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to the my fellow residents of the mansion,

I feel I should tell you just in case one of you might see one.

we are joined by the company of snowgies. they are,

[ well how do you even explain a snowgie? ]

little snowmen. they are a little prone to mischief so if they give you any trouble, please alert me. they won't do you any harm, however.

I know them to like sweets, so I expect you might see them near the tea rooms.

they'll melt soon, I expect, unless you wish to keep one and if you do, tell me so I can enchant a little cloud for them.

[ aka guess who has a cold and coughed up snowgies all over the mansion? feel free to have your character find one, they're entirely harmless. unless you have cake. ]
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[ it has taken a full day for elsa to understand the devices and even that understanding is shallow at best.

a whole day. when she first found herself in the halls of the mansion, her instinct was to run to the top floor to try and see if she sees anything familiar in the landscape.

nothing whatsoever. it was as foreign as the mansion itself and worse of all, no matter how much she looked around from corners and shadows, she couldn't see Anna.

the mix of fear, anxiety and anger led to her running back up, to the 10th floor and to hide in one of the rooms but the turmoil has shown its effects. the temperature in the 10th floor dropped at once and as the hours passed, it has gotten progressively worse.

outside of room number 40, a clear, thick frost is covering the floor; it is spreading, slowly but surely towards the windows and ceiling in the floor.

keep it up and the 10th floor might yet start looking like Alaska.

hidden in her room, door blocked by a strong, fierce wall of ice, elsa uses the device to send one, short message: ]

if you have her, I want Anna back.

I will stop at nothing to save my sister.

give my sister back to me, now.
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[What's that jaunty tune making its way through the tinny speakers on your communicator? Why, it's a charming polka accompanying the nonsensical humming of the one and only Swedish Sweet-ish Chef!]

Herm dee derm dee dee, bee yung ga durka dur, ye-oh gooday on gorp fum bork bork bork!

[Considerably shorter than his usual six-feet-and-four-inches, felted fingers slipping on slick metal utensils as they fly out of his hands and across the room, the Pie Maker Sweet-ish Chef find himself...frustrated, even as his toque bounces in a most delightfully charming fashion. His work is worthwhile and he has long-since abandoned stainless steel for wooden implements while attempting to mix a pie filling, productivity cut in half no thanks to the event.]

Hrrmmm. Herty der flerty floopin. I shmer der floompty...hoon chocolate mousse!

[Perhaps the most annoying part of this experience outside of having little control over his limbs is the constant compulsion to talk when everything that he says makes absolutely no sense.]

Lee me shur hurr de chocolate- [Watch his dexterity as he carefully grips the dish of thick, rich chocolate, spooning it into a large bowl!] -und der handee mit on de hue- [Admire his prowess with the spatula as he flings it across the kitchen as soon as he's done with it!] -list andee hun derfa badiska doo! Now, fer doo mousse!

[See him turn to fetch- oh, no, that's a real goddamn moose he's trying to put into a pie.

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[That nightmare was... different. Not new, as the stuff of nightmares was something Minato was used to. But different. He had been taking a nap at his desk while working on testing something. Something had been bothering him for a long while already, and it would be a way to distract him from thinking about the dream. The nightmare was the sign of something to come. Like those event announcements. He would just be prepared for it whenever it came.

Thus once he was ready again, he began writing, solving this math problem, then the next math problem and others like it.]


[Done. Answers checked out. But what about something... simple?]

42 - 17 = ______


........ What's forty-two minus seventeen?


[Blank. How could he not know this? Something had to be wrong. (And it isn't cheating to ask the network!)]
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[Elsa's room, decorated mostly in several shades of pale blue satin, is visible behind her. What isn't visible to the eye of the communication device is that she's completely frozen over the door to the room, unfreezing it only to come and go.

It hasn't seemed like a good idea to be in the library in days. She leaves when she has to, including a recent trip to the roof to try to get a better idea of what's been going on, but she's been spending the majority of her waking hours close to this particular home.

