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Good morning, students! Did you know that Muggles have this adorably arbitrary view that Monday is somehow worse than any other day of the week?

Did that make sense to everyone? Does it matter?

Hint: The answer is no. Now quit wasting time, there are a lot of things to teach you about~!

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[Look at Roku. Look at Roku backdating this entry to the 4th. Hello, canon updated, Izaya.]

[Speaking of, Izaya seems to be fumbling with his communicator which might account for the record button accidentally being hit. Still messing with it, his breathing is irregular and weak. It's something that happens when you've just been shown some stabs.]


is really bad. [There's the sound of buttons still pressed.]



Gotta...contact Namie somehow...

[He hits a few more keys, obviously with little success, before the transmission is cut off.]
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[The video clicks on to show a girl with big breasts in glasses standing in one of the Mansion's many nondescript hallways. She's holding her cellphone in one hand with the device in the other, and speaks to herself with a sigh:] No reception...

[She closes the phone and tucks it away...somewhere...in her school uniform before turning to the device. She starts to fiddle with the buttons, then gives a small, surprised "oh!" when she notices she's turned on the video.]

Ah...I'm not sure whose this is. Or where this is....

[She glances around for a moment before continuing.]

I tried to look through the archive, but...

[There's a lengthy pause while she considers how to proceed.]

Um...anyway. I-I'm Sonohara Anri. [She gives a quick half-bow, which is awkward since the camera moves with her.] If someone could help me, I...would be grateful.

[She pauses, then gives another quick bow and a quiet apology before shutting off the video.]


Mar. 16th, 2012 07:06 pm
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[Past curfew, Yuu is clambering up a tree some ways away from the boys' tents with a flashlight clenched in his teeth. He's not the best tree climber around, but he can get the job done.

He's not making much attempt to be stealthy, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that someone might take notice of him. He also intends to be out here most of the night.]
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{{ shallow breathing can be heard as the camera clicks on, first filming the palm of the mans hand, then finally flipping over to face him. his lefthand runs slowly over the front of his face, eyebrows pulled inward as he stares down at the strange little machine, hearing odd noises comingout from it. }}

H...Hello? Is there...anyone around here?

{{ his gaze never quite stays fixated on the camera, looking all about him, eyes darting to the walls and the windows, as if expecting them to disappear at a moments notice. }}

My name is...Daniel. I need help finding someone...I don't...quite know where I am.

{{ he speaks into the air, his eyes finally settling back down on the device, seeming to look even more confused than before. }}

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[At first, one might notice a song being sung somewhere at the mansion's ground floor. It's neither particularly good nor bad singing, and certainly doesn't give a location away without some form of investigation.

But Izaya is there. He's situated himself on a windowsill and is currently enamored with looking all around the great entrance hall.

Yes, this is people watching in the making.

Binoculars and all. ♥


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