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--there we go!

( the feed opens up to just his face, a satisfied grin plastered across his mouth now that he sees that he did, in fact, get this thing to work. it doesn't quite reach his eyes, though; they're a bit red, definitely swollen. don't judge him. )

Hi! My name’s Jon Kent. I’m looking for my mom and dad. My dad’s name is Clark, and my mom is Lois. My dad looks a lot like me, just bigger? My mom has brown hair. I’m sure they’re fine, but I haven’t been able to find them yet.

( the grin shifts into something a bit more sheepish, free hand raising to adjust the big, bulky glasses sitting on his nose. )

And uh. . how do I know which room’s mine? Why are there ogres outside--?
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[After his arrival, Kay's taken the time to change his clothes - the familiar long-sleeved shirt and vest - so that no one sees the blood in this video. His face is still pale from the earlier injury. He drums his fingers against his desk as he talks.]

Hey. I'm Kay, for anyone who hasn't met me. Anyone here got experience with brain imaging? Reading brain activity, any effects it might have, that kinda stuff. Ideally, I'd like someone who could do a basic check up as well.

(OOC note: I won't be able to reply to responses until Monday.)
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[Download Full-Size]

A little over a year ago I provided the mansion with an instructional...brochure of sorts, to better orient newcomers and in particular those who are not from what can only be considered the "modern" era.

[One great unfairness about Wonderland is its tendency to forget that a number of the people living in it are not from time periods that utilise microwaves, for example, or even know what they are. The learning curve is steep for the temporally disadvantaged.]

Seeing as these sorts of publications are only successful when circulated and given the appropriate communal response, I think it only fair to extend the offer of amending any aspects to account for the amenities people may add to our shared residence in the future.

I'm going to leave a number of these in the foyer and on reading tables in the library, but would appreciate it if others would assist in forwarding the file to new residents should in-person explanations become untenable.

[All this just in time for the recent appearance of the dormouse on the network, heralding another event - it makes this particular announcement the more appropriate, since she hasn't been as public a figure lately for personal reasons. Evelyn collects herself for a moment before continuing, because as a long-time resident it is incumbent upon her to broach the issue if only to gather perspectives.]

...additionally, I would like to hear opinions on the notion of holding a public forum about mitigating damages - not necessarily the public safety issue as discussed in previous network announcements, but approaching the aftermath of disasters, both wrought by Wonderland and its residents.

[Only in part does this come from a place of emotion, but the greater percentage stems from practicality. If people are to peaceably live in the same spaces then it must be a team effort, from all sides.

Herself included.

This is not to rally a police force. This is not to encourage mob-like behaviour. This is to calmly, openly discuss the subject of accountability and greater communication.

voice post

Jun. 13th, 2017 08:21 pm
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This is...different. I was just in Central Park?

[She doesn't really know what's going on, and it's pretty obvious in her voice.]

I'm Claire Bennet. Does anyone here know me?

[She takes in a breath and looks around.]

Can anyone tell me what's going on? I mean, what's really going on?

[Did someone transport her here without her knowing? And where is her dad? And everyone else that was just in Central Park. She's a long way from home now.]
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[Hello, Wonderland! You are greeted by a creepy bandaged man in a hoodie who has a huge question for you.]

Hey! I thought this mirror shit was over already!

[Okay, not so much of a question. More like he's really confused and he needs to show you the mirror in his room...]

[... Yep, a Mirror wrote on it. Zack has not been informed that the mirrors can do this.]

The hell is this? Are they plotting to break in again or something?

[By the way, the sloppy message scrawled on the mirror reads, "HAppy BirthdAy, RAy. MAy God hAvE mErcy whEn thE timE comEs. 🕇" It would have been a lot more heartwarming if it wasn't so creepy...]
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[ han usually takes up Too Much Space (tm) when he sits somewhere, but he's exceptionally sprawling today in a chair, looking some mixture between bored and perturbed.

he's not a fan of prisons. and this, for all of its decorative artwork and landscape, is a prison. and so han sighs, puffing out his cheeks slightly, before straightening up to rest his elbows on his knees.

he's scoped out the landscape, a bit. he's explored a little, gotten a general idea of what he's doing here, and he's figured out this place is a giant conglomeration of peoples from a bunch of different universes crammed together to figure it out. heartwarming, but he's got stuff to do. ]

So who's gonna tell me whether or not there's a key to get out of this place? 'cause I've got one hell of a to-do list going on back home.

