her head. ]

Well... to be honest, I couldn't say how much time passed. Maybe it wasn't so long after all. It felt like... ages.

[ Considering all that happened in Denerim with Howe, Loghain, the Landsmeet, and... the battle to follow. ]

I've come back unharmed. [ In case anyone had seen her earlier and was concerned about the amount of blood she'd been wearing. ] And... I hope the week has been kind.

[ Considering just before she'd left they had been tempted down into the Deep Roads, it's only fair that Wonderland let the lot of them off the hook every once in a while.

Robyn seems as if she's about too end the call, but she hesitates as something seems to come to mind. ]

Has... anyone seen my dog? I can only imagine what he may have been up to in the meantime...

( ooc ; feel free to encounter her during the action portion at any point in her return! )
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[ Video ]
[ When the video screen turns on, it's a rush of motion, one hand fumbling to right the device before Brennan's face appears in the screen. His expression is tense and drawn and is lit by an eerie green glow from where he's observed to be kneeling on Wonderland's beach. There's a hint of panic in his eyes, and he's still bloody and banged up from a recent battle. But that's not the cause of his frantic urgency.

Flickering green flares and flashes alarmingly as he grits his teeth in pain. ]

I don't... I can't hold it back. Stay away. You need to stay away from the beach. Dorian... Solas!

[ Those are the only words he can get out before there's a blinding flare of light as his Anchor discharges with the force of a small explosion, the video feed going black as his device gets destroyed in the process. The explosion itself might be heard by anyone who was outside at the time, accompanied by a flare of green light coming from the direction of the beach. Anyone who comes to investigate (after his departure) will find a widened crater in the sand where the force of the releasing magic left an impact. ]

Action Threads: Closed to Dorian and/or Solas )

[ Video ]
[ It's hours later when he finally reappears on the Network, tired and haggard but alive, his device newly replaced after the explosion had destroyed the last one. He manages a sheepish expression in apology to the Network at large. ]

Well, it hadn't been my intent to announce my return in quite such a noisy manner, but I wasn't given much of an option. To those concerned, the matter is....[ He pauses, struggling to find the right words. ] contained, for the time being. I'm sorry if I alarmed anyone by it.
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[voice ~ ota]
[This isn’t the first time Freya is woken up to find her world changed, but she had thought she had put this part of her life behind her. She’s also super annoyed because she’s supposed to be saving her dumb family right now, but apparently she can’t ever have what she wants. Story of Freya’s life.

This is not where she’s supposed to be but she’s too paranoid to place that on the network right away. She buys her time, explores, gets to know things, and after finding her way to a bar for a big girl drink, while she’s sitting there, swirling the straw in her hand, she opens the device and decides to test the waters. She speaks calmly and clearly, but doesn’t show her face quite yet.]

So. Instead of demanding information I'm sure you've all shared a thousand times before, I’d prefer to keep things interesting. If you all don’t mind indulging the curiosity of someone who so rarely finds themselves in a place that is quite so … eclectic, I think I’d like to know more about where you all are from.

Granted, there are many variables that make up different worlds, so let’s not let ourselves get carried away. Beginning with one topic would probably suffice, so I’ve chosen the one that I know best.

[You can almost hear the smirk as she speaks.]

Let’s talk magic.

[action ~ the bar ~ for cami o'connell, but ota]
[The reason she chooses the bar, rather than the safety of her assigned room to make that particular announcement is that she does need someone to explain this world to her and as far as she can tell, there is only one person she knows and trusts here. She would rather hear it straight from Cami, getting potentially conflicting information from strangers.

(She's aware that she's fortunate Cami was there at all - she might have had no choice but to rely on the kindness of strangers - but for how she's choosing not to think about being trapped, alone, in a world she doesn't understand. It's bad enough that her siblings aren't here and she seems to be trapped here indefinitely.)

So there she is, perched on a bar stool like she belongs there, and waiting for Cami to make her appearance. That being said, she's not completely unfriendly, so if you wish to chat her up, she'll be more than happy to talk to you.]
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[From the Korcari Wilds to the gilded corridors of Orlesian palaces to the mysterious hallways of this very mansion, observation has been key. There are few betters ways for Morrigan to learn, and learn she must.

As a black cat with watchful golden eyes, she spends an entire afternoon studying anyone who uses the network in the mansion's more public areas, particularly the gardens, the dining room, and the library. Those who seem to be moving from one place to another with a very specific destination in mind also earn her attention. The cat shows no fear, moving in close when the need arises, but attempts to touch her are met with evasive maneuvers.]