Her expression is serious and thoughtful.]

I'm fine right now, but if I weren't, I don't -- [she hesitates, frowning] -- I wouldn't have an anchor, not anymore. I can't be the only one like this. Is anyone else?

I have a younger sister, but she's not here, and until now I've been grateful for that. I think I still am, but....

I guess that leads me to wonder: if there's someone you care about, is it selfish to wish they were here?

Or is it just normal? What if it was someone who you couldn't see any other way?

[She lets out a small, frustrated sigh -- the topic is still on her mind, but she has one more thing she wants to say before she ends the message.]

Anyway, if you think there's something I can do to help you, please let me know. I'll do what I can.

[ACTION OPTIONs: When things do calm down, it will be possible to find Elsa in the library again. Maybe she's sorting through a pile of books on a table, or maybe she's standing on a ladder, reeeeeeaching for something on a high shelf. She's always interested in recommendations.

She also takes her little dog, Trigg, for walks in the garden and on the grounds. Or maybe he's taking her.]
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[Briefly a bearded face could be seen on the monitor before the image became blurred, then black before it was facing the ground. Then it flipped back over to show the face of a man whose eyebrow was quirked in thought.]

Gotta say that this is a mighty curious device.

[A pause as he looks it over once more. The thing would certainly put that Edison fellow back in the States to shame. That being said, or rather thought, Ethan figured that he may as well use the device for what it was meant to be used for.]

But I suppose that I should be gettin' right to the point. Anyone friendly out there who can at least hear this? [May as well try and start meeting with the residents.]
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[Well into October, Ned starts to feel grim
A reminder of Autumn's old pang eats at him
The leaves changing colors, red, yellow and brown
Serve to bring the resident Pie Maker down
But what is the reason? you ask, mildly wary
A dislike of ghosts, or something more scary?
Perhaps a less silly approach, if you please
Halloween's on its way, and the facts are these:

When Ned was nine years, thirty-four weeks, seventeen minutes and four seconds old, he received the one and only postcard he would ever get from his father while attending the Longborough School for Boys in North Thrush. It came on Hallow's Eve, a holiday ripe for the picking by children decked up as witches and warlocks, ghouls and goblins - but the only thing more terrifying than the idea of whatever mythical creatures might be lurking in the dark was the pre-printed message on the back of the postcard: We've moved.

Young Ned tracked the origins of the postcard to a small house in a pleasant neighborhood, bedecked with festive decorations and Jack-O-Lanterns. Dressed as a ghost in a sheet he sought to ascertain his wayward father's whereabouts and, hopefully, come home. But what emerged from the little white door in the front was not a welcoming party, but his father with two new sons and a brand-new wife, preparing for an evening of Trick-or-Treating.

The last thing Ned's father said to him was a genial Happy Halloween as he handed the boy dressed as a ghost a Honeycomb Chew and walked away with his family - for the first time that evening Ned felt as though he were one with his chosen costume.

...okay. So. I didn't want to have to make an announcement, but since there's been an increase in requests for...thematically seasonal pies, I'm putting up a list outside the diner and on the network.

[The list itself reads, in perfectly legible script:

Chess Pie
Pecan Pie
Apple-Cranberry Pie
Tart Cherry Pie
Dutch Apple Pie
Triple-Pear Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
Maple Cream Pie

Observant residents may note that pumpkin does not appear on Ned's list, as he is vehemently opposed to everything that it stands for. Out of frame a dog whines, and the Pie Maker stoops to pat Derby on the head before continuing.

I know we have the- uh, capacity and ability to have all kinds of fresh fruit year-round- [And not just because he can touch dead things and bring them back to life.] -but it's kinda how we do things at The Pie Hole,' I'm doing them here. I also know it's pretty easy to ask the kitchen to give you a slice of pie, but I thought I might offer lessons in case anyone...wanted to learn. How to bake.

