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[It didn't take Seth long to figure out a few things. For one, he isn't in a goddamn parking lot anymore. That is the first big clue he has that something was wrong. Instead it looks like someone's great Aunt's attic, complete with some creepy ass dolls, doilies tangled up in a box and a lot of dust. The latter of which is smudged along one cheek when the camera comes on.

It isn't his phone, and Seth isn't really bothering with finding out who owns it. Obviously whoever put him in this attic is waiting for him to find it, so why disappoint?

So there is one smudged, angry man holding the camera up with skills that do not speak of a selfie queen.]

Okay, this is cute. No, really. I mean, whatever you drugged me with? I don't even have a fucking hangover, and the attic? A nice touch. Except this is fucking bullshit, and when I make my way through this crap to the door? Someone's going to fucking pay.

[As he speaks, his voice raises, harder than the cutesy tones when he started.]

So looks like you've got...

[He looks away from the camera, eyes narrowing as he judges the distance.]

Let's say about fifteen minutes before I dig my way out of this and start demanding answers.

And a new fucking suit because this dust? This shit is never coming out! And there's a tear in my jacket. What the fuck is wrong with you? Whoever you are.

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 07:26 pm
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[There was no one on the screen. Certainly it was a live feed, but no one showed their face or seemed to be using the device.]

I've used a telephone. I know how a telephone works. Where is the dial? How am I supposed to make a call if I can’t reach the operator?

[The voice was accented, British, and frustrated. And it would seem, speaking to them self. A moment later his face came into view… upside down.]

Is this it? I've known of some that talked about magic mirrors, and they look a bit like this. Is that what this is?

[That seemed to reassure him, considering it to be the sort of mirrors some wizards used. Much less confusing than thinking it a muggle phone. Even if he was still upside down.]

Well then. If I've been told right, this is letting me communicate with others here. Hello. Thank you for having me. I must say, I prefer an actual invitation, but I know that doesn't work for everyone.

I was recently in Equatorial Guinea, and then New York City. The States have definitely been interesting. Honestly, because of that, I could certainly do with returning. I have charges in my care that I need to get back to as soon as possible.

[He paused, considering his creatures in Tina and Queenie's care. He was hoping Jacob would help them.]

Might anyone know what I need to do for a ship back to New York?
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[The feed comes to life and Leonard's sitting in his room, mostly illuminated by candle-light, which does soften the still visible bruises (as a result of this) on his face a little. He's playing with a lighter in one hand, turning it, palming it and flipping it open and shut, but never actually lighting it.

Mostly he looks at the camera, both eye by now able to open fully again.]

Time doesn't really seem to do much in the way of passing here, but things happen anyway. So, guess this is still a worthwhile question.

You got any resolutions?

[Which of course also begs the question whether he has any himself. He looks as if he wants to keep talking at first, but his mouth stays shut and he looks off past the camera, the flame of a candle reflected in his eyes. Finally he cuts off the video.]

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[The past weeks and months have been nothing but complicated for Cami, to say the least. She's found out a terrible truth in her future back home, and given her conversation with Freya upon the woman's return, it's safe to say there are probably a few more unwanted discoveries lurking out there, in the darkness. She's slept and she's dreamed, and maybe that's a terrible promise to come too. But right now, as the hours stretch on during the night of December 24th, Cami isn't looking to lose herself in the mire of all things that aren't fair, aren't simple, aren't right with the world.

She wants something better. Something simpler.

So she commandeers an empty room on one of the mansion's higher floors, just for the night. The decorations are sparse: some padded benches if people want to sit and think, all facing the front where there stands a table covered with rows and rows of red candles. A few are burning, most aren't. There's enough light to see in the room itself, but not so much that it overwhelms the glow of each individual flame.

When the feed starts, she's not facing the camera; instead, Cami stands in front of that table--in front of three candles, unlit in the center.]

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

It's a Bible verse written on the grave of someone very important to me back home. I was raised Catholic, although--[she laughs]--I'm pretty terrible at it. But I've always believed in light, and hope. In the goodness that can overcome.

Whatever's going on in our dreams is taking it's toll, and I doubt many people really feel like celebrating. But today and tomorrow do mean something, for a lot of people. For my family and I...

[Midnight mass. Listening to Kieran lead his congregation to celebrate a miracle. Voices singing in joy. The beauty of the service, and the candles glistening in the dark. Cami takes a moment to regain her thoughts, giving the phone a quick glance before continuing on.]

I've set up this room in case anyone wants a place to reflect tonight. It's on the ninth floor, room four. This isn't a religious service or anything like that. Just...somewhere where there can be peace.

