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Oct. 24th, 2013 08:19 pm
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[Angeal has noticed something strange going on on the other side of the mirror, things that haven't quite done much on their side, but with previous experiences, one thing there must affect the other in some way, right?

Which is why to him, it seems like a good idea to get in touch with his friends, and some of the others he had met here in the time he has been around. Which is what leads to this post. he could have always contacted them privately of course, but there are questions on his mind from a current project taking place.]

There's a project I've been helping with- Tom's shed, near the greenyard. One of the questions I heard while were were starting was that this place does not let anything we build stay up.

Can anyone confirm or deny that?

[And, as an afterthought to his friends.] Zack, Genesis, Sephiroth... why don't you guys come down to the dining room? Let's talk.

[Which means he isn't interested in just talking over the network, if it can be helped. Even after so long here it was hard to lose a SOLDIER's sense of wariness.]
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[The video opens simply: Sephiroth, a cup of coffee, and a book. It's a quiet Sunday morning, at least for the General, and one that sees him inclined to reminiscence over recent events and acquaintances both.]

The weekend last was one of the more... interesting interesting I have had. Though it still troubles me at how easily this place can provide us with memories that seem so complete, a lifetime's-worth in the blinking of an eye. What power is that, truly? And why?

[Though it is probably clear that the General's words are more of idle speculation than the active seeking of an answer; they are questions he knows have probably been asked before, and to no satisfactory answer. In fact, that this even comes so long after— nearly a full week— speaks mostly to idle speculation rather than serious investigation.]

But that aside... Mister Villiers? I may not be your model here, but I would wish to keep your acquaintance.

Aslan, a word on how you fared? I do not recall stories of a super-powered lion at large in the cityscape. [Yes, that is as weird to say as you think it is.] And Miss Kirigiri, you as well.

[Cloud he knows is okay; he had seen the blond's posting earlier. But of Angeal or Genesis he has not had word – nor does he know how to ask. It is better left quiet, he thinks; some wounds need time, more than anything, to heal. But he cannot let it go every time under that excuse; they are— or were at one point— both his men. Sephiroth does feel something of responsibility in regard to them— though some of that responsibility is less personal and more the clinical detachment of a superior officer over his command.] Hewley, Rhapsodos... I would be curious to learn what roles our city gave you both.

[And lastly, but most importantly:] Zack, a few moments of your time, as you will.

[ooc: hiatus end!]
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so is it just me or do things seem a little more...
idk, active? lately?
like i mean we have always had stupid high crime rates, obviously.
but shit's just been going nuts lately.
is there something in the water?
full moon? (no offense to the werewolves on the good side.)
i mean, not that i don't mind the work out and all.
just kinda wondering if there's not something bigger going on.
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Wonderland City! A place sparkling vividly with dashing heroics, devious villainy and most importantly... glorious fashion! At the heart of the town a silver tower rears its crisp and metallic head, donning the letters GV atop, like a luminous and majestic crown.

Here works and creates George Villiers, founder, owner, heart and soul of the fashion company of the same name; a business humbly and locally grown, yet finally internationally revered.

George Villiers himself has only just returned from an inspirational business trip to Venice (which seems impossibly far in the past already, as though he never left the city at all and certainly never wants to leave it again in the future), basking in the thunder and lightning of photographers and reporters eager to receive him.

In the next few days he will oversee inspections of the company's headquarters, prepare and attend the presentation of this year's fall collection, put the finishing touches to his latest creation, and see to any other appointments he might have set up.

And perhaps, just perhaps, he will find the time, inclination and generosity to spare five of his immeasurably valuable minutes for you.

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Looks like I dodged a bullet. [He has secrets - loads of them - that he never wants to utter to another human being.] What about everyone else? Zack? Angeal? Genesis? Sephiroth?

[Hey it's a big step for him to write to Sephiroth. Please - a moment of silence for this momentous occasion.]

I hope you stayed away from the network like I did. [He also practiced the art of being sullen and silent. He's getting good at that.] Did you see that guy turn into a deer?

