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I'm done with rescuing people. [Okay, no he's not. He's just grumpy.] Every time I do that, I get bitten.

[Cloud is bandaging up his arm after using some salve on the burn.]

Get rid of the porn, put out your damn fires, don't look into your mirrors and - [He tightens the bandage with his teeth, tugging on the fabric.] Find safer activities.

Like...gardening. Everyone likes fresh vegetables.
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[ Later that night, after this post has aired, Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa made their way to the grounds to rid themselves of that horrid, evil spirit bound in literature. This is the aftermath of that joint venture.

The feed opens up to both of them, standing side by side, silent and still, eyes focused on something just out of view of the feed. It takes a few seconds for Jack to remember that he'd started up his communicator but, when he does, he brings his attention back to it.

His face is even and his voice level as he speaks and, despite the sun having set a few hours ago, there's still enough light for both of them to clearly be seen on screen. Weird.

Nobody panic... but I think there is a fire.

[ And with those troubling words, Jack flips the device around and you're greeted with the sight Jack and Hector had been staring it. It is, indeed, a fire.

And I don't mean a campfire or a bonfire. No, I mean half the mansion grounds are legitimately on fire.

This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.

And then, calmly and unconcerned, Jack and Hector's voices drift through the speakers, as though they weren't witnessing a horrendous natural disaster occurring right before their very eyes.

For the record, I'd like to state this be your fault. If not for you, nary would I have wandered down here. [Because, no, he'd have just burned it in the stove or the microwave most likely.]

You were the one that decided to read futuristic porn, mate. Not me.

Wouldn't have read it if I knew it were porn, would I? Still your fault.

Is not.

Is very well so.

Is not!

It very well is so, and you know it.

[ Yeah, they could on like this for a while. Someone might... want to do something about that fire, though. ]
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[after killing a man, Adam arriving and Clara's death, he's been withdrawing more and more. Doing his own projects and neglecting his duties in the clinic. But truthfully he doubts anyone will even care. After all, who wants to be treated by Dr. Frankenstein?

But there's something that's been on his mind, and he wants the community opinion on the subject]

The weather here seems mostly calm and clear. Curious about if this is the norm.

Also, was taking a walk. Definitely walking away from the mansion but somehow found myself back at the front door. Has this happened to anyone else?
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[The video opens simply: Sephiroth, a cup of coffee, and a book. It's a quiet Sunday morning, at least for the General, and one that sees him inclined to reminiscence over recent events and acquaintances both.]

The weekend last was one of the more... interesting interesting I have had. Though it still troubles me at how easily this place can provide us with memories that seem so complete, a lifetime's-worth in the blinking of an eye. What power is that, truly? And why?

[Though it is probably clear that the General's words are more of idle speculation than the active seeking of an answer; they are questions he knows have probably been asked before, and to no satisfactory answer. In fact, that this even comes so long after— nearly a full week— speaks mostly to idle speculation rather than serious investigation.]

But that aside... Mister Villiers? I may not be your model here, but I would wish to keep your acquaintance.

Aslan, a word on how you fared? I do not recall stories of a super-powered lion at large in the cityscape. [Yes, that is as weird to say as you think it is.] And Miss Kirigiri, you as well.

[Cloud he knows is okay; he had seen the blond's posting earlier. But of Angeal or Genesis he has not had word – nor does he know how to ask. It is better left quiet, he thinks; some wounds need time, more than anything, to heal. But he cannot let it go every time under that excuse; they are— or were at one point— both his men. Sephiroth does feel something of responsibility in regard to them— though some of that responsibility is less personal and more the clinical detachment of a superior officer over his command.] Hewley, Rhapsodos... I would be curious to learn what roles our city gave you both.

[And lastly, but most importantly:] Zack, a few moments of your time, as you will.

[ooc: hiatus end!]
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Looks like I dodged a bullet. [He has secrets - loads of them - that he never wants to utter to another human being.] What about everyone else? Zack? Angeal? Genesis? Sephiroth?

[Hey it's a big step for him to write to Sephiroth. Please - a moment of silence for this momentous occasion.]

I hope you stayed away from the network like I did. [He also practiced the art of being sullen and silent. He's getting good at that.] Did you see that guy turn into a deer?