[There is a long, awkward pause before he decides he's had enough social interaction, and cuts the feed.]
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[Elsa is in her room, which means that its pale blue satin curtains and furnishings are visible behind her.

She was never really confident about her ability to solve The Duchess's riddle, but her failure to do so has left her feeling guilty in a way that she might not feel if someone had been able to solve it -- then at least nobody else would suffer because of her lack of success. Now it seems possible that everyone will pay because no one single person had been able to find the sword.

Some of the things that happened to her while she was trying have left her with some questions. They aren't really related to the Mirrors: those are weird, but knowing that magic is involved makes it easier to come to an understanding of them.

So now, she's wearing the smile that she usually smiles when she talks to people this way: slightly distant, slightly uncertain, an element of puzzlement to it, but genuine nonetheless.]

Hello, everyone.

When I was looking for the sword, I found some strange things. I could never be sure of whether or not they meant anything. That riddle was so complicated that it started to seem like anything could be important.

Still... did anyone else come across something weird while they were searching? I don't mean something like the normal weird things here, I mean something like -- a present, a little statue or a toy, or some other kind of small object that you could carry with you if you wanted to.

If you found something, what did you find?
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[Martha's opened up video recordings like this before. She's in the clinic, in her labcoat and sitting at her desk, though at least this time there's no monster raging and so it isn't strictly a crisis situation.

Except for the fact that there are Mirrors seeping into their ranks, which is not something they can outright ignore. It's a race to see who gets the vorpal sword, and yet Martha wonders if they should be thinking of it that way.]

Hello, everyone. The word's out, we have some Mirrors in our midst, so I hope you all know to be careful. Some very dangerous people could be posing as friends or family.

[With that warning issued, she quickly moves into the heart of this message.]

But I can't help but ask... aren't we all looking for the same thing? The vorpal sword, I mean. I doubt that you Mirrors want to be torn apart by the jabberwocky any more than we do.

[As preposterous as it might sound, would it be so horrible to actually try and work together on this?]

I know that I can't ask everyone to get along, though, so if something does happen and you're hurt -- whether you're from this side or the Mirror side, mind you -- I'll be here to see to your wounds. [That's no doubt going to be a controversial statement -- in fact, most of this broadcast falls into that category. Martha won't relent so easily, though.]

I hope it doesn't come to that, but I am prepared. [And with that, she ends the feed. When Martha isn't on riddle-solving duty, she'll be working long hours in the clinic in anticipation of any of the issues that crop up when Real Things and Mirrors mix.]
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Hallo. Erm. I have...multiple announcements, I suppose. One is that the book club we established months ago, which fell to the wayside when there was an unfortunate incident at the library-

[Murder. It was murder. And she found the body. Let's move on.]

-is going to start up again. I've posted a sheet on the library doors for people to recommend books they would prefer to read and discuss. Secondly, and more importantly, I know that just about everyone has noticed the riddle the Duchess left. Far be it from me to encourage the scurrilous behaviour of questionable individuals, but those of us who have been here for some time know better - when last we were given a riddle, Wonderland was plagued by all manner of unfortunate fictional monsters.

[The late and grieved Mark Meltzer, in all his investigatory influence, has left a lingering effect on his pupil and peer, who appears steadfastly determined to solve this particular puzzle before any more beasties burst forth from the Mansion's belly.

It should be noted, dear listeners, that Evelyn is planted firmly in front of her library niche, where a good portion of the wall has been taken up by papers and notes, some of them a year old and others freshly scribed, a few bits of red string linking facts and events together. Is it the work of a professional archaeologist and researcher, or a manic conspiracy theorist?

You decide.

I've begun compiling old notes from the last riddle and put them alongside my notes from this one in the event there are connexions. There are a number of hidden words and statements, you see- the...the most evident of these are the bolded letters that form the word "mount," the green letters that spell "closet," lower and upper letters spelling "liar" and "old," et cetera. But there- there is absolutely more to this, more than I thought there was-

[She reaches for two larger pads of paper, one of which has a series of zeroes and ones with text beneath it, the other dots and dashes accompanied by tiny notations that detail the numerological meaning of the number eight.]