[Out of everything, that last bit is what baffles him the most. Priorities. He has them.]
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Vincent is gone. [It's another blow; another loss. Cloud would be lying if he said it doesn't sadden him.] He'll be alright.

[That's really all he can say of comfort. He knows Vincent is strong - he has saved his behind enough in the past for that to be clear - yet Cloud prefers him here in Wonderland. Yeah, it's hard and awkward and strange, but at least they could keep an eye on each other.]

Check out his room if you like.
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[ This isn't an announcement he wants to make.

Zack knew it could happen -- knew it probably would happen -- but it still hurts. He has to wait a good hour before he can actually keep it together enough to click on his device. ]

...Aerith is gone.

[ Just like that. Somehow, Wonderland seems so much dimmer in her absence. It's a minor miracle that he manages to keep his voice steady. ]

Her room is empty so I guess...that means she went home.

[ An awkward pause, then- ]

I'm sorry.

[ With that, he cuts off the feed. ]


Aug. 6th, 2013 06:30 pm
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[The camera is sitting on the bathroom counter, well away from the sink, where Kirigiri is bent over, dressed in skirt and undershirt, washing her hair. It's quite a task, considering how long her hair is. And yes, she's still wearing her gloves. They're waterproof okay?

She's almost done, though. She straightens and squeezes water out of her hair with both hands. The water is clear, but there are pinkish-red stains on her undershirt and a nearby towel that might give a clue about why she needed to wash her hair.

Once her hair is just damp and not totally sodden, she turns to the camera, pensive. Noticing it's on, she goes ahead and addresses the network.]

I have...been thinking about cutting my hair. It's been getting in the way, lately, and I'm not sure what else to do about it.

Though I...am a little attached to it.

[She reddens a little, embarrassed for caring about something like that. She picks up the towel and fidgets with it a bit before she starts toweling off her head.]

This sort of thing isn't one of my strengths. I'd...like any advice about what I can do.
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[ The video opens in darkness, the only sound to be heard the gentle movement of waves lapping against the shore. However, the very moment a tinge of light begins to creep over the horizon, a Voice begins to sing.

It is a Song the likes of which few have ever heard before. It rises as the light grows stronger, swelling with the tide and soaring as a bird may fly. It resonates in the air as well as the earth, a happy sound that could make even the most solemn of men dance to its melody.

The brightness of the morning spills over the waves, glistening with the newness of day. The Song crescendos finally as the sun peaks in the sky, only to diminish and fade into the sounds of the sea.

A few moments pass before the Singer finally appears. Great paws, golden and velveted all, appear first as he steps into view. A large, shaggy lion pads silently to the water edge, the breeze rustling its mane.

He stands there for a little while before turning and walking down the beach. ]

[ ooc: Please have a look at Aslan's PERMISSIONS POST before tagging! Aslan will be wandering around the beach as well as the outside part of the grounds all day. Feel free to run into him! He will respond to this video as well. Also, if you think your character might be able to detect/discern Aslan's true nature, feel free to have them do so! ]
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[Angeal is recovering nicely, much to Zack's insistence that he not do anything. However, he has opted to keep his post to just voice- There are still bandages needed for his back, over where the wound from his wing is, would be something he isn't intrested in talking about, at least right now.]

Wonderland, huh? This is quite the place. I suppose to many, this place has taken them away from their homes. [A pause, and he seems to consider how to put this delicately, the right way.] But to others, like myself it is a second chance of sorts. Another chance to make things right, another chance at life...

[He chuckles, a soft noise as a smile catches on his face, small but genuine.] A chance to get some sense of penance, to start over, and do the right thing.

[Now that he is convinced that it could be possible, even for a monster like him. If the others could find it in them to forgive him, then perhaps he may be able to find it for himself.]

But for the others... why do you want to go back? What is waiting for you? And most importantly of all, how can I start to help?

[After checking with Zack for a brief moment to make sure that these devices worked much like their phones, he composes a few private messages to send out to a few people he really needed to reach out to.]