[ and without waiting for an opportunity for someone to answer -- ]

And while you're at it, has anybody seen a rogue Skywalker?

[ if folks from his universe are here, they'll know exactly who he's talking about. and if not, no harm no foul.

he'll save asking for leia once he's figured out whether luke is here first. nobody needs to be alerted to her. yet, anyway. ]
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[Souji is sitting on the front stoop of the inn, looking around at the snow. His expression, while typically neutral, also shows a combination of excitement and pensiveness. He offers a tiny smile to the video feed.]

I think Kanji and I have to take responsibility for this event. It shouldn't be bad, though. Unless someone else's memories are mixed in, this was just a nice vacation.

[He falls silent for a couple of seconds, distracted, then addresses the network again.]

Would anyone mind helping me figure out what word we lost this time? I need to write it down.


May. 7th, 2017 07:43 pm
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Seems once again I've been dropped off here. I tried to look back using our device to see how far long I was gone - about a month, I think. Interesting really... I was gone for about five months in my perspective. Some of the most eventful of my life.

[Considering he's dead, again, that's saying something.]

A question, for anyone who deigns to answer me: is there something you want badly enough that you would risk everything for it? A common theory about risk taking is that the greater the reward, the greater the risk to achieve it. Usually it's just applied to stocks and bonds, but it's true for all things. Therefore if you choose to risk everything for a single thing... what you want must be worth more than everything you risk.

I know my answer already, and I suppose I wonder if there are people like me. It's trite to think I'm the "only one" but no one ever seems willing to own up to the benefits of ambition. Ambition isn't a bad thing, but being humble seems... pretty pathetic honestly.
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Accidental Video
    [ The video opens up to a view of shaking scenery and rushing lights and color, as it the device recording it has just been dropped from a significant height. The movement ceases when the device lands on the floor, still recording with its camera pointed upwards.

    The foyer it shows is clearly familiar to everyone in Wonderland as the front of the mansion. What's not quite so familiar is the giant glowing UFO now hovering and weaving up near the ceiling. Green lights shoot out, scanning the surroundings, sweeping over every surface with an eerie glow.

    Even the fallen phone gets scanned, although once it is, the UFO goes suspiciously still overhead before swooping down towards it with a startling speed. There's a voice, one that sounds suspiciously like a young girl, that gives a quiet exclamation. ]

    Oops! Almost lost you. Hello there, my precious.

    [ ...And then a metallic-looking tentacle snakes out from the bottom of the UFO to press the button that cuts the feed off entirely.

    Just another day in Wonderland, right? There's totally nothing to see here, and certainly not a floating spaceship hovering in your entranceway. Carry on. ]

    [ Although a short while later, a number of phones across the mansion might receive an audio transmission as someone tries to figure out and manipulate the strange network in this place and how to filter it to where she needs it to go. Hopefully she finds the targets she's looking for, but other inhabitants might pick it up accidentally as well. ]

    Joker, Queen? Can you hear me? Mona, Panther, anyone, come in??
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I'm kind of surprised, but that was actually fun.

[Well, someone's happy about the space trip.]

Like I kept expecting it to all go to shit, and yeah I got arrested, but that's not too bad. Plus being arrested in space sounds way cooler than being arrested on Earth, right?

[She shrugs, it's cool to her. Maybe not to the space types, but whatever, it's cool, okay?]

You know, if more stuff like that happened, this place would suck a whole lot less. Beats drowning and falling asleep all the fucking time and all the other crap that happens.

[She'd throw more examples, but does anyone need more examples?]

So uh...I'm not the only one who got thrown in jail over the weekend, right? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

[If she was, it loses all cool points and becomes the most embarrassing thing ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but definitely in a while.]

► voice.