There is further hidden text. Holding a finger over the word "true" in the message, there appear ten figures of three dashes and two dots, Morse code for the number eight. Over the word "cost," there are dozens upon dozens of ones and zeroes. It's a binary code!

[If she looks frightfully ecstatic, it's because she loves being smart.]

I've translated it to uncover a hidden poem which may, perhaps, raise more questions than it will answer them, but I should like everyone's input. This is something we have to solve together.
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[ At last the Duchess appears on Wonderland's screens, but the feed looks strangely faded, as though it was recorded before it was sent. She stands tall in the entrance hall, and on the floor her little piglet playfully scurries between the frayed ends of her dress. In her hand she holds a familiar blade, the very Vorpal Sword itself. ]

I know, I know! You have missed me, you have missed me for too long. I forgive your insults, all of them, and I confess it, I have suffered by myself as well. One is company, two is a piglet, but three... three and so many more is a community, and I shall take my own moral to heart!

[ She lifts the sword with both her hands outstretched, as if offering it for all of Wonderland to take. ]

You crave this, I know. I shall see if you have learned your lesson truly, while I was away. Solve my riddle, prove your moral character and wit, and you shall find me, and be greatly rewarded! Now. Listen well, I shall only say it once!

[ The Duchess clears her throat and begins: ]

1. I am the First of seven, ɘuᴉu to ƚƨɘllɒɯƨ ɘʜƚ ɯɒ I.
I last nearly half of eLeven, in darkness by starlight I shine.

2. Infinity guides my paths true and blue,
but gaze hard and I run closer toO.

?. For I am shamed by that which I bring forth,
And so should yOu, to love things so far north.

087. At last I come without pRize, but not without cost.
The moment you seek me you've already lost.

[ When she has finished speaking she only smiles knowingly. The image of her flickers and vanishes, but a quiet melody still plays for a while, until the transmission ends for good.

Those who respond to her words will receive no reply, and those who seek her in the entrance hall will not find her.
But her riddle still remains. ]
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[ So, it's been a while since John's put his face out there, but considering the last time (and everything that's happened since), maybe it's not so hard to figure out why. Nevertheless, this suitably fine Sunday finds him taking the risk once again. It's not so much an attempt to be social as much as a way to stay connected without getting too close. ]

Hey, everyone. [ He waves. ] 'Bout a year an' a half ago, me an' the residents of Wonderland — some of 'em, at least — played a get-to-know-you game. It was pretty amusin' so I thought I'd bring it back, maybe add a few things, too.

Game 1 )

Game 2 )

Game 3 )
[ Yep. That's what John Blake's offering Wonderland this week. Hope you guys enjoy his newfound interest in doing very little that could be considered productive. ]

001; video

Sep. 14th, 2014 04:36 pm
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[He's been around long enough, investigating everything long enough, Kyubey finally feels like it's time to make his network début. So, despite not having any hands or opposable thumbs to speak of, he hits a few buttons with his paws and starts up a video broadcast.

Round, red eyes stare into the camera, over the network, and you through the screen. It's understandable if anyone is made uncomfortable by this sight.

Tilting his head, he begins to speak, though his mouth doesn't move.]

Everyone here must have a wish. Something they want more than anything, even something they'd be willing to trade their lives for.

[Starting off a little cryptic... And not exactly subtle.]

For many of you, I'm certain one would be to return to your own world and leave Wonderland behind. But there must be others, as well.

[Ones he can actually grant... You know, in exchange for your souls.]

