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[The woman who appears on the feed might be familiar to a few people. She's sitting at a table or a desk and facing the camera, composed, but a little worse for wear. She looks tired.]

You sure know how to make a girl feel at home. [Not that she's faced frost giants or dark elves before, but dropped into the middle of a fight she wasn't expecting and wasn't prepared for? One that probably should be left to gods and super soldiers? That is familiar. The last two days haven't been boring] Is that normal?

[Natasha taps the table in front of her twice, drawing a slow breath as she considers how she's going to play this. If putting her face on the network is a mistake, then she's already made it.]

I think I'm ready for the welcoming committee now.
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[ If Robyn has thoughts about their recent trip to a bizarre other universe, those thoughts aren't made clear. ... What is clear, though, is that something is bothering her, though she won't disclose that information, either... save for a few people. ]

Good morning. [ Just another day in Wonderland, though there is decidedly something missing. ] ... I realize that just a few weeks from today will mark my having been here for two years. It's a little premature, and I don't think it warrants... much acknowledgment, or - Maker, celebration - [ Her relationship with Wonderland is "It's Complicated," okay? ] But it did make me think of what I had wanted to accomplish here. Or, rather, how I wanted to spend my time.

[ There's a little sigh and the Warden tucks a loose braid behind her ear. ]

I took up some practice with a longbow and sword, but I think my tutors have gone. [ She's out of practice, anyway. ] It makes me think, though, that there are other things that I could learn with the time that I have. I wanted to take up an instrument, if anyone is willing to share what they know with a new student.

[ Robyn offers a fleeting smile and tries very hard to sustain it. ]

I can offer a bit of my own knowledge in return. ... Oh, and, I wanted to get back into the habit of riding, so if there are any others who might like to take the horses out every once in a while, please do get in touch.

[ With that (and with something like a discontented expression), she ends the call. Soon after, Robyn sends out a few private messages: ]

[ private to anders, cullen, hawke, and nathaniel: ]

Leliana has gone, I think. If any of you see her, then I hope you'll correct me.


Jul. 21st, 2017 03:01 pm
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[ After the past few events, Caitlin feels like they all could do with being a little more prepared. Or at least, they could do with knowing who to go to for certain issues. She's already well-aware of the scientific community in the mansion, but there are other fields, right? Others who can lend a hand with... anything.

So she's trying to appear very professional here, in her lab. With her lab coat on.

Hi! So, a while back, Claire made a post asking if there were any other medical professionals here. And given the flavor of the last few... [ how does she phrase this ] incidents, I thought it may be useful to get an idea of who can do what around here.

[ She waves a hand, as if to cut off the question. ]

And I'm not asking if you have any special powers or anything. Though if you do, kudos. Even more so if you're comfortable talking about and using yours. [ Cause she is decidedly not. ] Think more along the lines of skills. Talents. Things you have specialized training in. That kind of thing. This way, when things go a particular sort of pear-shaped, we may all have an idea of who can help.

[ And then she smiles nervously. ] Okay. That's all. Thanks!


Jul. 19th, 2017 09:30 pm
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Well, it's official!  [Sighs a small girl dramatically. The view from her camera angles up from where she's flopped on her back in bed, showing the edge of lime green shortalls, a pair of skinned knees, and bare toes painted glossy blue with sparkles, ankles crossed and leaning up against her bedpost.] After days of hunkering down in closets hiding from zombies, and things finally getting back to normal, I've run out of cool stuff to do.

Coraline Jones has got herself a baaaad case of the ol'  humdrum, midsummer blues!

But! There might be hope for me, if some of you can help!  [She wiggles her toes hopefully, spinning the camera around to face her and holding it up overhead, smiling.]

My father always used to tell me that whenever I got bored, I should try and learn something new- teach myself from a book or a magazine, or a television program or something?

But... I think it would be much more fun to have my neighbors teach me... so if you're the expert of something useful, or you know some neat crafts or unusual hobbies, or a not-disgusting recipe (I'm serious about that, folks! Tasty stuff only!), or new game, or a fun making-things project, or... something to send me on a snipe hunt for, puh-leeeease, please please get in touch?

