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[Unlike last time, Zelena's not being accidentally filmed again. This is completely intentional today, and wow is she mad.]

Do you really think stealing from me is going to work? Because it won't. All you've done is give me a reason to start searching Wonderland for what I've lost. So instead of leaving the rest of you alone like I'd planned, you can thank whichever thief is among you for what comes next. And believe me, you'll be wishing you could be rid of me something so simple as a bucket of water.

[That's right, it's not her fault. It's Michonne's fault. Blame her if someone gets turned into a monkey or set on fire.]

Unless of course, they'd like to personally come forward and make up for their incredibly poor decision making.


And don't think whoever told them about it is getting off easy either, I'll be having a chat with them as well.

[It's a fairly small list of people who could've told someone about the courage totem, and she controls two of them, so she doesn't see this taking too long.]


May. 5th, 2015 08:36 pm
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[With the bathhouse gone and the mansion returned to normal, people are probably done wearing yukatas. But not Hana - she's still wearing hers (black, naturally), as she addresses the device in her room.]

... Privacy. What do you think of it, in this place?

Lately, I've been made aware of how much of an invasion my powers are. But Wonderland does that too... our most precious memories have been broadcast, our thoughts shared without consent, our very lives used to change the foundation of this building.

Does privacy have any meaning here? Do you value it?

... If you don't care for all that dull, philosophical talk... I'll get to the point. I apologize for listening to your denpa waves so often. I'll try to do it less.... though, at times, I will reserve the right to protect myself.
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[Zelena's not going to waste time today. Just a simple voice message that gets right down to the point.]

Someone has something of mine. I want it back.

[She's only really sure of one that's missing, but anything messing with her memory is completely unacceptable.]

And you can have the ones I have. I don't want them. No matter how real it seems, I know I didn't throw any ridiculous festival for any of you. Why would I? Really not interested in lifting your spirits. Not at all.

[She would've just left it at “why would I”, but she was hoping the more she said it, the less real it would feel. Not really working.]
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It seems we have some new arrivals... but then again, with the way our memories are jumbled, it's difficult to really determine who is new and who isn't. None the less, I hope all of you who are 'fresh' here are given what you need to know.

Now then... as some of you may or may not be aware, I have special abilities. I am going to test how far they can go. It's nothing dangerous, I assure you - I'm merely seeing my cutoff point, the distance where I can no longer hear denpa waves. It may be useful someday... but, really, there's only so long I can lock myself in my room and weep over inhumane acts, before boredom takes over and normalcy must resume.

... Especially since I recently saw the inhumane person as a felt puppet.

Anyway. I will be going through all of the mansion. If you wish to help my experiment, merely say where you are, and stay there, so I can try to measure it. 

[Action - moments later]

[Saki Hanajima calmly walks through every hallway and floor of the mansion, hands clenched together. Despite the 'bravado' she put on, and the ridiculousness of Puppet Angel, she's still terrified. But she puts on a brave face - a blank one, really, her usual slate - as she goes back and forth, up and down stairs, black eyes going straight ahead. She listens for waves - the true emotions one is feeling, not thoughts, but if a person is sad, happy, afraid, so forth. She walks and listens.]
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arrivals are such disorienting things )
[After spending an hour in a room so comfortable it actually set her on edge, Peggy Carter finally decided to test the network after covering the only mirror in the room with her jacket. She'd managed to read up a little on where she was, but there were still many answers she lacked. The little device could only look back so far and that left her in the dark about too much. She knew this was some alternate world - as insane as that sounded - and that it was called Wonderland. She had no idea that the American company had adapted Carroll's works, but alright, that was apparently a thing? She also didn't know who Michael Phelps was, but she assumed he was famous in one world or another. Recently, there had apparently been two "events," a bunch of cartoonish puppets were talking like real people, someone had died, someone else ate people, and Peggy kept her gun squarely in her lap. She didn't delve far, but she read enough. A young girl had shown a puppet show and Peggy was fairly certain she was either drugged or in an insane asylum.

Whatever the truth turned out to be, for now she needed allies, people who could help fill in the blanks. It was time to see who here was of the "helpful" variety. As it seemed others were also in her position, and many were panicking, she chose a different approach. Panicking seemed to be normal, but in asylums, no one spoke to the unstable ones. Her tone was sardonic as she addressed the network.

This will be the second time within a few weeks I've found myself homeless. It seems I'm making a rather disappointing habit of it despite my better intentions.

Now, do we simply choose any of the open rooms here, or is there somewhere I report for an assignment?