[Later, in the evening, she resorts to privately using the network herself, her observation paying off to some small degree. Without introduction or pointless small talk, she launches directly into what currently weighs on her mind.]

I am led to believe that leaving this place by choice is unlikely. I would speak to anyone who has attempted it. Or perhaps those who know someone who has disappeared. Is there a pattern that has been pieced together?

(ooc: I'll be pretty steady with tags this afternoon/tonight but then I'll be unusually slow for about a week. If that's okay with you, tag away!)
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-land's influence on you. [ Good morning from the tired and faintly exasperated countenance of Robyn, who hastily replaces a wayward braid behind her ear before actually attending to the broadcast. She smiles wearily, clearing her throat before addressing the mansion. ]

Hello, Wonderland. In case we've yet to meet, my name is Robyn Cousland of the Gr- [ She cuts off momentarily to glance away, frowning, and speaks to someone or something off-camera. ] Stop. Sit.

[ There's a low whine, but she returns to the device with a satisfied, short sigh. ]

When I arrived, I... found, if it can be called that, a mabari - a Ferelden hound - in the wardrobe of my room. He isn't nearly as well-behaved as my own, unfortunately; he seems much younger, though I've just been thinking it might be because of the way that this place seems to affect us all. Though, luckily, we haven't all been taking little things from other people and hiding them away.


Which... brings me to my point, which is that the dog has apparently been taking things that don't belong to him. Some of them have names written in them, some books, but most of these things have been difficult to return. I know for a fact that he confiscated possessions of an Emily Bennett, Evelyn O'Connell, and Cullen Rutherford. Also... [ At this, the Warden sifts through the pile as she speaks: ] Several boots, gloves, and gauntlets, mostly leather. A... necklace, I think, made of bone, a clay flower pot, some kind of- [ Maker's breath. She looks momentarily pained and spots of pink rise into the apples of her cheeks. ] Something... called Busty Asian Beauties, and several other things I've yet to identify.

[ The picture on the cover of that particular piece of reading material is overwhelmingly embarrassing and she hastens to end the broadcast. ]

Andraste's grace. Please stop by room thirty on the first floor if you've been missing something, or just tell me what you've lost and I will return it once I've made some sense of this mess.
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What a strange place this is. There's so much magic here, and like none I've ever seen before. And this network! It's a wonderful little invention. Though not as wonderful as these closets. They gave me the most delightful pair of shoes when I asked. A bit unfashionable, but nothing that can't be changed.

It's a shame there doesn't seem to be an exit. It makes this quite the gilded cage, does it not? And one does wonder how all the magic is powered. Even with blood magic and lyrium both, this is quite the feat.

[ which, in her experience, means it's probably something terrible that will kill everyone or worse. which is what has her frowning at her device even as she makes a somewhat cheerful-sounding post. bless written missives and their ability to appear blase when leliana is too annoyed to mask her feelings entirely. ]

At the very least, I suspect this will make for an interesting story someday, no?

— L

( video )

Mar. 21st, 2016 11:47 am
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[ The video starts with an elf centered in the frame. He’s bald and dressed in armor that’s mostly ornate metal, burnished golden scales, and a large pelt of some furry animal. There’s no fear in his eyes or confusion. If he’s affected by his arrival, he certainly doesn’t act like it. His expression is calm and confident. His voice, when he speaks, is measured and soft. ]

Wonderland, I've heard it called. [ There's the slightest uptick at the corner of his mouth, as though he's gently amused by the name. ] Yet I question the truth of that claim.

[ His eyebrow arches in what appears to be curiosity, the movement made more obvious by his lack of hair. ]

To whom is this place meant to wondrous? And why? Is it the prevalence of magic?

[ There’s a dryness lingering in his voice as he asks that last question, as though he’s wholly unimpressed by what he’s found. His neutral expression doesn’t change, but the dryness remains. Solas is not impressed, though admittedly, he might be anywhere, witnessing wonders untold and still find them lacking against the glory of his precious Arlathan. ]

I fear I’ve seen marvels far more astonishing than this communication device. [ His voice shifts, becoming faintly criticizing. As though the place has disappointed him. ] What of the rest of you? How do you find your accommodations?
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[When the video comes to life it's clear that it's not an intentional recording but one of the many stationary wall mounted devices scattered around the mansion flickering on, perhaps to notify those watching that someone is poking around the bedroom levels.

