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[He should have known it was coming. He should have known it, when his Mirror took something of his, knowing full well what would generate. What it would do. He combs through the mansion in a frenzy, too late. The closets aren't giving him what he needs, and his focus is too fraying, too suspect to its own paranoid dips and peaks, to keep trying and risking and venturing until the correct result is administered.

He knows what's coming, and he knows there's no - no escaping what comes next, the locking up of his limbs, the arching of his back, the spasmodic jerking of every muscle, the burning in his chest and throat.

There's no one here to stop it. There's nothing he can -

A very strange video appears to the network, and its uploader is anonymous. All in all, it's about twenty seconds long, but what it sacrifices for brevity it makes up for in sheer surrealism. There plays, first, a high, piercing tone, followed by a recording of a man long gone.

The video itself entails little more than simple white text over black, torn through as the whole thing appears to be with horizontal bars of static.]



[An image flares in a brief sputter of black and scarlet, and is gone again.]

////ecps lgyckr qmutb////
///////sm ymu fkmw///////
///////wbht ymu scs///////


[And then - nothing.]

[[ooc: Tim will be in his "masked" state for the duration of the next two days, which you can read more about here. Anyone who wishes to decrypt that message may receive a reply, though you're welcome to threadjark in order to icly collaborate.

Those wishing to encounter Tim's masked persona will encounter them in the forest or Checkerboard Hills. Be warned that they are hostile and will attack on sight; though slightly stronger and more durable than your average human, they are not a highly skilled combatant, and will try to escape an encounter once they realize they're losing.]]

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Apr. 1st, 2017 08:36 pm
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[It's not that he hasn't learned how to use video by now, it's just that he's... still a little awkward about presenting himself to the public. But something like this - something that was so absolutely impossible back home - it's enough to pull him out of hiding.]

This is space.

[Maybe it's some kind of illusion of Wonderland's. Maybe it's not real. But...]

it's really space isn't it

[It's impossible. Cid couldn't do it, not without really, really trying. ShinRa couldn't do it - or as much as they cared about it, anyway. It wasn't possible. Things like space don't just happen.]

it's not fair. i shouldn't be the one to

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Do you have friends from home here?

( sucre has two. one is her closest friend, and the other she knows well - though not well enough that she would call them best friends. it's been strange, being in another world but still having people here that she already knows, but it isn't an unwelcome comfort. what she doesn't like is the danger they have been put in. already things have happened to zacharie, he's died despite promising not to (and as much as she realises it can't be helped, she's still filled with grief) and the events have put them in even more danger.

wonderland is another chance at being reunited after her death in their home world, but it's also worse - here, they can die, and it's discomforting. )

I have two. It's nice, but it's scary :-(

How do you feel, if you do? If you don't, do you wish your friends were here?


Mar. 7th, 2017 12:54 pm
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What an absolutely delectable distraction!

[A frightening feline visage graces the viewer. While it registers more or less as a cat in shape and size, there is something particularly off about it. The eyes are too big, and the mouth gapes, full of crowded teeth pointing in all directions. It’s visibly smiling, which is something a normal cat shouldn’t be able to do. Maybe this is what cats look like in nightmares?]

Such an array of colours and textures! I find myself mourning my poor ability to see all the different shades, but oh, the sensations underneath my toes! The feeling of raking my claws over the various chairs and couches in this lovely building is nothing less than sublime.

I’ve been missing out my entire life, only able to sharpen them against the cold metal of Zone 0. It makes a most unpleasant sound, but one must endure. Hygiene is very important, children.

And they have even made me a little present. While I would prefer some fresh quarry to chase, or perhaps something to open those vexing little tins with, this device is more than satisfactory. It is made just for the charming, rounded shape of my paws.

[It kneads them against the screen, purring in a satisfied manner.]

Tell me, my well-kept inmates, what is the purpose of our prison? I was thoroughly convinced that my world had been reduced to nothingness, as my wanderings proved fruitless, and yet I am here, vibrant and alive! The puppeteers have made quite the tangle of strings here, but it does not bother me any more than any other ball of yarn, which we cats are so expert at unraveling.

