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[ Lana's outside today, not in her Bombshell costume, but ready and willing to make something explode. ]

So, powers are back, those gross naked giants are gone, but these "fortifications" [ Complete with finger quotes, ] are still here. D'you think the Titans are coming back, or is it cool if I start blowing shit up?

'Cause I gotta tell you, feels real good to have my powers back.

[ She smirks at the camera. ]

If I don't hear from anyone, I'm just gonna start exploding the walls, 'kay?


Jan. 12th, 2015 06:41 pm
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[This event is disturbing on so many levels. Kaneki wouldn't say it's more disturbing for him than for others--after all, this is daily life at home for some of them--but perhaps it's a special kind of disturbing for Kaneki. He's heard of these titans, but seeing them is just--

No, he's still not sure if titans or ghouls are more terrifying. Titans don't know what they're doing and ghouls do, but which of those is scarier is beyond him, even now.

What he does know, and what is becoming increasingly urgent, is that, although he's lost all of his speed and strength and the ability to even use his kagune, he's still hungry. Now is really not the time to go seeking food, with the closets being a bit disagreeable, and the man-eating monsters threatening to break through the walls any time.

For that reason, more than because of his complete inability to do anything helpful, he's spent the event so far keeping out of the way. He's only crept out today because he doesn't know how much longer this will last and he knows that waiting too long to eat is a terrible, terrible idea, even if he's much less likely to manage to kill anyone this time around.

He can be found skulking around the Mansion and the area of the grounds immediately outside. He doesn't want to wander too far outside, though. He'll just get in the way. Everyone seems so busy that he doesn't want to get in the way, and he certainly doesn't want to be eaten been there, done that, thanks.

Feel free to run into him.]
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[ What's that you may see there? Why, a bored-looking mutant! The communicator is perched on a nightstand and aimed at just the right angle to catch Mystique sitting on her bed in her full lizardy glory. She's not happy, if you must know.

Sure, she's no stranger to waking up in strange places, but after poking around on the network and getting the basic gist of things (i.e., she's screwed), she resigned herself to her fate and went to pick a room. But instead of quiet brooding, her device decided it was time for some amateur video action. How nice!

(She'll hate herself later. She likes to think she's the paragon of knowing technology. It's not supposed to get the best of her.)

So there she sits, observing her hand blandly. For a brief moment, nothing happens. Then a ripple spreads across her skin and it's a human hand. Then it's blue again. Next her arm is human. Blue again. Eventually, she's fully her human doppelganger. It's faint, but there's a small sigh of relief.

What's prison life if you can't do what you're best at?

Mystique lazily switches back to blue normalcy and gazes out of her window. Trapped, hmm? And in a mansion, of all places. She doesn't like trapped, seeing as she's yet to meet a trap she can't get out of. But! Sometimes there's nothing to do but accept the existence of people craftier than her. ]

Hmph. Touché.
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[When the camera first turns on and the feed starts rolling, the shot is very unsteady, and gives the viewer a very shaky view of the sky and some nearby treetops, and a voice can be heard just offscreen.]

Greg! Greg, no don’t- don’t put weird things from your pocket in your mouth! We don’t know where these things even came from!

I thought it might be candy! Hey Wirt, have you seen Agent Seaweed? I can’t find him.

Uh. ...No, I haven’t. [He doesn’t sound like he cares all that much. There’s kind of someone more important missing.] But where’s Beatrice? Wasn’t she right here like a minute ago?

Hmmmm, I had him when we passed that one tree, and the other tree, and the rock, and the branch… [[This boy sounds a bit younger than the other one and is clearly only barely paying attention.]

This is bad. This is really bad.

[Since the device is very obviously not candy, the angle changes and for a second a teenage boy can be seen, wearing a blue cape and pushing his hands up under his tall red hat to tug at his hair nervously.]

Greg, Beatrice isn’t here and she’s the only one who knows how to get to the ferry! We’re lost, again! I-I’m pretty sure we walked by here already anyway...we must have gotten turned around somewhere. I guess….

[A small hand appears in the frame for a moment, pointing.]

Oh, I bet they’re hiding in that huuuge house up there, like hiding hiders. Whoa, it’s almost as big as Unkie Endicott’s mansion!

[The camera abruptly goes bouncing away, catching a retreating view of the boy with the conical hat.]

W-Wait, Greg! Greg, hold on!

[Despite his protests, it sounds like the taller boy is following right behind whoever’s filming without actually doing much to stop him.]

We can’t just go running off...though, huh. I guess...I guess she could be there? Maybe?

[Meanwhile the younger boy is calling for Agent Seaweed, whoever that is. A particularly lucky shake of the camera reveals a glimpse of the boy’s head. If you thought the conical hat was weird, well, this kid is wearing an upside-down teapot. He’s also humming an odd, jaunty tune to himself as he trots along toward the mansion.]

Greg, stop shaking that thing around. You’re going to break it, and I’m pretty sure they’re not ours to break.