[Out of everything, that last bit is what baffles him the most. Priorities. He has them.]
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Vincent is gone. [It's another blow; another loss. Cloud would be lying if he said it doesn't sadden him.] He'll be alright.

[That's really all he can say of comfort. He knows Vincent is strong - he has saved his behind enough in the past for that to be clear - yet Cloud prefers him here in Wonderland. Yeah, it's hard and awkward and strange, but at least they could keep an eye on each other.]

Check out his room if you like.
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[ This isn't an announcement he wants to make.

Zack knew it could happen -- knew it probably would happen -- but it still hurts. He has to wait a good hour before he can actually keep it together enough to click on his device. ]

...Aerith is gone.

[ Just like that. Somehow, Wonderland seems so much dimmer in her absence. It's a minor miracle that he manages to keep his voice steady. ]

Her room is empty so I guess...that means she went home.

[ An awkward pause, then- ]

I'm sorry.

[ With that, he cuts off the feed. ]
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[Cid squints one eye at the device as he peers into the camera, a lit cigarette loosely held between his lips. The hell is this thing? Fancier than the PHS, that’s for damn sure. He taps the screen a couple of times with his index finger before going all-out and knocking on it.

Huh. Seems solid.]

Alright, guess I see how this thing works. Kinda clunky for a phone, ain’t it?

[Okay, it’s not actually that cumbersome, but if he doesn’t have something to complain about, he’s at a loss.]

Already took a look around this place. Gave myself the tour, skimmed through the brochure, you name it. Sounds like a whole boatload of crazy, if you ask me – not that anyone ever does.

So I’m stuck here. All right, fair ‘nough. The hell am I supposed to do now? I tell you one thing, I could use a stiff drink. Anyone feel like pointing me in the right direction? This shit ain’t getting processed without some serious alcohol.
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.... Ha-Hello? [There's a messy bit of hair and then a very brown eye, pulling back to reveal a curiously tattooed but youthful face. He looks a combination of nerve-wracked and delighted to try out the facetime function, but keeps most of the discoloration just out of sight, as though trying to hide any distinctive features.] Can people really see me on these things?

This is kind of embarrassing to figure out...[You can tell by the way the screen trembles slightly, if not by the stilted awkwardness that's otherwise overriding a Chicago accent.] I-I'm really nervous, can ya all see that? 'Cause..what happens if I drop it? I bet it costs an arm and leg!

But this has gotta be the keenest thing I've ever seen! [He shakes his head, deeply impressed.] It's like everybody's their own director of their very own personal-life talkies, or radio...only it's like a telephone, too with without the wire? Nuts!

Haha, I-It's like I'm a movie star! (Not a very good one, of course....  Okay, so probably a lousy one...) [He squints, and rubs sheepishly at the corner of his eye.] This is really strange. This whole place knocks me for a loop.

So ah, nobody else around here happens to know a thing or two about New York, do ya, by any chance? I heard some people here could be from the future!

But I... guess I don't really know if I wanna know about the future, right now, so... if you are, p-please don't tell me about it! If it's gonna be bad, I think I'd rather not worry about it just yet.

[Depression's depressing enough, and all that. He waits expectantly for about half a minute with the feed running live, looking hopefully down into his palm pilot. It's the kind of hopeful, giddy-nervousness that's downright painful to look at for long, for most decent-hearted people, without wanting to pat him on the shoulder and tell him not to worry, things'll be swell.]
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[Angeal is recovering nicely, much to Zack's insistence that he not do anything. However, he has opted to keep his post to just voice- There are still bandages needed for his back, over where the wound from his wing is, would be something he isn't intrested in talking about, at least right now.]

Wonderland, huh? This is quite the place. I suppose to many, this place has taken them away from their homes. [A pause, and he seems to consider how to put this delicately, the right way.] But to others, like myself it is a second chance of sorts. Another chance to make things right, another chance at life...

[He chuckles, a soft noise as a smile catches on his face, small but genuine.] A chance to get some sense of penance, to start over, and do the right thing.

[Now that he is convinced that it could be possible, even for a monster like him. If the others could find it in them to forgive him, then perhaps he may be able to find it for himself.]

But for the others... why do you want to go back? What is waiting for you? And most importantly of all, how can I start to help?

[After checking with Zack for a brief moment to make sure that these devices worked much like their phones, he composes a few private messages to send out to a few people he really needed to reach out to.]