Thanks in advance! 

voice; ota

Jun. 20th, 2017 12:55 pm
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I take it the vague message we received from a rodent today is the type of unhelpful missive people have warned me lead to events?

[ GREAT. Claire's super stoked. 100% ready to go. ]

How does one typically prepare themselves when you've no idea what's about to happen?
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I thought this would be of use for those unaware of the story - and there do seem to be a lot of you. (No judgement. Or not much anyway.

He begins to read, beginning with Chapter One - Down the Rabbit-Hole. Chapter Two - The Pool of Tears, Chapter Three - A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale, Chapter Four - The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill, Chapter Five - Advice from a Caterpillar, Chapter Six - Pig and Pepper, Chapter Seven - A Mad Tea-Party, Chapter Eight - The Queen's Croquet-Ground, Chapter Nine - The Mock Turtle's Story, Chapter Ten - The Lobster Quadrille, Chapter Eleven - Who Stole the Tarts? and Chapter Twelve - Alice's Evidence follow. When Ciel finishes, he closes the book in his lap and smiles thinly, without humor.)

I cannot say any of it offers comfort or insight, but it is a beginning to those who are new and those who are unaware that Wonderland is, indeed, a story first and foremost.


May. 24th, 2017 10:22 am
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Um...Hi. Wirt here. I-I have a quick question?

[Video is too much pressure for just a quick, awkward question, so it's just Wirt's stammering voice today.]

So, like. A-A lot of us got robbed, right? That wasn't just me? A-And that's definitely happened before, another time they crossed over, so like...

[Deep breath. You can do this, Wirt.]

...What do they do with all our stuff? Does anyone know? Is there just like, a pile of it over there like a very strange dragon hoard or something?
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How's everyone enjoying another day of this fine incursion?

[Sarcasm: learn it, live it, love it.]

I'm writing in regards to the Mirrors as if they're not already the hot topic issue around here, but don't worry, it's not another warning about a murder-happy lunatic on the loose. I'd like to ask for a favor. Or maybe more like a citizen's arrest? If you happen to see a blond man with a dead look in his eyes and a sun symbol stamped on his forehead, that would be mine. I've attached a handy picture for your reference.

Be a dear and kick him back to his side should you see him, all right? He probably won't run or do more than bore you to death, but if he's here that means I'm there, and my skills aren't much good on the other side of the glass.

Pretty please and thank you! :)

- Anders


Mar. 24th, 2017 08:46 pm
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Do you believe that we ought to give our family leeway in how they behave... or that they should be held to higher standards? An entire house, noble or not, might be brought down by the poor actions of one member, with all previous good deeds forgotten.

[He pauses a moment, thinking, then adds-] I made the mistake once of not holding my family to the standards I would set to anyone else. Belief that nothing terrible could ever occur due to anyone bearing my family's name made me blind.

And I wonder, without grasping for reassurance... how many might make the same mistake.


Mar. 9th, 2017 11:16 pm
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[ The last time she was this preoccupied with death, it was because she was very much alive and didn't want to be. Amy had just died, and from her perspective, there was nothing else to live for. She wanted to die peacefully at the CDC. And yet, with everything that had happened since that moment, she knows it was worth it to have held on.

But now, she's considering her own death again; not because she's contemplating harming herself, but because her death is looming and unavoidable whenever she returns home. The reality of that has always been in the back of her mind since first arriving in Wonderland, and she tries not to think about it much, but maybe talking it through isn't such a bad thing. ]

I know there are others here who are dead where they come from. Or...will be dead, whenever they go back.

[ That's a cheerful way to start a broadcast, right? ]

I just got here, a little while ago. Whenever I go back, I won't have long.

[ Dead or nearly dead - what a great club to be in, right? ]

Do you think about it much here? Or do you try to make this place home? How do you deal with it?

( voice )

Mar. 8th, 2017 07:10 pm
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You could be happy here. Having anything you desire, or being given a second chance. You could be happy, or at least not faulted for wanting to believe the dream. Dreams can be powerful, or quickly become a nightmare.

