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Victim is female. 1.66 m. Roughly twenty years of age.

Discovered prone, facedown in a sprawl on a patch of grass some three hundred meters from the manor. Sprawl was unnatural, limbs twisted, which suggests she made no attempt to catch herself when she fell. Disturbances in the grass indicate a struggle between two combatants, victim and assailant. The latter was, judging by the size of his footprints, taller than the former, of greater weight. Compared to the rest of the populace this makes the assailant likely to be male. Additionally, the disturbance of the grass and the soil indicates that the killer’s shoes were of an athletic sort, with cleats for traction.

Body showed relatively few signs of defensive injury; I was able to recover no usable hairs or fibers from the body. She had been killed quickly and abandoned with no great care, suggesting the act was not premeditated but rather opportunistic. Either the killer panicked and fled or felt for some other reason no desire to linger; his footsteps, such as they may be discerned, lead away from the scene of the crime with no sign of circumambulation or pacing. Additionally likely to be an opportunistic attack due to the length between strides and the degree of the disturbance of grass and soil, which indicate that the assailant ran rather than walked towards the victim, culminating in a single leap to close the distance.

Cause of death was easily discerned: victim’s skull was fractured in multiple places by a collection of blows to the side of the head. Damage extensive; death quick. The instrument was clearly blunt: the caving of the bone and the formation of hematoma underneath the tissue indicate a rounded club of some persuasion, wielded with great force.

Could be of some use to you lot. Might want to be careful who you trust.
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Um...i-it seems like everything started to calm down again, doesn't it? I'm still a little confused about the door and what happened exactly, but...I think it might have been a good thing? It must have been really awful for that Queen to be locked away for so long.

[After that tangent though, Tohru looks like she's suddenly remembered that she's forgotten something! There was another point to this message, wasn't there?]

Oh, but, um. I'm actually making this post because I wanted to ask - is everyone okay? I know there were monsters running around and being really destructive. I was safe in the diner, but I really hope no one else was hurt by them. Wonderland really can be dangerous sometimes...

[She sounds sad about that. Oh, but wasn't there something else she wanted to say? She keeps getting off track...]

Oh! And that's right I almost forgot. I asked the closets very nicely and it gave me some taiyaki pans for the diner! [She holds one up and wow that will make some cute fish-shaped desserts.] They're for making taiyaki, which is little, sweet, fish-shaped cakes with filling in them. Usually it's red bean filling, but I can put custard or chocolate in them instead. I've never been able to buy pans for it, so usually it was a special treat when Mom and I could get them.

So, um. I'm going to be making a bunch of them in the diner right now, if anyone wants to come up and try some! It's on the eighth floor, for anyone that hasn't been there yet. After everything that's happened, a warm snack might help everything start to feel a little more normal again - or, well. As normal as it can be somewhere like Wonderland, I guess!

[She smiles, and gives the camera a wave, and shuts it off so she can go run off to the diner.]


May. 3rd, 2013 10:06 pm
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[Christ on a crutch, now there's a flipping bird. A massive bird. That can probably kill you just by sitting on you. It doesn't need the sharp beak or the massive eyes that are always looking. It just needs to slam into you, hard, and whambamthankyouma'am you're paste on the side of the wall.

Currently Vinnie's clutching his fire ax and crouching near a door, breathing hard and wondering if this means that there are now two monsters running around or if the Bandersnatch has been...replaced. He's dealt with two abominations at the same time before but they were both a lot smaller. And much less aggressive. Now he listens for the incipient approach: when nothing sounds for a full minute he peers around the corner before carefully moving on.

What is he doing, exactly?

Well...patrolling. Someone's going to be out here, needing help, and needing to be rescued. Is there anyone else out doing it?]

OOC: anyone who wishes to join Vinnie, who needs to be rescued or just would like to have someone's hand to hold throughout this ordeal is free to comment! If you wish to yell at him through the network for being a moron you can do that too. 
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[The video flickers on clumsily. It shifts around for a few seconds before focusing Blair witch style on Amy's face.]

So, I'm not sure what exactly that is, but I think I might need some help. If anyone can spare a minute.

[And then it flickers to the giant lumbering beast bearing down on her as the hallway dances in and out of view.]

Please. [She shouts the last bit.] I'm not sure where exactly I am, but I'm pretty sure I'm still on the first floor.

[Amy's nothing if not helpful :3]
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[The video clicks on to show Dean sitting in his regular booth in the recently opened diner, laptop, coffee and pie within easy reach. Aerith moves through the feed before the video turns around to show Ruby, finally not pale and worried anymore, but relaxed and at ease with a slight smile, leaning against the jukebox. Journey's currently filling the diner with music, and Ruby wanders over to the counter, apparently happy with the selection. She shows Tohru preparing a dish while she talks.]

Guys, appreciate that you're all sitting in some corner of the mansion worrying about that door, but you know what? We happen to have this... nice, cozy establishment here, we have coffee, really good food, some beautiful ladies hanging around... [Yes, this includes Dean.] ... and all the space you could need, be it for fun or for some riddling around.