PMs' to Genesis, Sephrioth )
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[ At first, the only thing visible on the feed is a book - or rather, lots of books, stacked in haphazard piles on one of the library tables. A few seem modern - soft-covered, mass-market - but most are old, manuscripts and scrolls and ancient hand-bound books lettered with gold leaf. More importantly, each and every one is holy.

It's every edition of the Word of God that Lucifer bothered to retrieve from the shelves, and no version has been spared. King James, Wycliffe, Luther, the Quran, the Tanakh, the Wessex Gospels... all accompanied, of course, by the garish, stock-model covers of the first several books of the Winchester Gospels.

(The Devil is nothing if not thorough.)

By the time the feed turns to Satan himself, though, it's pretty clear something else has captured his attention. Brow furrowed, he's flipping through something that greatly resembles a supernatural teen romance. (It may or may not be Twilight.) Whatever the book is, it's pretty clear that it's lowering Lucifer's already-dismal view on humanity. ]

I'm not sure if your fiction has gotten better-- [ He spares a short glance for all of the books laid out on the table. ] --or even worse.

[ The Devil: part-time literary critic, everyone. ]
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[You have all seen this before- the start of a recording done entirely on accident. This one seems to have a different sort of edge to it, however- a quick movement, the device flipping, sky and land changing places until the com settles onto the grass. Heavy labored breathing, wheezes of pain by something obviously not human can be heard, accompanied by the shot of a long grey body, riddled with wounds.

Then against that gray body fell an arm clad almost completely in red, accented with a few touches of silver: a familiar sight to those who know of the First Class SOLDIERs who existed alongside Sephiroth before everything went to hell. Neither of the two figures were fully in the screen, obviously unaware of it being turned on. Actually, the feed could be a little uncomfortable to watch with its weird, twisted angle. But in any case, the feed wasn’t silent for long.

The red leather-clad hand is gently running its fingers against the gray body, as if soothing it.]

Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess,
we seek it thus and take to the sky.
Ripples form on the water’s surface,
the wandering soul knows no rest.

... what have I done to you, my friend? Is this punishment for my sins now? To behold you this way...?

The fates are truly cruel. Yet I am certain I deserve this for what I had done.

[He falls silent then, and his fingers curl against the creature’s skin as if overcome with grief. The feed turns off a moment after that.]

((ooc: If you wish to come across the two in person, there's a log for them over here!))
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[ There's a series of sounds before there's a voice; whirring, clicking, a few strange snaps and such. All mechanical, partly electronic. And then there's the android voice from a while earlier, tone neutral. Maybe with the slightest tint of worn-out, for those with good discernment. ]

Well, I've certainly learned more about you all that I ever wanted to know. For the people who discovered the cameras, don't touch them. For the people who didn't know there were cameras until right now, congratulations. And don't touch them.

Do you know what kind of insanity this place is? Think about it. A marvel of defying logic, and you morons are wrapping up in the domestic to keep warm.

If anyone's interested in progress, I need test subjects. Luckily, I have no itch in this place, so you probably won't end up donating any limbs to science.
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This place sure is a trip, isn't it?
One second I'm reading through a backlog of company mail on my
phone, and the next I'm here. I wonder if this is what it
would look like if the Gold Saucer and Costa del Sol
collided? Not that it matters. From what I gather, this isn't
even Gaia. But what I do know is this: I've heard some
familiar voices on this thing and seen some familiar
faces. And as for what to think about that... I'm still trying
to figure it out.
My name's Kunsel, SOLDIER 2nd Class. If the name rings a bell,
we should probably talk. And if it doesn't, let's talk anyway.
I wouldn't mind knowing a little bit more about this place and
how I got here.
And Zack... buddy. If you can see this...
I kept my promise. I'm still waiting.
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[The voice coming over the network is calm, composed, and largely free of emotion. It belongs to one displaced General— one who is not particularly happy to have found himself not in his office, but in a strange manse instead.]

The few hours I have been here have been illuminating: the familiarity of things is in function more than form, the air holds different pollutants, the very feel of the place is off.

I do not think I need to detail the strangeness of the building. It is, of course, clear that where I was, I now am not.

[A moment of silence is punctuated — for those who have sharp hearing — by the soft creak of metal shifting against leather.]

My question for you, network, is this: beyond a name and a vague description, what is this place?