I'm curious. What wish would you have granted, if given the opportunity? And just how much would you be willing to put at stake for it?
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[ When the feed comes to life Sam is sitting outside leaning against a tree. He's sweaty and breathing heavy, but that's what happens when you just get finished with a run. The stiffness in his ankle has pretty much vanished now that he's started running a lot more since he broke it. He's back up to his old times even if that is below Steve Rogers standards. ]

So--[ He smiles. ]--those blind dates were pretty weird huh? I mean they were nice. I get that their heart was in the right place, but was anyone else just a tad weirded out by how detailed and specific they were to each couple? I got a new friend out of the deal, but it still felt really odd.

[ He's not upset about the date. Neal was a good guy. Having dinner with him on the rooftop wasn't the worst night he's ever had. It was weirdly romantic for two straight guys who didn't even know each other, but free food and a good talk is hard to find sometimes. Though probably not here. ]

Not what I really wanted to talk about though. [ He sits forward and gets closer to the camera. ] I used to run support groups in the VA center back in DC and I was thinkin' about starting something similar to that here. Coming here isn't really that easy and it's gotta be rough on some people. Maybe you want someone to talk to about it? A group setting where you can talk about concerns or just issues back home you didn't get to rectify. I know a few people got some of those. Maybe they're scared that they won't get a chance or they're scared to go back? [ He shrugs. ] Give it a thought. If you'd wanna come just hit me back. I gotta go see if I left my lungs a mile back. [ He smiles and shuts the feed off. ]
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[It's about time someone put the gym to good use, right? Lightning isn't holding back as she beats the stuffing (metaphorically speaking) out of a punching bag. Truth be told, she's holding back, but it does feel good to be active. With a final, merciless, kick, she sends the thing flying off of the chain.]

You should've been prepared for me. [The words are gruff. She doesn't even spare the damage a second glance as she moves to a floor mat.

Now it's time to prove that gravity isn't a force that is going to hold her down. The young woman flips, turns, driving an invisible weapon into an equally invisible opponent.

Then things get weird. With a mere wave of her hand, she summons a wall of fire. It flares and crackles, reaching out to lick at anything nearby. With a somersault, Lightning vaults herself over it and ends the spell with a flick of her wrist.]

Show me where to strike and I will wear your defenses down. [She outstretches her arm - like she is holding a sword.] But you won't say anything.

Maybe you are afraid of us. [A small, satirical smile follows that statement.] We're stronger than you think.

You're not allowed to give up hope. [That part is directed at anyone watching.] Do you want me riding your case?


Sep. 8th, 2014 03:13 pm
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 A companion of mine made me think of a strange little question...

There are many different types of people here. Humans, mostly, but we can call agree there are things definitely not human here too. Yet...

[During this time, Saki has been in her room. The device is propped up on a desk, as she is trying on make-up. She's never really been one for it, save for fingernail painting, but now she's curious. Today, she's seeing how black lipstick goes on her. After the 'yet', she rubs her lips together, and makes a little 'pop' sound.]

... What, I wonder, is the line we cross at, to decide what makes someone not human? Is a human a completely normal person? Or can someone have abilities beyond, and yet still be considered human?

Food for thought, for any hungry brains out there.
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[The woman onscreen is young and willowy, with pale blonde hair and wide eyes. Her dress today is light blue and shimmering, patterned with slightly darker blue crocuses. Rows of shelving behind her make it obvious that she's in the library.

Addressing these devices still feels strange to her--it's been impossible for her to shake off the general sensation of being watched--but she's getting the hang of it all, and she has something she wants to ask, something more than a simple icebreaker.]

I'm sure not all of you enjoy reading, but I always have... it's been keeping me entertained here in Wonderland. The thing is, I don't know what I should try next!

One of the most interesting things about this place is the chance to meet people from different places and times. That means that there must be thousands of books that are worth reading, but I've never heard of them... I wouldn't have any idea of where to start.

So I was wondering whether or not you could recommend a book or two to me? Your favorites, or something you think I might like. I'll be very grateful.

[She looks over her shoulder at the full shelves, then adds, humorous and helpless,]

... I'll be even more grateful if you come down here and help me find it!