I implore you to tell me all you know. I am very, very curious.

[OOC: Before playing with The Judge, please check out his
permissions post! He has a particular fourth-wall breaking power that you need to know about before engaging with him.]
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[Today’s little network post opens with the camera pointed toward a festive little booth outside the mansion. Its purpose seems clear enough, but just in case you don’t get it, don’t fret! Because here is a handsome robot to turn the camera onto his face and explain it to you!]

Hello beauties and gentlebeauties! As you are all probably aware, today is Valentine’s day! For those who may not be in the know, it is a holiday devoted to love and the expression of love! Pink and red hearts, delicious chocolates, heartfelt confessions, secret passions; today is the day for it all!

[Here he adjusts the device so it is sitting on the booth and you can see his outfit clearly, as he props up his chin with his hands and flashes the camera a coquettish grin.]

Now, some of us have a special someone to spend this beautiful day with, and that is wonderful! For those of Wonderland who aren’t so lucky and feeling down about not getting that special Valentine’s Day kiss- never fear, for your favorite star is here! Come on down to the gardens and, if the price is right, you’ll get to experience these luscious lips for yourself~!

[He’s certainly put on a shiny red lipstick for the occasion…]

The price is, of course, anything Valetine’s day themed that you think I will like! There’s no currency here, so regular money just won’t do darlings! Impress me with something really extravagant, and your kiss may be extra special!

I look forward to seeing you here, sweethearts! Bye for now!

[He blows a kiss for the camera and it switches off.]

((ooc: Feel free to respond to this post on the network, run into Mettaton in the gardens, or do both! His default kiss is going to be a chaste kiss on the cheek or lips depending on how your character wants and the thread goes, but if you want ~something more~, feel free to pm me or hit me up on plurk and we can hash it out! Kids are 100% welcome; he’s gonna kiss the heck out of those cheeks and foreheads!! Let’s have a lovely Valentine’s day, Wonderland! ♥))
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[This kid's been busy, it turns out. Very busy. It's Valentine's Day, as most everyone is in all likelihood well aware, and for the first few moments of the broadcast, they appear to be quite busy with something, tongue stuck between their teeth, brow furrowed with concentration.

Eventually they glance up, however, and hold up a simple heart cut out of red construction paper. They appear to have been in the process of drawing myriad swirls along the edges. They were going for something reminiscent of a lace pattern, but results are...inconclusive.]

If anyone needs valentines, I made... [A brief pause, and they duck out of sight, only to return with an armful of hearts of every color in the rainbow.] I, um, I have a lot extra.

[But that's just the first purpose of their broadcast. The second is something they've been hard at work on for some time. A combination of careful observation, idle speculation, and wheedling questions has yielded some interesting results, and it's about time those were documented.]

And there's something else, too.

[For a brief moment, they form a fingergun with their free hand, one maroon eye winking shut in a gesture that was, in all likelihood, meant to emerge as flirtatious but simply ends up comically overexaggerated. And then...then they upload the file.]



[And yes, they will very much be monitoring any and all chatter that goes on within, so they may update their couples list accordingly. Go hog wild, Wonderland.]
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[This isn’t Cami’s first time preparing to advertise the therapy office, and some of the steps are pretty routine by now. She’s got the space neat and ready, her mirrors already broken and covered up so there would be no unwelcome interruptions from that end. She props up the phone nearby, so it can capture whatever spiel she’s about to offer to the citizens of Wonderland. The last part is figuring out just what to say, which she hasn’t quite managed yet. Cami’s plan is to give herself a bit of time, to piece together the words, and then start the video when she’s all set.

Her phone has other plans—or, you know. It would if it weren’t an inanimate object. While she means to record, Cami’s intention isn’t to broadcast. But she does, so the mansion can now watch as she paces slowly around the room with arms crossed over her chest, seemingly talking to herself.]

I think everyone would agree that the last event was incredibly difficult. [Who would say otherwise, given the constant risk of suffocation, the odd repetitions of time, the mass of jumbled and confused posts filling the network?] Unfortunately, it’s not going to be the last one that’s hard to bear. Many of the events here put us through terrible things, circumstances that no one should have to face—

So everyone feel worse about it, so you can start to feel better! [She shakes her head at herself as she realizes how that sounds. Toeing the line of truth without being blunt isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, guys.] Okay, O’Connell. One more time, without making everyone more depressed.