[The recording is turned off, but barely a moment later, another, shorter one follows:]

Zack, if you're out there, report.
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So, I think I've heard enough backtalk over the last few days to last me a while.

[ Seriously, his shadow was a brat. No point in dwelling on it, though, so MOVING ON: ]

Anybody interested in a cookout on the beach?

[Private to Aerith]

If I get some interest, you think your friends in the diner would help me out?

[Private to Dean Winchester & John Blake]

When you've got a minute, I'd like to have a word.
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[Redglare looks displeased, and for those who have ever seen her, her displeasure is actually something quite odd to see. At least, the fact that it's visible is. She frowns stares at the journal then sniffs at it around to get another feel for it before smiling like it all makes sense to her. Of course it doesn't at all, but she needs to make up for a failed initial impression.]

I'd consider my appearance here rather odd, were it not for the fact that where I was before was rather detrimental to my health.

[Not that she really needs to worry about that anymore, considering the whole "being dead" thing. She slowly cleans her glasses on her shirt, eyes staring unseeing at the screen, before putting them back on and pushing them up a bit.]

It's still rather unpleasant as far as sudden happenings go, but I would appreciate some sort of explanation. And perhaps to be introduced to the individual in charge. Perhaps even to a way back to where I was. Not exactly where I was, mind. Maybe a few feet forward and a bit to the left.

[And a few feet down and off the noose, with her sword through Mindfang's heart. Ah, yes. That would be nice indeed. Her smile widens ever so slightly.]
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Who ever left that glass of water in my room and closed the door behind them, you have my gratitude.

[One of you had to have done it, or maybe he's forgotten that he managed to get up and fetch a glass from the closet and fill it at the sink before going back to bed at one point since the 4th June. It's all a bit of a mess in his head still.

He pauses before pressing to send the next part. It looks as pathetic as it sounds but, he needs to know.]

Think I lost a few days here.

Private to Martha Jones:
If I find any samples kept for any reason, I will personally come to find them. I have a very definite way to tell, as I'm sure you figured out.

[003] audio

Jun. 6th, 2013 02:10 am
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[ He contemplates the event of the past week for a good while before deciding to pose a few questions. ]

Just out of curiosity...

But is there anything like emergency management or law enforcement in place here?

[ Maybe it's the SOLDIER in him talking, but even a little structure can be helpful in times of crisis. ]

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[Kid isn't using video for once, and his voice comes across rather haggard, like he hasn't slept well.]

Anyone else run inta...unpleasant hallucinations durin' that event? Wakin' nightmares an' th' like?

Cause sure seems like someone was sprayin' poison 'round. Like Lungblossom.
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[ Aerith pops on screen looking a little winded, and maybe just a tiny bit frantic.

See, she has this Materia - a tiny little ball of glowy magic, courtesy of her mother - and she's managed to lose it.

There's no telling where the thing is. Usually, she tucks it up tightly in her ribbon, but recently she's been pretty distracted with the arrival of some of her favorite people, and maybe she's let her routine slide just the tiniest bit.

Whatever the reason, it's now gone and after she's turned her room upside down in her search, she figures she'll put out a message on the network in case anyone's found it.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've lost something of mine. It's green and about this size. [ And she props her little device on a side table, so she can stand back and make a shape with her hands. ] It's not big enough to really stand out, but it's not small enough to fall through any cracks or vents.

[ She picks up her device again, sighing. In all the time she's had her mother's Materia on her, she hasn't lost it. Not like this. Especially not in a mansion that likes to throw monsters and tricks their way. ]

I'm going to look more through the mansion, but if anyone comes across it, give me a heads up?

[OOC: Just a heads up - she won't be finding it anytime soon, but everyone is welcome to help her. Also, feel free to run into her anywhere - she'll be searching high and low and through the grounds. ]
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[ There's no introduction as River's face appears on the screen. It's shaking everywhere - she's walking as she talks, and it's hard to tell if she's even meaning to broadcast at all. She's hardly addressing the device after all, just rambling without any apparent point to the words. ]

They're in her head, always there, won't get out. She's trying to smile but Sao Paolo keeps pressing into her mind and ripping it away, she didn't want it. Terrifying beasts in pits of fire, with wings and without. Why salt? Why iron?