[And indeed, anyone who does come down to the library will find her peering at shelves or frowning at the list she's making.]


Jul. 22nd, 2014 12:04 pm
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[ Charlie's been pondering for a while, and with that pondering comes some questions.

Nothing too serious, of course. This is about fun.

Your friendly neighborhood Charlie here! [ She gives the camera a little wave as she shows up on the network. It's still kinda sorta weird to facetime the area at large, but hey - when in Rome. ] Got a question for everyone. If I were to start up, say, a friendly game of D&D, would anyone be interested?

Or, even something extra awesome - like paintball! [ It's an idea that pops into her mind as soon as she says it, and her eyes light up. ] We've totally got enough room to spread out, get some teams together. Just seeing if there's any interest before I start getting down to the nitty gritty of planning and plotting and scheming.

[ Obviously, not the nefarious kind of scheming. Just some harmless fun times! ]

Let me know!
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My lords, my ladies.

[ she addresses the network as though it were an extension of her uncle's court. and why not? manners in an unfamiliar situation seem to be the best course. demanding answers will get her nowhere, exactly what she does not want. ]

For those of you who may have heard of me or His Grace, my father: I am Elizabeth Plantagenet, daughter of King Edward IV of England.

I have been here some time, and yet find myself confused a great deal about many things. Including that odd experience in which I apparently attended a school for several days. How odd! I had thought that folk employed tutors and studied privately at home.

[ in any rate! she smiles sheepishly, still retaining some of that charm some might have seen in her over the weekend. ]

If any of you would be so kind as to assist me in this, I would be eternally in your debt.
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[ this message goes up late, to the point that it's actually early, and while allison knows she should be sleeping it's hard to get rest with the way her head is spinning. she's been doing a lot of thinking, a lo of checking, and now? ]

this might be kind of a weird question, but
has anyone here been in wonderland long enough that you kind of consider this place home?
I moved a lot back home and I never really settled in one place long enough to feel at home anywhere
and the one place that I kind of wanted to be's complicated, I guess
I'm just kind of curious if wonderland could keep us here for that long, or if anyone really minds being here that long
even with all the events, and all the crap we deal with.
there's some good, right? somewhere?

oh, and happy one year wonderland anniversary to me.

[ she doesn't really want to think about how long this makes. about how allison can't remember the last time she was ever in one place, consistently, for this long. the one place she wanted to hang onto, the one place she had decided to feel loyalty to, to come back to, was beacon hills.

and she's officially lived in wonderland for longer than her entire time in there. even considering her summer off.

a whole year in wonderland.

allison sends off the text before she has a chance to think about it, before her mind comes back around to see who all is going to see this - from home, from here, wherever. she slides the phone under her pillow and sighs, turning back over. ]
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[ Cue up one particularly irate face. He's trying his hardest to act calm, to not to let the vein by his temple throb with his obvious distaste. It's an obvious struggle between professionalism and an outright rant, one that'll spread and engulf all in its wake like a broken levy. If it breaks. Probably not a good idea to find out.

Or do. Whichever.

To anyone who reads this transmission, this is Starfleet officer Leonard McCoy speakin'. Anyone affiliated with Starfleet or the Federated Planets, please respond immediately. [ And he does mean immediately, because to hell with this standing out in the open shit! He's just asking to be kidnapped by unfriendly natives. ] Or, Hell, I'd take a damn Nibiran at this point...

[ With a grim huff, he looks askance for a moment before his attention rests back on the screen. The likelihood another officer is going to hear his transmission seems moot, so he tries for a Plan B as well. ]

I'll also take a point in the direction of whatever passes for a foreign embassy or emergency care facility around here...