PMs' to Genesis, Sephrioth )
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[ All you can see is a grinning face. Already you may feel the dread. If you've seen a calendar you already know what this means and, if you're smart, you've put in the ear plugs already because shit's about to get loud. ]




[ This isn't even text. The flickers of red white and blue are audible. It rings with freedom and inspires a certain kind of joy, like the kind that erupted when it was announced that Arrested Development was being brought back.

America steps back to reveal glory.

He's outside on the grounds. Everything that can possibly be associated with the 4th of July is there: burgers, hot dogs, apple pie, soda, ice cream, all sorts of glorious products and brands that aren't even around in the 1860s. Does that matter? Of course not. Today is a day when sense isn't even relevant.

The most indestructible car in existence has its bed full of fireworks, some that are probably illegal in most states. There's two cakes, one frosted like the Union flag and the other the Confederate, and both have sparklers stuck in them.

But most impressive is the absurd amount of booze. Seriously it's almost incomprehensible. It seems to stretch as far as the infinite fences and if you care to look out from a top floor or the roof, it's in the shape of the continental US. You should be terrified that he is setting off explosives this close to this much flammable liquid.

America lifts his arms as though to say behold my domain.

It's my birthday and everyone's invited! Even the Brits. Especially the Brits. I want ya to see how happy I am bein' independent.

Fireworks will happen soon as it's dark enough!

[ And if he's drunk enough he may or may not blow his hand off. He's already getting started on that btw. Join in the festivities, mingle, threadjack, do whatever you like DO WHATEVER YOU FUCKING LIKE TODAY IS A DAY OF FREEDOM. AMERICA WILL BE RIDING HIS DAMN DINOSAUR WAVING AN AMERICAN FLAG AS SOON AS THE FIREWORKS START YEAHHHHHHHHHH FOURTH OF JULY. ]
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[You have all seen this before- the start of a recording done entirely on accident. This one seems to have a different sort of edge to it, however- a quick movement, the device flipping, sky and land changing places until the com settles onto the grass. Heavy labored breathing, wheezes of pain by something obviously not human can be heard, accompanied by the shot of a long grey body, riddled with wounds.

Then against that gray body fell an arm clad almost completely in red, accented with a few touches of silver: a familiar sight to those who know of the First Class SOLDIERs who existed alongside Sephiroth before everything went to hell. Neither of the two figures were fully in the screen, obviously unaware of it being turned on. Actually, the feed could be a little uncomfortable to watch with its weird, twisted angle. But in any case, the feed wasn’t silent for long.

The red leather-clad hand is gently running its fingers against the gray body, as if soothing it.]

Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess,
we seek it thus and take to the sky.
Ripples form on the water’s surface,
the wandering soul knows no rest.

... what have I done to you, my friend? Is this punishment for my sins now? To behold you this way...?

The fates are truly cruel. Yet I am certain I deserve this for what I had done.

[He falls silent then, and his fingers curl against the creature’s skin as if overcome with grief. The feed turns off a moment after that.]

((ooc: If you wish to come across the two in person, there's a log for them over here!))
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This place sure is a trip, isn't it?
One second I'm reading through a backlog of company mail on my
phone, and the next I'm here. I wonder if this is what it
would look like if the Gold Saucer and Costa del Sol
collided? Not that it matters. From what I gather, this isn't
even Gaia. But what I do know is this: I've heard some
familiar voices on this thing and seen some familiar
faces. And as for what to think about that... I'm still trying
to figure it out.
My name's Kunsel, SOLDIER 2nd Class. If the name rings a bell,
we should probably talk. And if it doesn't, let's talk anyway.
I wouldn't mind knowing a little bit more about this place and
how I got here.
And Zack... buddy. If you can see this...
I kept my promise. I'm still waiting.
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[The voice coming over the network is calm, composed, and largely free of emotion. It belongs to one displaced General— one who is not particularly happy to have found himself not in his office, but in a strange manse instead.]

The few hours I have been here have been illuminating: the familiarity of things is in function more than form, the air holds different pollutants, the very feel of the place is off.