[ She presses the heel of her hand against the side of her head, screws up her eyes but keeps walking all the same. She keeps pacing the hallway because she honestly can't figure out what else to do. ]

The time will come where he's nothing but his son's memory, in hair but not eyes, won't stop it but we'll try. Everyone will try, but it's not good enough is it? Never good enough, he'll die for two before long. And so many teeth! More than anyone, more even than any wolf with a taste for veal. But control. Control she has and control she'll keep, so long as we all watch our words.

[ She stops rather suddenly, and for the first she actually looks at the device and addresses the network. ]

Why can't you all keep it to yourself? She doesn't want to watch siblings killing siblings and wings burning, burning, burning. The angels fall and who will catch them? No one, that's who. No one.

[ And on that rather pleasant note, she cuts the feed. ]

[[ooc: basically what's happening here is she's leaking out other people's memories, so feel free to recognise any details that may pertain to your character. action-wise, she's wandering just about everywhere so feel free to pick anywhere in the mansion to bump into her, and to handwaved her using your characters life if you want it as a conversation starter!]]
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[ The devices clatters to the ground, accidentally activating the feed at a bizarre angle. Zack is visible, ducked down for...some unknown reason. There was a quick burst of ice magic (Blizzaga) directed at the empty air, and when it clears, a lock of shock (and maybe fear) is evident on his face. ]

You... [ Zack backs away, a hand going for his sword. ] You can't be real.

[ But I am, sweet child. Wherever my children are, I will always be. ]

I'm not your child! [ A snappish response, and Zack draws the Buster sword in a flash to face...the empty air?

Oh, but you are. You think you've been granted the power you have for nothing? Come. Mother's here. ]

I have a mother!! [ Raging, Zack gestures violently. ] I'm not your son!

[ Silly child. I'll simply have to teach you.

Without explanation, Zack abruptly doubles over, letting out a cry as phantom pains nearly knock him over. There was something crawling -- no, growing underneath skin, like it was trying to shove up and out...

His body jerks, and after a moment, he whips his head around, his eyes going round. ]


[ Yes.

Zack lets out a sudden howl and whips the Buster sword around, a shockwave erupting from the blade as he brought it to bear against the demon only he can see -- Jenova.

An explosion rocks the stairwell between the first and second floor, and there's a burst of static before the feed cuts out. ]

[ ooc: Full log/hallucination is here. Zack has been affected by Scarecrow's fear gas and will be running amuck around the grounds of the mansion. He will not, alas, be responding to this post, but feel free to run across him or ping me with any questions! ]
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[ She couldn't say she'd ever heard, read, or seen something like this happen before. It was strange. One minute she'd been finally experiencing that little piece of the world she could see from her tower, and then...well, then she was here. She doesn't even know where here is, really, and the only thing she knows for sure is that Flynn didn't seem to come along with her. She's kind of worried, so she fiddles around with her communicator while she tries to think of a plan. She has no idea what it does, but it's pretty neat! ]


[ And then she manages to switch from text to video without really realizing it, having a grand time fiddling around with the strange device. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen before! And it was a welcome distraction. For all she knew, there were thugs waiting outside the door... ]

Hey Pascal, what do you think this thing is supposed to do--Pascal? [ She looks to her shoulder where Pascal should have been, only to find that Pascal is nowhere to be found. Which wasn't good, it meant she was actually stuck here by herself. She could deal with Flynn being gone, she didn't know him very well as it was. But Pascal had been by her side for a long, long time and...who would give her advice? Help her along? Be there to listen and play games with her? ]

Okay, this isn't funny, Pascal. You can come out now. [ ... ] Pascal? ...Anyone?

[ She stands up quickly and starts to search around, hoping the little guy was just poking around the room she'd found herself in--but as a result she stops paying attention to her surroundings and runs into a set of chimes, toppling over with them and taking a few other instruments along for the ride.

The feed ends with a loud crash. Whoops??? ]

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It's working, right? Okay, okay...

[Some of you might have noticed that someone's been scarce recently; a certain viking, to be exact. Well, it looks like he's been busy. Hiccup hangs something up on the wall and hurries back to the book-device that he's propped open on the table.]

So...I've been thinking. I noticed the rooms change to fit what we need--fine, everybody's probably noticed that by now--and I thought, maybe I could use one of the rooms and turn it into a workshop. I've been moving some things around, and I think it's ready now...

