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Aug. 20th, 2013 05:47 pm
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hello this is america. river tauught me to use this to write letters on the screen. she is gone now. lots of pals are gone now. it is saddening. i hope they are happy where ever they have gone.

that is not why i write today thow. i am informing you that the vendors will not take memories from the last event because they are ****** (use expletive of choice i could not decide). this is not how capitalism works. you do not understand supply and demand queen of wonderland. you are going to have worse invlation than the southern states. i have some quality fake memories these should be worth at least a blt or a hundred dollar confederate note.

worthless. being english is so worthless. it is now fact.

i have brushed my teeth so hard that my gums are bleeding but i am now confident ive cleansed the posh ugly accent out of my mouth.

does anyone want my memories from the last few days i sure dont.

they are free.

i am giving them away for free this is a bargain please take them.
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[ This isn't an announcement he wants to make.

Zack knew it could happen -- knew it probably would happen -- but it still hurts. He has to wait a good hour before he can actually keep it together enough to click on his device. ]

...Aerith is gone.

[ Just like that. Somehow, Wonderland seems so much dimmer in her absence. It's a minor miracle that he manages to keep his voice steady. ]

Her room is empty so I guess...that means she went home.

[ An awkward pause, then- ]

I'm sorry.

[ With that, he cuts off the feed. ]
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I'm going to be patrolling the halls all day, so if you need assistance, you can count on me. [Cloud seems...lighter. Maybe even friendlier? There is also confidence in his tone - almost as if he considers himself equal to anything Wonderland can dish out.

How else would a First Class SOLDIER feel? He even holds himself differently, one hand on the hilt of his sword, ready for action. His posture is highly reminiscent of how Zack holds himself, though, of course, there is no way Cloud can match the other SOLDIER's stature.]

And don't worry about giving me a job too big. I can handle it. [His smile is easy and perhaps even a little bit cocky.] Now where should I start?

[ooc: Feel free to run into him anywhere if you want an action thread!]
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[Cid squints one eye at the device as he peers into the camera, a lit cigarette loosely held between his lips. The hell is this thing? Fancier than the PHS, that’s for damn sure. He taps the screen a couple of times with his index finger before going all-out and knocking on it.

Huh. Seems solid.]

Alright, guess I see how this thing works. Kinda clunky for a phone, ain’t it?

[Okay, it’s not actually that cumbersome, but if he doesn’t have something to complain about, he’s at a loss.]

Already took a look around this place. Gave myself the tour, skimmed through the brochure, you name it. Sounds like a whole boatload of crazy, if you ask me – not that anyone ever does.

So I’m stuck here. All right, fair ‘nough. The hell am I supposed to do now? I tell you one thing, I could use a stiff drink. Anyone feel like pointing me in the right direction? This shit ain’t getting processed without some serious alcohol.


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