I do not think I need to detail the strangeness of the building. It is, of course, clear that where I was, I now am not.

[A moment of silence is punctuated — for those who have sharp hearing — by the soft creak of metal shifting against leather.]

My question for you, network, is this: beyond a name and a vague description, what is this place?

[The recording is turned off, but barely a moment later, another, shorter one follows:]

Zack, if you're out there, report.
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Who ever left that glass of water in my room and closed the door behind them, you have my gratitude.

[One of you had to have done it, or maybe he's forgotten that he managed to get up and fetch a glass from the closet and fill it at the sink before going back to bed at one point since the 4th June. It's all a bit of a mess in his head still.

He pauses before pressing to send the next part. It looks as pathetic as it sounds but, he needs to know.]

Think I lost a few days here.

Private to Martha Jones:
If I find any samples kept for any reason, I will personally come to find them. I have a very definite way to tell, as I'm sure you figured out.
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[It's Ling who first mentions it, and before long Greed can't stop thinking about it either. So many people here have such strange abilities- he knows exactly what the Ultimate Shield could and could not hold up to in his own world, but what about here?

He's wondered about it before, but it never seemed like a good idea to test it. After all, if someone could pierce the Shield, they'd obviously end up knowing how too. But today... well, the balance has tipped in favor of the desire for knowledge. So he comes up out of the basement to look for a few people. Then, as an afterthought, he flips on the communicator, because there are probably some suitable people he doesn't already know about.]

Hey, who here has some serious firepower? I want to try something.
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[The video flicks on to a shot of Sephiroth's face from just below the chin upwards, then he tilts his head towards the camera and peers down as if he might be able to see even who is watching. Silver bangs which fall from the front of his hairstyle frame the shot as if it's intended. From the lighting it's possible to tell that he's outside, the sunlight picks out the lighter silvers in his hair and adds more of a glisten than an outright glow to his emerald eyes.

Sephiroth's eyebrows are slightly brought together at the top. This is the first time he's even thought to knowingly broadcast what he looks like to the network, but he's been here a while now and there is no way out so why shouldn't he. It's not like he's hard to look at, and he knows it.]

Greetings Wonderland.

[Besides, this isn't a social broadcast.]

Can anyone tell me about what lies down-

[The camera moves as he points the device at the Cave Entrance he's found, which leads to the underground tunnels underneath the Mansion.]


Not that I'm adverse to exploring for myself, but considering recently I was met with unfortunate circumstances as a reward for curiosity, I'd much rather avoid any surprises.
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[ Vincent isn’t normally one to just try calling out of the blue, but he really wants some intel on this place - enough that he is willing to at least try, even if he is quite suspicious of, well... everything about this place. ]

Where is this? And to whom... am I speaking?

[ His voice is deep and quiet and mostly toneless - though there is a dark edge to it. He wants answers, and he expects to be given them. However, he has one last thing to add... ]

Yuffie, if this is your doing... [ ... well, if she’s listening, he’s pretty sure she can imagine the unspoken threat. ]


[ But even as he waits for any sort of response, Vincent doesn’t keep still. Instead, he carefully explores the mansion, moving quietly as he swoops down hallways, checking rooms and keeping to the shadows. You wouldn’t expect someone in a red cape to be particularly stealthy, but he manages it very well - unnaturally so.

However, stealthy or not, he is expecting a fight, so if he opens the door to a room someone is in, his gun is out and aimed right at them. ... really, he’s too used to a world where every space that isn’t a town or city is crawling with hostile wildlife. Don’t worry, though. He won’t shoot on sight. .... probably.

But you’d also better be careful if you meet him in a hallway - or more likely, he sneaks up behind you - as he is armed and dangerous and isn’t the friendliest looking person...

In either case, he won't waste time in asking questions. Unless he's already had the basics from someone else, in which case he'll probably lower the gun if he's sure you're not a threat. ... probably. ]
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[ The audio feed begins with the sound of muted tapping. ]

Is this on?