[There’s silence again, Cami mulling over a better introduction. After a few minutes (and a few passes in front of the couch), she nods, bracing herself as she tries again.]

I think after the event we all just went through, everyone would agree that this world is far from a perfect place. But it doesn’t have to be perfect to still be…good. [She smiles, seemingly more satisfied with the opening.] While most of us—no. While many people are understandably eager to go home, the way things stand right now, that’s currently out of our control.

[Her pacing stops, though she smiles still. What comes next is something she’s known for a long time, but only recently truly understood.]

All we can do is try and find a way to live here in the meantime.

[She tucks her hair back behind her ear, weighing the words she’s just said. On the whole, much better than her first attempt, and she resumes walking and thinking aloud.]

And for some people, therapy can be beneficial towards doing that. It isn’t the easiest step to take; a lot of people think going to therapy means something’s wrong with them, that they aren’t good enough somehow. But as hard as it is to admit you need help—might need help—once you do…

[Her voice trails off again. Idly, Cami’s hand reaches up to toy with the pendant she’s taken to wearing as of late: a small cross made of diamonds.

God, the last few months were hard ones.]

Once you do, you’d be amazed how much better things can get.

[But she knows not to say that for real. Her personal experience aside, Cami is well aware that therapy isn’t a magic fix-it button or an immediate cure all. So she’s quick to shake her head, mentally striking that line from her upcoming speech.]

Okay, so less miracle worker at the end, but that wasn’t bad. [Dropping down on the couch, Cami reaches for the phone, meaning to review what she’s just put together, make her changes, practice once more and then broadcast for real.

As such, Wonderland gets a pretty good view of her expression when she realizes that she’s already been sending her message out over the network.]

Is this…oh God. [She groans, resting her free hand against her now reddening face.] It’s already on the network. Well, hi there, Wonderland. Welcome to this behind the scenes look at the therapist in residence embarrassing herself.

[Right. Still recording, Cami. Now is not to die of mortification.]

So obviously that was all supposed to just be practice, but it’s also true. And there is a therapist office on the sixth floor, room twenty if anyone is interested in talking.

[She sighs, but at least the sound ends with a soft laugh. What else can she do at this point?]

And I promise I’ll have the phone put away so this doesn’t happen to you.

{{ooc: Also open to action if you’d prefer to have your character just show up. Cami’s there all day.}}
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[Forward-dated to when the dead revive.]

[That could have gone better. But now Zacharie knows what death in Wonderland is like, compared to what happened in that white room. One out of five.

Guess it was time to move on.

Or he would if Wonderland hadn't decided to play an additional joke. Zacharie was willing to admit that dying from oxygen starvation had left him more than a little shaken. At least in OFF it was quick. But that was why the NPC hadn't gone on the network immediately, to give himself time to relax and focus his thoughts.

Turns out things didn't settle even if Zacharie did. If he talked to himself it came out garbled and in code. Writing didn't work and Zacharie sincerely hoped that Wonderland wasn't going to make him mime out his items list. He could be considered a comic relief character yes, but Zacharie had his limits.

In addition to this, it seems the Resets were still happening. Zacharie stares at his phone, wondering just how many times he's sent out these texts. But hey, sometimes you just had to roll with it.]

Crush the bones and turn them into fine powder.

This event? Plays love me loves me not with us. Not fun Wonderland. Not Safe.

<>Change Face Graphics: le batteur, 16, Left.
<>Play Sound: ZachMaw
<>Message: How are you all today?

Myself? Tuer, tuer, tuer.


[He knows it won't make much sense. The French might - "Tuer" means kill but the context isn't quite correct. Oh well, someone can probably ask. He'll wait.]
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[There's sound coming through, but it's breathing sounds. Very, very relieved-sounding breathing sounds. And then, a few seconds later, a child's voice pipes up.]