[And tonight, she needs that, because the reality is? Cami's set up this place for herself. She swallows just to keep her expression calm, then reaches towards a jar at the end of the table with long, thin wooden matches inside. She picks one to light with the fire of a candle already burning before turning back to those three candles in the center. She touches the match to each one, sparking a flame before moving on to the next. Three candles, three lives.

Three deaths.

She doesn't say their names. She simply blows out the match when the task is done before turning off the video. She'll spend most of her night in that room, sitting on one of the benches regardless of whether anyone joins her, watching the lights, and listening to the silence.]
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[Richie’s presence in Wonderland presents him with one very big and glaring problem very quickly.

He’s a culebra, culebras have to eat, and his dietary needs are….special.

There’s not a lot he would ask the network about that he can’t find out for himself or would want to say publicly but this, in particular, he needs help with. Now to talk about it as vaguely as possible…]

So, I already figured out how the whole food situation works. You check the tables and the cupboards and food just appears, like some sort of Vegas magic show. Shit like that also pops up in horror movies, so I’ve got one question.

[He purses his lips, clearly annoyed by this whole situation.]

If I eat this stuff, what are the chances that I’m going to end up vomiting blood for the next week? Dying of food poisoning isn’t exactly on my bucket list.
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Hello? [The voice that comes through sounds uncertain at first. Her words spoken with a soft, southern drawl and while she can't be seen, she certainly sounds young.] My name is Kate Fuller.

[She'd gone over this so many times in her head before trying to use her phone and now none of it was coming out the way she wanted; a frustrated huff coming through the line, Kate's voice growing stronger as she pushes on.]

I - [Another barely audible huff] - don't expect anyone here to know who I am, but I'm looking for my brother Scott?


And, some other people who... [Her words stutter to a stop, several seconds ticking by before she tries to cover.] I don't want to be any trouble, so. If anyone can point me to a list of people here or something like that, I'd really appreciate it.
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For Kate Fuller )

[After she's been found and given an explanation--well, it doesn't actually do much to help Cami feel better. Certainly she's been through a physical ordeal, her skin eeriely pale as she appears over the network. The bandage on her neck is a clear indication of the cause, particularly to any who come from a world like hers, full of vampires and werewolves and witches.

Yet somehow she's ended up in a place seemingly more insane. That's something she's clearly trying to come to terms with, given the way she struggles for words during the first few seconds of her broadcast.]

Okay. So, somehow I've ended up in...Wonderland? [No, she still doesn't believe it, deep down hoping for the relief of someone calling her crazy. But she continues on; the girl who'd found her, Kate, sounded so certain. Cami can't help the pang of guilt she feels for wanting her to be wrong.] And I've already heard that it's supposed to be some wacked out magical prison that brings people in from varying realities.

Supposedly there might be people from the same place I'm from: New Orleans. On Earth. [Since again, she's supposedly not. Cami shakes her head, frustrations mounting as she forces herself to continue on.] Although I almost hope there aren't, because if they hear this they're going to think I've lost my mind. But whatever this is, I need to get in touch with them and make sure they're okay.

[Because that's what counts in the end, isn't it? If this is some sort of hallucination or actual, impossible occurance, Cami knows how much danger they were all in just before she woke here. Mikael had the stake and the blade, he knew Klaus was coming, he planned everything out and he really was homocidally nuts. She doesn't want to show it over a network of strangers, but Cami's afraid of what's happened back home, even more than she is of her current situation.]

So, if someone knows the Mikaelsons or Marcel Gerard, or a girl named Davina Claire, I'd really appreciate it if you could point me in their direction.

[She hesitates again, presses her lips together as she considers sending out a message to those people directly--to Klaus--but instead she simply ends the feed there. Hopefully it's enough.]


Nov. 16th, 2014 04:32 pm
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[When the video comes on William is in the gardens, lion cub on a harness leash prowling around his feet as the young man talks to his device.

Just another day in Wonderland, but hey at least William looks awkward today, frowning slightly as if he's trying not to cringe too much. It's something he's curious about though, and for once William is going to take the initiative and just ask.]

When we were in that other town for a bit, it made me a Pastor. And that's not actually far off from what I do back home, so it got me thinking on it. And I have to apologize in advance if this isn't everyone's thing, though feel free to say so, I'm pretty open to most things and we never forced people to join the church back home.... Right, anyway, are there many people here of a uh, religious persuasion? I was head of the church back home, and it's not something I've given much thought on since the last event that happened. More like I never thought to ask, I just assumed it wasn't a thing here.

Is there even any kind of church or chapel here?