The someone in question turns out to be a decidedly scruffy looking man who looks like he'd need the concept of 'bathing' explained to him, possibly with pictures. There's dirt and grime and something that may or may not be blood caked on his robes and he creeps more than walks through the hallways, almost like he's expecting someone to catch him in the act at any moment.

The nervousness may have something to do with how he's trying the doors as he goes, largely finding locked ones but eventually one opens and he jerks back in surprise. Perhaps it's an empty, unclaimed room, or perhaps it's someone's who didn't think to lock the door on their way out. Either way, Jowan cautiously pokes his head into the room and stares around wide-eyed at it all.]

Maker, a bed! I know none of this is real, but still... if I'm going to die in a dream, then at least it's a good dream. It'd be better if there was something to eat...

[A thought occurs to him and Jowan glances back over his shoulder, down the hallway he'd come from.]

If this is a manor or something, maybe there's a kitchen? I can't imagine food in the Fade is going to help me much but at least it might taste good.

( video )

Mar. 8th, 2016 06:31 pm
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[ The feed eventually shutters to life and it's pointing at the ceiling. It's a mostly nondescript ceiling, please enjoy it for being pleasantly neutral. Because it's going to be ruined in less than ten seconds.

Carver's face pops into the view and he stares at the device like it's some unholy abomination that just tinkled on his favorite shirt. It's clear he's in a terrible sort of mood—but when is he not?—by the harsh line of his brows and the curl of his mouth. While he doesn't have his full plate armor on, he still wears the blue and silver of the Grey Wardens. ]

So, apparently this sodding thing is supposed to let me talk to other people. [ Here he is. Doing just that. ] I'm—

[ He stops, sighs through his nose then rubs the side of his head. Does he introduce himself? Maybe. Ugh. ]

My name is Carver Hawke and I have a request and don't really know where to start. I'm looking for books. [ The harsh lines of his expression soften to the slightest degree for a brief moment. ] Easy ones. Ones that kids can read. Don't know what is considered that here, so.

[ He lifts a shoulder in a shrug as if that will explain the rest of the request so he doesn't need to. Basically, he needs pointing in the right direction with titles and maybe even large print.

Off-screen there is a small scuffling noise and it's followed soon by a little yappy sort of bark. There's a fun, bright usage of several even more fun curses before Carver disappears for a second. The video shakes as he picks up the device to hold at arms length. In his other hand is this abomination of a dog. It wriggles in his hand and that only seems to irritate him further. ]

And what in the Maker's name is this bloody thing? It's like some horrible Orlesian dog some sod would wear on their hat. What good are these wardrobes if this is what I get instead of a mabari?

[ The puppy happily licks Carver's nose and he grunts in disgust before putting it down and returning to the device. It seems he wants to say something more, but he isn't sure how. Clearly annoyed—and mostly with himself—he frowns all over again then just shuts the feed off. ]


Mar. 7th, 2016 06:58 pm
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[ For a few moments, all that’s visible in the slightly shaky view is an exciting expanse of bland-colored carpet. A light scratching sound is audible in time with the tilting of the image, as though the material that covers the device is moving against something unyielding and metallic. To someone who’s seen this sort of thing before, it’s indicative of someone examining the device.

A moment later, the image blurs and the boring carpet is replaced by large green eyes, shaggy white hair, thick black eyebrows, a scowling mouth, and a chin marred by white lines. ]

Hn. [ It’s a derisive snort, though the word that follows is even more so, heavily laden with disgust. ] Magic.

[ The image spins again, resolving a few dizzying seconds later to a crooked view of a sparsely furnished room. It’s the sort of room that looks to have never yet been lived in, the furniture of the most generic sort. Prowling near the far wall is the owner of that too-close face.

He’s wearing spiky armor, sharply pointed gauntlets, and a conspicuous lack of shoes. Pointed ears poke out of his hair and when he turns to unlimber a large greatsword from his back, more of the white lines are visible on his skin where it shows through gapes in his armor. As is probably apparent, he has no idea that he’s being recorded and continues to examine the room with wary unease.

The video will continue for quite some time, documenting a positively riveting video of an over-armored elf doing nothing but poking around a room, until he’s alerted to the fact that the device is both active and broadcasting his business to others.