Gotta question. Other than th' obvious "What is this place?", why is it floodin' in this place?

[She'd appeared right in the hallway, underwater, and in a panic managed to find herself in an empty bedroom.]

An' where is everyone? What kinda game is this?

[It may not seem obvious at first, but she doesn't even realize she's got the device on, in her panic. She's merely talking to herself.]
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[Normally Cloud wouldn't object to being stuck in his room for the time being while everything else is going on out there. He's generally holed away most of the time as it is.

But it's different now. There's no way out. Air is getting thin and his only exit is a giant wall of water and he's all the way up on the seventh floor. He could break the wall down, leap out and fall down about seven stories. He's done it before. He's done worse.

But there's something about the rushing water, the feeling of suffocation and darkness that brings back things he shouldn't remember. Tight tube, loud noises, murmuring voices and it keeps jolting. He's losing track of time.

This has already happened. Or maybe it didn't. Maybe he's just so far gone into his own mind that time just ceases to have any sort of meaning and it all falls into a dense, incoherent blur. Marshmallow rustles around in her cage anxiously but it's not Marshmallow right now. It's shuffling through a drawer, needles and scalpels and they're coming for him.

He's suffocating.


He can't breathe.



Doesn't know just how long he's been crumpled on the floor for now, trying to claw for his phone.]


pp lease stop
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[Sans is at his hotdog stand like usual, apparently doing a crossword.]

hey, so this has been bugging me since that event with the pyramid. what's actually the point of suspenders? i mean. a lot of human clothing is kind of baffling to me. but suspenders just seem excessive.

[He fills in a word in his crossword.]

if you're worried about your pants falling down, you could just use a belt. or rope or such. or wear a skirt instead.

[Frankly, he has questions about every article of clothing he was forced to wear during that event, but he's holding back. Plus, talking about weird clothing means not having to talk about weird past lives.]

by the way, anyone ever get that giant diamond that was up at the apex? didja get to keep it?

[He pauses, frowning at his paper and tapping the pen against his teeth. Hell yeah, he uses pen on his crosswords, cause if he makes a mistake it's an excuse to just give up on it.]

these crosswords are all human oriented. what's a six-letter word for "iron deficiency"?
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::The video feed opens to show a smiling Asgore looking into the camera.::

Hello, everyone. I was talking with Sans the other day and he told me that on the internet, which is something I do not know very much about, that people do things that are called "Let Us Plays" and that the "Let Us Players" will play a game and have a nice chat, and that people like to watch them. And so I thought to myself that it would be a fun idea for me to try to do a "Let Us Play" with a game here for you all, since there is no Internet here.

::The camera pans out a bit more so that it's more than just Asgore's face, it's all of his upper body, swathed mightily in a lavender colored tank top and pink short sleeved-shirt combo; it's very fashionable.::

I asked the closet to give me a fun game and I got this!

::He proudly holds up a book of Sudoku puzzles.::

So, I think that I will start to play one of these Sud-oku games. I did a couple on my own to practice so that I know what I am doing.

::What follows is a ten minute video of Asgore reading numbers, counting things, giving life tips for brewing cups of tea, a story about a particularly difficult bush that he's had to prune, an anecdote about a weight lifting belt snapping in the middle of a deadlift, a couple of minor mistakes and some erasing, and at least three really bad puns. He helpfully moves the camera to focus on the sudoku but sometimes he picks it up and looks into it to make sure that it's still running, and then puts it back on the writing numbers action.::

::Eventually, he finishes it successfully.::

Oh, there we go, I guess I'm done. All of the columns and rows and boxes have all of the numbers from one to nine in them. I think it was very diverting. If anyone else has any games that they would like to see me play, or if you would like to see more Sud-oku videos please let me know. Like comment subscribe click the link to donate to my Patreon if you want to see more videos
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Another day, another event. It seems Wonderland is determined to remind me that I am short as both an adult and a child. Perhaps the next one could involve stilts of some sort. That being said, I apologize for anything strange I may have said.

[Because clearly that's the only thing to address here. Regardless, Zacharie moves on.]