[She paused for a moment, looking at the irritating little pamphlet.]

And one more thing, by your reckoning, what year is it?


Jan. 2nd, 2015 09:09 am
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[Finally, Saki Hanajima can post normally! ... well, semi-normally, she's in her room with the door locked, sitting on her bed. But at least she looks normally dark and creepy, and not depressingly dark and creepy. If you know her, you know there's a difference.]

According to some, a new year has passed. I find this difficult to celebrate, as time has such a strange way of working here. It's sort of like adding rules to the insanity of Wonderland.

But I wish everyone well all the same.

Anyway... every so often, we get little stampedes of animals. Pigs, dogs, frogs lately... I was wondering if perhaps I should start this new year off with extra companionship.

What sort of pet should I get, if I could obtain one? I'd prefer one that can be black.
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[That nightmare was... different. Not new, as the stuff of nightmares was something Minato was used to. But different. He had been taking a nap at his desk while working on testing something. Something had been bothering him for a long while already, and it would be a way to distract him from thinking about the dream. The nightmare was the sign of something to come. Like those event announcements. He would just be prepared for it whenever it came.

Thus once he was ready again, he began writing, solving this math problem, then the next math problem and others like it.]


[Done. Answers checked out. But what about something... simple?]

42 - 17 = ______


........ What's forty-two minus seventeen?


[Blank. How could he not know this? Something had to be wrong. (And it isn't cheating to ask the network!)]


Nov. 23rd, 2014 06:38 pm
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Avoid the eighth floor at all times if possible.

If you live there, I deeply apologize. The further you get away from me, the better you'll feel.

That goes to all of you.

Until this ends, do not see me.

Yes, Tohru, you too.

[The event has her powers uncontrollable - which means she can hear everyone's emotional waves, as if there was a whole stadium full of loud, screaming people in her head. And the waves are also being sent back unwillingly - which means psychic mind attacks. These can range from feeling like you got a static shock, to feeling intense pain all over your mind and body. Those on the eighth floor, if they can get near her, will probably hear her moaning in agony.



Nov. 12th, 2014 09:10 am
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 [Last time Saki Hanajima was on the network, she was screaming and crying about a vampire who killed and tortured her. Then she went missing because the same vampire killed and tortured her again. Then she was freed, but remained locked up in her room.

So. It's been a bad autumn.

When she chooses to address the network, she looks disheveled, her hair all over the place, her clothes shabby and wrinkled, has she even bathed or eaten in a while? She doesn't speak for a long time. It almost makes you wonder why she bothered doing this, but then she finally opens her mouth.

Death isn't permanent here. For those who didn't know.

It just takes you a little longer to wake up each time.

... I'm not sure what to do. I'm not... sure, why I'm here. But I guess no one really does.

We have no choice but to accept things. 


Oct. 29th, 2014 03:05 pm
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 [So, Storybrooke. That was a thing. Well, at least everything's back to normal, we all have our memories, Saki Hanajima is her usual blank-faced monotone self-]


[... or not. See, before the event, Saki was vampire food. Repeatedly. And now that she remembers, she's hysterically scrambling to find a safe place to hide, and to find her beloved best friend. As a result, the girl who typically never shows emotions is now a screaming, crying mess. She's running down the hallways, occasionally tripping over herself due to how fast she's going. She clutches the device in both hands, sobbing and yelling into it.]

Oh God, oh God, oh God... Don't go near Angel! Stay away from him! He... he... he killed me! He's going to do it again! I don't want to die again! Tohru! Tohruuu!

[And she trips again, this time falling on the floor, the device bouncing off and away. She groans, pulling at her hair.]

Nnngh... W-what's the point of these damn powers.... if I can't... Oh, God, I'm sorry, Tohru! I should have stopped him!  I should have... Oooh, Tohru... I promised, and I still didn't...
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[It has now been six months, one day, one hour, and twenty-three minutes since Ned first set foot into Wonderland's kitchen.

That is six months, one day, one hour, and twenty-three minutes too long a time spent away from home, The Pie Hole, Chuck and Digby. Six months, one day, one hour, and twenty-three minutes not solving cases with Emerson Cod and deflecting the aggressive sexual advances of his eatery employee.

Too long without any scrap of contact, which Ned craves but holds at an arm's length, an extended period of time adjusting and re-adjusting and adapting more rapidly than he was ever meant to, more than he can properly manage without help. These days he feels stretched, like a layer of pie dough rolled out too thin.

