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[It took two days for Tohru to heal and awaken, which is at least one more day than many people might have expected of her. Tragically, she was killed once before though, and this is her second death, and thus requires an additional day.

Late at night on November 1st, air rushes into Tohru's lungs and she jolts awake, sitting upright as adrenaline courses through her. But Angelus is gone, and she is alone in her room. She touche her neck gently, expecting it to hurt, but the wound has healed. She is alive again, though she is sticky from the blood she had been laying in and more than a little shaken.

She keeps to herself for much of the day on the 2nd, still unsure of how okay she truly is. Death is always...difficult, for many reasons. It leaves her thinking about a lot of difficult things. She spends much of the night talking to her mother's picture, seeking imaginary comfort from it. She showers and washes all the blood from her hair, and exchanges her sheets for clean ones because something about the mundaneness of making her bed is calming.

It is a while before she can approach the network without trembling, but eventually she does. At first she isn't certain what she wants to say, or how much she wants to reveal to the public at large, but...she feels she should say something. Her usual energy is gone, and she's quieter today. Upon reflection, she realizes there's really only one thing she wants to say at all.

Um...hello everyone. I...I-I just wanted to, ah.

[She looks down at the floor.]

I just wanted...I wanted to thank whoever moved me, a-and put me in my bed. Thank you very much. I don't know who you are, was really kind of you.

[That's all. She shuts off the feed after that. Video replies as well as action threads are welcome - she'll be keeping to her room today, and then returning to the diner by the 4th.]
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( No more than ten minutes ago there was a scream. A horrible, loud, piercing scream that resonated across the mansion and out across the grounds. A scream you could hear everywhere, and not from the network.

Lydia had been the cause of the scream, and following it had been terrible. She'd left her room, walked one floor down before stopping a few doors short of Tohru Honda's room. It takes Lydia a few seconds, blinking her initial confusion away as she returns to herself. She knows what this is - what this means. Between the scream and inexplicably finding herself in another location she knows that someone has died. She doesn't expect what she sees, though.

The network clicks on ten minutes following the scream, audio only. She's too upset - too horrified to show her face on the network, and she can't show what has happened. Her fear and upset can be heard clearly in her voice, if what she was about to say didn't already give a clue that something terrible had happened )

She's dead - Tohru. She's- ( Slaughtered. Mangled. Dead doesn't cover it ) Someone has to help her. She'll come back but- ( No one else should see what has happened but Tohru can't just be left like that. Has she died before? How long will it take for her to come back, especially after this ) -she shouldn't be alone.

( ooc; the post is backdated to the evening of the 30th!! )


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 [So, Storybrooke. That was a thing. Well, at least everything's back to normal, we all have our memories, Saki Hanajima is her usual blank-faced monotone self-]


[... or not. See, before the event, Saki was vampire food. Repeatedly. And now that she remembers, she's hysterically scrambling to find a safe place to hide, and to find her beloved best friend. As a result, the girl who typically never shows emotions is now a screaming, crying mess. She's running down the hallways, occasionally tripping over herself due to how fast she's going. She clutches the device in both hands, sobbing and yelling into it.]

Oh God, oh God, oh God... Don't go near Angel! Stay away from him! He... he... he killed me! He's going to do it again! I don't want to die again! Tohru! Tohruuu!

[And she trips again, this time falling on the floor, the device bouncing off and away. She groans, pulling at her hair.]

Nnngh... W-what's the point of these damn powers.... if I can't... Oh, God, I'm sorry, Tohru! I should have stopped him!  I should have... Oooh, Tohru... I promised, and I still didn't...
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Er… hello, Wonderland. [ Carlos gives a bit of an awkward wave at the camera, not sure how to really get this started. Maybe he should have kept it voice-only, but the camera is already on… too late now. ] I have something I need to say… to share, actually, with all of you. In case this affected anyone else besides myself. And if it did, I encourage you to contact me immediately. Verbally, psychically- you can even send an email if you want. Anything is fine.