My personal thoughts aside, I have noticed we have a few new faces! Welcome to Wonderland friends. I'm Zacharie, the traditional items merchant. I sell a variety of useful items and equipment for you protagonist types and I take trades, information and actual money if you have it as payment. Feel free to browse and I will be happy to help you with anything you may need.

[And here's his list! Enjoy all the video game lingo. He's just going to wait for any questions he might receive.]

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Oct. 27th, 2016 02:38 pm
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[It's Cloud! He's back to normal. And he's got a lot to say, too! A deep, introspective novel that took him about three hours to write, his heart and soul pouring out into the little digital keyboard that his fingers painstakingly slaved over. He hits 'post'. And then...]



1 - text;

Oct. 17th, 2016 03:02 pm
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So, great to know this place still gets e-mail.

Except I don't know where it's goin.

I woke up in the middle of a fountain. My bike's gone. Pretty sure I'm not dreamin either.

Anyone know where Healin Lodge is from here?

[In a world of futuristic motorcycles and robots, Cloud Strife still cannot figure out the video function on this thing.]
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[The video's first shot is of a frog. It's George's. She's had it for just about as long as she's been here. She named it Frog. Today she tried to remove its soul.]

So, figured I'd mess around with my "powers" or whatever, now that I don't feel like I'm hiding them. Turns out I can't seem to remove animal souls. Assuming they have them. Which they did, back home, I guess. I met a reaper who only did animals, once.

[He was a kid. A dead kid. George doesn't like thinking about it too much.]

Uh, so. Basically this is just my way of saying that if we have an event with hellhounds or giant spiders or whatever again and I get to keep my powers, I'm sort of useless. If I have to de-soul some people-- in self defense, obviously [She holds up her hands for a moment to emphasize this, than drops them.] --I can. But animals I guess I'll have to fight the old fashioned way. Or, y'know. Hide behind someone stronger than me.

[Probably the latter.]

So, uh. Yeah. Just thought I'd let you guys know what I figured out.


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[For a long moment, Remus just sits there at his desk, hands clasped on the table in front of him, eyes cast down and to the side as the weight of what he has to do sinks in ever further. This isn't something he ever foresaw doing, but there are things he knows now that make it impossible for him to continue, without fear and guilt the likes of which he is sick of carrying.]

I'm sorry, please bare with me. This... this is a difficult matter for me to breach.

[He runs his hand through his hair, rubs the back of his neck and finally clears his throat, sitting up a little more. He's always sort of hunched these days.]

Recently... many of us were not ourselves, however much we may have appeared to be.We were taken over, some of us overcome, by forces not of our own control or will, and these... others... they were able to see and use some of our own memories and knowledge. 

I need you to understand, before I do this, that it is that which I fear may bring harm to others... more than the information I wish to share. You do not need to fear me, or have reason to do so, though it will not be.... unreasonable... that you may. But you must know I take every precaution... every care that I can to insure I harm no one. That I am a threat to no one, in so far as I can control the circumstances. And that I am working on insuring this, further.

But if something like this happens again, and that control is stripped of me. All I can do to protect you, is to make sure you are prepared for what you may face.

[His hands are clasped again, clenching and unclenching. He worries his lip with his teeth an takes a breath. This is a confession he does not take lightly and has so rarely shared with any one that it feels as if he is ripping open his chest to expose his heart for a killing blow. But the people here have enough problems without this extra danger going unknown. This place is too unpredictable to keep his secret locked where it could cost someone their life.]

I am a werewolf.

[No four words have ever been so freeing. So damning. And he is prepared to face the fall out that will come with his confession.]


Oct. 18th, 2013 10:44 pm
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[It's been a long week.

James has been counting the days since all signs of Lily vanished, and he's been trying not to worry or panic. The last time she disappeared, she was back within a week. Plenty of people leave and come back in a week. It's a well-documented occurrence, so James waited on edge for an entire seven days.

But, a week has passed, and there's still no sign of her anywhere.

He's been dreading making this post, but he knows he has to. He fusses with the camera for a moment, but then he can't bring himself to look at it.

...Lily's gone.

