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[The feed flips on and Alice stands front and center, a podium with papers in front of her. She's in her Sunday best and clearly ready to talk.]

Good morning, everyone!

This will be a short one, just until I get used to things. I'm no minister, so I can't claim I know everything that He-- [She points upwards.] --wants for us, but I think we can start on an easy note, hm?

I think we can all agree that killing is bad. )
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[ While exploring the mansion's newfound love for greenery somebody ran into the Bread-and-Butterflies who didn't seem too pleased about the lack of refreshments offered.

Consequently somebody's legs began feeling stranger and stranger until they turned brown and wooden and wouldn't move at all and come to think of it weren't actually so much legs anymore as they were the trunk of an oak tree that now makes for the middle half of Aveline.


I'll give you tea, you bloody--

[ She squirms, struggles and pulls, but it soon becomes obvious that she's taken root and any chopping action she might undertake with her sword now will be far more pain- than it will be helpful.

With a defeated sigh she reaches for her communication device, grudgingly transmitting her situation.

For your own safety it might be wise to carry a flask of tea with you. Or slay any odd-looking butterflies on sight.

[ A beat. ]

...There is no immediate cure for this ridiculous whim, I take it?
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[the video feed flicks on. see: one very sulky looking teenager.]

...Did anyone else lose their chicken?
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[The feed flips on and Tara sits on her bed, eyes a little red. She clears her throat before speaking.]

So. I guess it became pretty clear during that event that I'm...not what you'd call "all there". I've got an explanation for that, but it's, uh, it's got nothing to do with magic. Unfortunately.

[She scratches at her neck, awkward. Hesitant. She wanted to avoid this for as long as possible but, well. There's no doing that now.

The most she can do is try and avoid saying what it is exactly.]

I have a psychological disorder. It can make me act pretty strange when it kicks in, but I swear I am not dangerous. I'm just...quirky.

[The word falls flat in the face of everything she's still hiding, but she tries not to show the discomfort in her face.]

Thanks for understanding, everyone. If you have any more questions, I can explain more specifically, be honest, I don't want to become a freak show if I can avoid it.
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[The camera is pointed at the top of a cauldron, brimming with a smooth, liquid gold concoction, above which a thin, sharp-looking wand circles, keeping the draught in motion without actually touching it. A wisp of steam rises from the surface, glitters in the air, and another hand enters the frame to adjust the heat quickly.]

Low heat. No simmering, no boiling.

[Anri's voice is absent, but calm, confident, as she rereads the instructions for perhaps the eightieth time from just off camera.]

Don't allow potion to congeal. Keep in motion until complete.

[There's the sound of a book closing and her wand circles a few more times before flicking upward, guiding the liquid from the cauldron into several glass bottles sitting to the side. Her motions are controlled and therefore so is the motion of the potion, never moving too fast or splashing against anything. When each of the bottles is full, she caps them tightly and sighs in relief.]

Felix Felicis. Done.

[Anri is set up in the Ravenclaw common room, leafing through a book of advanced potions.]
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[Step right up, girls and boys, to the class that very well may be the best class in the entire school. Now, let’s not play coy. Everyone knows that the practical skills in this particular course can be applied to every aspect of your daily life. Who knows? You might meet a Hinkypunk on your next woodland hike!

Your illustrious professor - Winchester, Dean Winchester - and Head of Gryffindor House stands before you, twirling a long cypress wand between his fingers, chewing a piece of Droobles Best Blowing Gum.

What poise! you declare, what attitude!

But bloody Hell he’s so cool works just as well as he pops a bubble the size of your head.

All right, lissen up!

[With a lazy wave of his wand, his gum disappears and the classroom door shuts. Dean straightens.]

We got one heckuva day ahead of us, so let’s get started.

cue Yackety Sax )
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[witness one (1) Finn Hudson, batting at a leather bound book with his broomstick. the book seems unperturbed, however, as it in turn latches onto the end of the broomstick with its... teeth?]

If anyone knows how to reverse the "Inanimatus Conjurus" spell, that'd be really freakin' sweet.

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[The feed opens to show Beato sitting at the Ravenclaw table during lunch. She has several books open around her, and two plates of food: one for herself and one for the chicken sitting in her lap.]

There's so much schoolwork to do...I'm not too worried, because it's nothing I can't handle, but-

[She stops talking to give her chicken a stern "no" as it tries to eat some of the food off of her plate, then winces when it pecks at her in reply.]

Let's just say that I'll be looking forward to this weekend at Hogsmeade. A night at The Three Broomsticks is exactly what I need. I hope to see some of my fellow Ravenclaws out there; especially you third, fourth, and sixth years. The work is only going to get tougher from now on, but as important as studying is, it's even more important to take care of yourself. Make the time to go to Hogsmeade - trust me, you won't regret it and will find your brain feeling refreshed and better equipped to deal with your schoolwork.