( Three guesses as to what Leliana's considering and the first two are probably correct. She knows that this is not in fact the Fade but it's the closest base of reference that she has -- somewhere that isn't quite real, where magic is more powerful than you would believe, dreams, desires. Demons. There is some influence here, and something else -- what else would want them captive? )

It would be more unsettling if we are simply left to our happiness. They take memories, feeding from us. Is that power only to feed what they do or is there more to it? What else will come, even if some have been waiting for so long?

( Perhaps some of the memories were not powerful enough, only giving a fraction of the power another memory did. Was it happiness or sadness, perhaps fear or anger? )

Would you give up something to keep this happiness going, or does fear of what may come stop that?
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Sam wakes up on the beach and stares up at the sky. Clear endless blue. The last time he’d been at the beach, everyone had nearly drowned and the Minister had taken over Abel. It had not been the best day. This beach though, this is not some dreary English beach complete with creepy Viking zombies. It’s soft sand and clear sky and… he frowns and rolls over and squints into the distance.

The mansion is there and suddenly it all comes flooding back.

It’s weird to be back in Wonderland again. After everything that has happened at home, it’s been a long time, but at the same time, not very long at all. Suddenly he feels incredibly out of place. He remembers talking to Billy about being a different person to the one he’d been at home, but now it’s different, the other way around. He’s not the same person he had been when he’d last been in Wonderland. That had been, what? A year ago? Longer even.

He pushes himself up to his feet. It’s a painful movement. Everything is painful right now. He’s covered in blood and bruises and cuts where Ian had hurt him. He stares at the mansion for a moment before heading towards it, stopping every few moments to rest. The Ministry had not been kind to him. Ian had been worse.

Figures that Wonderland would dump him there instead of in his bed.

Oh god, he can sleep on a real bed again!


[Sam appears on the screen. He is, to put it honestly, a mess, covered in bruises and cuts and burns that look too neat to be accidental. He gives the screen a somewhat wry look.]

This is getting to be a bit of a habit isn’t it? I vanish and come back a week or two later looking a right mess. Why can I never return after a restful night’s sleep and a calm day?

Oh wait. Apocalypse, yeah. That’s a thing that’s still going on.

So uh… Hi. [He gives a little wave, looking a bit awkward.] Sorry for vanishing again. Not like I get much choice in the matter but uh… Sorry anyway. Don’t like to worry people.

I’m fine. Mostly. It’s good to be back. What's trying to kill us this week?
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[It would seem this time that Newt was doing a bit better with his device. For one it was right side up, and his face was centered on the monitor. That he looked a bit sheepish was not entirely new.]

Greetings? Hello? I am still not certain just how one addresses this screen. I'm hoping to find someone. During the recent incident with the water, I regretfully, it would seem, I'm not even sure I still believe this, but it would seem I died. Drowned, actually.

One of you though was kind of enough to relocate my body to a dry room. I would like to find this person. So if anyone remembers finding a man with a bag of supplies and this in hand...

[He holds up his wand.]

Please come forward?

That said, I don't think I ran across many when I was charmed, looking a bit like a shark, but if I did and I scared anyone, I apologize.
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I thought that I was through with... strange dreams. [ Robyn Cousland smiles thinly, clearly as happy about what transpired in and around the pyramid as most of the others. ] But... those weren't dreams, exactly, were they? And... neither were they real.

[ She certainly isn't Neriah of the Second Blight's Wardens, that's for sure. ]

That desert - I've never seen anything like it. Those... [ She pauses, frowning slightly, thinking of the pyramids. ] The structures, where we took refuge. If you came from a similar world, could you tell me what they are?

[ There was a kind of haunting sadness to the place. And just haunting in general. ]

I'm still finding sand in my hair. [ Robyn concludes, chuckling. ]
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[The video jolts on as the device is knocked to the floor.

It's tilted upward at what seems to be the attic ceiling. Badly framed in the lower corner, one can see a figure sit shock upright. A moment of squinting around in the dim light. Then it held out one empty hand palm-downward. A long, sticklike object leaps, impossibly, on its own from the sidetable up into that palm.

The figure croaks,]


[The tip of the stick abruptly bursts with blinding white light.