[And then he abruptly shuts the video off. That's it, that's the whole message. Just two words to convey something that still feels so impossible. It still stings, so he makes sure it's short and to the point. He's not about to sob to the network at large, but it's the most effective way to let everyone know.]
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I'm done with rescuing people. [Okay, no he's not. He's just grumpy.] Every time I do that, I get bitten.

[Cloud is bandaging up his arm after using some salve on the burn.]

Get rid of the porn, put out your damn fires, don't look into your mirrors and - [He tightens the bandage with his teeth, tugging on the fabric.] Find safer activities.

Like...gardening. Everyone likes fresh vegetables.
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[ Later that night, after this post has aired, Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa made their way to the grounds to rid themselves of that horrid, evil spirit bound in literature. This is the aftermath of that joint venture.

The feed opens up to both of them, standing side by side, silent and still, eyes focused on something just out of view of the feed. It takes a few seconds for Jack to remember that he'd started up his communicator but, when he does, he brings his attention back to it.

His face is even and his voice level as he speaks and, despite the sun having set a few hours ago, there's still enough light for both of them to clearly be seen on screen. Weird.

Nobody panic... but I think there is a fire.

[ And with those troubling words, Jack flips the device around and you're greeted with the sight Jack and Hector had been staring it. It is, indeed, a fire.

And I don't mean a campfire or a bonfire. No, I mean half the mansion grounds are legitimately on fire.

This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.

And then, calmly and unconcerned, Jack and Hector's voices drift through the speakers, as though they weren't witnessing a horrendous natural disaster occurring right before their very eyes.

For the record, I'd like to state this be your fault. If not for you, nary would I have wandered down here. [Because, no, he'd have just burned it in the stove or the microwave most likely.]

You were the one that decided to read futuristic porn, mate. Not me.

Wouldn't have read it if I knew it were porn, would I? Still your fault.

Is not.

Is very well so.

Is not!

It very well is so, and you know it.

[ Yeah, they could on like this for a while. Someone might... want to do something about that fire, though. ]
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[The rooftop is such a nice place to brood. She's been back for right under a week at this point, having shown up just in time for another event has left her in a sour mood. She's needed time to herself, to think and piece things together, to convince herself being back here is definitely real.

When she flips on her device and starts recording, Claire's face is different than it was the last time she addressed anyone over the network. She looks older, with straight and short hair, and when she speaks she sounds older as well.

It's only a little unsettling to not remember a thing about this place until you're brought back. I've been through some pretty crazy things the past few years, but this place still finds ways to freak me out.

[There's a long pause, and she looks almost confused.]

I mean, I'm used to things not making any sense, but the way everything here works has to be outside reality. There wasn't even an eclipse for that last event.

[Which would only make sense to people who know her power is activated and deactivated back home by eclipses...which would be a grand total of no one. So she'll just look like weird girl that likes to mention an eclipse, that's okay by her.

She opens her mouth to say more, but instead ends up clamping her jaw shut and looking out over the rooftop. Time to end the recording so she can squeeze more brooding in.

009; Video

Oct. 10th, 2013 06:19 pm
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[Waking up in a room you're familiar with but not quite being able to place it wasn't entirely odd to Amy. It's not like she's been in too many places for that long since she started traveling with the Doctor, after all. What was weird what she remembered before she woke up. Her head is still a little foggy from whatever the Cyberman shot at her. But everything that happened while she was gone comes back in a rush. Something horrible was going to happen to the TARDIS, maybe even the Doctor. Then the cyberman started attacking her and…and here she was in a room that was almost like her one back in Leadworth except for the calendar on the wall.


She wonders how long she's been gone. It felt like only a day back home. The timelioop situation had been taken care of and they were investigating the Pandorica…piecing together memories of her time in Wonderland and her life back home took a few moments to organize.

Once she gathers her bearings, she grabs her phone. After her death here, she doesn't want to waste time letting people know she's back, but she doesn't know where to start. Still lost on what to say, she opens the video. And after a moment, she just begins rambling. She looks groggy and disoriented.]

So it's true, then. We go back home and we don't remember our time here. But once we're back, it's all there. Everything we did here, everyone we met. It's like it never happened when we're home but it did happen. How does that even work? How can we forget everything when we leave but remember it all when we return?