[The chicken nibbles at her corn on the cob contentedly. Beato dabs some ink on her quill and makes note of this in the diary Professor Pie had given them. The calm is short-lived, however; several owls come swooping in through the window to deliver some letters and parcels, frightening the chicken so badly it manages to sort-of fly out of Beato's lap, where it begins to run around the Great Hall. The feed ends with Beato struggling to get out of her seat, trying to get the chicken back.]
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[ Good morning, darling seventh year students! Remember when Charms was a harmless subject with a lovable old professor and a slim to none chance of suffering emotional or physical trauma? No? Excellent.

Today each of you will find a candle sitting on the desk in front of them. Don't worry, unlike last time it will not grow teeth and attack you on sight. So sit down, get comfortable and listen to the task at hand!

Now, given the dreadful quality of your memory charms last week I trust that at least none of you will have any trouble recalling... the freezing charms you were taught in your third year. Today-

[ He snaps his fingers, lighting all the candles in the room at once. ]

-you will freeze the small flame in front of you.

[ He allows for a dramatic pause and for his students to wonder what place child's play like that has in a seventh year class. ]

Of course there... is a catch. Not only do I expect your actual incantation to be silent, no, I... should also like you to move your wand and lips as if you were conjuring fire. Allow me to demonstrate.

[ Professor Buckingham draws his wand (Dogwood, dragon heartstring, 15¾”, rather flexible, of course) and aims a flowing motion and a booming Incendio! at the candle on his desk, but instead of flames his wand produces a jet of ice that freezes flame, candle and holder solid.

Cue moment to let the display sink in.

To maintain the appearance of one charm while executing another is the very peak of focus, control and unity between you and... your wand, not to mention quite the edge in a duel.

[ It's also a rather underhanded technique and greatly frowned upon by Professor La Fère... which is all the more reason to teach it passionately and thoroughly!

Buckingham grins broadly and moves to the side of the classroom in strides.

That said, good luck and... do mind the eyebrows, eh?

[ For any ghosts, members of the faculty or students not presently suffering from his class Professor Buckingham will be in his office, grooming his owl. He will also be wandering the hallways often enough, especially to return a little something to a certain Ravenclaw's office. ]

For the curious, everybody else's lesson plan under the cut! )
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[When the video starts up, there's still some purple smoke floating in the air. The camera tilts, and it shows a figure that might be vaguely familiar to some residents, for one reason or another: Lanky, bad posture, wearing an old-fashioned diving suit tailored to fit a young girl. As the camera is apparently put down somewhere, the bed in the room can be seen. On top of it is a small, skinny doll with a bubble-shaped head with little toy arm-spikes. Soon, though, a real helmet and real arm-spike equipped gloves are set down next to it, and a girl of about 16 or 17 hops up onto the bed. When she speaks, it seems like she's addressing the machine, but she isn't quite looking at it, either.]

Well... It certainly looks just the way I left it. I couldn't find any of them, though.

[She gives a quick, short chuckle, which doesn't sound as convincingly lighthearted as she meant it to sound. She then finally looks to the camera, wearing an equally unconvincing smile.]

I... don't suppose there's anyone I know here, is there?
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[By 8PM, Buck is just buzzed enough to think shooting a paintball gun at the side of the mansion is a good idea. So if you happen to hear some thumps or notice your window is suddenly bright green or something, well.]

Jimmy crack corn, and I don' care...

[Pop pop pop!]

Jimmy crack corn, and I don' care...

[Pop! Pop pop pop pop!]

Jimmy crack corn, and I [Pop!] don't [Pop!] care...

I hate this fuckin' house.


May. 28th, 2012 01:27 pm
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[The video pans around for a moment before focusing in on a neatly dressed blonde girl. She raises an eyebrow for a moment, a mix of amusement and mild confusion crossing her face, before she composes herself and begins to speak.]

Clearly, I'm not in my house or even my high school. That would raise the question of why I'd be waking up anywhere in my high school, but I wouldn't put anything past Mr. Schue and his lessons of the week. Or what he'd call . . . "bonding."

[She purses her lips briefly, then runs a hand through her hair.]

So, if anyone has any information on where I am or alternative methods of bonding that don't involve waking up in strange places that I could suggest to an entirely over-enthusiastic Glee club supervisor, that would be appreciated. Thanks.


May. 22nd, 2012 01:49 pm
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[Well, someone's amused. What you hear in the background is, oddly, not the sound of battle. Instead, you hear wind. Flying's fun! God Tier is good for that.]

Just for a frame of reference, why don't we make a list of everyone's titles?
How fitting do you find yours?
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How do you turn this freakin' thing on? Does the blinky red light mean go?

[rustling, before the very shakey face of a gawky teenage boy comes into view ala the Blaire Witch Project.]

Uh, okay, so, could someone maybe tell me why the hell I was in my room like, forty seconds ago, and now I'm in Hyrule Castle? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's the kind of thing a guy should know.

