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Aug. 5th, 2013 11:34 am
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[Hello, Wonderland. Hopefully you won't mind a new face, much less one that appears rather sour at the prospect her having been whirled away to some fantasy land. Needless to say, Alisha doesn't have the slightest clue as to what has happened to her, and frankly, it's left her fairly unsettled and more than a little confused.]

Er, does anybody want to explain to me wot the fuck is going on here? Because I dunno about any of you, but I don't exactly appreciate being kidnapped into some knock-off theme park.

And if this is some sort of shit, practical joke, all I can say is someone is getting a slap before I leave.

[It's a bit of an empty threat, but the frustration behind it is genuine.]

The sooner this bullshit is over, the better.

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Jul. 30th, 2013 10:11 am
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[ There's the obvious setting of a very clean room where Thea is, and the girl being tucked up in bed. It's not 100% willingly but it's necessary, and she's actually obeying her doctor (but only because he's a grumpypants and she has a big enough headache as it is). But the bed's nice, and she's apparently not dead ]

I gotta say, not being dead's a bonus. [ Even though she wasn't close to being dead, she hadn't been in the best shape when she'd arrived either. She still looks a little rough, though: bruised, healing cuts and in an obvious 'less than comfortable' way ]

Who do I have to thank for that? Other than, you know, the doctor. [ Because, as they might realise from her still being there, and being nice, she's grateful ] It being Wonderland and all. Rabbit holes and getting high? [ Because, obviously, the food and the wackiness from the story was getting high. Oh, Thea ] Sounds like a great escape. [ At least compared to what she drove away from ]

So what's the charge? And be honest.
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[ There's no warning as the audio starts, and it seems very likely that River isn't actually addressing the network at large at all. It cuts in mid sentence, to the rustling sound of movement and near incoherent rambling from River. ]

-but it wasn't meant to go like this. What went wrong? Something went wrong, was it her calculations? The numbers twisted and broke and now so much is lost and how are they supposed to find out why? Pushed too hard and too fast, why did he let her try? Why did I try?

[ She stops talking very abruptly, exhales slowly, and then for the first time actually sounds like she's talking to the network, like it isn't just an accidental pick up of a private conversation featuring one. ]

She's sorry. She didn't- it wasn't meant to happen. So, so sorry.

[ Without any indication of who she's apologising to, she cuts the feed. ]
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[ Hello, everyone paying attention! There's currently a curly haired, big-eyed, eager looking teen of around 17 staring back at everyone. He's not exactly moving around the place, but it's easy to tell he's been trained to sit straight and polite, even though he wants nothing more than to hop in his seat. He clears his throat and begins: ]

May I have your attention please? This is Starfleet Federation member Pavel Andreievich Chekov, Ensign of the USS Enterprise. If there is other Starfleet members, I am requesting assistance to get eweryone to ewacuate the premises and attempt to return to their normal lives.

If there is no one here--then I guess-- [ Oh, man. Is he even ready for this? ] --aah... I guess it falls onto me to make sure everyone is safe. If there is anything you need, please let me know.

Thank you for your time.

((OOC: A reminder that the accent opt-out post is over here!))
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[Susan normally liked to appear very pressed and presentable when she was in Public. While there was a distinctive difference between the magical network and Public, it wasn't quite distinctive enough for her liking. However, disheveled as she was, she had other, more pressing concerns than the state of her hair or the fact that her shirt was stained beyond saving.

(Well, the second bit was relevant, at least, given that it was stained with a generous amount of her own blood.)

Susan took a deep breath and regarded the screen with the most neutral expression she could manage. She wanted nothing more than to pass out, or whine about the wound in her back, but both of those activities were (ultimately) counter-productive. It didn't do to go unconscious or start panicking people, particularly when you were asking them for medical help.]

I seem to be having a bit of trouble.

[Given how pale she was, this was a fairly serious understatement. She was seated at the table in a cheerfully decorated tea room and, although she wasn't actually lying on it, it was a near thing.]