By the time the device adjusts its picture settings to the new exposure, the figure has left the bed and is kneeling beside the device, staring at it, touching it just enough that the screen shakes and has a hard time giving an identifiable shot. Whoever it is—human, gaunt, filthy, haunted-looking, with something almost animalistic about his movements.

It's that motion—more than his terribly changed face, which seems to have aged decades (though in fact only months since you last saw him, if you'd ever seen him)—that identifies him to those who knew him before. Those who'd ever seen him right before a full moon.

His eyes lift and stare about the attic.

Then he springs to his feet and shouts something indecipherable.

The light abruptly zooms away from his wand and slams itself into the door. In its dying glow, the man follows it, slashes the wand viciously, and the door flies open with a bang so violent it nearly jars the door off its hinges.

He looks out the doorway. Just barely visible in the abandoned device's cockeyed view is the staircase down from the attic, and the adjacent door to the roof. Which the man, unable or uninterested in hearing whatever sounds might be emanating from the device now, dashes toward, magicks open, and disappears through. You can just see him making his way up to the roof.]

[OOC: Remus will be responding to any comments on this post! It'll just be a slightly-future Remus, who's calmed down after this log plays out!]


Nov. 23rd, 2016 10:43 am
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Is anyone aware of the presence of a very large reptile in the lower levels of this mansion? And the amount of.. water?

I almost lost my bow to the beast, but I would rather not accidentally kill someone’s pet.
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If there's one thing I've learned about Wonderland in the weeks that I've been forced to start calling it home: it's that it lies to you.

But so do lots of people, right? Everyone has a reason to lie. Some people lie to hurt other people, but some people lie out of kindness. Some people try to protect you with comforting falsehoods. How do we know that Wonderland isn't lying for our own good?

I can't tell you that. I don't know Wonderland's motivations, if there even is any sort of guiding intelligence behind it and not just pure chance.

What I can tell you is this: it doesn't matter. Lying out of kindness is just as bad as lying out of cruelty. Possibly even worse. Comforting falsehoods might be nicer in the moment than cruel truths, but I'll take the truth every time. Is it better to spare a family by telling them their dying child might get better? Or to allow them to cherish the time they have left? Is it better to tell someone their writing is good? Or send them an honest critique that could let them actually improve until you could say so without it being a lie?

Is it better to lose the memories that have hurt you and spend a weekend in blissful ignorance? Or hold onto every iota of the pain that has built you and remember exactly why you fight? Lies won't take the time to heal you. Only the truth can do that.

Wonderland is the biggest lie I've ever seen. I cannot promise a way out of this gilded, wonderful cage. That would be a lie, even if it's one I'd like to believe. I can only promise that I'll do everything I can to find the truth all of those lies are working at concealing. I won't quit until I uncover all the secrets Wonderland is hiding.

Or until Wonderland gets tired of all the prodding and sends me home. Here's hoping, right?


Sep. 23rd, 2016 09:02 am
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[His conversation with Robyn's mirror has been troubling him. It was easier when he could simply imagine that they were all evil and somehow deserving of their fate. With her, though, and now he could only imagine others... he had seen someone bound into an existence that he could not have even wished on his worst enemy.

Even in his deepest moments of loathing for the Warden-Commander, he would have never wished her to carry the mark of the darkspawn taint for the rest of her days, unable to die of it.

Has anyone.. spoken to one of the mirrors, and not come up against what they expected?
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There are some things here that are limited.
We can only die a certain number of times before it changes.
Do you think there are any limits to anything else here?
How many people can come from your world.
How many times you can leave this place.
Or is it just that one?
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[The feed comes on to Shepard already moving, angled from the bottom-left up: absolutely on her omni-tool. She's not suited up in her armor, but the top of her sniper rifle can be seen in frame as being slung over her back.

And man, she looks pissed.]

Hey. I get we've got a lot of new people and this really might be jarring for some of you, but who the fuck is going around shooting people in the back?

[She addresses the camera directly and yeah, wow, she's definitely on the war path.]