So there was a strange event a few weeks ago, and… well, I don’t think I have to tell you that. You all were probably there for it. Unless you’re new. In which case, uh. Welcome to Wonderland? [ He smiles, but there's a nervous edge to the expression. ]

In any case… yes. The phenomenon, where individuals from the other side of the mirror came through to our world, and some of us ended up on their side of the glass. That was exactly the type of phenomenon I’ve been waiting for, Wonderland! A chance to see the denizens of this world in action, to meet and examine a Mirror, or to even see the other side…

[ He trails off, expression clouding as he frowns into the camera. ]

The thing is, I think I did see the Mirror side of Wonderland. And I think something mimicking my form and my voice and my pulse and probably everything else about me took my place. I just… I don’t remember it. I don’t remember anything from that event at all. I came-to in my room the day after it was over.

Click here for more agitated scientist. )

005; video

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I have a question for everyone here.

[Armin picks a book up off his desk, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, and shows it to the camera.]

It's about this book.

A long time ago, when I was wondering about the origins of Wonderland, someone referred me to this book. Since then, I've read it several dozen times, and I've gotten a handle on all the different characters and their counterparts here in our Wonderland. But I still have trouble gathering anything useful from it... To me, it's just a bunch of nonsense.

This book does not exist in my world, but I know it exists in others. So many people come into Wonderland with prior knowledge of the setting. So I'd like to ask them-- or anyone else that's read the book-- what is it about? Is there anything in there that we could use that I'm not catching? For example, is it written in code, or does it have some sort of underlying meaning?

I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer. It would help me out a lot.

[Some time later, he adds as an edit:]

I've come across a few new questions-- Why is this Wonderland so much like the book, but not exactly the same? What came first, Wonderland or the book? If the book did, how did it influence this Wonderland? And why does it only exist in certain worlds?
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I. The Vendors [ACTION - OPEN!]

[ If you ask Philip, then the only real thing of value he left behind on the other side is his gun. Easy enough to replace, or so you'd think, but the closet is having a difficult day, and anyway, the kind of ammunition he is looking for probably warrants a trip down to his favourite masked creeps either way.

The trip will be a quick one, but anybody in the vicinity might still find him silently pondering over some of the available models, or scribbling down part of his special order on a slip of paper, to convey it to one of the merchants.

II. The Bar [ACTION - OPEN!]

[ Once that errand is done, Philip heads up to the bar. He pulls his copy of the Resistance Notebook from his pocket, and sets it down on the table. It still works, for all he can tell. Pretty useful information on Real versus Mirror codewords too, though he's past regretting that blunder.

All that's left to do is smooth out the aftermath. Philip doesn't want to draw that kind of attention to himself, let alone be questioned beyond what he'd offer freely, but there are people he owes- people he promised that kind of effort to. Not the entire network of bored readers, but...

Philip turns the pen between his fingers for a while, and finally starts to write:


Fifth Death

Process took five days after moment of death, exact timeline of events unsure. Took place in location comprised solely of bright light1. Similar to appearance and sensation of light near Core room, potentially same place. Confronted by Queen & asked to choose between "fueling Wonderland" in death, or resurrecting for a small price2. Chose the latter. No side-effects or further memory loss observed to date.

★★★★✩ - would recommend with caution

1Non-corporeal experience; dead body never moved to my knowledge.
2Non-monetary. Exact nature likely varies between individuals.


[ Philip's final stop for the day is the library, specifically whatever rows have currently decided to house the Languages & Linguistics section. He will browse there for a great deal of time, lugging around an increasingly sizable stack of books.

Eventually he will drop his haul on a nearby table, transfer it neatly into a cardboard box, and carry it up to his room.
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[A pair of large, tawny eyes fill the picture to start with. After a moment Cy shuffles back, revealing the scruffy face of a tabby. Her fur looks dirty and unkempt, and there's glimpse of something shiny beneath the fur on her forehead. Something metal.