I would walk to the clinic to get this sorted, but I'm afraid I'm having difficulty staying upright.

If there is anyone with a bit of...first-aid experience near the tea-room on the first floor, I would be much obliged if they could see to stopping by. [And, because she was quite certain that the blast in her room hadn't done anything as convenient as killing Mr. Teatime, she added:] If you've got a sword as well, and the know-how to weild it, that would be ideal.

(OOC: So, generally speaking, the people involved in the Action portions of this have already discussed it with me on Plurk, but absolutely anyone and everyone is welcome to answer the video posting. Susan will ICly decline any Magic or Magic-like assistance, though, so if your character would spot this and would definitely offer to help that way, feel free to tag in! It won't derail anything, no worries.)
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[Angeal is recovering nicely, much to Zack's insistence that he not do anything. However, he has opted to keep his post to just voice- There are still bandages needed for his back, over where the wound from his wing is, would be something he isn't intrested in talking about, at least right now.]

Wonderland, huh? This is quite the place. I suppose to many, this place has taken them away from their homes. [A pause, and he seems to consider how to put this delicately, the right way.] But to others, like myself it is a second chance of sorts. Another chance to make things right, another chance at life...

[He chuckles, a soft noise as a smile catches on his face, small but genuine.] A chance to get some sense of penance, to start over, and do the right thing.

[Now that he is convinced that it could be possible, even for a monster like him. If the others could find it in them to forgive him, then perhaps he may be able to find it for himself.]

But for the others... why do you want to go back? What is waiting for you? And most importantly of all, how can I start to help?

[After checking with Zack for a brief moment to make sure that these devices worked much like their phones, he composes a few private messages to send out to a few people he really needed to reach out to.]

PMs' to Genesis, Sephrioth )
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[ All you can see is a grinning face. Already you may feel the dread. If you've seen a calendar you already know what this means and, if you're smart, you've put in the ear plugs already because shit's about to get loud. ]




[ This isn't even text. The flickers of red white and blue are audible. It rings with freedom and inspires a certain kind of joy, like the kind that erupted when it was announced that Arrested Development was being brought back.

America steps back to reveal glory.

He's outside on the grounds. Everything that can possibly be associated with the 4th of July is there: burgers, hot dogs, apple pie, soda, ice cream, all sorts of glorious products and brands that aren't even around in the 1860s. Does that matter? Of course not. Today is a day when sense isn't even relevant.

The most indestructible car in existence has its bed full of fireworks, some that are probably illegal in most states. There's two cakes, one frosted like the Union flag and the other the Confederate, and both have sparklers stuck in them.

But most impressive is the absurd amount of booze. Seriously it's almost incomprehensible. It seems to stretch as far as the infinite fences and if you care to look out from a top floor or the roof, it's in the shape of the continental US. You should be terrified that he is setting off explosives this close to this much flammable liquid.

America lifts his arms as though to say behold my domain.

It's my birthday and everyone's invited! Even the Brits. Especially the Brits. I want ya to see how happy I am bein' independent.

Fireworks will happen soon as it's dark enough!

[ And if he's drunk enough he may or may not blow his hand off. He's already getting started on that btw. Join in the festivities, mingle, threadjack, do whatever you like DO WHATEVER YOU FUCKING LIKE TODAY IS A DAY OF FREEDOM. AMERICA WILL BE RIDING HIS DAMN DINOSAUR WAVING AN AMERICAN FLAG AS SOON AS THE FIREWORKS START YEAHHHHHHHHHH FOURTH OF JULY. ]
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[At first, he's utterly confused. Toothless falls asleep next to Hiccup, and wakes up on the grass in Wonderland. Then, slowly, the memories start coming back, and the Night Fury puts it together. It wasn't a dream! And the harness on his back was better than the one he remembered. He sprints back into the main level of the mansion, to track down Hiccup at his forge, and... discovers a regular door where the forge's should be.

