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[Other than glowing and having sharper than usual fangs and wanting to drink blood, Karkat is pretty much still Karkat. Just, you know, convinced he is and always has been a rainbow drinker.

He's been wandering around the Mansion, glowing in the-- Well, actually, he's glowing whether it's dark or not.

And he thinks all of you are ridiculous.]
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So...everyone is having the. Costume issue, right?

[There's a long pause. Static crackles.]

Anyone noticing a, um. Like, maybe a reason why you got the costume you got?


Oct. 15th, 2012 12:58 am
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[The video's not really clear at first. It's dark outside, and it landed in a dark place. Probably when a communicator fell over. Who knows? It resolves eventually.

There's a teenage girl. Kind of messy. Out of sorts. Not out of cigarettes, though. She might be if she keeps going at this rate. Mamimi.

And there's a troll. Kind of loud. Out of patience. Not out of cigarettes, though. He might be if she'd stop bumming him them. Karkat.

It's quiet for a bit. Relatively speaking. Relatively smoking.

And then he goes:]

This is still so fucking gross.
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[A line of glasses filled with varying levels of blue-colored water were arranged on the table in a tearoom. Off on the side and behind the curtain of blue liquid and transparent glass was a small blue velvet cake. The only reason one could tell it was blue velvet cake despite the white cream frosting around it was that a slice had been cut, and that piece was on its side on a nearby plate.

Minato had his fork in hand. Then there was a clink, clink, clinking sound, a short tune. After testing out the note and pitch each glass made when tapping it with the utensil, he was ready.

Soon he began to play this song on his makeshift instrument setup before thinking out loud to seemingly no one in particular.]

... I know. Home will always be there. It shouldn't matter then how long I stay?
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[Since his brother isn't answering all the messages he is sending him Loki finally gets out of his bed to go to him. It is not that he is able to avoid the conversation he needs to have with him. He walks through the hallway and stops in front of Thor's quarters, knocking the door a couple of times.]

Brother? Are you inside? We need to speak.

[When there is no answer he contemplates to walk back to his own room but instead he opens the door to take a look inside.

It is empty, except for a closet and a bed. As if this room has never belonged to Thor in the first place.]


[Eventually Loki leans against the doorway and stares into the room, arms crossed. He knows very well its useless to start a frantic search. Or ask any other denizen of Wonderland for help.

He lets out a long sigh and turns around to walk off. But that walk turns into a run and eventually he is racing through the hallway, finding his way to the attic and up to the roof. He should not cry, Loki did not cry, but this might be one of those exceptions because once the tears start rolling he is not able to stop them anymore.

He runs to that far end where you can sit and look out over the forests, leaving his communicator a couple of feet away from him. It is on, but the only sound others can hear is the wind and very soft sobbing in the distance.

His brother killed him and left without a word.]

[[OOC: Feel free to encounter him in the hallways/the roof or laugh at the gross sobbing he's doing. He got himself killed during the event when Thor slammed him into a wall and Loki kind of broke his neck there.]]
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[Action wise, Ammy is going to be sniffing around and looking positively down in the dumps.

As far as the video goes...well, the feed suddenly turns on. She's at a door and scratching at it, whining. The goddess stops after about a minute and lies down, ears drooping.]
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:33 < *ac furowns at the network unsure of how to phrase this*
:33 < *quite frankly she is purrplexed!*
:33 < *eventually she decides to just say what is on her mind*
:33 < i have b33n watching some of these human romance movies and read a few novels of the same genre
:33 < they are really purretty fascinating! you humans can be surpurrisingly passionate about your relationships! :OO
:33 < but some things came up that made me curious
:33 < why do you ask about what love is or f33ls like?
:33 < it s33ms purretty straight forward furom what ive s33n and read so why do you ask these questions?
:33 < *ac pawses fur a moment befur admitting something*
:33 < then again i am not quite sure what human love entails and how much of it diffurs furom troll culture
:33 < if there is even such a diffurence
:33 < i suppose what i want to ask is
:33 < what is love to a human and why do you question it so often?


Aug. 31st, 2012 07:01 pm
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Ta-kun?! Are you there?

[She doesn't need much of the hallucinations. The fog's enough. Because the fog's like home, and what's waiting for her isn't...


04. [text]

Aug. 27th, 2012 04:50 pm
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Land of wonders! I am excruciatingly bored. Not the kind of bored that is a part of these scheduled situations called 'events'. But the one that involves being actually bored out of one's mind.

This is a link to the world of online. Is someone able to explain this melody to me? I am very curious why one should drop everything as if its hot because a pimp enters a dwelling.

[The next textmessages are filtered to Thor only, since Loki finally managed to figure that out.]

spam )

[The next text gets send to Thor, but also to everyone else. Just because Loki particulary likes this face of rage.]

This is not a gentleman.


Aug. 4th, 2012 07:38 pm
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Do you think I have to go to school tomorrow?

[Like that's her biggest worry right now. It comes maybe thirty minutes after she sat down in a dome lit by fake sky. She nearly called Ta-kun once.

No service.]

It's very far away, huh?

[Another text, a few minutes later.]

(OOC: If you want to actionspam it, she can be found in the Entrance Hall!)


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