The increasing number of people informed of the details of his gift has only served to increase his anxiety. Somewhere along the line, someone will slip up. It is only a matter of moments, seconds, or minutes before the likeliest scenario, in which Dean Winchester casually remarks to another resident that he knows a guy who can touch dead things and bring them back to life, brings the weary excuse for a life he has here crashing down around his pigeon-toed feet.

Oh- no, no, come on-

[But until then - until then - one can find him on his hands and knees in the kitchen, a hand extended under the table, holding a dog biscuit. The pup in question has speckled feet, a speckled nose, and a bemused expression as it contemplates the Pie Maker's generous offering before edging out from under the table and accepting both the treat and a pat on the head.

Ned looks inordinately pleased with himself.

Where'd you come from, anyway?

[He suspects that the cupboards pulled him a fast one when he asked them for dog shaped cookie-cutters, and instead gave him an actual dog. No collar, no leash, and therefore no name, so when Ned reaches for the communicator he left on the floor he finds himself a mite disgruntled that it appears to have been broadcasting this entire time, but at least reassured that others might have gotten a glimpse at the (evidently) lost canine.]

...is anyone missing a dog?


Sep. 8th, 2014 03:13 pm
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 A companion of mine made me think of a strange little question...

There are many different types of people here. Humans, mostly, but we can call agree there are things definitely not human here too. Yet...

[During this time, Saki has been in her room. The device is propped up on a desk, as she is trying on make-up. She's never really been one for it, save for fingernail painting, but now she's curious. Today, she's seeing how black lipstick goes on her. After the 'yet', she rubs her lips together, and makes a little 'pop' sound.]

... What, I wonder, is the line we cross at, to decide what makes someone not human? Is a human a completely normal person? Or can someone have abilities beyond, and yet still be considered human?

Food for thought, for any hungry brains out there.
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?


Aug. 10th, 2014 08:50 am
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[Say hello to Angel!Saki Hanajima. She's still as flat and emotionless as ever, but now you get to her religious praising... in that same flat, emotionless tone. She's outside, basking in the sunlight. She's sitting on the grass, an open bible on her lap, while she holds up the device.]

I've sensed great turmoil among our fellow captives. It's understandable, given the circumstances, but perhaps you could take comfort in knowing there is a great lesson in all of this. Allow me to share with you a parable that will ease your fears and worries. You are all loved and cared for, as demonstrated... Hm.

[And she begins to flip through the bible... kinda randomly, to be honest, until she points at a page.]

Luke, 15:8-10. "Or what woman, if she had ten drachma coins, if she lost one drachma coin, wouldn't light a lamp, sweep the house, and seek diligently until she found it? When she has found it, she calls together her friends and neighbors, saying, 'Rejoice with me, for I have found the drachma which I had lost.' Even so, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner repenting."

[There's a long pause as she lets that sink in. Except...]

... Actually, that one loses some meaning, since we can get anything we want from the closets.

Huh. Close enough.

[Because even as servant of the lord, Saki's lazy. you're saved, right? right? Good, off to lunch.]
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Who: Saki Hanajima + Open! This is a mingle post, have fun!
Where: The Checkerboard Hills
When: Late Afternoon
Rating: G, will change if needed. Action brackets, Prose, type what you feel like!
Summary: It's a celebration of the Japanese holiday, Tanabata. Unleash your inner weebo! 
The Story:


Jul. 2nd, 2014 04:59 pm
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 So now that the latest chaos is over, so comes the next stage... The 'comfort' after. I'd like to take the reigns this time, if I may.

[Saki Hanajima is in her room, the device laying against a mirror. She's painting her nails black, taking her time with each finger.]

In Japan, we have a celebration called Tanabata. You write your wishes on paper, and hang them from a bamboo tree. Then the tree and wishes are burnt, sending them off to be granted.

[She pauses to blow air on her pinky finger.]

It's celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month... I'll take care of the arrangements. I'm sure we all have wishes.

[She waves her hand, another attempt to dry them.]

Hm... I wonder if this means someday Orihime and Hikobishi will arrive... We have so many western fairy tale characters, it seems a tad uneven.


Jun. 28th, 2014 09:48 pm
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[Her normally warm strawberry-blonde hair is now lacking in the strawberry component, and Milady's usually dramatic gowns in rich, jewel hues are now the washed-out pastels commonly favoured by the French Queen's ladies, and the twittering girls of the English court.


I've a surfeit of these, as no doubt most of you have, judging by what I can hear… [She holds aloft an Artois hound, utterly adorable and roly-poly.] But what's more concerning is the sudden influx of… drabness. I cannot be the only one subjected to an excess of colour-leaching.
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I must say this wasn't at all where I was expecting to end up.