She rolls over, kitten like in her appearance as well as her mannerisms. When she speaks she's cheerful, not seeming overly concerned about the unfamiliarity of her surroundings.]

Wow, Alice! You've taken a wrong turn this time. Down the rabbit hole you go.

My name's Cy. Cy for Sightseer. Cats don't belong down rabbit holes, you know. It's bad for business. Rabbits don't like us, see.

[She rolls back on her front, looking as though she's pondering this for a long moment before she speaks again, tongue swiping over her lips before she breaks her silence.]

I'm hungry.

[ooc: It would be super helpful if you could please fill out Cy's permissions if you tag her so I know whether I can use her powers or not.]
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[ bran's experience on the mirror side had been an altogether unpleasant one, but that's not what he speaks to the network with, today. he looks sad, almost, brows drawn together, hands buried in the wolfskin cloak that so often finds its way around his shoulders. bran nods his head in greeting, and then asks, quietly, though not focused on the camera. ]

Is there a way for one's...mirror and themselves to exist at the same time, in the same place?

[ he saw summer, he watched the wolf through the mirror, and had no way of getting to him. even trying to warg from across the glass failed--he was rejected, as if something was wrong. bran understands little about wonderland and less about the so called mirrors, only that he dreamt of a sword and then suddenly the mansion was abuzz.

that's all he has, though, the only question. he must be reunited with summer again somehow. bran's quiet for just a second longer, before he ducks his head and adds a little more. ]
That is all, thank you.
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[Tohru is so tired already.

Admittedly, she hasn't been attempting to solve the riddle. Tohru has never been very good at puzzles, and the riddle is really confusing for her. That's not what's made Tohru so tired though.

No, Tohru is tired because everyone who usually works in the diner has been swapped with their Mirror selves, leaving her alone and very seriously understaffed. The reasonable answer to this would be to close the diner, but Tohru can't bring herself to do it - she knows a lot of people appreciate the diner, and that the best thing she can do to help when things are going wrong is to try and keep at least one thing as normal as possible. It doesn't feel right to completely close the diner unless the diner really cannot be accessed or used safely.

So, ever since everyone swapped, Tohru has been trying to run things alone, and she's exhausted. Her network device catches her bustling back and forth between the kitchen and the dining area, trying to juggle taking orders and cooking them. She's trying to make up for her tiredness by running around twice as fast, it seems, but it's noticeable that she hasn't been getting enough rest. Tohru's never been one to complain though.

Anyone is welcome to visit the diner - even Mirrors. Tohru won't turn anyone away, no matter who they are. However, Tohru also wouldn't refuse a helping hand, if anyone wanted to offer it.
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[ At last the Duchess appears on Wonderland's screens, but the feed looks strangely faded, as though it was recorded before it was sent. She stands tall in the entrance hall, and on the floor her little piglet playfully scurries between the frayed ends of her dress. In her hand she holds a familiar blade, the very Vorpal Sword itself. ]

I know, I know! You have missed me, you have missed me for too long. I forgive your insults, all of them, and I confess it, I have suffered by myself as well. One is company, two is a piglet, but three... three and so many more is a community, and I shall take my own moral to heart!

[ She lifts the sword with both her hands outstretched, as if offering it for all of Wonderland to take. ]

You crave this, I know. I shall see if you have learned your lesson truly, while I was away. Solve my riddle, prove your moral character and wit, and you shall find me, and be greatly rewarded! Now. Listen well, I shall only say it once!

[ The Duchess clears her throat and begins: ]

1. I am the First of seven, ɘuᴉu to ƚƨɘllɒɯƨ ɘʜƚ ɯɒ I.
I last nearly half of eLeven, in darkness by starlight I shine.

2. Infinity guides my paths true and blue,
but gaze hard and I run closer toO.

?. For I am shamed by that which I bring forth,
And so should yOu, to love things so far north.