McCoy out.
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Dear friends. [ she speaks with a warm voice: vivacious and welcoming, for nothing today has turned her mood to melancholy. nor to anger. her heart remains heavy with a lingering dismay she hold wrapped up and hidden -- her grief for her lord father and her brother. her concern for the young jojen reed. her anxious love for those starks who have joined her. but she presses it all into the back of her mind and chooses instead to reach out and make peace with her fellows. ]

Wonderland's gardens are so fine. Beautiful, truly. But I wonder if anyone has seen a certain flower blooming: a rose -- blue like ice looks blue just before the sun sets. We call it a winter rose. Only it smells nothing like winter.

I want one. Whosoever manages to find it for me, I'll repay him or her kindly. Most kindly. [ an indulgent smile and a playful pause. perhaps she might ask the closet for this hardy blossom, like she might ask for a weirwood sapling. but she has decided to do what she can the earnest way before she goes depending upon sorcery. ] In return, I'll share with the finder a thrilling legend! The tale of Bael the Bard, and how he plucked the most beautiful flower in my own dear Winterfell -- much to her father's ire. [ lyanna laughs. ]

Go! Find it. I beg of you.

[ or else come find her instead! she's sitting in the kitchen exploring the odd appliances and sampling delights she'd never known before in her short life. ice cream has rocketed quite high on her list of favourites, closely followed by butterscotch sauce. and the two together! seven heavens. ]
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[ Buckingham, being the magnificent and universally beloved god that he is, has been utterly undeterred by Wonderland's musical program for the weekend. Wonderland's last event however, with its drab and colourless days, has reminded him of a long overdue matter in need of transmission: ]

My good people of Wonderland, if I might have a moment of your day! [ Pause to imagine the resounding Of course, Your Grace! and: ] My home knows me as George Villiers, their Duke of Buckingham, and you may as well, should... I've not yet been so fortunate as to make your acquaintance in person.

[ Cue the winning smile and kindest of kind unspoken thanks for enduring the formalities of such an introduction. As for the matter at hand: ]

I speak to you on behalf of the gallery I installed here some months ago, you... may have celebrated its grand opening on the third floor, just... near the library doors, room number four. I would certainly recommend a visit to all who have since arrived, but today I particularly address anybody who... might wish to aid in expanding its selection.

[ Buckingham nods to the scene behind him, and shifts slightly to grant a brief view of some of the works on display. ]

Wonderland houses such a wealth of artists, and I would urge you to call on me, should you ever desire to... share your work with us. We shall find it a deserving place at the gallery as soon as possible. I would extend the same offer to those who have acquired pieces from the vendors or elsewhere, and care to make them available to the public.

[ Cue once more heavy on the smiling, as the duke reaches to end the transmission. ]

I thank you kindly for your time, and hope the... rest of the day finds you well.

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[The feed cuts on to show a teenaged girl who seems friendly enough for a kidnapping victim. She certainly isn't showing any of the frustration or confusion typical for newcomers. But Zatanna is pretty good at staying whelmed, even if she's suddenly been dumped off in who-knows-where.

At least there's a phone?]

So, don't get me wrong; the free phone is kind of nice, even if I can't actually dial out. [Because yes, she's tried that. The Team's emergency contacts are all as dead as her com and any telepathic link she might have hoped for.] All things considered though, I kind of wish the kidnapping hadn't come with it.

Not that I've got any idea who I'm talking to now, but if one of the bad guys can hear me? Bad move. I've got some pretty heroic friends--like, Justice League heroic. Capes and everything. [Even if Zatanna thinks the Team is just as good, she opts for the name that carries greater weight behind it.] Whatever you're up to, you're about to get busted in a big way.

So let's call this your chance to earn brownie points: come on out, explain what's going on, and maybe you spare yourself a few bruises when they get here. Because I know them, and they will be coming. Fair warning.

[Pretty big words, right? Well, Zatanna believes it. She knows the Team won't just let her disappearance lie, and they're too good not to find her. They might even be able to hack the transmission she sent out. But the truth is, she's trying to figure out what she can in order to make her own escape first. Being taken prisoner isn't on her list of New Year's resolutions, thanks. She'd much rather be back up at the Watchtower, and maybe if she can gets the person in charge to show their face, she'll get those answers.

