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[The longer he stands out there, the more it breaks his heart. This is just like back home. They're even losing their food supply, just like the animals.

He can hardly take it.

The Lorax tightens his gas mask straps. The design is too big for him, but he's making due. He'll just sit himself down on this hillside and...

Sigh. He doesn't know what he can do.

Oh, wait-- he did promise Chihiro he'd message that Touko girl. Might as well do it now.]

[Private video to Touko] )
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Why is this happening and who do I have to punch to make it stop?

[Jack has made it as far as the beach seeking out better scenery, only to be greeted by a roiling tide of oily slop and garbage. When he'd first seen the smoggy skies and felt the burning in his lungs, he'd tried using his control over the wind to clear the air, but all he'd managed to produce was a dark, toxic-smelling whirlwind. Next he tried flying above the toxic clouds, but the pollution just stretched endlessly above him. Eventually he'd been grounded completely, his lungs on fire and his head dizzy. He doesn't really need to breath, being essentially dead already, but it's clear that confronting the clouds directly was not been a good decision for his overall well-being.

Now walking along the beach, his feet covered in sticky black sludge, Jack leans a little more heavily on his staff than usual. Every once in a while he coughs up something black, looks really annoyed, and mutters to himself. To take out his frustrations he begins picking up random bits of trash off the beach- bottles, cans, the occasional shoe- and batting them as hard as he can with his staff. Some of the weaker pieces freeze and shatter instantly on contact, but others make it far out into the ocean, slowly sinking back into the sludge. This probably looks really odd for anyone who doesn't believe in Jack, as from their perspective there's just a lot of trash spontaneously exploding or leaping back into the ocean by itself.]


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