087. At last I come without pRize, but not without cost.
The moment you seek me you've already lost.

[ When she has finished speaking she only smiles knowingly. The image of her flickers and vanishes, but a quiet melody still plays for a while, until the transmission ends for good.

Those who respond to her words will receive no reply, and those who seek her in the entrance hall will not find her.
But her riddle still remains. ]
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[ So, it's been a while since John's put his face out there, but considering the last time (and everything that's happened since), maybe it's not so hard to figure out why. Nevertheless, this suitably fine Sunday finds him taking the risk once again. It's not so much an attempt to be social as much as a way to stay connected without getting too close. ]

Hey, everyone. [ He waves. ] 'Bout a year an' a half ago, me an' the residents of Wonderland — some of 'em, at least — played a get-to-know-you game. It was pretty amusin' so I thought I'd bring it back, maybe add a few things, too.

Game 1 )

Game 2 )

Game 3 )
[ Yep. That's what John Blake's offering Wonderland this week. Hope you guys enjoy his newfound interest in doing very little that could be considered productive. ]
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::Now that the hell that was the latest event was over and Ed was able to take a proper shower and sleep in his own bed again, he feels much better. Enough so that he's taking a break from his usual haunt of the library to set up camp in the diner instead. Granted, he still has books and papers laid out in front of him. He just wanted a place to both work and eat when he gets hungry; he's got both, so win-win.

He keeps working for awhile, taking the occasional sip of coffee before getting back to it before noticing that his comm turned itself on. He raises his eyes skywards for a moment before leaning back in his seat, eyes focused on the camera.::

May as well take this as a hint and take a break. I couldn't help but notice that there's people here from all different points in the timeline and different worlds. I should know, I'm one of the ones that gets the reaction of 'You're from where? And when?'. So I guess I just wanna ask how many others here are from some point before when the majority of people are from and what they're catching up on. Be it history, scientific developments, new ways of entertaining yourself, whatever.

::He thinks for a moment, trying to decide if there's anything else he wanted to add before shrugging and turning off the recording.::

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Hello~!? Is there any one- woah.

[There was a new face in Wonderland and at the moment she was covered in dirt. After spending the night inside a dirt hole (thanks for that, Illumi) she was finally making her way about the mansion. She had just walked into the dinner room and pulled her glasses up in awe.]

This is fancy. What did I stumble upon, some sort of palace?

[She reached a table and picked up a glass flicking at it just to make sure she wasn't dreaming all of this up. Luxuries like these were rare if not non-existent in her world. She took a seat bouncing on the cushioned chair just for the hell of it. This definitely was a new standard for her. She picked up a glass and examined it, tapping it with her nail curiously.]

Too bad this place seems to be abandoned, I could really use a glass of wate-

[Just like that, the glass began to fill forcing the girl out of the chair and the glass out of her hand. It landed on the floor with a loud crash.]

Did that thing just...

[She moved to the table picking up another glass. Again, it filled up with water. She didn't drop it this time and instead brought it slowly to her nose. It smelled like water. She peered through the glass at that clear liquid. It looked like water. She slowly brought it to her lips and took a sip.]

It is water. [What the hell is going on here.] Where is it coming from?!

[Guess who is going to get all the glasses in the room filled with water at this rate...]
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?

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[ Crowley's dark wings loom dangerously behind him and not much of his surroundings can be see in the video, but it's probably hard to pay attention to the wall behind him when there's a livid angel on the screen.

His face is tense in a way few people have seen during his time in Wonderland. He's not annoyed or frustrated. He's angry.

John Blake is dead, but at least one of you already knew that, didn't you?

[ And, oh, is he going to teach them a lesson. ]

If you know anything useful, do share with the class.