And if nothing else, she'll at least feel better once she knows who she's up against. Probably. In the meantime, Zatanna's going to be exploring the grounds. There really isn't anywhere that's off limits as she tries to orient herself to wherever she is, not to mention get a feel for the people there. She starts off in the mansion, but definitely don't expect her to stay there.]

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I learned something interesting recently.

I'm going to successfully bring life into the world. Something to look forward to in the future.

Have any of you been told something that will happen to you in the future?
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[Text wonderland, text is good for the soul isn't it? Mostly because Lindsey for his part isn't feeling well. He's been drinking demon blood and he's been doing so more and more frequently. The thing is, he's starting to realize that he can't stand on his own, but hey, he can lift a vase up with his mind a quarter of an inch!

Never mind that he's feeling really sick.]

What do you think is more important love or power?

[Right now he could answer power. He really could.]

What would you do for one or the other?

[And then - A series of Private messages.]

Private Messages to Abby, Lilith, and Will Graham. )
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I'm the best physical fighter here, period.

[The look on her face is stern, dead but certainly confident as if there was nothing else worth noting.]
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[The whole broadcast is accompanied by the clank of metal and a sound like cracking, shifting ice. Elsa is clearly pacing around her room.]

Someone, please--something has happened to me, I-I don't...I'm in some kind of metal, like, like armor. It's a curse...some kind of curse, it has to be.

[Her voice gets markedly more frantic.] And Anna! I keep seeing Anna in that--I don't know what it is. The black box. She's alone, she's in danger, and I can't reach her! I have to help her. My sister...

[She's silent for a moment, taking time to metaphorically breathe and calm herself down.]

Someone--please tell me what is going on.
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[Somewhere around mid-morning, Martha's face shows up on the network. She's seated at the desk in her room and while she has an air of business about her, she starts off with a smile.]

Hello, everyone. I had a few things I wanted to ask you all about. [She draws a hand through her hair.]

First of all, I was wondering about memory. We all know that it's a large part of why we're here, so I wanted to know what your experience was with losing memories. I don't mean like when someone leaves and comes back and remembers nothing, but... less noticeable things. Gaps, things that don't quite make sense... [Martha's guess is that there's a more subtle kind of memory siphoning going on here, and she'd like to know more about it.]

Or if you have any experience with selling a memory to a vendor, that would count too. [She knows a certain someone who would fit into that category, but there may be others too.]

The second thing is... [She lets out a sigh and straightens in her seat.]

I know we don't have much in the way of medical professionals around here these days, but with the jabberwocky in our future, I'm going to need all the help I can get. [She had Peter for a short while, but he's gone now, which means she's essentially been running the clinic on her own.]

If you have any experience or if you're willing to learn some basic first aid, then I'll do my best to teach you. I can't exactly be choosy with who I take on as help right now, so let me know if you're interested.

[This does not mean that America should volunteer, however. Martha's hoping he's too busy feeling sorry for himself to notice this. Fingers crossed.] And that's all for now. Thank you, everyone. [She reaches forward and the feed cuts off.]
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Finn? Where-

[ There's a pause, and Quinn looks around her. This wasn't Finn's house, or really any house. She was in a kitchen but outside of that was a long corridor, and a feeling of being lost ]

This has got to be the worst day of my life.

[ Oh, hey Wonderland, were you low on your daily dose of teenage drama? This one comes with the signs of already shed tears and the threat of more to come ]

First I- I've lost everything. And now- Now I'm here? This can't be happening. It can't, I- [ And there's another tear, and another two. A sniff to go with it, and then a quieter voice when Quinn speaks again ] Where am I? How did I get here?

[ There's one more pause, and a heavy swallow ]

What's going to happen to me?

[ That was all for now, at least over the device. If you're nearby? You might get more than you'd bargained for if you say hi ]


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