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Somewhere in the halls of his floor, Varric discovered creatures. They looked like humans, but smelled like graveyards. So...Ghouls, undead, whatever they were called. They lumbered along, clawing at the air and snarling in their gurgling voices. At first they were creepy. But then...well then Bianca got to talking.

And boy were her words something else.

Each crank on the crossbow slotted another bolt, and expert aim sent each one flying at the walking dead things. Their heads snapped backward, bodies wavering a moment before slumping to the ground. A smirk worked its way across the dwarf's lips. One...Two...Three...FOUR!

"Bianca you minx!" he shouted with a laugh, kissing the smooth metal. "That was beautiful!"

He let out a cackling laugh as he pinned a zombie to the wall by its arm, another bolt piercing its chest and snapping ribs like twigs. That was the beauty of the crank on a crossbow. The power behind each bolt was like the punch of an angry Qunari. One after another the zombies fell, yet somehow they never seemed to stop coming. It was like they appeared from no where.

If only Hawke were here to join the fun...or maybe someone else?
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*Unbeknownst to our intrepid dwarf, his com's video feed has turned itself on and is broadcasting to all of wonderland a most curious sight.

Varric has set aside Bianca on a chair nearby, and is fiddling with a stereo. To him, it's a most wondrous contraption filled with tiny magical beings that play music when you press certain buttons. He would surely hate to meet the mage who made such a thing.

After a moment, a song begins. He listens a moment, then backs up*

Now let's see if I can get this right this time...

*And for your viewing pleasure: Varric attempting to do the Time Warp*


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