Feb. 27th, 2017 03:29 pm
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Alright. Let me see if I've got this straight. [ slight pause as she sucks in a big breath. ] In one day I've gone from the one-year-ish anniversary of being stuck in Gotham under some weird dome, to being forced to fight against another city in some bizarre multiversal death match, to now... being in Wonderland. Which is a magic kidnapping pocket dimension and not actually a fictional place made up of political satire or scientific and mathematical pondering, depending on which interpretation you go with.

[ there's an even longer pause this time, followed by a loud exhale. kara's trying to blow her bangs out of her face. ]

Right. Great. That's just... great.

You know what? I think I have to call it. My life has reached peak weirdness today. There's no way it can get weirder than this, even if somebody from the 5th dimension shows up.

[ another pause, this one filled with the sound of someone flopping backwards onto bedding. ]

Anyway. This is probably a long shot, but I was with some people when I got teleported here, and I was wondering if someone had heard of them? Their names are Jesse Chambers, Donna Troy, and Jennifer-Lynn Hayden.

[ this pause is tangibly awkward. ]

There's, uh. Also a gorilla? His name is Bill. He's really friendly and a nice gold color, can't miss him. He may also have a small human child with him since he was babysitting when the world decided to go sideways.
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[Good morning Wonderland. At approximately 9AM this morning, a bicycle materializes out of thin air and crashes in the woods somewhere.

About half an hour later, the person responsible realizes that maybe that wasn't the best way to get rid of something and decides to address the network about it. So here's Zelena, looking like she really doesn't want to talk about this, but is going to anyway]

If you were out in the woods today and got hit by a bicycle, I suppose I owe you an apology. Decided to do some early spring cleaning, and...well, probably could've picked a better way to do it, but it's too late for that now.

[She smirks, an attempt at humor to go with an apology she doesn't really feel the need to give, but you know, there you go. She tried. And apparently that counts! Or at least that's what she's been led to believe.]

And if you weren't concussed this morning and actually want the damn thing, by all means, take it.

[Not like she wants to deal with it anymore. Especially not today, no thank you.]
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[Once he'd realized what was happening, Kay had tried to grab some scuba diving gear from the closets. Of course, he grumbles to himself, this is when the closets would stop functioning. Instead he grabs his pillow case and stuffs it with as much food as he'll be able to carry. He still has to leave a lot of it behind, having slowly added more and more to the stockpile since he first arrived. The foods all stuff that lasts, so Kay has no worries about whether it's edible or not, even if there's nothing to cook with in his room.]

[He places his shoes next to the door. It's probably too much to hope that they'll stay somewhat dry during this event. Kay has no plans to stay in his own room as anyone who needs food will also need the oxygen.]

Yo. I've got food for anyone who needs it up here in the 20th room on the ninth floor. It's all nonperishable and in nice little airtight containers so you can carry it though the water. I've also got some one me. Let me know if you need any and I'll do what I can to get some of it to ya.

I'd like someone to help keep an eye out for oxygen deprivation too, so let me know if you're nearby and don't mind sharing a room.

[Later, as he swims through the hallways, Kay will also keep an eye out for anyone who looks like they need help and pull them into a room if it proves necessary.]
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It's going to be short and sweet this time, everyone. George and I really enjoyed the holidays, and candy-kid? Thanks. Super, sugared-up thanks.

But this isn't about the nice presents (which again--thanks). We each got a thumb drive in our stockings with a lot of numbers and words that this dumb Irwin is just too dense to understand, even with George's help. So we were both wondering if there are any science types out there with expertise in virology or human cloning, who can make the long fancy words into something a little more accessible.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. If you're listening, Wonderland Santa? I'm looking for a rocket launcher in my Easter basket. I'll settle for grenades.
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[Greetings Wonderland! This post arrives a little after noon from the beach. Kay would have posted earlier, but he wanted to be sure as many people saw it as possible. Even through the screen, the red tattoos under his eyes and his bright, red hair are visible.]

Hey! This is Kay speaking. [Hopefully he got this working correctly and it's broadcasting. He really doesn't want to stand here talking to himself.] I'm looking for someone who can help me test out this.