[ He taps it again, and a young man with spiky, black hair appears. He's peering...much too closely at his communicator, but eventually he leans back, the scar on his left cheek becoming visible. He's standing in the entrance hall, his expression honestly puzzled. ]

Okay. [ Awkwardly, he scratches the back of his head. ] I...don't suppose there's a tour guide anywhere around here?

I know this isn't Gaia. [ If it was, he'd be dead. ] I'm just not sure where 'here' is, exactly, so...I'd appreciate the help.

[ He turns, and for a moment, a large sword becomes visible, hanging on his back. He looks back at the camera, then, flashing a brief smile. ]

I'm Zack, by the way. It's nice to meet you.

[ video ]

May. 18th, 2013 04:44 pm
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Well, slick back my eyebrows and call me chipper! Anyone else take a magic moment to feast your peepers on what a glorious day it is? Why, my creative juices are flowing like Old Blue's bracky mud! I've never been so quick to turn a phrase, and now I'm happier than a rum-runner that just slipped his tie on the train tracks!

[ It seems like Rocky is taking the event pretty well. ]
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So, that was exciting, wasn't it? Like a caucus race on a stormy beach!

I'm very glad everyone figured out the door though. I could have never gotten something like that. It would have been like trying to drink tea straight out of the pot without eating the leaves by mistake. And that would be just dreadful; no one wants to eat tea leaves. But congratulations to everyone else!

Oh, but I wonder what's going to happen next? I'm about as curious as a goldfish in the big wide ocean. It should be something grand, like elephants on parade! Or circus full of adorable monkeys.

Sigh. Wouldn't a circus be fun? I'd really like one. But I don't think it will be that, this time...
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[Since Death is unaccustomed to hiding himself for fear of anything or anybody in existence, he does little to care about whether his face appears on this device. The device itself is nothing new to him. He may not use one since there is no reason normally, but technology like this has always been easily studied. It comes with the territory of being as old as he is.

Oh, is he ever not pleased with this situation. Irritation is evident on his face as he sits there a moment and gives a small shake of his head. This is all he needs is to be in the middle of yet another little matter he has to tweak. He is not in the mood for it now and he would not have been even before this after what happened.]

As I told the last fool that did something against my will, this is not going to end well. Whatever spell or elaborate little illusion this is, it will have a weakness. You will find that my patience is stretched thin. If this is about a deal then I implore you to reconsider for your own health.

[Not that he cares what happens to somebody that gets in his way in such an invasive manner. His dark eyes center on the screen, not an ounce of amusement evident there. Somebody's idea of a joke or not, he is considering if this place can grow on him in a way. Though he is asking for a scapegoat, he is not under a binding spell as far as he is aware of.]

This is the part where I expect an acceptable explanation.


May. 13th, 2013 07:04 pm
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Our hostess has a talent for keeping us entertained.
Personally, I've always been fond of Jubjub birds. Sweet, flighty creatures that wouldn't dare harm a soul.
So glad we had a chance encounter with one, of course.
I do hope she keeps us on our toes. The last thing anyone needs is to get comfortable.

[What are social skills that don't involve being completely sarcastic? Who knows.]

private message to James Potter:

We discussed my hat. Can you get one to work now?
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Um...i-it seems like everything started to calm down again, doesn't it? I'm still a little confused about the door and what happened exactly, but...I think it might have been a good thing? It must have been really awful for that Queen to be locked away for so long.

[After that tangent though, Tohru looks like she's suddenly remembered that she's forgotten something! There was another point to this message, wasn't there?]

Oh, but, um. I'm actually making this post because I wanted to ask - is everyone okay? I know there were monsters running around and being really destructive. I was safe in the diner, but I really hope no one else was hurt by them. Wonderland really can be dangerous sometimes...

[She sounds sad about that. Oh, but wasn't there something else she wanted to say? She keeps getting off track...]

Oh! And that's right I almost forgot. I asked the closets very nicely and it gave me some taiyaki pans for the diner! [She holds one up and wow that will make some cute fish-shaped desserts.] They're for making taiyaki, which is little, sweet, fish-shaped cakes with filling in them. Usually it's red bean filling, but I can put custard or chocolate in them instead. I've never been able to buy pans for it, so usually it was a special treat when Mom and I could get them.