[ OOC: All network responses are welcome. Action responses from demons will probably end in severe damage from Crowley, so if that's your bag, let's discuss it OOC first. If you would like your character to interact with Crowley about this after the event is over and he's a demon again, I will direct you to his IC contact post or you can just mark the thread as such here if you're concerned about it counting for AC. ]
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[When the video feed clicks on, it's clear that it's not intentional. In fact, it's possible that no one's even hit the button, because there's not a face in sight. All that can be seen is a blurry image, one that's mostly still, of grey armour flecked with yellow, as well as some very fresh looking red.]

Command... Come in, Command. [The voice is weak, ragged, and it pauses for breath. Some might find something familiar in the voice, if they listen hard, but as it is, it's obvious the words aren't being directed to the network.] This is Recovery One. I'm down. South, she--

[Another breath, but it comes to an abrupt halt. It's in this moment that Wash has opened his eyes and realized that he's not where he was just moments ago.]

...What the hell? [Very slight shifting can be seen on screen, and off screen his head lifts slightly, trying to get a look around from where he lays on the ground. Something about this place seems familiar, but it takes him a few minutes to place it. It feels like forever since he's seen those stupidly perfect hedges, the checkerboard hill, and--christ, the mansion.] Wonderland...? I thought--

[...He's not actually sure what he thought. It's only now that memories of this place are returning; he's been here before, but somehow forgotten about it until this moment.]

...I can deal with this later. If anyone can hear me, this is Agent Washington. Apparently I'm back, and... [There's either a sigh, or a pained exhale. It's hard to tell which it is.] I could use some help.


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[ Charlie's been pondering for a while, and with that pondering comes some questions.

Nothing too serious, of course. This is about fun.

Your friendly neighborhood Charlie here! [ She gives the camera a little wave as she shows up on the network. It's still kinda sorta weird to facetime the area at large, but hey - when in Rome. ] Got a question for everyone. If I were to start up, say, a friendly game of D&D, would anyone be interested?

Or, even something extra awesome - like paintball! [ It's an idea that pops into her mind as soon as she says it, and her eyes light up. ] We've totally got enough room to spread out, get some teams together. Just seeing if there's any interest before I start getting down to the nitty gritty of planning and plotting and scheming.

[ Obviously, not the nefarious kind of scheming. Just some harmless fun times! ]

Let me know!
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[Aramis is in the garden with coffee and a book.]

I've been reading through what will be France's history in most of your times. Did anyone here experience either of what they refer to as the 'World Wars'? The notion of a violent global conflict is...

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[Hello, Wonderland. Have one technologically impaired Viking on your screen. Or rather, part of him. A close-up of one of his bright green eyes as he inspects the device in his hands.]

This is-- Whoa, hold on! [Suddenly the camera zooms away from his face as he realizes he can see himself on the screen.] --Is that me? I mean, it's me, but how--

I've never seen anything like this. What is it? It's amazing! --I think. Er. [The device tilts and turns, he obviously has no clue that anyone else can see this.] Is it some sort of really advanced mirror, or...?

[Tap. Tap. Tap tap tap. He'll just go on tapping the screen curiously to see what happens. He might have to take this thing apart out of curiosity later to see how it works. Maybe he can tinker with it a little...]

Hm. Is there anyone else here? Anyone who can tell me what this is? Or...where I am, exactly? [None of this is directed to the small box in his hand though, rather to the garden around him.] Toothless? Where are you, bud? I was just with you... Astrid? Anyone?

[On his feet now, all you get is flashes of leather as his hand holding the device goes to his side and he stands himself up to get a good look around.]

[ooc: feel free to respond via network or action!]
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[AUDIO, locked to James Potter, Daryl Dixon, Sam Winchester, John Blake, Castiel, Philip, and Evelyn O'Connell:]

I've been meaning to get in touch with all of you for awhile, but the timing hasn't been right. Between events and being yanked home, other people bouncing back and forth-- it's been hectic, but that's no excuse.