Someone, quite clearly, does not know how to use the communication device properly. ]
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[The woman who pops onto the screen? She doesn't look at all pleased. She's disheveled and incredibly sore, but at least she's been able to have a shower since things have returned to normal. She'd woken up in her own bed, having muddied up the sheets -- so, okay, she's still pretty annoyed.

Still, it had occurred to her that she'd done something a little bit irresponsible the night before. It had been motivated by anger, certainly, but it isn't as if she'd killed the man -- still, she needs to get it off her chest and just make sure that he's -- you know, still alive.

She clears her throat.]

Uh, all right -- this message is especially for Alistair, or for anyone from his world -- now that this thing is working again.

I was attacked in the forest last night by someone accusing me of being a demon, so I thought that you guys might know him. I knocked him out and left him tied up outside the tavern, so I don't know where he'd be now.

[She scowls.]

And just to clear it up for anyone who might be wondering ... I'm not a demon.

[She motions to her hair.]

I mean, do you see a set of pointy horns? I have no interest in your immortal soul, okay? So further attempts to end me? Not going to be dealt with so gently.

[It's a bit of posturing since she's never actually killed anyone, but...they don't need to know that.]
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[ It's strange, being more often out of armor than in it, but Wonderland doesn't often call them to battle in the same way that she's gotten used to. The Warden is dressed simply and more for comfort, though still in the kind of dress of Ferelden, rather than the modern clothes of much of the others in the mansion. Her hair is braided to keep it out of her face and her expression is quietly contemplative. Shutting her eyes briefly, she says: ]

"Your name is etched into my every step. I will not forsake You, even if I forget myself."

[ And then opens them again, taking a deep breath, admitting a little smile. ]

I've yet to find any kind of... chapel, or place of worship. I never thought there would be one strictly Andrastian, but any sort of quiet space for prayer would be suitable. If there is one, I would appreciate the help in tracking it down.

[ Maker knows, she's faced a lot of trials thus far and needs a little more guidance lately than usual. ]

Most of you won't have heard of the Maker or of Andraste, but I don't think the idea of solace in faith is too strange, is it?

[ Lightly, Robyn clears her throat before changing the subject. ]

I mentioned once that I was in an order called the Grey Wardens? Part of that life is nights of very bad dreams. But, I haven't had a one since I've been here, not in all those months. [ There's a pause in which she thinks back, frowning thoughtfully, almost torn between concern and relief at the lack of the nightmares. ] ... We must be far from home, after all.
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So I'm pretty sure people have asked these before me but I couldn't find an archive of FAQ anywhere and I just want to be on the safe side:

1. can we assume all food inside the mansion is safe? I'm p sure the rule was some would make a person smaller and/or bigger and I'm really not feeling the whole different perspectives experience.

2. is anyone here somehow experienced with traveling through the multiverse aside of arriving here? if so, I'd like a word. I'm Barry Allen and I'm @ third floor.
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While I understand that winter is typically cold in a number of places, does it seem to be especially so to anyone else? It can't be just me; there must be others who hail from more humane climates.

[While Wonderland's shift to winter was sudden and, as Dorian has been told, reasonably mild, the cold has hit him hard. He's prepared for all manner of teasing, having been subject to all manner of it while following Brennan across both Ferelden and Orlais, the former of which was barbaric on top of being absolutely frigid-- at least Orlais had style along with all the snow and ice.

He thought he would be able to weather Wonderland's change in temperature without much trouble, having suffered through both the Frostbacks and Emprise du Lion, but given the fact that he seems to be visibly shivering onscreen despite being wrapped in several layers, it would appear that he thought wrong.]

How anyone lives under these conditions year-round is beyond me. I'll never understand Southerners.

(OOC: Dorian will be under the effects of the Little Match Girl mini-event from the 14th - 16th! Any in-person threads people would like with him during that period can go here as well; by the night of the 15th he'll be tucked away in bed and likely staying there, but until then he'll be out and about and available as he struggles to get warm and curses the cruel, cruel south.)
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-does this do? What about this? Helllooo?

[The video feed begins with a close-up of a gauntleted thumb and then twists nauseatingly around until there's a giant eyeball... that gradually diminishes in size as its owner pulls back from the device. Once it's farther away it reveals a large man in heavy armour with a sword at his hip and a shield on his back, looking rather put out. Alistair frowns down at the thing for a moment then shrugs and begins to speak.]