[Take equal parts annoyance and surprise, blend them together, and that's her expression right now. She's not a fan of surprises. Or at least not ones that she didn't cause.]

No, not at all, I'm almost disappointed. Really, I was expecting some place far more...ordinary.

[It might seem odd, but she actually sounds disappointed by that.]

No matter though. I don't expect to be here for long. Though if anyone knows a way to speed up my departure, I suggest that you share it.

[That may have sounded a little threatening. Completely unintentional, really. She's definitely not going to be mad if she's someone knows a way out and doesn't tell her.]

After all, I don't want to take up any more of your time than I absolutely have to, and it's really best for everyone if I get where I need to be quickly.

[Because the longer she's here, the unhappier she'll be, and that would just be bad for everyone.]

So as I said, if you can help, let me know. If not, I'd rather you didn't waste my time. Sorry.

[It might be obvious from her tone, but she's not even remotely sorry.]


May. 13th, 2014 10:36 am
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 [Saki is wandering the hallway, and occasionally one of the many piglets that appears to have flooded the mansion follows her. She doesn't seem to mind. She's got things to say.]

There are always two sides to every person, and every place. While others throw parties and enjoy themselves, others have gone through death and switches with the mirror. We must never forget this is a dangerous place, one that took us against our will.

With that known, I have decided that keeping secrets would do no good here. Not when I could be of aid to others.

[She pauses here, to kneel down and pet a passing piggy.]

... I can hear denpa waves. Every living thing can give off waves... the emotional voice that gives out who you truly are. I don't read minds. I read emotions. The stronger you feel it, the louder I can hear it. But all of that is optional... I choose to block them out, though I will open them up every now and then for caution's sake. You can't be too careful in a mansion full of strangers.

[Good piggy. Have some ear scratches.]

These abilities of mine also allow me to defend myself... I can send my own waves into a person to poison them. I would prefer not to.

[One last pause, as she looks down at the pig.]

It's been a while since I've had a good bacon sandwich. 


May. 1st, 2014 09:02 pm
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[This post is coming from outside in the gardens, low to the ground. It’s a beautiful spring day, the sky is very blue, and Tohru Honda is uncharacteristically all in black, though she still seems at least somewhat cheerful. Saki Hanajima is there as well -- it looks like they’re having a picnic.]

Ah, hello everyone. [And she gives a very tiny wave.] I just wanted to let everyone know that I won’t be in the diner today. You see, um --

[There’s some brief fumbling of the camera and a tiny "Excuse me, Hana? Can you hold Mom up, please?". After a moment, a picture appears in view, held up very steady.]

This...this is my mom, Kyoko Honda. She was an amazing and strong, and the most kind and wonderful person I’ve ever known. She raised me all by herself and made the best out of everything life threw her way. If she were here right now, I’m sure she would try and beat up whoever brought us here, and say something like “Who the hell do you think you are kidnapping me and Tohru and Hana and everyone else to this freaking dump?!” or something along those lines. Though, that might be left over from her Red Butterfly days…

[Tohru tried her best Kyoko voice there, but she’s just not capable of that level of intimidation.]

One can never forget the blazing glory left from her motorcycle flapping away in the night…

Anyway, my mom...time is strange here, but counting the time I’ve been here she died three years ago today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to honor her death last year, because it fell during an event, and I know we can’t go and visit her grave properly, but it doesn’t feel right to not do anything on this day. And I’m really fortunate to have Hana here this time as well!

[And Tohru moves the camera to give Hana some spotlight. Hana makes a peace sign.]

So, um. I’ll be busy today. But I’ll be back in the diner tomorrow! I’m sure everything will be okay without me. Thank you very much for understanding.

Of course, should anything happen to your precious diner, I’m sure the perpetrators would be punished severely…

[And with that, Tohru waves bye to the camera, and gently encourages Hana to do the same before she shuts it off.]

[ooc: Responses will come from either Tohru or Hana (or both!) since they’re having a picnic together.]
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[She's feeling VERY good about herself today! And why not? She's a Big Sister! She might even be the best Big Sister! Dare she say it - Better than Eleanor! (Of course she's better than her, she never does anything!). In fact, she feels like letting everyone know just how talented she is, and so she films a little video for the network!

It's mostly sand as she walks along the late afternoon beach, so it's understandable if the other residents don't realize it's her. Except it's not, because who else could move and sculpt sand with their brain like this? No one!

