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[Leather boots can be seen walking across the floor, stopping just in front of the communication device.]

My, my... what do we have here?

[It gets picked up!]

You're a little piece of work, aren't you? [The man examines the device, camera first aimed down at his shoes and then refocuses on his face--pale with dark eyes, sculpted brows, and a small heart tattooed on his left cheek.]

... Unless I've missed my mark, which [he chuckles] I never do, this device should be recording. In that case, hello there, whoever you are.

[He's smiling, but there's an obvious tint of agitation to his voice.]

I bet you think you're quite clever, don't you? Taking me from my ship to your admittedly quite nice however not-nearly-as-nice-as-my mansion. But I'm a very busy man and do so hate wasting my time. I'm afraid if you want me to stay, you'll have to make it worth my while.


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