[There's a pause from her rambling and she runs a hand through her hair. She straightens and fixes her gaze on the camera.]

Right. How long was I gone and what did I miss?
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[Well, now that that whole mine business is over and done with, and he finally (finally) has gotten himself clean of the ick and gore, despite it still staining every piece of clothing he owns, he can get back to what he was originally doing, which is, of course, boning up on future-speak so as all the better to listen in on conversations that have in times before left him two steps behind.

And so that means reading future literature, as so much of a culture's thoughts and ideals can be found in what they study and write about. That, at least, has held true through some of the nonsense he's picked through. Magic, according to some; science, another. And all manner of things that he's grateful come illustrated, as it's hard for him to picture such things as 'cars' and 'trains', much less machines that fly through the sky.

However, he's hit upon some particularly bad literature in his wanderings, and while he's mostly skimming for the gist of things, since spelling and grammar and all manner of things is still somewhat unfamiliar, this one in particular has caught his eye, simply for its sheer terribleness.

So when the feed kicks on, Hector, settled at the table of his cabin room with a bottle to one side and a stack of books to the other, simply gives an amused look, before holding up a book, cover side to the communicator.]

Been doing meself a bit of research, ye might say, on what you lot find worth reading. For the most part, I'm impressed. There be a wide enough variety of nonfiction that's interesting enough. But then...I found this. [He waggles the book side to side for a moment.] I've no idea what this is supposed to be about. It's so terrible I can't force meself to actually read it. For instance:

[He clears his throat, pulling the book back to him, flipping to a random page. Really, the tiny print of the future is terribly hard to read, but he's going to make the best of it.]
“So,” I prompt.
“I like the control it brings me, Anastasia. I want you to behave in a particular way, and if you don’t, I shall punish you, and you will learn to behave the way I desire. I enjoy punishing you. I’ve wanted to spank you since yo-

[He pauses, eyes moving as he reads ahead, flipping forward in the book and sampling again, and one last time, before blanching and slamming the book shut.

That not enough, he pushes it to the edge of the table with a finger as though it's a live thing, and when that still doesn't satisfy him, it's picked up and bodily thrown to the other side of the room, upsetting Rose, who's been quietly sitting on the monkey swing in the background until now, and she gives a loud screech, diving away.]

I'm not one given to vulgarities overly much, mind, but just what in hell is wrong with you folk. First there be that internet porn, and now this? Honestly, either you're the most gutless group of soft nancies I've never before seen, or there be something seriously depraved about the lot of you, between that mess and the sparkly vampires, and gods only know what else, as I'm not sure I wish to investigate much further in your fiction.
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[The video opens simply: Sephiroth, a cup of coffee, and a book. It's a quiet Sunday morning, at least for the General, and one that sees him inclined to reminiscence over recent events and acquaintances both.]

The weekend last was one of the more... interesting interesting I have had. Though it still troubles me at how easily this place can provide us with memories that seem so complete, a lifetime's-worth in the blinking of an eye. What power is that, truly? And why?

[Though it is probably clear that the General's words are more of idle speculation than the active seeking of an answer; they are questions he knows have probably been asked before, and to no satisfactory answer. In fact, that this even comes so long after— nearly a full week— speaks mostly to idle speculation rather than serious investigation.]

But that aside... Mister Villiers? I may not be your model here, but I would wish to keep your acquaintance.

Aslan, a word on how you fared? I do not recall stories of a super-powered lion at large in the cityscape. [Yes, that is as weird to say as you think it is.] And Miss Kirigiri, you as well.

[Cloud he knows is okay; he had seen the blond's posting earlier. But of Angeal or Genesis he has not had word – nor does he know how to ask. It is better left quiet, he thinks; some wounds need time, more than anything, to heal. But he cannot let it go every time under that excuse; they are— or were at one point— both his men. Sephiroth does feel something of responsibility in regard to them— though some of that responsibility is less personal and more the clinical detachment of a superior officer over his command.] Hewley, Rhapsodos... I would be curious to learn what roles our city gave you both.