The resistance. I'm sure we've all been thinking about it since the last version of Dean up and vanished.

[To some extent, anyway. And it's not even that she doesn't like the new Dean -- but aside from Sam and Castiel, he doesn't know any of them. He's not the one they all looked to as their leader.]

We need to reorganize. We have everything we need. The people, the tools, the home base. We have a structure to build on, but we've all been adrift and out of touch since we lost the guy we decided was our leader. We can't put all of our eggs in one basket again, but we do need leaders. Dean trusted us. All of us. I figure this is the best place to start. If one person leaves, or two, or however many-- the others will still be there to keep things running. Keep people safe and eventually get them out.

I need to know if you're all still interested. All that hard work we did before... we can't let it be for nothing. Not when we know what's coming.

[Resistance Notebook:]
To any and all remaining resistance members: we need to get back on task. Meeting this coming Sunday at Fort Dixon-Potter, 9:00 PM. If you have friends here that you trust? Bring them. We need people, and we're not aiming to be some top-secret club. Most of us want the same thing. If Christmas taught us anything, we can't sit on our hands. I know a hell of a lot of you have been working separately to try and make sure we don't see that future, but we should all be working together, organize ourselves. We'll be stronger that way.

- Emma
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Um...excuse me?

[Tohru has been debating this post for a very, very, very long time. She felt very strange when she woke up on Friday, but it wasn't until she saw all of the flocks and herds of animals that something really felt off. Given how crowded Wonderland is, it wasn't long before people were bumping into each other and Tohru was having heart palpitations. It's her event.

It's the...the curse! The Something Curse! She can't think of the name and it's not coming no matter how hard she tries, but it's the Sohma family's curse! And she swore she would never, ever tell anyone their secret! But...

...But there are a lot of people unaffected by the event and worried about their friends and loved ones, who are suddenly animals sometimes. It doesn't feel right to withhold that information, and she's still not really sure what she's going to say, but...she feels like something needs to be said. Like she needs to claim responsibility for the event somehow, as though she made it happen on purpose or did something that forced it to happen.

H-Hello. name is Tohru Honda and I, um, well...

I think...I think that maybe this event. It might...I-I think it's from my world. I'm really sorry, everyone!

[She turns off the camera very quickly after that. People can reply to the video OR she's also available for action in the diner.]
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[Are you sick of his face yet, Wonderland? Well, you might as well get used to it, because you're far more likely to catch him here than in person. But at least this time there's more of a point to this than piglets or sassing the crowd. It's something he's been mulling over for a few days, and Sam's post about classes (and other things) has finally spurred him into action.]

Okay, so I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I've dug around and haven't found what I'm looking for, so I'm looking to you guys to kind of...Help me compile a few things.

[He leans back in his chair, lacing his fingers together over his middle.]

Now I'm sure by now, we've all heard the story of how the Jabberwocky is supposed to show up at some point in the relatively near future - because let's be honest with each other, folks, five years isn't that long, and I can't give you an ETA on when I can get us out of here, just that I can - and that doesn't leave us a whole lot of time. Now, I know I wasn't here when the message was delivered, but you guys have been pretty great at giving me an idea of what we can expect. And I know there's some dissent among the crowd here about whether that's still going to happen or not, but just. Let me run this by you.

Thanks to all of that, I've put together a few ideas, and I'm curious about who might be on board. Because ultimately, it's going to take every last one of us to make it work. So consider this me putting out my feelers for how you guys feel about it.

One, we should probably start weaning ourselves off the closets of this place. Stockpile what we can't make ourselves at first, use those greenhouses for more than just a landmark, maybe. I know there's stuff out there now, but it might be good to start looking into things that go beyond being pretty decorations. Start looking into food crops, medicinal plants, that kind of thing. I know cold turkey's not an option, but on the whole, whether this Jabberwocky really shows up or not, it might be better as a whole if we stop relying on "magic" - [He uses finger quotes.] To do everything. And we should probably think about giving this place a different power source. I don't know what's running the electricity and everything now, but I've got some better ideas for that.