I heard I can use this thing to talk to people. People far away. I don't know if I believe it, I've never heard of magic like that. But this way it doesn't look like I'm crazy and talking to myself. Maybe.

I don't talk to myself normally of course. That would be crazy. But I do talk to myself - and little... boxes - when I get lost and wind up in a strange place I've never seen before. Especially when I'm supposed to be somewhere else doing something important. Then I might talk to myself.

[But only because he hasn't found anyone else to talk to yet and he's still trying to figure out what's going on. He isn't buying anything he's heard so far so he's reduced to thinking out loud at a little box.]

Well, I think I know what's going on here. This is the Fade, is it? I'm stuck in the Fade again.

What do you think box? Am I right? [His voice turns high pitched and squeaky and the video judders about as the device is waggled back and forth.] 'I think you are Alistair, you handsome fiend you, you must be in the Fade! Now we just have to go find the eeevil demon that trapped us here and make it let you go!'

[And back to a normal voice, the video steadying again.] I'm glad you agree and I am looking rather handsome today, aren't I? Now, let's go find that demon!

[And, companion... box in hand - and still broadcasting - he strides boldly off in search of something that looks like a demon, keeping up a running commentary until someone decides to interrupt him.]
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[ If Brennan is surprised to wake up beside a particular Tevinter necromancer this morning, he's quick to slip out of the room before the other man wakes, to keep any such reactions to himself. Except then he's not really sure on where to go, because there's a mage asleep in his bed, so he ends up at the diner instead.

When he flicks the feed open, he's looking somewhat tousled and a little confused as he nurses a steaming cup of tea. ]

Did anyone else wake up... somewhere odd this morning? Or just somewhere they didn't expect to be?

[ Or perhaps, in his case, somewhere he didn't expect someone else to be.

As far as video messages go, this is a rather short one, but he flicks it off after that to see if he gets any response from anyone.

Instead, he makes himself cozy in a diner booth and has some breakfast. If anyone comes to join him, they might notice that the Anchor, usually so prominent on his left hand, has gone missing. Not that he seems at all concerned by that, or even seems to notice. ]


Oct. 26th, 2015 12:34 pm
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[It took her a few hours of exploring and playing with the phone she found on herself before Isabela is ready to do anything but threaten the first person she sees. From the looks of it threatening does no good and she'd rather save that energy. So first things first, talking to the strange device seems like her best option of getting more answers.

The camera turns on and shows not a face but the cleavage of someone with a very nice chest covered it what could only be a person's corseted undergarments. There's muttering and suddenly the camera zooms up onto a face that's entirely too close to the camera. It takes a second but the camera moves away to reveal dark skin, brown eyes and a very attractive knowing smile.]

Well this is an odd little device, not sure I've quite gotten the hang of it. I've read these pamphlets and while I'm not very inclined to believe it I figure I'm stuck here for now aren't I?

[She doesn't let out the sigh she wants to because that would be giving too much away. She doesn't do well land-locked. Even if she'd been land-locked for the last four or so years.]

I do have an important question though. Whose ship is in the ocean? I find myself in need of one.

[She just wants to know who she's going to have to fight for it. If she's going to be stuck in this place then she's going to do it on a ship and not in a mansion that is big enough to swallow her whole. She's a captain, her place is on the ocean.]

I suppose I'm supposed to introduce myself, that seems to be a trend on this thing. Let's just leave out names for now. I'm a ship captain from Thedas. If that means anything to anyone you may contact me.

[She's about to turn the video off when she pauses another thought occurring to her.]
Someone please tell me this place has a tavern with a bar.
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[This isn't Carol's first time in an alternate universe. Far from it. Sure, it's the first time she's been kidnapped to an alternate universe that comes out of a storybook with so little fanfare that she could have sworn nothing happened, but it's still just one more world she'll eventually find a way out of. The fact that flipping through the memories on the communicator that is definitely not the one from her universe revealed that she's been here before is... slightly more concerning. She hopes it's an alternate universe version of herself. She does not want more amnesia on her plate.

She's dressed in her costume when she addresses the network, though she keeps her mask off. After all, she's not trying to scare anyone. No one she's gonna reach through this device is her enemy. Potential allies, even friends, not enemies. And she looks way more approachable without it on. She smiles, offering a little wave.]

Hey. I'm Carol Danvers. I'm new.

[She shrugs her shoulders, glancing upwards.]