It's not every day you find your friend's body on the ground from a bullet wound, and I'm a soldier. Somebody better come clean, or I'm gonna find out who it was, and trust me, you're gonna be happier if you just tell me and we have some time to talk. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to take this into my own hands.

[And she looks like she means serious business.]

If anyone knows who Legion was with today, I could use help narrowing it down. And I hope we're damn clear.

[And she cuts the feed.]
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Do we have a number for how many have been affected by this thing? Or are we just hoping for the best that they'll all wake up. As reassuring as these tales about a lack of harm are it doesn't seem like anything's been done to fix the problem. True love's kiss? How story-like.

And while we're at it is there anything else anyone wants to explode? ( Don't think about it Shepard ) I've accepted that this place will try to kill us or drive us mad but no one said we'd try to do it to ourselves. Guess I should have expected that too.

( She knows so few people to trust - anywhere. Always be cynical, Miranda. Expect the worst )

4th video

Jul. 20th, 2016 07:45 pm
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[The video turns on to show a large goat woman- the background seems to be recognizable as the kitchen.]

Greetings! This is Toriel.

Perhaps this is a strange question to ask, but... would anyone care to discuss what your favorite food is? I am curious!

You see, I enjoy cooking, and it has been a very long time since I have been able to work with ingredients that are not found in the Underground. As such, I am not entirely sure what kind of foods I can prepare with all these options!

I have found a few cookbooks in the library, and there are so many different selections, I am not quite sure where to start. So I was hoping that someone might provide some suggestions for me! Additionally, I am sure I would be happy to share anything I make with you.

Personally, I have always been fond of pies. There are several flavors I like, but today I decided to try making a snail pie. Though, that might not be enjoyable for humans, in my experience. Or... monsters other than boss monsters, come to think of it.

Still! It is here in the kitchen, if anyone would like to come try a slice. I would be happy to share the kind of food I like, while you share what you like in turn.

That is all! Goodbye.
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[It's a Sans. He appears to be in his room, and he appears to be literally partially submerged in a small mountain of blue fabric. He also appears to be more tired than normal but, haha, he always looks tired, so maybe you're just imagining things. How can a skeleton look tired, anyway?]

so, uh.

mistakes were made.

[He wiggles a little in a half-hearted attempt to extricate himself from the pile of fabric. Only as he tilts the camera, it becomes apparent what all this madness is. Sans is surrounded by blue hoodies. Probably a hundred or so. Only no two are exactly alike. There are hoodies with fur-lined hoods, hoodies made of denim (joodies??), hoodies made of wool, hoodies made of cotton, hoodies made of cashmere. There are navy blue hoodies and cobalt blue hoodies and sky blue hoodies and a tie-dyed blue hoodie and an electric blue hoodie that hurts just to look at. There are hoodies with polka dots or stripes. There are hoodies with made-up sports teams and made up colleges and made up company logos. There's at least one hoodie with what looks like a knock-off Squirtle on it. There's also a handful of those hoodies they sell to teenage girls that don't ever actually fit and are way too thin and they like, stop at your midriff so that really kind of defeats the purpose and they don't even have REAL POCKETS AND...ahem. Anyway.]

[Basically there's a lot of hoodies.]

i mean, i knew the closets up every now and then, but i figured that was mostly when people were trying to summon baby animals or something.

it just couldn't get it right, basically. my usual hoodie's got--uh--a bunch of holes in it now. figured maybe i could get a new one too much effort, i guess. plus, yanno. sentimental value.

[Or something like that. Mostly he's just too lazy to dig through this mess and find a good replacement. Anyway, might as well wear clothes until they literally fall apart, right? Maybe Papyrus will be a good sport and patch all the holes.]

so...anyone want a hoodie? free hoodie with a purchase of a hotdog. or, uh, free hoodie regardless. call it hood-dogs, heh. i figure winter must be coming again eventually, right? i'll be down at my hotdog stand in a bit handing these dumb things out.

[He gives another squirm in the hoodie pile and one end of the pile collapses a little. He ends up with a star-print hoodie draped over his head.]

...actually this is really comfortable.