[And just to drive the point home, she pops a golden fry into her mouth and grins. Behind Ruby, Dean snorts at the ladies comment, but looks up from his laptop to eye the feed warily.]

While you're at it, how about throwing in a little PSA, sweetheart? Little tip: if a mirror sees it's reflection, it gets bounced back over to the other side. Start carrying around something shiny- but don't go getting all Twilight Zone. The last thing we need's mass hysteria.

[And with that, he turns his attention back to his work, sipping on his coffee. Ruby nods meaningfully at the video.]

Listen to the cowboy, guys, I mean it. He knows his stuff. Regardless, hop on over. [Yes, pun intended.] We're always open, and you can just as well riddle away with all the rest of us right here. Coffee's on the house, you can pay for food with small, meaningful tokens of your affection... no, just kidding, come on, everything's on the crazy magical house.

( Additional text announcement )

The Rabbit Hole - Floor 8, Room 001
Come for that riddle, stay for the company
Food, friends, drinks, music, riddles, pie, chicken wings, fun!

[ooc: Massive mingle post! The diner has never gotten an official opening, but it's now available to be used as event headquarters. There's food, there's music, there's company, there's people trying to figure out the puzzle. Mingle to your heart's desire <3 There are headers available, and you can feel free to make your own.

And remember guys! Mirrors on the real side can just waltz in there as well. Give us your alter egos, your reals, your firstborn children!]

001; Video

Apr. 27th, 2013 06:25 pm
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Wonderland, huh? Never thought I'd see the day I visited here. Last I knew the ti- ship I was traveling on was having some issues. Thought I got them sorted out but I guess I was wrong. Although it sounds like less of a malfunction and more of a kidnapping. How long do people usually end up here anyway? Not too long I hope. I have other places to go and times to see.

[She leans back and crosses her arms over her chest before sitting up again.] Oh, and for those of you I haven't met yet, name's Amy Pond. It's a pleasure to meet you. Or it will be, I'm sure. Once I meet you I mean. Say, any chance any of you have seen the Doctor around? Tall, skinny, got a chin like this? Has floppy hair and thinks bowties are cool?
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 [It's taken a day and some to collect up everything necessary, but John Blake and Blaine Anderson had been tossing around the idea of a get-together for so long, it didn't feel like all that much work. As the day is coming to a close in Truffula Valley, they put on the finishing touches and convene near the decently sized fire.]

[There's music, there's food, there's even a place where people can secretly meet to discuss the finer aspects of revolution under the cover of near-darkness. If nothing else, it's a place where people can come together, enjoy some company, and just be together. Who could complain about that?]

[Blake sends a message.]

Party tonight. Everyone's invited!

[Thankfully, Blaine comes to the rescue with a few more details.

Camp Wonderland Who Party
Tonight @ Dusk
Food • Friends • Entertainment • Clues

Come dressed as your friends!

[That's right, everyone, it's your chance to dress up as anyone in Wonderland. Come with one costume or ten!]

[[OOC: Massive mingle post is a go! Feel free to check out the available headers, or make your own!]]
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[ Since America doesn't know how to do anything else, he turns on a video. Without his glasses he looks even younger. From the angle (at least for those who are not also looking at writhing masses of flesh) it looks like he's crouched in the corner of a room. His eyes dart from side to side like a nervous child, though to his credit he looks more disgusted than disturbed. ]

Y'know, I've seen some real bad things, but this might just take the cake for sheer levels of grossness. Took my glasses off 'cause I thought it wouldn't be so bad if I couldn't see the details, but that did diddly, and now I don't wanna put 'em back on because they've turned into into rotting tendons.

[ He reaches out, to touch the wall he leans on and flinches. ]

At least it don't feel as bad as it looks. Or smell. [ Just to be sure he leans in to sniff the wall. ]

Nope, just smells like a building. A clean one at that. If it was as bad as it looks-- [ He flushes and sways unsteadily. For a minute it looks like he's going to be sick, but he swallows hard and keeps his cool. ] Ugh, even the thought of it makes me wanna hurl. Mostly 'cause I got a pretty clear idea what this would smell and feel like.

[ He shakes his head and screws his eyes shut. Sadly that only helps a little because he knows what he's going to see when he opens his eyes, and his vivid imagination won't let go of that image even when he tries to block it out. ]

Anyone needs me, I think I'm gonna be lying here for a couple days. If I'm out cold and don't respond, no worries--I've just dosed myself with enough chloroform to kill a horse.

[ Is he joking? Who knows. ]

Short of gouging my eyes out that seems like the best way to get through this cataclysm. Oh, by the way, that's what I'm gonna call the things everyone else call "events." Feel like "cataclysm" paints a better picture of just how godawful these things are seriously is anyone else seeing this.