[And lastly, but most importantly:] Zack, a few moments of your time, as you will.

[ooc: hiatus end!]
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That last one wasn't so bad. It reminded me of Midgar. [Cloud looks pretty relaxed for once. He is leaning his back against a wall and his eyes are closed.] Maybe a little more chaotic.

[But not by much.]

I was able to stop six robbers, at least. [And that, surprisingly, was refreshing. He likes being productive.] I've...

[How does he phrase this?]

heard things about...angels. Where do they come from? What can they do?

[He finally glances at the camera, eyes sharp and focused.]

It's a term used in my world, but I don't know if it's...the same.
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[Remus had never had much use for phones so try to be patient with the raggedy wizard while he taps curiously through the functions of the little device in his hands. He had no idea what he was going to do with it, but perhaps if he found who it belonged to, he could find out where he was and how he had come to be there.

The audio function is all that has been activated, so at first the only sound is the tap tap click of his fingers on the screen. And then he noticed what happened.]

Ah, I see. Apologies, I'm not sure who this is, but perhaps you could help me, if anyone is there.

[Being from a half muggle family has its advantages. While he may not commonly use a phone, he had done so before and he understood them better than some wizards might.]

Could you perhaps tell me who this is and where you are? I believe this gadget belongs to someone else. They must have misplaced it.

[Did someone use a memory charm on him?]

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[Coming back to life is a shock, moreso even than his death had been. He would be thankful later no one is around when he awakes with a scream, shaking as he clutches at his chest. It's several minutes before he can pull himself up and actually look around. He doesn't recognize the room, and there's no window to tell what floor he was on.]

[He sits with his knees to his chest, back pressed against the wall as he pulls out his communicator. From the posts he can tell the event has passed, which is definitely odd. He starts to set up a recording, then switches to text. He doesn't really trust his voice right now.]

isnt it supposed to be a day the first time you die?
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[Crowley is only mildly exasperated now that the event is passed.]

There, you see? That whole event was one big, pathetic bluff. I never revealed my secret and never had to kill any poor blighter to keep it. Yet here I am, secret intact, and past the deadline now, yes? I imagine it's the same for many of you as well.

Seems like a fair few people here became killers for no real reason.

[But that's humanity for you. Weirdos, the lot of 'em.]

But all's well that ends well. I say we all hit the pub, or have some kind of "we have escaped high school" celebration. I've seen other people on the network who have about the same idea. Party, then?

...And just out of curiosity, how many of you managed to keep your secrets without resorting to murder?
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[It takes a while to fathom out the device, it's a strange object that both frightens and intrigues him. But in the end, it's just like any other object he has stumbled upon in his short life. It takes careful study and observation, an ability to master what was in front of him and use it as an aid. And as much as he wants to remain hidden in the shadows, he has to reach out or else he will never find what he's looking for. He was alone here. The world around him had changed entirely and this was his last chance to make some sense of it.

And this seemed strangely how everyone communicated here, some odd magical device that allowed communication by distance. It was -- useful. At least he didn't have to show his face.]

I am looking for Doctor Victor Frankenstein. I have been searching all day and have not seen him once. I do not know if he is out there, if he is capable of hearing this. If he is then... then I am here.

[He speaks with a sort of lisp, somewhat mumbled and unsure. He pauses, his hands fumble with the device nervously, unsure what to say. Unsure how many could hear him.]

This is a strange place but very beautiful, I have never been somewhere so grand. The snow is gone, everything is much brighter and nicer. And these machines? I don't yet entirely understand them. [How they worked were beyond him. Magic perhaps? Or more science he can't understand.] But I am curious to know more.
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Looks like I dodged a bullet. [He has secrets - loads of them - that he never wants to utter to another human being.] What about everyone else? Zack? Angeal? Genesis? Sephiroth?

[Hey it's a big step for him to write to Sephiroth. Please - a moment of silence for this momentous occasion.]

I hope you stayed away from the network like I did. [He also practiced the art of being sullen and silent. He's getting good at that.] Did you see that guy turn into a deer?

[Out of everything, that last bit is what baffles him the most. Priorities. He has them.]


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