[He waves a thin, metal cylindar before the camera. His thumb presses a button and a bright yellow beam shoots out of it, very much like a lightsaber. He holds it steady for a few moments before he presses the button again and it vanishes as quickly as it had appeared.] I'll only let people who've been trained to use a sword use it. This thing'll cut through most metals like a hot knife through butter and I'm not going to responsible for any lost limbs or heads.

Contact me if you're interested. The battery life on this thing is about a week, so I'd appreciate anyone who can help me improve that as well.


Oct. 25th, 2016 10:23 pm
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[When the broadcast starts, the camera swirls in every direction. There's obvious rustling, as well as a lot of "Hey. Stop shoving!" Eventually, it settles on one of the Lost Ones, a blonde with wild hair and feral eyes. She's flanked by children on either side, occasionally elbowing one or another to keep her spot in front of the screen. She tilts her head at the thing, scanning for replies before she's said anything.]

Okay, so this thing's on right? And it means they can hear me? [She looks offscreen for confirmation.] Okay, but if you're wrong I'm letting them feed you to the croc.

So hey. You outsiders. There's a whole lot of you we haven't killed yet, so we figured maybe the rest of you needed a better warning. We don't care why you're here or what you want while you're on our turf. We don't like grownups here.

Some of you brought kids along. We figure it's probably 'cause you don't want them anymore and came to drop them off. You probably even lied to them about why they're here. We get it. You're liars and cheats and we're used to picking up the people you throw away.

So get on with it already. Say your goodbyes and move. This is our turf and we don't like you old folks stinking it up. You're not welcome here. This is the only warning you're gonna get.

[Is it even still a warning when they've been attacking people for several days already? Whatever. They were here first.]

{ OOC note: Maya is posting using a network device stolen from Riley. However, lots ones being as lawless and wild as they are, it doesn't have to stay with Maya just because it started with her. Lost One threadjacking is fully encouraged, as is topleveling extra things they'd want to post. I'd love it if this post managed to become a free-for-all with tags just coming out of everywhere. COME AT ME. }
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[When the broadcast starts, it goes from silence to the immediate noise of two people screaming, punctuated by the sound of laser gunshots and mechanical whirring. It seems the device is on a side-table, giving a flat view of Ford and Alphys… perched on another table. Alphys is curled up, hands over her head, looking incredibly distressed, while Ford seems to be shooting at something off-camera.]

Oh m-my god, oh my god, we’re going to d-die here, I’m so s-sorry, I didn’t know they were all going to start...

Don’t worry! I happen to have excellent aim.

[All of a sudden, something takes a flying leap up onto the table, and Alphys yells as Ford shoots it down. The ensuing shot causes the device to fall over, revealing the floor is absolutely covered in knife wielding box tentacles, some with multiple arms, some with multiple knives, all running over each other and stabbing the floor, themselves, and the table. Alphys is still yelling. Ford is still shooting. It looks like an absolute catastrophe.]

Maybe we shouldn’t have prototyped them with the basic ability to learn--

Well it w-would have been fine if it was just, y-you know, one of them! They weren’t all supposed to turn on at the same time!

[Suddenly, Alphys turns her head and seems to notice the device, turning herself around and reaching out to grab it, bringing it in close to her and Ford.]

Uh, t-this is totally under control! No need to panic! I d-don’t, uhm, know how long this has been broadcasting, but, it’s f-fine! … And m-maybe don’t come to Ford’s room for, uhm, a little bit, for uh. Reasons.

Is that thing on? Uh, I mean-- Yes! Everything is absolutely, 100% under control. There is no need to worry about anythi-- [Ford cuts himself off and hisses.] Watch out, Alphys! I think it just tasted my blood!!

Oh g-god please don’t let that do anything new.

[And the device blinks off, cutting out the mechanical whirring sounds with it.]