[Without being able to see him, he sounds very bossy and annoying, but to be fair he would probably sound that way even if the viewer could see him.]

[[Then the one named Greg apparently stops running with a curious-sounding “Hm?” and he peers down at the communication device, turning it around and over. It’s the first good look at his face; he looks to be maybe five or six. And yes, your eyes weren’t deceiving you, he is still wearing the teapot.]

Hey, Wirt! What does it mean if this candy thing is glowing?


[There’s some footsteps, and then the older boy (apparently named Wirt) is looking into the camera too. When their faces are next to each other, it’s clear there’s about ten years between them. Wirt raises an eyebrow and looks down at the device and then gasps when he realizes what’s happening, panic filling his face.]

It’s recording. G-Greg, it’s recording us, turn it off!


[And then the device goes sailing away through the air as Greg tosses it with all his might. There’s a horrified gasp from Wirt.]


[It’s the last thing heard before the device crashes into a nearby bush and shuts off on its own.]


Oct. 21st, 2014 05:02 pm
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[Kaneki is in the dining room. He looks less nervous than he has the last few times he's appeared on the network, like he's finally found the right medicine for what's been bothering him.]

I don't know how many people make their own food here. I'm not that great in the kitchen, unless it's coffee.

[He smiles a smile that's part self-deprecating, part dark amusement. Then his entire posture goes pensive, though his expression is serious enough to communicate that he's more than just curious.]

Even if you do cook your own food, the ingredients you use show up magically. Of course, everything pre-made does, too.

I know we don't really have a choice, but does anyone else worry about where it all comes from? I mean, the meat--where does that come from? Is it even real meat?

[He thinks it must be, but...really. In the best case, there's some magical butcher in the depths of the Mansion, killing and slicing up magical animals. And Kaneki can think of lots worse than that.]
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[It's been almost exactly a month since she's arrived in this place that they call Wonderland. The only thing she's managed to do, really, is to convince herself that she is not in the land of mutant genocides. That, along with Erik's presence here, was more than enough to convince her that another video post was necessary. The other mutants who'd belonged to the Brotherhood were dead, and she knew there were mutants here like Ned. Maybe they were hiding and maybe they weren't, but she felt it was only fair to reach out to them.

When she flicks on the video feed, she's at some sort of ornately carved desk with her hands folded awkwardly in front of her. She is her usual tried-and-true blue, wearing a red tank top. She'd actually had time to dress herself for the occasion instead of having to be nude for reasons of sudden disguise.]

...I think it's been long enough with me here that this announcement is overdue, but I didn't exactly want to paint a neon target on myself while things were happening with what people call "Mirrors", here.

My name is Raven Darkholme, but I'd like it if you called me Mystique. Like some of the other people here, I have powers that had me labelled a 'freak' when I was at home, even as a child who knew no better.

I've been hunted, injured, and nearly killed by people who think that I'm dangerous for some of the things I could do, not the things I've done. I've been hunted because I refuse to hide myself in plain view because other people think that I should, because the way I look makes them uncomfortable.

Because the fact I can do this,

[She lets the scales ripple across her body, briefly displaying to the audience watching he usual blonde persona before flowing back to her natural state,]

makes me different. I know we should all be working together here in Wonderland, but I wanted to give any other mutants out there who might be looking for a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen a chance to be heard.

I'll be that person, Wonderland, if you need me.

-- uh, I guess that's all.

[Dang, and she was doing so well with being eloquent up until the end of that sentence. She flicks the phone off, ending her broadcast.]
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He's gone.

[The words leave her mouth as soon as she turns on the camera. The wind blows a few strands of hair into her face and she pushes the strands away. Though her eyes are downcast, unable to meet any gaze that may be looking back at her through the network, her face is clear on the screen. Sad, pained, haunted. She's been trying to find him the past few days, gone by all the places she knows that he prefers. But he hasn't been anywhere. Not in his room, not at the beach. Hasn't responded to any of the messages she tried sending him through the phone.

It's not like. And it only leaves her with one conclusion.

She wants to be a coward and just type up a message. Tell Haymitch and let him inform everyone else. That'd be easy. Less painful. It'd certain involve less interaction with strangers. But Finnick Odair deserves better than that from her.]

Finnick Odair's gone back to Panem. I don't know how many people he knew here or if he had any friends. [But it's Finnick. Of course Finnick had to know someone outside of her or Haymitch. Of all of them, he's the most social and the most amiable.] I just thought you should know. He'd want you to know.

[She disconnects the device and turns back to the flowers and the pieces of rope she had brought with her to the beach. She had never gotten a chance to say goodbye to him. Not when he had died in the sewers and not now, leaving Wonderland to return... to Panem? To live out all the remaining months until his death? She had gotten that chance with Rue. It had been short, it had been risky, but it had been something. And even if the game was different, Finnick had still died playing one.

He deserves something. Someway to be honored and not forgotten.