When he runs - pretty much full-out - up to his room, he discovers that it's reverted to the way it used to be, a cozy cave. Rather than the lodge a Viking would be comfortable in.

Distressed, Toothless lets out a few sounding calls as he begins to scour the rest of the mansion. A long, forlorn, echoing sound. He doesn't understand. Hiccup had been here when he'd left, and he'd been back home, too...

Finally, he nudges his communicator open and stares at it, sitting down in the entrance hall. There's a gleam of judgment in his yellow eyes. What have you done with Hiccup, Wonderland, he seems to be asking, letting out one of his loud calls at the screen.]
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Well, I see that it is pointless to try and keep any sort of secrets here, isn't it? Never mind that they are sometimes kept for a reason...

My sister is the most precious thing in the world to me, and I am very serious about my role as a doctor and about helping people who need me. That is all anybody needs to know about me.

[OOC: Since I was hiatused for most of the Shadow plot, if anybody wants to have run into Simon's Shadow, you can either handwave or contact me if you'd like to backtag something. It would have told people all about how he rebelled against the government, lived as a fugitive, and got disowned by his parents for his troubles.]
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[The feed starts by showing an extreme closeup of a man's face, mostly nose and eyes, then the shot zooms out. Looking back at you is a rather handsome middle aged man with a confused look on his face.]

So.. uh.. I'm not sure what this is, but.. I guess I checked into some sort of hotel?

[There's a bed and some floral wallpaper in the background. Not exactly his personal styling choices.]

Anyway, I'm looking for a woman named Kate Beckett. She's tall, brunette, really hot, kind of standoffish. She proooobably checked in with me. At least I'm guessing so. She also might have drugged me because I've never seen this place in my life. Either that or someone else drugged me. Anyway…. answers? If someone is seeing this?

[He nods, then clicks off the feed.]
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So apparently the thing about not remembering being here is true when you're sent home. I have no idea how long I was gone but I'm back.

And apparently this place decided it was a good idea to drop me into a tree on arrival. The branches didn't agree, but I at least didn't really hurt myself. 

Everyone still here? 

How long was I gone?
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[ There's no introduction as River's face appears on the screen. It's shaking everywhere - she's walking as she talks, and it's hard to tell if she's even meaning to broadcast at all. She's hardly addressing the device after all, just rambling without any apparent point to the words. ]

They're in her head, always there, won't get out. She's trying to smile but Sao Paolo keeps pressing into her mind and ripping it away, she didn't want it. Terrifying beasts in pits of fire, with wings and without. Why salt? Why iron?

[ She presses the heel of her hand against the side of her head, screws up her eyes but keeps walking all the same. She keeps pacing the hallway because she honestly can't figure out what else to do. ]

The time will come where he's nothing but his son's memory, in hair but not eyes, won't stop it but we'll try. Everyone will try, but it's not good enough is it? Never good enough, he'll die for two before long. And so many teeth! More than anyone, more even than any wolf with a taste for veal. But control. Control she has and control she'll keep, so long as we all watch our words.

[ She stops rather suddenly, and for the first she actually looks at the device and addresses the network. ]

Why can't you all keep it to yourself? She doesn't want to watch siblings killing siblings and wings burning, burning, burning. The angels fall and who will catch them? No one, that's who. No one.

[ And on that rather pleasant note, she cuts the feed. ]

[[ooc: basically what's happening here is she's leaking out other people's memories, so feel free to recognise any details that may pertain to your character. action-wise, she's wandering just about everywhere so feel free to pick anywhere in the mansion to bump into her, and to handwaved her using your characters life if you want it as a conversation starter!]]
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[ The incomprehensible typing immediately switches to a very frustrated America cursing under his breath with language that would impress a sailor. He blinks once he realizes that the video is on. ]

Finally. These damn things-- handy, don't get me wrong, but whatever happened to writing? D'ya know how long it took me to learn how to do that? [ huff. ]

Okay, onwards. Show of hands: who here's American and who's from the much less handsome funsucker known as England? 'Cause it seems like the limeys are crawlin' right outta the woodwork.