[Just as he says that, he knocks into something that sends the flame in the forge roaring high.]

Whoa! [Don't mind him, he'll just be grabbing a bucket of water and throwing it over the fire. When the sizzling dies down, Hiccup's left looking kind of sheepish. He sets the bucket back down.]

...okay, it's almost ready. I probably just need to make a few adjustments...ANYWAY, we could probably use some weapons in case something like that thing from the door shows up again. I can make other things, too, like Toothless' tail. If you think you have a project for me, I could use a challenge. I'll be here on the first floor, room ten!

[If anyone approaches from the hallway, they'll notice a rough sign ("The Dragon's Tail") dangling over room ten. If anyone approaches from outside the mansion, let's just say it's hard to miss the new split-doors on one side of the wall.]
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Victim is female. 1.66 m. Roughly twenty years of age.

Discovered prone, facedown in a sprawl on a patch of grass some three hundred meters from the manor. Sprawl was unnatural, limbs twisted, which suggests she made no attempt to catch herself when she fell. Disturbances in the grass indicate a struggle between two combatants, victim and assailant. The latter was, judging by the size of his footprints, taller than the former, of greater weight. Compared to the rest of the populace this makes the assailant likely to be male. Additionally, the disturbance of the grass and the soil indicates that the killer’s shoes were of an athletic sort, with cleats for traction.

Body showed relatively few signs of defensive injury; I was able to recover no usable hairs or fibers from the body. She had been killed quickly and abandoned with no great care, suggesting the act was not premeditated but rather opportunistic. Either the killer panicked and fled or felt for some other reason no desire to linger; his footsteps, such as they may be discerned, lead away from the scene of the crime with no sign of circumambulation or pacing. Additionally likely to be an opportunistic attack due to the length between strides and the degree of the disturbance of grass and soil, which indicate that the assailant ran rather than walked towards the victim, culminating in a single leap to close the distance.

Cause of death was easily discerned: victim’s skull was fractured in multiple places by a collection of blows to the side of the head. Damage extensive; death quick. The instrument was clearly blunt: the caving of the bone and the formation of hematoma underneath the tissue indicate a rounded club of some persuasion, wielded with great force.

Could be of some use to you lot. Might want to be careful who you trust.
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[ Vincent isn’t normally one to just try calling out of the blue, but he really wants some intel on this place - enough that he is willing to at least try, even if he is quite suspicious of, well... everything about this place. ]

Where is this? And to whom... am I speaking?

[ His voice is deep and quiet and mostly toneless - though there is a dark edge to it. He wants answers, and he expects to be given them. However, he has one last thing to add... ]

Yuffie, if this is your doing... [ ... well, if she’s listening, he’s pretty sure she can imagine the unspoken threat. ]


[ But even as he waits for any sort of response, Vincent doesn’t keep still. Instead, he carefully explores the mansion, moving quietly as he swoops down hallways, checking rooms and keeping to the shadows. You wouldn’t expect someone in a red cape to be particularly stealthy, but he manages it very well - unnaturally so.

However, stealthy or not, he is expecting a fight, so if he opens the door to a room someone is in, his gun is out and aimed right at them. ... really, he’s too used to a world where every space that isn’t a town or city is crawling with hostile wildlife. Don’t worry, though. He won’t shoot on sight. .... probably.

But you’d also better be careful if you meet him in a hallway - or more likely, he sneaks up behind you - as he is armed and dangerous and isn’t the friendliest looking person...

In either case, he won't waste time in asking questions. Unless he's already had the basics from someone else, in which case he'll probably lower the gun if he's sure you're not a threat. ... probably. ]
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[ The audio feed begins with the sound of muted tapping. ]

Is this on?

[ He taps it again, and a young man with spiky, black hair appears. He's peering...much too closely at his communicator, but eventually he leans back, the scar on his left cheek becoming visible. He's standing in the entrance hall, his expression honestly puzzled. ]

Okay. [ Awkwardly, he scratches the back of his head. ] I...don't suppose there's a tour guide anywhere around here?

I know this isn't Gaia. [ If it was, he'd be dead. ] I'm just not sure where 'here' is, exactly, so...I'd appreciate the help.

[ He turns, and for a moment, a large sword becomes visible, hanging on his back. He looks back at the camera, then, flashing a brief smile. ]

I'm Zack, by the way. It's nice to meet you.


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