So, um. I'm going to be making a bunch of them in the diner right now, if anyone wants to come up and try some! It's on the eighth floor, for anyone that hasn't been there yet. After everything that's happened, a warm snack might help everything start to feel a little more normal again - or, well. As normal as it can be somewhere like Wonderland, I guess!

[She smiles, and gives the camera a wave, and shuts it off so she can go run off to the diner.]
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[Harry's reasonably sure that at least one of the more eccentric people he's gotten to know at Hogwarts or elsewhere told him that smiling even when it's the last action you feel like taking is a good way to chase away the doldrums.

But when he tried it (against his better judgment, no less), all he ended up doing was feeling like a blooming idiot, and so he stopped, and made a mental note to not put much stock in the so-called wisdom of eccentric people. If anyone were to ask him about the identity of this eccentric person, however, he'd be forced to shrug and claim ignorance.

Though, privately, he's put his money on the likes of one Gilderoy Lockhart.

Not that anyone aside from a select few would know that name.

But in any case, Harry's got a case of the doldrums, or if you prefer, a lot on his mind. Again. This really seems to be a running pattern with the young wizard, but this time, he feels like it's justified, and it's definitely not teenage angst, or whatever a certain irritating Mirror thinks that is.

Personally, he thinks that not staring at the same boring four walls is a better cure for moodiness than faking a smile, so he's left his room and is wandering on down to wherever his feet lead him. Because he hasn't the foggiest clue where he wants to go, knowing only that he's tired of his room.

He's actually so busy staring at his feet (has it been mentioned that he's in a strange mood?) that he forgets to watch where he's going, so naturally, this means he either walks into someone or narrowly misses doing so.]

Er, sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going.
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The database is ready. I will be distributing it on individual flash drives today.

If you have not already requested a copy, but would like one, please let me know.

[And with that posted to the network, Kirigiri is going around distributing copies of the database. Feel free to tag her with requests for a copy, with characters receiving their copies, or just as she wanders around the Mansion finding people. If your character requested a copy but you don't tag this post, no worries! Just assume she left the flash drive wherever your character told her to.]

[OOC: The database is based on Kirigiri's notes, which are available here. I haven't updated it to add any information from the recent event yet (I'll be working on that this weekend), but it is all technically included in the copy she's distributing ICly. Never mind, it should be up to date now.]
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 [The feed flicks on behind Sephiroth, a terminal at the end of a candlelit hallway. The camera is situated far enough back to allow for a view around the great leather-clad, silver haired warrior. Masamune is up at his head height and curved like a keen scorpions stinger towards the monstrosity coming down the hall towards him. Bashing the walls, the floor, smashing mirrors and pulverizing the odd sculpture as it comes along.  Sephiroth spreads his stance wider, turning slightly, waiting for that precise moment. It's only a monster, he's seen much worse looking.

The Bandersnatch's tail whooshes off to the side.

Breath, the beast charges.

It's too quick for the camera to really catch but Sephiroth moves at the last instant to side-step dodge and counter attack with a large sweep of Masamune. It's not possible for the camera to see the details but a gruesome spray of red follows the motion. Good. It's not invulnerable. 

There is more flurry of movement that follows. The screen shakes. The next second it cuts off.]

[When the feed switches itself back on, Sephiroth is prone on the floor of the hallway. There is blood and scratches on the walls where his weapon of choice really didn't have the room to be swung to it's full capacity. Said sword is no where to be seen. There is a certain counter-sunk impression to the area of the floor Sephiroth is lying in, as if he's been pounded into the floor hard. He's not moving, doesn't even seem to be breathing.

His head lolls to the side as he comes around, towards the camera. Then the Bandersmash comes barreling from around the corner that the camera doesn't cover. Apparently it wanted to take a running jump towards that final pound. Sephiroth can't let that happen. He heavily raises a hand as if it might stop the beast in it's tracks, but then flicks his wrist towards the end of the hallway from which the beast came. His telekinesis only needs to flick at the Bandersnatch's momentum to send it flying several feet down the Hallway away from the camera.