Mar. 26th, 2013 04:20 pm
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[ No stranger to technology, Tony doesn't have difficulty figuring out the purpose of what he assumes is a tablet and he definitely doesn't have trouble using it. When he turns the video on, his face is mostly centered in it and he's looking into it with the confidence of a man who has addressed people via video conference so many times he can do it in his sleep. ]

All right, this whole Overlook thing you've got going? It's great. Very early eighties horror movie. Kubrick would be proud. Thing is, I'm kind of in the middle of something and I don't really have time for the whole "all work and no play" shtick.

[ He smiles apologetically, like he's actually sorry that he can't stick around and go stir crazy, a la Jack Nicholson's performance in the Shining. ]

So let's cut to the chase and fast-forward through the usual negotiations that inevitably get nowhere. Just send me back. Because believe me when I tell you, trying to keep me captive? It never goes well for anybody.


Mar. 25th, 2013 12:30 am
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[It takes her a minute, but eventually Tohru manages to turn the screen on.]

I’m really sorry if this belongs to somebody. I promise I’ll leave it right where I found it, but I saw that I could send out messages somehow? I think that’s how cell phones work…

[She’s never owned one, so she’s not really sure. But it sounds about right.]

But, um, since it can send out messages I was wondering if someone could help me, if they receive it? I was about to go make dinner for the people I live with and then the kitchen turned into some other kitchen entirely and that hallway wasn’t there before and I’m not sure how I got here but I really need to go home as soon as possible, please. I don’t know how to get there from here though, or where “here” even is.

If someone can help me at all, I would be really, really grateful. Thank you very much.

[She bows, but since she doesn’t really understand video cameras the camera bows with her, giving the viewer a dizzying final shot.]
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[There had been a few video feeds after the mysterious announcement concerning objects falling out of the sky on top of the residents, as if aiming for them specifically. Mordecai Heller certainly way not going out of doors this day, no sir.

Lord knows how he was so neglectful as to leave the window of his room open.

He had been sitting and mending his gun holster when there was a blurry streak in his peripheral vision and a soft thump. He reflexively rose to a half-sit with his fingers around the gun on the table in barely a second, but it took him a few more to find the intruder.

A dazed rat of a disturbingly healthy size stared back with its awful little blood-droplet eyes.

Mordecai grimaced almost audibly. Oh boy oh gee what to do why the window, who would do this? He hated when a crawly thing was too big for a shoe. This was too much for even a broom.

While he was pondering how to rid himself of the vermin without an inconvenient splatter, the rat had the nerve to disregard him and start going about its ratty business. What's it doing, why is it worse when they aren't afraid of you, so help me if you start chewing on anythoh no it's coming near me

His arm shot out for something clothy that was resting on the table, and he lunged at the creature with it, somehow managing to capture in in one go, and it shrieked.]


[Mordecai practically wailed as he made it to the window in two and a half strides, launching the squirmy handful out into the blue. He didn't have time to catch his breath before the startling smack against his chest. Upon automatically checking himself for blood, he discovered only an odd greasy smudge, and at his feet, the foulest-looking sandwich he had probably ever laid eyes on.


Oh no.

[He slammed the window shut just in time for a flock of expiring tomatoes to slam into it from an angle, not unlike rain in high wind. He made a long, unsettled groaning sound in his throat, like... well, kind of like a cat.

Relenting and taking out his device, he reports:]

It's happening to me too, now. I... I have a hunch that the falling objects might be... personalized.
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[ Without preamble, except for maybe the clearing of a throat, a rough old cockney voice starts to speak over the network. ]

Seems I've stumbled into a wing of Rapture I don't recognise. [ He sounds mildly perturbed by this fact, but shrugs it off. ] Thought by now I knew every inch of the girl, but I suppose them building crews've outpaced me at last.

[ Bill, that's not an audio diary you're talking into. Bill, no, Bill you cut that out right now. ]

Important part is, I'm lost. In Rapture! [ Low chuckle. That's not a sentence he thought he'd find himself saying. ] Still, I reckon I'll run into someone who knows their way sooner or later. And if it's whoever owns the place, I'll buy him a pint to make up for tresspassin'.

[ Would somebody kindly tell Bill that he's speaking live over the whole network? Or maybe you want to run into him in person. In that case he's in the mansion's basement, poking around for an exit, and smoking a cigarette that smells of fish. ]


Mar. 4th, 2013 07:22 pm
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 [He wakes up with a strangled scream in his throat. The last thing he remembers is the crushing in his chest, the rattle of his own pained breathing and -- Jesus Christ did I die in there?
Vince coughs and rolls on to his side. Every joint in his body seems frozen but still usable, even with the protestations. He rubs his hands on the stiff green grass, thinking of finding a cell phone, a stranger, anything that would let him contact his friends because he is clearly far from home. 
Well, first things first: he can investigate that big ass house over there. It takes longer than he likes to haul himself to his feet and stagger up the steps but he manages. He wastes a few seconds self consciously smoothing at the dark syrupy stains on his shirt and jeans -- too reminiscent of blood for his comfort -- but then raises a fist and pounds on the door.]

Um, h-hello? Is anyone home?


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