[ His sour looks immediately brightens. ]

But if ya are American, I'd like to have ya in my sights! You're my responsibility, being your country and all. Gotta make sure y'all are fine and dandy and whatnot! And uh, all you guys who ain't American. I'm used to takin' people under my wings and... yeah, I know I'm kinda goin' through a lot right now, but my ports are always open. Er, metaphorically. And literally. Don't think it really applies literally here, though.

[ Awkwardly rubs his neck. That got a little more rambly (and a lot more insecure) than he intended. GOTTA SAVE FACE. ]

Anyone needin' some quality doctoring can also talk to me! Even though apparently some people don't think I'm quite up to snuff, I can tell ya that I have a great success rate and can stitch with the best of 'em. Plus, who doesn't want a treatment that prescribes the best medicine of all?

[ Grinning, he holds up a bottle of Wild Turkey.

So quality.
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Captives of Wonderland, my shackled brethren, I have a question. Or ten.

Who are you?

No, really. Who the hell are you? All of you. I've been hearing some names — familiar names — and I find that very disconcerting. Which is saying something because we're all currently living in a storybook. Brigadoon doesn't have anything on this place.

So, I want to know more. Are you famous back home? Are your friends famous? What's everyone famous for?

I'm looking for some truly, truly worthwhile gossip here, so how about it? Is your neighbor actually Superman? I wanna know. Is the gal downstairs actually Barnabas Collins in drag? I wanna know. Give me your details and in return? Pie.

I've got a little bake "sale" going on outside if you're more comfortable sharing your friends' secrets in-person, so how about it?

And remember, campers, knowing is only half the battle.

[Come one, come all. Xander will take all your juicy gossip. Why? Because this is the best way to learn about people. Ask someone to describe themselves and they're going to describe what they feel is right, not necessarily what is right.]

[[OOC: Since there are so many opportunities for breaking the Fourth Wall here, please respect all players' wishes when it comes to canon puncturing and fourth walling. Also, if you don't want Xander to recognize your character, please note that when you tag in. He's pop culture savvy, but a few years behind current popular culture, so he wouldn't recognize characters from Supernatural, but he'd have no problem recognizing characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. And, as always, if you have questions, feel free to PM!]]

2. [Video]

May. 13th, 2013 01:42 pm
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I arrived at a confusing time, it seems like- so I wanted to introduce myself again, especially to those who know River Tam; I am her older brother, Simon. I wanted to thank those of you who looked after here and were kind to her before my arrival. I am sure she appreciates it as well.

[He hesitates before venturing:]

Does that- do people switch places with those in the mirror often?
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[there is a noticeable difference between this and the last time people saw Whale. Mostly that he is wearing his lab coat and he is more composed. He directs his attention to the feed, speaking in a professional tone]

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to attend to my duties as chief of staff in the Wonderland Clinic. I would like to extend my thanks to Doctors Martha Jones, Helen Magnus and Joan Watson for their initiative during the most recent crisis.

That said, I would like to have a briefing on the medical situation, as I intend to get back to work effective immediately.

[what happens in Mirrorside stays in Mirrorside, and he's not talking about it ever]
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[There's a very well-dressed young man on the feed, looking a little confused, even though he's had some things explained to him.]

"Wonderland"- it does not seem like a very wonderful place if people are brought here against their will. I would say it's nice to meet all of you, but... well, the circumstances could be better. My name is Simon; for those of you who know River Tam, I am her older brother. I'd like to thank everyone who had shown her kindness thus far, because I know it can't have been easy for her to be separated from me. As much as I dislike the idea of being trapped here, at least we are together, I suppose.

[A pause as he considers what else to say.]

Are we expected to take up employment? I am a doctor, and I would prefer to not remain idle while I am here.


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