Jul. 23rd, 2013 04:21 pm
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[The network comes on to show a man’s face. His brow is creased with worry and he attempts a smile, though it’s not entirely successful.]

I understand we’re all trapped here. And this is.. Wonderland? Or so I’m told. I find that notion pretty ridiculous. No doubt we’re all being fooled. We just have to look at this logically to figure out how to get back home. I’m sure the parlor tricks here are very impressive, but we can’t honestly believe we’re being held here by magic, of all things.

Anyway, my name is John Watson. I was in the British Army and I’m a doctor. If anyone needs medical attention, let me know. I’ll do what I can to help.
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[ The feed first opens up to a shot of the sky, then a bright violet eye, then the rest of the person said eye belongs to as she leans back away from the camera. And what a person it is; the outfit the girl's dressed in is equal parts elaborate and revealing, and about as practical looking as most RPG designs. After another moment (during which the feed bobs subtly up and down) it's clear that the view surrounding is not, actually, the sky, but rather the skylight in the entrance hall.

How's the girl up there? Magic. What's the recording device sitting on? Also magic. No, really, she's seeming pretty at home up there, sitting on her staff, if somewhat annoyed.

There are floors above this, I checked. [ she says, waving carelessly at the sight around her. Carelessly is right, considering she doesn't seem to be worried at all about falling off the staff she's currently riding side-saddle on. ] I guess it's pretty, but whoever did it probably could put their talent into crafting more useful magic, really.

Honestly, this wouldn't be the first time Time and Space has done something— but I'll readily admit that this is the first time it's done something so grand. So, I'll ask: where exactly is this? Because it's definitely nowhere near the continent, if it's even the same dimension. The energy here is so different, it's surreal.

Like this thing here, for example; I can't even tell whether it's technology or magic or— [ wait why is she saying this, forcefully shutting mouth now

though there's one last thing she needs to add.

Also, this might be kind of a long shot, but do the terms "El Search Party" or "El Scout" mean anything to any of you? If they don't, then that's okay; you don't need to worry about it.


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