02; text

Oct. 9th, 2016 02:51 am
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[ it's been a strange few days since the end of the hogwarts experience and tali has been uncharacteristically keeping to herself, quiet when she usually isn't. working on projects, she might insist, or just catching up on sleep. she is tinkering and sleeping more than anything else, but only because she has a lot on her mind and bringing it up unprompted is difficult. eventually, she goes to the network: ]

I knew that Wonderland could alter memories or abilities, but I didn't think that changing who you are entirely as a physical person was possible. Goes to show how much I know about this place, I guess. Or how little Wonderland expected me to be able to fit in as an alien witch. Who knows. It might have been fun.

I'm curious now: what is the strangest thing that's happened to you during one of Wonderland's little fits of reality bending? Tell me your best stories.

Oh and if anyone made friends with a Ravenclaw whose face isn't familiar now, it might have been mine. Let me know.
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I'm putting together a small training mission for an acquaintance of mine. [ Had there been the slightest pause there? ... Nope! Er. Moving on. ]

The mission is to improve his spy skills, and I would appreciate help from people in Wonderland. I'd like volunteers who could act as both secret allies and enemy agents. If you're willing to help, please get in touch.

private text to Bucky
The training mission is for Steve. Would you mind helping out?
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Hello everybody! Is this thing showing up for everyone now? Hi!  [There's a small, insufferably smiling child with blue-haired bob, waving hopefully at the camera.] (Hello again... maybe?)

I finally got my journaly-thing updated! [Thumbs up of triumph! She didn't even need to ask an adult for help with it! ]

A lot of you probably don't know me yet, 'cause I didn't really recognize... well, almost anyone at the parties, really, [Her voice softens into unease, glancing sideways as she fidgets]  but it could be I just got lots and lots of memories munched, like Alice, so... if you could help me figure out who all of you are, now that everything's less busy, that would be very nice of you?

Oh, I guess I should explain, right... I'm not-new here at all! I'm. [A big, dramatic pause...] A girl from the past?

Maybe I'm new for you, but...  [Here's another uncertain wince]  It's like I had a dream about going back home, but then a couple of.... years happened, overnight? [She shrugs, and tries not to look too embarassed. Or anxious. Maybe nobody will think she's a liar? Or say "That's nice, Caroline dear."]  

Nothing like that's never happened to me before. I mean, plenty of weirder things have happened here, sure, all the time, but usually after a little while it goes back to normal...-ish? 

Could anybody please tell me what's been going on lately? Before the parties, I mean. I've been awake for those, but I'm not sure what happened before then. Last I remember, it was just past Christmastime. And now it looks like fall outside. 

Sooo.... Who would like to help solve the mystery of the amazing time-travelling girl, Coraline Jones?
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[ Philip sits at his desk. He briefly considers setting the scene, tidying up the stack of papers, or-- What's the point? It's his office. Nobody is going to see him. But all of Genosha is about to hear him.

He clears his throat.

And rolls his eyes at the private joke, because even like that it's getting old.

Due to the series of recent events I'm forced to remind all fellow mutants to travel carefully, especially near the Ridgeback Mountains region. Do not travel alone. Do not underestimate what their misguided rebellion is capable of. And remember to listen to Her Majesty's daily broadcast for further updates and information.

Long live the Queen.

[ Because he sure as bloody hell isn't going to bother reaching out like this again anytime soon. He doesn't add as much, though. Instead Philip presses a tissue to his nose, and catches the blood. Shuffles around some papers, and takes the opportunity to pause, anyway, because when his mind reaches across the island again the message plays a different tune: ]

To all homo sapiens: Our world does not need to be like this. Why try to anchor us in the past, when you could be part of our future? We are offering our help to you. If you would like to accept it, report to the science faculty at Magda University to participate in our Human Evolutionary Advancement Research Trials. Don't let the coming days be your end. Let them be a new beginning for all of us.

Never forget this: You have a chance to decide your own fate, before it gets decided for you.

[ He combs through his notes. Nope, that's that taken care of. Jesus Christ, he'll need a stiff drink now. He fumbles for a bottle in his drawer, and the phone on his desk. ]

Private Text to Ford Pines
Since as usual none of what I'm saying gets through to your tin brain, get your bloody arse over here and give me a status report on the experiments.