[tap tap tap.]

And it'd be super sweet if someone could tell me how this thing works, 'cause I've seriously tried it about twenty times now and I'm just hoping that by fifty I'll get to a point where someone actually responds, kind of like that Chuck E. Cheese deal where if you get five hundred tickets you get a BB gun or a huge stuffed animal or--um. Actually, I really hope not, 'cause I think I'd flip after about sixty and just throw it at the wall.
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[Look at Roku. Look at Roku backdating this entry to the 4th. Hello, canon updated, Izaya.]

[Speaking of, Izaya seems to be fumbling with his communicator which might account for the record button accidentally being hit. Still messing with it, his breathing is irregular and weak. It's something that happens when you've just been shown some stabs.]


is really bad. [There's the sound of buttons still pressed.]


..... Namie somehow...

[He hits a few more keys, obviously with little success, before the transmission is cut off.]
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[The feed begins with Pinkie waving excitedly at the camera. She's wearing a glittery fuchsia dress and a monocle. That's how serious this business is, guys.]

Hey, everypony and everyhuman and everybeing! Get your bestest clothes on because it's super fancy and official Award Ceremony time tonight! Come to the dining room when you're ready.

[She's literally bouncing with excitement. She clicks the video off and waits for the guests in the dining room that she's completely taken over.

There are silvery streamers and balloons spaced around the walls. The parts of the tables which aren't covered in food (each silver platter of which is tiny and delicious and, above all, fancy) have glitter almost completely coating the white tablecloths. Somehow, the closets provided balloons that bob around the room at arm's height, each lifting a small tray of sparkling drinks in ever so fancy champagne flutes. Who knows what the drinks actually are - Pinkie certainly didn't bother to specify.

But most important of all is the long table at the back of the room covered in trophies. Click here for the list of awards.]

{OOC note: anyone not on the list can still get one! Just PM me or AIM me or ask Pinkie for one.}
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[When the feed comes on, Lithuania is leaning against a wall, breathing harshly and covered in blood - some of it is definitely not his own, but some of it probably is. He turns the camera away from himself to show a white and heavily bleeding ...pig. In a semicircle around it lie dead dogs that have clearly been killed with a sword or some other kind of blade, which means that the pig can hardly have done it.]

Are there any doctors that specialize in animals here, or someone who could tell me how I can figure out if the pig will live or die? It's bleeding but I don't think that any deep wounds have been inflicted on it, except for one of the hind legs being damaged too heavily for it to walk on it.

[Normally he would just deliver a mercy-kill to an animal that is hurt like this, but in this place you can never tell if someone/thing is sentient or not...]
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[James has been wandering around the mansion for some time, just checking out, well, everything. However, after entering the Beast's castle part of the mansion, James abruptly turns into a suit of armor. In an almost cartoony way, he has eyes and the mouth part moves, but there's nothing inside the suit. He's literally become a castle decoration.

Fortunately, he's also got arms and legs, so he can move around (though it's difficult - his limbs are heavier now). So, as far as he's concerned, this is only a mild setback. He spies the red blinking light of accidental video though, and he waves as if he set it up on purpose.

I like this event! [WOAH HIS VOICE ECHOED. He's startled by that for a second, but then he keeps going.] It's like that last hodge-podge of an event, but without all of the awfulness that goes along with a monster trying to eat everyone.

What is this event anyhow? They're usually based on something, right? Isn't that how it always goes? ...And what are those wingless dragons out in the forest? Maybe I can get a bit closer to them in this thing...

[He heads down toward the end of the hall, but once he gets there he suddenly turns back into himself. Aw. So much for that plan.]
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[ The camera is propped in a tree, giving a good angle to show off exactly how many Velociraptors Prussia has completely obliterated in the Wonderland forest. There are like seven or eight, man. It's pretty impressive.

He stands atop the corpse of one, with at least four guns strapped to his back, and one for each hand. Laughing. Hysterically.


[ This is the first time Prussia has been sober in Wonderland. You are welcome. Instead of turning off his camera, he points a gun at it and BAM, the video is no more. ]
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[The video clicks on to show a girl with big breasts in glasses standing in one of the Mansion's many nondescript hallways. She's holding her cellphone in one hand with the device in the other, and speaks to herself with a sigh:] No reception...

[She closes the phone and tucks it her school uniform before turning to the device. She starts to fiddle with the buttons, then gives a small, surprised "oh!" when she notices she's turned on the video.]

Ah...I'm not sure whose this is. Or where this is....

[She glances around for a moment before continuing.]

I tried to look through the archive, but...

[There's a lengthy pause while she considers how to proceed.]

Um...anyway. I-I'm Sonohara Anri. [She gives a quick half-bow, which is awkward since the camera moves with her.] If someone could help me, I...would be grateful.

[She pauses, then gives another quick bow and a quiet apology before shutting off the video.]


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