From the looks of things, I might be here a while. Thought I should introduce myself. I also go by Captain Marvel when I'm working. [She raises a finger that crackles with power for a moment before it dissipates.] My hobbies include Star Wars and punching bad guys.

[She grins, sitting back a bit.]

So, who are you?

private text to avengers (and guardians of the galaxy) )


Oct. 25th, 2015 09:16 pm
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[Jo isn't exactly in full wedding planning mode yet, and truth be told, this kind of thing isn't really her strong suit-- as far as she knows, they're kind of winging it at the moment, but Castiel's recent departure has brought an important detail to her attention. She hadn't thought of it at first, she'd been too busy mourning the loss of a friend, but now? Now it occurs to her that the friend she'd meant to ask to officiate was no longer available to do so.


So, quick question, Wonderland. Just throwing this out there. Anyone here who's able or interested in officiating a wedding?
My top pick isn't in town any longer, but I'm open to talking to anyone interested in the position.
We've got some time, but I'd like to find someone sooner rather than later.

Private to Cami O'Connell )
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[ The camera is upside-down, on video because the user hasn't completely mastered the strange, electronic device, because she's actually shied away from using it in her time within Wonderland thus far. When she speaks, the young woman's voice sounds vaguely British (or Ferelden to the few who would know). ]

As it's been about a month since my arrival, I thought it about time to introduce myself. [ If it's even sending out her message to the others in the mansion; she isn't totally sure. ] My name is Robyn Cousland of the Gray Wardens. I know many- or most of you won't know what that means, but-

[ How do you summarize the Wardens without explaining the darkspawn, the Blight? The oft-debated history of fear, exile, conscription, the Joining- ]

The Wardens are meant to protect. To serve. Our enemies haven't reached Wonderland, thank the Maker, but I still made vows. If there's anything that I can do to help, any way I can be of use, please, don't hesitate to ask.

[ Every other living soul in Ferelden had already done that, more or less. Side quests! An adventurer's work is never done. ]

I'd love to learn more about this place, or those from which you've all come. If you'll tell me-

[ There's a heart bark behind her; Robyn looks momentarily scolding at the dog in question, though he's out of the frame. ]

Hush. [ And then she turns again, smiling. ] I found a mabarai in my closet, which I'm told isn't unusual. [ But, for the record, it is unusual. ] If you mean him no harm, then he's perfectly agreeable. And he's absolutely spoiled already, if you have any food on hand to treat him with.

[ Now that that's settled. The brunette tucks a strand of wayward hair behind her ear, considering. ]

I... think that's all, for now. Thank you for your time.


Sep. 10th, 2015 08:48 am
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[ Brennan appears on the video screen this morning looking rather frazzled, tired and visibly strained. It looks as if the man hasn't slept in a while, despite it being into the later hours of the morning and the video feed starts with him wearily scrubbing a hand over his face before addressing the Network with a serious expression. ]

Right. What do we do around here when we can't find someone? Do I need to report it to someone? His things are still here, but my companion's been missing since late yesterday afternoon. It's not like him so yes, I'm rather concerned.

Would anyone have any suggestions on where I might look?

Or, alternatively, if anyone spots a lost-looking Tevinter mage with a rather noticeable mustache, I'd appreciate you directing him my way. If he's only gotten himself immersed in some sort of project and lost track of time, I may have to strangle him.

[ AKA, Dorian's vanished for a canon update. Sorry, Wonderland, Brennan's still learning the ropes about this place. ]
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[there's a clatter and a shake of the video as it's set down on a teetering column of books. then this strange young man in a ridiculous bow tie stands back and spreads his arms theatrically. as he speaks in an English accent, he waves his hands about]

Helloooooo there, Wonderland! I've a lovely message to impart to whomever happens to be presiding over this mucked up fairytale this time 'round, but I'll save that for later, FIRST!

I'm the Doctor, you may have heard of me. Time traveler, alien, wizard with any tech, I've even got my own magic wand. [he whips out his sonic screwdriver from his inside jacket pocket. it pulses with a green glow and a strange buzz before it switches off and he tucks it away.

his expression sobers seriously]
I know you've been trapped here a long while. I know you may be scared, or lost hope, or even accepted your lot in life. Made the most of a pretty prison, because that's what humanity does, makes the most of what they have, no matter how little or how strange.