[He yawns. Someone stop him before he literally takes a nap in the hoodie pile.]
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[ As with her last broadcast, the Warden looks particularly sad today, appearing over the network with a brightness to her eyes and the expression of someone with a heavy weight on her shoulders. ]

... If you knew Leliana, spymaster for the Inquisition... she's seemingly vanished from here. I've heard that they've gone back home if their quarters are emptied, and hers are bare.

[ Now that she's gone, Robyn may never see her again. She's stricken with the grief of that thought, momentarily, but she remembers herself and presses on. ]

Leliana was my closest friend. When we first met, she joined our cause without much incentive. We had no forces or reputation. [ Not a good reputation, anyway. ] She pledged her skills because she believed. I always felt inspired by her faith. I still do.

[ Leliana, who had been like a sister. Leliana, who had comforted her through the worst of things. ]

She was - is - an incredible woman. [ She was one of the two who remembered Robyn at all. ] I hope we're all able to see her again.

[ "The one who repents, who has faith, unshaken by the darkness of the world, she shall know true peace." If only. ]

It can be hard to manage hope. [ She speaks quietly, before ending the broadcast. ]


Jun. 18th, 2016 06:09 pm
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After a conversation a short while ago, I find myself wondering if anyone has ever made any attempt to organise a group of people willing to teach other capable individuals their combat skills.

[He had thought about simply doing it himself - he knows he can, but he will get nowhere by stepping on toes.]

If they haven't, then I'd like to begin. It won't be something suitable for everyone, but it should be available to everyone, should they want and be able to engage in it.
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action under the cut )

[ It's many hours after she arrives in the gardens that Robyn remembers the network, that she thinks to pick up her device and to send out a message. She's freshly washed and no longer dressed for a fight, but when she does show her face, there's something distinctly different about it. Where she had just a week earlier seemed a little more the overeager girl, today she seems a great deal more Grey Warden than anything. ]

Greetings. [ Robyn speaks, tone crisp and polite, but almost distant, as if she's mentally somewhere else all throughout. ] I'm sorry if I... worried anyone. I've been told that I've only been gone a week, but as I suspect many of you know from experience, it was a little longer than that where I was.

[ She pauses, then scoffs faintly, shaking her head. ]

Well... to be honest, I couldn't say how much time passed. Maybe it wasn't so long after all. It felt like... ages.

[ Considering all that happened in Denerim with Howe, Loghain, the Landsmeet, and... the battle to follow. ]

I've come back unharmed. [ In case anyone had seen her earlier and was concerned about the amount of blood she'd been wearing. ] And... I hope the week has been kind.

[ Considering just before she'd left they had been tempted down into the Deep Roads, it's only fair that Wonderland let the lot of them off the hook every once in a while.

Robyn seems as if she's about too end the call, but she hesitates as something seems to come to mind. ]

Has... anyone seen my dog? I can only imagine what he may have been up to in the meantime...

( ooc ; feel free to encounter her during the action portion at any point in her return! )


May. 16th, 2016 08:57 pm
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[A young woman's face appears, framed by bright red hair, her green eyes both confused and tinted with anger as she starts to speak.]

Alright, first of all, to those of you that aren’t totally crazy, my name’s Clary, and I’m new around here. [She’s aware that she’s not the only person here against their will at least, so they should probably work together. She’s screwed if she doesn’t make some allies or friends.] If someone could let me in on what exactly is going on around here, I’d really appreciate it.

Second of all, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with this alternate-dimension thing. [She’s trying to sound ultra-confident about this, and she’s mostly successful, though there’s still a sense that she’s agitated and confused.] So whoever’s responsible for this? I’m not just going to sit around and take it. You can’t keep me here, not when the people I love need me.

And third, if you think giving me a bunch of free clothes and a nice room is going to make everything okay, you’re out of your mind. [Her attempt at being intimidating falls slightly short, considering she doesn’t even know who exactly she’s supposed to be addressing in regards to all this.] This is still kidnapping, no matter how you try to spin it. I’m not about to thank you and turn into some Stockholm Syndrome case.
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Um. All right, no one panic, but I may have underestimated these magic closets of ours and accidentally... done something.