Move. Now. Drawing on as much of his willpower as he can, Sephiroth forces his cells to pair internal emergency healing with the speed he needs to get away, and makes for the stairwell. That clinic is on the 1st floor and every step is getting heavier, less coordinated. Sephiroth needs to shut down in order for his cells to focus on healing. Lungs ached with every breath and he can feel breaks that start to prick agonizingly through the adrenaline. Oh the joys of a physical body. 

The feed cuts off again, they all might want to hope that the Bandersnatch has been disorientated enough not to chase Sephiroth down the stairs.]

[ooc: Sephiroth will be in the
clinic resting up and healing broken ribs/internal bleeding for a while. Any one wants to actually witness this/help him get down the stairs/distract the Bandersnatch reply here.]

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[It's a short video this time. Dean's onscreen with a shotgun resting on his shoulder, face serious.]

First of all, a big thanks to the jackass who decided to poke the door with a stick. Really awesome, solid work on that one. Great going.

[He is just so unbelievably sarcastic about that. Really. You don't even know.]

Everyone else, get up to the bar. Lock the doors, pile the tables in front of it and sit tight

[Text to Sam.]

I think you better sit this one out, man.

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Apr. 30th, 2013 04:58 pm
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[Kirigiri turns on the feed; the camera is sitting on her desk. She has a pencil tucked behind one ear and a pensive expression. She's wearing short sleeves for the first time--it's getting warm, okay?--but the hand her chin is resting on is still encased in a dark glove.]

Some of you may already know about the database I'm compiling. I have only been in Wonderland for two months and alone, there is no way I can gather enough reliable data to create a wholly objective record.

In light of this, I would appreciate any information about Wonderland, current residents, and past events that would fill in the gaps. Observations regarding the various specters who appeared yesterday will also be recorded, if offered.

Once I--

[Kirigiri is interrupted by her pencil falling out of place. She blinks in surprise as it clatters on the floor, staring down at it, then looks back at the camera without skipping a beat otherwise.]

...Once I have compiled the information, I will create several copies of the database to distribute to any who are interested. They will need to be updated and redistributed regularly, but it is more secure to have several copies circulating, in case I leave this place. And...I don't trust the security of this network enough to upload the database and make it generally available.

If you would like a copy, please let me know.

[She pauses, then nods. Yep, that's all she had to say. She stretches out a gloved hand and shuts off the camera.]
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[As soon as the Mirror Once-ler hears the Queen's decree, he crosses.

This won't be like the last time. He's learned his lesson, and what knowledge he gained from disobedience was far from worth the trouble. He is unmistakably the Once-ler in physical appearance, but the style he has always prided himself on is diminished. As a traitor, he cannot use the closets. And as someone who has not made good friends and is far above begging to those who probably won't help, he has had to resort to handwashing his only green suit in his sink. It's frayed and worn now, and he truly looks like a fallen businessman.

The only brightly colored item on him is a Thneed, worn as a pink scarf to hide the traitor mark on his neck. He can still feel it, even now, but the determination to succeed has numbed it slightly.

As soon as he's on Realside, he makes a beeline for the door. He tried looking for a pen, but the closets don't listen to him here either. Eventually, he finds an old sharpie near the door - probably left over from someone else's guesses. And damn it, he is going to figure out what that is and take the prize to the Queen and get this goddamned mark removed. His hand subconsciously finds its way to his neck, to scratch at it while he thinks.

He writes down the first answer that comes to mind - R E M O R S E S. It seems to match the line about life-long regrets. But the letters sink in, and nothing seems to happen. No bad reaction, no good. The answer must be wrong.

Which makes it entirely reasonable for the Mirror Once-ler to start kicking at it in desperation.

Argh! Stupid piece of shit door!

[He even tugs on the handle as hard as he can, but it's no use. He has no fear of the consequences of such things; his life is already ruined anyway.]


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