She sings while she works, taking the flowers and carefully working them into the knots she ties on the rope. Her voice grows a little stronger the more she sings, though she doesn't attempt to compete with the roar of the surf. But it's that same voice that kept her sane the day she decided to stop trying to kill herself and maybe consider living instead. A little raw, a little unused to singing, but beautiful nonetheless. The kind of voice that would make the birds stop to listen.

Ultimately, she plans on making something of a wreath with the ropes to throw in the ocean. A wreath filled with the knots Finnick had shown her, filled with colors and filled with life. Though her fingers aren't nearly as nimble as his had been, she doesn't let it stop her. There's no rush here. No hovercraft coming to take a body away or other Tributes out to kill her. She takes her time working. And sings.]


Sep. 28th, 2014 02:14 am
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I get it. Wonderland is fucked up. The worlds we come from are sometimes more so. People die, we move on. And I don't mean Wonderland dying, by the way, where they just come back after. I mean back home dying. People die. A lot of people die. A lot of people died when Galactus showed up, not just S—

[She stops. You're rambling, Lana. Deep breath. Get to the fucking point already.]

But does anyone... have a problem with that? The moving on part, I mean. Any tips on how you just... keep living your life when a part of it is gone?

I don't even know why I'm doing this, this is stupid. Should've asked at Parker's thing...

[She ends the feed.]


Sep. 24th, 2014 04:57 pm
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[The word "hiding" would perfectly describe how Kaneki has spent the last few days. He's in the garden now, sitting under a tree, behind some bushes. For the last few hours, he's been trying to read, but he's barely gotten anywhere. He just can't focus.

He also can't face addressing the network via videa, so when he finally closes his book and picks up his device, he opens a feed that's audio only.]

Um. [He hesitates and only continues when he realizes the silence has lasted an unnaturally long time.] This is Kaneki Ken. I-I don't know how many people might have run into my Mirror last week...

[He swallows and takes a breath. He's been avoiding this since he arrived in Wonderland and it's just as hard as he imagined it would be.]

I'm sorry. I can explain it. Him. What he is. Just--

[He stops himself from saying too much. His Mirror couldn't have met everyone in Wonderland, so everyone doesn't need to know.]

Please let me explain.
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[Largely because Dylas doesn't know what a video is, let alone how to make one happen. What he does know is that this weird thing that's attached itself to his waistcoat showed a person talking yesterday and, after following the instructions as best he could*, no prize turned up.

Unless you count the huge haul of fish he caught. That was pretty good. But it wasn't as good as the prize he wanted and assumed was on offer: to be freed from this weird place and go back home to Selphia. He feels he deserves this prize now**, and is poking at his communicator in an attempt to cash it in.

Anyone watching will get a screen full of Dylas frowning, his fuzzy horse-like ears twitching in frustration. Finally, he thinks that maybe it needs reminding where he wants to go.]


[A whole lot of absolutely nothing happens. He tries again, speaking louder and clearer.]


[He's getting very irritated with this device. What does it think it is, dropping stupid messages that give him a headache? And who gave it permission to attach itself to him? He rips the cord connecting it to his clothes and flings it on the ground. Wonderland, enjoy your close up of the bottom of Dylas's boot!]

*Not very well at all.
**He is wrong. But hey, he was also wrong about what the prize was going to be and whether or not he'd want it, so two wrongs make a sort of right if you squint really, really hard.


Sep. 5th, 2014 01:24 pm
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[Kaneki's not really sure where to start with this video, so he just fidgets for the first couple seconds before finally speaking. He's in some corner of the library, with books stacked all around where he's sitting in the floor.]

Um...I was told about the events, but is that-- Was that normal for an event?

[He glances off to the side, looking chagrined, and scratches at his cheek below his eye patch with one finger.]

If events have something to do with memories, it's kind of hard to believe that was a real memory of someone here. [He looks back at the camera and raises his hands quickly, verbally back-pedalling.] I don't mean to say that it couldn't be! I only have my own experience to draw on, so my opinion is a little narrow-minded...

[He trails off, self-conscious.]

...I guess what I'm saying is, I'd like to know a little more about events, if anyone can explain them.


Aug. 12th, 2014 07:41 pm
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[The feed is initially dark and grainy, showing not a whole lot of anything, though there is sound. Specifically, the sound of someone taking a few steps, tripping, and falling over with a surprised sound that's not quite dignified.]


[As the unfortunate new comer starts to right himself, his hand jostles against the device and closes around it automatically. The camera angle changes as the device is turned over, inspected, and then a very surprised and confused face appears on the feed.

Kaneki is pretty average looking, except for the eye patch. Right now, he's a bit scuffed, dusty, and what little can be seen in the faint light from the screen shows he's in the caves. He fumbles the device for a moment before he manages to hold it steady.]

Er... I think I'm in a hole...somehow. I don't know if there's anyone around or if I have reception at all but if there is someone...

[He offers a smile that's equal parts embarrassed, apologetic, and nervous, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. Actually, maybe he's more nervous than the other two.]

I could use a hand, if there is.


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