[Anders' voice, sounding contrite. In the background, an unremitting stream of noise threatens to drown him out--it's meowing, rising and falling at different pitches like a tone-deaf a cappella group trying to harmonize and failing miserably.

The camera settles unsteadily on the hem of his robes before he sets it down and steps back. The source of the caterwauling then becomes apparent: in his arms are four young cats of various shapes and color, two tucked under each arm.

By the sounds of it, more are audible off-screen. Many, many more.]

I wasn't thinking... Well, I was, I was thinking how much more homey this place would be with a cute cat or two, and then--and then they were just there, and everywhere, and now there are a few more than two. If you have cat allergies, stay off the fourth floor.

[As if on cue, a kitten on stubby legs capers across the floor behind him. Anders, noticing movement on the screen, squints closely for a second, then looks for the real thing over his shoulder.]

One's making a run for it. Alistair! Alistair, catch it, my hands are full.

[From somewhere off among the caterwauling comes a response, the owner appearing shortly after--]

I see it!

[Alistair runs past in the background, two cats under one arm and what is presumably another squirming about down his shirt. He comes back into view a moment later, the escapee cradled in his free hand. Shoving the kitten in Anders' face--where it proceeds to bat at his nose--he frowns at the other man.]

This is getting ridiculous. We can't keep track of all of them. Is anyone coming to-- Ow!

[The yelp comes as the squirming under his shirt grows more energetic and with a slightly panicked look Alistair disappears from view again, kittens in tow. The only hint as to his fate comes as an increase in the mewling and the sound of fabric ripping mercifully out of sight.]

I'm getting to that part!

[Anders stares after him, eyebrows drawn up in alarm, before dragging his eyes back to the camera.]

Uhhh, it's okay, everything's fine, we have things completely under control, but as you can tell, we're in possession of some cats who could use a loving home! Soft, furry cats! Adorable, see? They're domesticated, easy to care for, and make excellent house pets. That one doesn't appear to be a fan of Alistair's shirt, but some are more fashion conscious than others.

I don't know if I can take care of them all. If you'd like to take one, we'll be giving them away free of charge in the ballroom. First floor, you can't miss it!
[Anders then points a finger sternly, though the effect is mitigated by the wide-eyed kittens holding onto his arm.] But no funny business. If you consider cats a delicacy, I'm warning you now, we're both heavily armed. People wanting to make mittens out of their fur need not apply.

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-land's influence on you. [ Good morning from the tired and faintly exasperated countenance of Robyn, who hastily replaces a wayward braid behind her ear before actually attending to the broadcast. She smiles wearily, clearing her throat before addressing the mansion. ]

Hello, Wonderland. In case we've yet to meet, my name is Robyn Cousland of the Gr- [ She cuts off momentarily to glance away, frowning, and speaks to someone or something off-camera. ] Stop. Sit.

[ There's a low whine, but she returns to the device with a satisfied, short sigh. ]

When I arrived, I... found, if it can be called that, a mabari - a Ferelden hound - in the wardrobe of my room. He isn't nearly as well-behaved as my own, unfortunately; he seems much younger, though I've just been thinking it might be because of the way that this place seems to affect us all. Though, luckily, we haven't all been taking little things from other people and hiding them away.


Which... brings me to my point, which is that the dog has apparently been taking things that don't belong to him. Some of them have names written in them, some books, but most of these things have been difficult to return. I know for a fact that he confiscated possessions of an Emily Bennett, Evelyn O'Connell, and Cullen Rutherford. Also... [ At this, the Warden sifts through the pile as she speaks: ] Several boots, gloves, and gauntlets, mostly leather. A... necklace, I think, made of bone, a clay flower pot, some kind of- [ Maker's breath. She looks momentarily pained and spots of pink rise into the apples of her cheeks. ] Something... called Busty Asian Beauties, and several other things I've yet to identify.

[ The picture on the cover of that particular piece of reading material is overwhelmingly embarrassing and she hastens to end the broadcast. ]

Andraste's grace. Please stop by room thirty on the first floor if you've been missing something, or just tell me what you've lost and I will return it once I've made some sense of this mess.


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