She's strong, tough, her powers are exceptional, and she is the best Sister. The only thing that might be a little less than perfect is her voice, so as rows of small art deco sand-buildings rise up alongside her, she decides to practice with it (while subtly letting people know who's responsible for this amazing trick).

It's a simple, childish tune the Little Sisters made up for her back home. Well... Her and other Big Sisters, she guesses...]

Big Sister, Big Sister, coming out to play,
You're tall and strong and you always save the day!

[Her voice is admittedly rough from disuse (except for the screaming), and it carries a weird double-voice echo to it. But that just makes it more unique!

... There aren't any Little Sisters here, as she's painfully aware. But there also aren't other Big Sisters here. So she decides it's safe to... tweak the words a little.

She giggles to herself, and a sand skyscraper rises above the sand-city.]

When my sisters need me, I find them right away
I always keep them safe when their daddy goes astray!
And when my sisters are alone, they'll find me very near,
'Cause unlike Mr. Bubbles, I will never disappear!

[She flourishes with a twirl, and the camera pans in a blur from the beach, to the ocean, and then stops over the sand-city again.

You know what, she's just thought of something else to add to this cityscape. A gloved, metal hand reaches into the frame, and sand starts to swirl between the tiny sand-buildings. Some of them lose their edges because of it, but that's okay - wait 'till you see what she's making! She keeps singing to herself cheerily:]

Big Sister, Big Sister, coming out to play,
I'm tall and strong and I always save the day!

When they see me coming with my bright red light
The bad men scream and run away from sight!
And if they don't run fast enough, I'll find them where they hide,
And take back all the ADAM that they keep in their insides!

Bad men, bad men, better run away!
'Cause when Big Sister finds you, she's gonna make you pay!

[The sand has taken the shape of a thin figure with a round diving-helmet and a long spear coming off her wrist. She laughs to herself, then ends the video. The statue collapses when she lets go of it, of course - sand can't stand that thin on its own. The collapsing statue makes a miniature disaster in her miniature sand-city, but that's an easy fix! She puts her helmet back on before getting to work, because the sun's starting to bother her. She keeps humming to herself, though.]


Apr. 7th, 2014 05:59 pm
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[Saki is in her room, tying up her long black hair in a braid. She's laid the device against her mirror, speaking to it while she tends to her hair.]

The idea of different worlds is shocking, isn't it? Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend another culture so the idea of worlds...

In my home, Japan, our culture has 'rules' about names, and what you call one another. You may only use the first name of someone you know if you are very close. So when you hear your friend call you by your name for the first time... it's quite an emotional time. But it appears that many of you come from a Western culture, where you use the first name right away, without a care.

Is this because the Western cultures you hail from are friendlier or ruder? Or should we perhaps embrace this closeness, since we are all equally trapped in Wonderland?

[Pause. Eh, enough philosophy.]

I'm bored out of my mind. That lizard should have built a movie theater.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Quiet... Quiet... Quiet... Please be quiet...

[Young!Saki Hanajima has run away from the playground, and is now huddled in a corner, sitting near the front doors of the mansion - although, as a frightened child, she could be hiding anywhere, feel free to change the location to suit your needs. But no matter where she is, it's all the same - the little girl is rocking back and forth, hands on her ears. Unlike the 'teen' Saki, who displays no emotion, this Saki is sobbing, having tossed her device on the ground after she realized she couldn't call Mommy and Daddy.

Also, unlike the older version, she cannot control her powers - everyone's emotional 'waves' are slamming into her mind like screams. A word of caution - push her buttons too hard, and she might wind up hurting you. For now, it sounds more like she thinks she deserves to be punished.]

I'll go to jail... I'll let the police take me... Just be quiet, all of you...
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 [At first, there's just a different voice. Slowly, you'll see her pale face.]

... Well. This is new.

[She could be talking about the device she's fiddling with in her hands. Or, this girl cloaked entirely in black - hair, fingernails, flowing dress and cape - could be talking about the fact she's sitting on a chair that's wobbling over a 'crack' between floating debris. She kicks a bit to see some bits of floor rise up.]

This may be the oddest dream I've ever had. Except when you are in a dream, you never acknowledge it is a dream. So either I'm not dreaming, or this is the most meta and bizarre dream I've ever had. Therefore, if it is a dream, I should have the power to bring forth anything I desire within the realms of my imagination.

[So she concentrates on the area in front of her - it looks like one of the hallways, perhaps on the upper floors. Concentrating... Concentrating... Why in the world is she saying all of this out loud...]

... No all you can eat banquet is appearing. This is disappointing and frightening.


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