[With that William just gives a half-smile and ends the feed. Feel free to bump into him in person if you wish.]

002; VIDEO.

Nov. 4th, 2014 10:24 pm
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[There's a couple of reasons Peter is making this post before his falls off the page.. One, he'd like to assure people here that he's not some sort of crazy gun wielding dick - most of the time.

Two, Rocket had said, point blank. These are your people and apart from occasionally wondering what had happened to his grandpa and grandma he hadn't given earth a second thought. When you live on a space ship full of aliens, you spend most of your time figuring out how to survive. Missing home wasn't really something he'd considered. Especially since Yondu let him drive a space ship. At ten.

Three, ...He's bored. He's bored as hell and there's nobody with any tech worth this side of a Flarkin's tit to play with. Nothing to steal. Nothing to do.

So here's Peter. In a ninja turtle shirt looking thoughtful.]

Hey uh...Wonderland.

So this one goes out to all my fellow terrans. [pause] Humans. It's a habit.

...I am in the market. For pop culture recommendations. Specifically relating to the period between 1989 and uh...2014. Movies and TV shows specifically. Stuff to watch.

[someone introduce him to the wonder that is video games]

Cause space. Has a serious lack of good TV shows. I mean the day that humanity actually gets into space our biggest contribution will literally be amazing television. Xandarian TV, while nice, has a real lack of car chases, fight scenes, and punches.

Also uh.

[here he shifts]

So this goes out to anybody specifically from my earth. That's the one with Captain America. Cause he's here. [And holy shit that was weird in and of itself.]

[He swallows.] What're you guys watching?

[How is earth. He's just going to sit here and nod. Curiously.]
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[The screen turns on to show a young fair-skinned blonde woman sitting in the first floor Tea Room, seeming perfectly at home. There's a rather large pile of books and binders next to her on the couch, most of which are scholarly articles or academic analysis of the world of Alice In Wonderland, as well as the book itself and all related works. Someone's been busy. There's also a few Halloween editions of popular style magazines scattered about.

casually with wavy, shoulder length hair, Caroline looks bright and awake, eternal optimism shining loud and clear, even when the frustration at her current situation comes through in her voice.]

I thought it was about time I introduced myself on here, so hey. I'm Caroline Forbes. Former Miss Mystic Falls, current Wonderland captive. Libra, ex-drama major, big fan of these cookies. [She holds one of the cookies from the tea room up before taking a bite, chewing, and pausing before speaking again. She's got a lot of energy and bounces a little in her seat.]

Okay, so, if the calendar's correct, that means I've not only missed my birthday, which sucks, [no it really sucks she's actually upset about that, but she's staying focused ok] but that Halloween's right around the corner. Which means costumes and yes, a party. I happen to be great at parties, so I've already started planning the end of the month Costume Ball. [So excite. Are you excited, Wonderland? You should be!]

But, since I'm not in Kansas anymore and, instead, living in a very real version of a child's whimsical nightmarish fantasy, I'm kind of at a loss as far as predicting the unpredictable elements, which I'm also usually great at. [She sighs, and sits up straight, pleading in her eyes.] So, fellow residents of Wonderland, help a newbie out? And don't skimp on the gory details. Is this place going to ruin our Halloween party? If so, how, and would moving the date back a few days maybe lessen the risk here?

Let me know, I'd really appreciate it.

[On a more serious note..] Anyway, what do people do for fun around here? And is anyone working on a way to go home? Like, researching this place, separating fact from fiction, searching for a metaphorical or possibly literal rabbit hole, or looking for answers in general? [Little smile matched with sincere concern and determination.] I'd like to help.
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[ when the feed opens, it's on the floor at first, but after a second it turns to face a pretty girl with long brown hair and a bit of a smile on her face, sitting on the bed in her room. elena looks happy, which is, unbeknownst to the citizens of wonderland, kind of an unusual thing for her. ]

So, Wonderland. [ her tone conveys what she thinks of that, thanks, but she continues on after a moment with her smile growing wider. ] My name is Elena Gilbert, I'm new, and I have a question for you all, if you don't mind.

[ she rests her chin on her hand and raises an eyebrow. ] Is Wonderland better than wherever you came from? Like... personally, I miss my friends, obviously, but I don't want to go back home, because someone very important to me is here, and they're... gone, back home. [ now she looks a little shifty -- she doesn't want damon to know either how important he is to her or that he's dead when she comes from. ] Does anyone else here have something like that? A loved one back from the dead, or maybe you're back from the dead? You're missing out on the apocalypse?

Just curious!

[ and now the feed cuts out, and elena flops back on her bed, grinning at the ceiling. ]


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