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[The camera is pointed at the top of a cauldron, brimming with a smooth, liquid gold concoction, above which a thin, sharp-looking wand circles, keeping the draught in motion without actually touching it. A wisp of steam rises from the surface, glitters in the air, and another hand enters the frame to adjust the heat quickly.]

Low heat. No simmering, no boiling.

[Anri's voice is absent, but calm, confident, as she rereads the instructions for perhaps the eightieth time from just off camera.]

Don't allow potion to congeal. Keep in motion until complete.

[There's the sound of a book closing and her wand circles a few more times before flicking upward, guiding the liquid from the cauldron into several glass bottles sitting to the side. Her motions are controlled and therefore so is the motion of the potion, never moving too fast or splashing against anything. When each of the bottles is full, she caps them tightly and sighs in relief.]

Felix Felicis. Done.

[Anri is set up in the Ravenclaw common room, leafing through a book of advanced potions.]
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[Right, so this place was obviously not New Meridian. Peacock growls and kicks at a near-by pumpkin in irritation as she casually lights up a cigar and takes a few over exaggerated drags before flicking it onto some of the lettuce below.

Veggies suck anyway.] I'm seriously two seconds from blowin' this joint, and I don't mean exiting stage right.

[She'd tried that. Didn't work. Just ended up popping out of the forest right back where she started. She had to give this place props for the cartoon effect it had going there. Too bad her patience is growing thin. So she casually pulls a bomb from her skirt and rolls it in her hands.] Hmm...


May. 19th, 2012 09:29 am
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[Sherlock Holmes is on the roof with his magnifierkind focusing the sun's rays to set fire to Imps. And trees. He may not be being very careful, really. It all looks the same from up there and the weaponization of a magnifying glass is quite interesting.

He is a mad scientist with a death ray. He really can't help but laugh at that.]
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[Backdated to earlier in the day, probably around noon.]

[The entire video is in black and white, and just a little bit grainy to watch, seeing as Rei is outside and has found THE TREE OF ALL TREES -- or maybe just Bailey Park. She's settled in the shade, her journal on her lap, as she tries to find her words. And finally.]


think I saw Godzilla today. I was not ready for that.

[Most likely she is referring to the Jurassic Park shenanigans afoot, but she doesn't know that. So she just turns the feed off with a faintly worried look.]
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[If she looks bedraggled, it's probably because she's dealt with quite a bit thus far during the event, and isn't having the best time. It could be worse, but it could certainly be better.]

I don't know how many people here have- have changed, but is there anyone who can remember being their very own self?

[She stops walking briskly long enough to tuck a lock of hair behind one ear, chest heaving, pausing outside the mansion to lean against the rough-cut stone wall. A few speckles of red are spattered across one sleeve - an unfortunate encounter with something she'll look up later, something called Compsognathus - a cut scrapes over her cheekbone, as well.

Dinosaurs. Very real, very dangerous dinosaurs in the forest. And a desert off to the east, one she's certain she doesn't want to venture into, not without a camel and a guide.

Anyone who remembers me?
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[Rei finds herself spending her entire Saturday taking pictures of the woods. She can't exactly place why, so she continues to wander around without questioning it. Despite being surrounded by the mansion's population, her subjects remain strictly of the landscape variety.

This tapers off at night, once it becomes impossible to get a good shot with the waning light.

11; video

Mar. 7th, 2012 12:08 am
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[Souji's sitting on his couch with several books stacked beside him and origami cranes lining the window sill behind him. He's not looking directly at the camera when the feed comes on, but the way he sits back a little as it starts indicates that he turned it on intentionally.

He's quiet for a few seconds, as though he's listening to something. Then he looks at the device, pensive.]

How much should someone worry about the future? Or is the present more important?

[He isn't addressing anyone in particular, but he sounds like he needs a second (actually a seventh) opinion on this.]


Feb. 26th, 2012 01:52 pm
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I have heard a great many thing said about love. Some say it's fleeting, that it is here and gone in a matter of years. Others believe it is enduring, stretching well past the limited span of a human life into eternity. I have heard that love fades, that love perseveres, that love is gentle, that love is cruel.

And I find myself unable to believe any of them.

I exist beyond my own death, this is true. But without her, without the object of my love and affection, what is my love for her but a hollow shadow of an emotion? Can love exist without object, without expression, without a meaning or a purpose? I know that I love her, but is it her or my memory of her that keeps the affection dear?

Perhaps all of these things are not meant to be pondered by humans. I cannot say because I think I have lost touch with what it means to truly be human, if I ever knew at all.


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