But now the Doctor is In. And I'm here to help. [he flips back to speaking quickly, excited] I'll be wandering about asking only slightly invasive questions on whatever isn't covered on this LAN network of yours, if you want to drop by and speed up the process of your escape, then please! Give a shout.

[the transmission ends, allowing the Doctor to march about the manor and grounds. you can find him nearly anywhere, waving his "wand" at walls, hedges, and people, muttering to himself, talking to flowers, you know. general sane inspecting activity]
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to the my fellow residents of the mansion,

I feel I should tell you just in case one of you might see one.

we are joined by the company of snowgies. they are,

[ well how do you even explain a snowgie? ]

little snowmen. they are a little prone to mischief so if they give you any trouble, please alert me. they won't do you any harm, however.

I know them to like sweets, so I expect you might see them near the tea rooms.

they'll melt soon, I expect, unless you wish to keep one and if you do, tell me so I can enchant a little cloud for them.

[ aka guess who has a cold and coughed up snowgies all over the mansion? feel free to have your character find one, they're entirely harmless. unless you have cake. ]
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[The broadcast is honestly overdue, but Neal’s got plenty of good reasons why it’s taken him this long to get it out there. Wonderland does as it always does, and the event revolving around HYDRA had been a hell of a thing to go through for everyone—and for Neal, who saw his son brainwashed not to know him. Then even before that, he and Robin had to hunt down the kid after he went into hiding again, for damn good reason again, and for the record? Neal’s really sick of his kid’s life going to hell, thanks.

But there’s another reason, one he doesn’t even want to admit to himself, much less anyone else. It’s been long enough now though that he can be sure: Rumplestiltskin really isn’t coming back, and putting off telling everyone else isn’t going to make that any less true. So he finally turns on the feed, though even as he forces out the words Neal doesn’t quite look square at the camera.]

Not sure how many people knew him as Mr. Gold or as Rumplestiltskin, but either way he’s not in Wonderland anymore.

[How many people would care who didn’t already know? Neal’s not sure, and that’s kind of messed up too. Doesn’t matter that he’d seen his father go back to his old ways; Neal still can’t help feeling like a failure of a son just by not knowing who his Papa’s friends had been.

Or if he had any at all.]


[That’s it for the public broadcast, but Neal’s got other messages to send out. There’s no good way to go about it, but so long as she doesn’t go crazy, Neal figures there’s no point in telling the mansion as a whole about what happened to Regina. Some people should know though, ones she’s close to, and between Robin and Henry they’d figured out a short list of names.]

Locked to the Once-Ler, Michonne, and Angel )

[That done, Neal heads to the place where he’s spent a lot of his time lately: The Jolly Roger. Another memento left behind, except this one requires a bit more maintenance—especially when kids decide to commandeer it for birthday parties. Somewhere along the way he thinks it might be a good idea just to let people know it’s not entirely open to the public, so later on in the evening he gets out the phone again.]

So pretty much everyone knows there’s a pirate ship docked here in Wonderland now. Even though the person who owns her isn’t here anymore, I’m taking care of her. And I don’t mind if people want to use her sometimes, but just check with me first. She’s pretty important to me and my family.

[Both present and otherwise.]
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[when the video feed opens, April is wearing a super lame witches hat the closet coughed up from an after sale at Spirit: The Halloween Store and a black dress. She's holding a broom.]

Hey Wonderland-ers, guess what? It's September, which means it's almost October, which means you're running out of time to plan for Halloween.

For those of you that come from some lame world that doesn't know what Halloween is: basically it's a night where we celebrate the gifts that Satan and his circle of whore-witches have given to us throughout the year by dressing up as creepy monsters, giving poisonous candy to children, and murdering people to drink their blood and offer it in His name.

[she smiles!!!! and then laughs]

Blood orphans.

[then she frowns, as if remembering something from home. give her a minute, and then she's back to your once in a lifetime chance to see april "happy"]

Anyway, obviously, some people don't have to dress up because they're already scary monsters, but, like, if they want to dress up as someone else, too, that's cool. As your supreme leader, I delegate myself as official Halloween Party Queen, and making this claim over a month in advance, so don't try to hold a cooler party than me -- [she stares into the camera meaningfully] That means you, especially, Wonderland. I will not be outstaged!

If anyone wants to, uh, help, I guess? Leave you name and preferred Wonderland-Halloween-Squad position here on this post.

Brace yourselves, Wonderland, Halloween is coming.


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