[[ OOC: Plotting comment is here, my contact post is here. Philip cannot read thoughts, so any replies will need to happen through other means. He won't get his memories back until late on the fourth day, so feel free to post starters across all days accordingly (or contact me if you want to set something up!) ]]
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[As always, Souji's in the diner, but sitting in a booth instead of behind the counter. Since there's no one there at the moment, he's more hanging out than working.

There's a thick volume on the table in front of him and though the contents isn't clear due to the camera angle, it's easy enough to guess that it's a photo album or scrapbook of some kind. There's also a not entirely ancient Polariod camera at his elbow. He flips through the thick pages of the album as he speaks.]

The last owner of the diner had this tradition of taking a picture of everyone who came in and putting it in this album. I found it and her camera behind the counter a few weeks ago, but with events and everything I forgot about it.

[He's actually pretty happy it was still there and the small, nostalgic smile on this face says so. He picks up the camera and turns it over in his hands, looking it over.]

I want to start it up again. It's just a picture and a name, so we can keep a record of who was here after they leave.

[He sets the camera back down, closer to the device he's using, but he's still visible past it, looking into the feed now.]

Hm...since there are a lot of new people lately, I'm Seta Souji. I run the diner on the eighth floor, kind of. Anyone can come by any time.


Just expect to have your picture taken, if you do.

[As promised, he'll be in the diner for...ever.]

012 | Video

Jul. 5th, 2016 06:53 pm
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I don't suppose anyone's given any more thought to what happened before we were all forced to trick or treat.

[No, not the gravity thing. Zelena doesn't care about that aside from being annoyed that it happened to begin with.]

Unless you've all managed to deal with it quietly, but I've been here long enough to know that when something big happens, it's far from quiet. So then, the way I see it, either you're all still looking for that supposed spy and made absolutely no progress.

[She's sticking to voice, but the amusement in her tone probably makes it clear that she finds that hilarious.]

Or you've simply given up, and decided to ignore it. Can't say that would surprise me either, though it's a bit disappointing. Here I was hoping you'd all provide some sort of entertainment by accusing and turning on each other. But no, I suppose that's really just too much to ask, isn't it?
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[ Some people, when they first come to a brand new place, like to introduce themselves. They maybe get to know people, socialize and make friends or at least make nice with those who have been around longer — you know, that sort of thing.

And then there's this guy.

Tell me you have a clinic here.

Or a bar.

I'm not picky at the moment.

[ There's a newcomer wandering the halls of the mansion today, the brim of his baseball cap tipped low, body language cagey at best. He's doing his best to keep his head down and his hands firmly in his coat pockets — except for when he's got his device out and is tapping out messages to post to the network rapidly. It isn't long before he comes to a stop at the stairs between the fourth and fifth floor, lifting a hand to rub at his temple idly as he lowers himself down to sit for a moment.

He seems tired — exasperated, almost, but run down more than anything else. And if he happens to bear a resemblence to another recent arrival, well. That's probably entirely coincidental. Probably.
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[There's no warning what's going on before the video starts, just a flash of bright light and violent motion as the recording device shoots across the room and bounces off a wall, landing to give a tilted view of Jowan's room. It's not a particularly interesting room, nearly as stark and empty as they all start out when claimed, although it does now feature a small fire burning merrily in the corner. Not in a fireplace, which is probably why it's starting to spread quite alarmingly, but it definitely brightens the place up.

It's also probably the reason why Jowan is panicking just a little.]
That wasn't supposed to happen!

[He stands at the edge of what the device is recording of the room and looks largely uncertain, glancing around the room for an idea of what to do before swallowing hard and taking a step forward, brow furrowing as he extends his hands and frost leaves his fingertips. The flames crackle loudly at the ice and Jowan closes his eyes, pushing more power into the spell until a sheet of ice surges forward suddenly, dousing the flames and leaving a good chunk of the room covered in ice. But at least there's no fire any more, right?]

I don't understand what went wrong! It shouldn't be this difficult. [He wanders over to nudge the ice with a toe and sigh heavily.] Why does this always end up happening to me?


LAYOUT BASE @ [community profile] fruitstyle