Two, there's a list of classes - which is highly informative, actually, I didn't think you guys had anything like that - but no kind of guide for who can do what here. Basic things, because while we don't age, we can get sick, we can die, we need haircuts...You get the idea. So what I'm asking is, if you have a basic skill like that, no matter what it is, let me know. I'm gonna be putting it together, so it can be in that updated pamphlet you've heard Pepper talk about working on. I know people drift in and out of here, and that's fine, because editing isn't that big of a deal. That way people don't have to take a blind stab in the dark for what they're looking for, and have a list right there ready.

And...I guess that's it. Everything I had on my list for now, anyway. If you have anything you wanna add, let me know, because I fully admit I've still got the new car smell here, and this was just stuff that happened to occur to me talking to you guys.

By the way. My birthday's tomorrow. Feel free to direct all gifts you plan to shower me with to Miss Pepper Potts. She knows what to do with them.

[Because clearly Tony's birthday is the most important part of anything ever. Stark parties are legendary.]

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[ One moment he’s conducting a very rudimentary examination of a strange plant found blooming on the sidewalk just outside of the Ralphs. And then within the span of a breath, Carlos is… well. He’s kneeling next to nothing but grass that hadn’t just been there, and the sun is shining, but this isn’t desert heat, and something is wrong.

It doesn’t take the scientist long to stand up, take in his surroundings, and find the device in his pocket. He even appears relatively unfazed as he looks into the camera. After all, he’s more used to strange anomalies than most might be. ]

Well, that was… an unexpected result.

[ He takes a quick look around again. He seems to be surrounded by nothing but walls of green leaves. A hedge maze? ]

It appears that I’ve been transported somewhere. Or sometime. Or some-dimension. Of course, unexpected transdimensional travel is always an occupational hazard for scientists. We all know that. But if I’d been a little more prepared, I could have at least brought something along to measure…

[ He sighs, shakes his head, then slowly begins walking. ] Doesn’t help worrying about what we could have done, does it? Unless I’ve actually travelled back in time, in which case that is the only thing I should be worrying about. But in the meantime, if anyone can hear this, maybe you could tell me where I’ve ended up?
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[Cecil's newest broadcast is accompanied by much meowing and the pitter patter of little feets. Cecil, however, sounds quite upset, energetic and generally determined. More like he's at some kind of political rally than doing a radio broadcast.]

At what point is enough enough? At what point is it time to rise up and demand change? At what point does one simply have too many cats? Wonderland.

.-. .. ... . | ..- .--. | -. .. --. .... - | ..- .- .-.. . )
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[Annie starts to mess around with the device, it was a growing agitation. Using her strength, her frustration and anger to deal with how she felt, she suddenly threw it against the wall. The device drops with a thud on the floor, activating the video without her knowledge.

After a few minutes, she grabs it and lays down on her bed.]

I wonder where the Queen is.
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::When the video turns on, people get a view of Ed in the library. He's paler than normal and if people look closely at the books on the table, they'll see titles like 'Rise and Fall of the Third Reich' and others relating more specifically to the Holocaust. When he speaks, his voice isn't entirely steady.::

Well, now I know why Balthazar warned me to get the hell out of Germany. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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[While it's obvious everyone is oh so busy doing Disney on Broadway with each other, this, however, is entirely more important than whatever the hell it is you people are doing.

There's a squelch of feedback over the communicators, before you all get treated to this lovely little one-up. Everyone else is bragging? This pretty much settles the argument of the best, right?

But it's the actual Black Sabbath recording, not Tony, and for that...Well, it's up to you whether to feel grateful or not. For all you people know, he has a great voice (spoiler: he does).

And it's loud, and only fades to background noise when the video feed cuts on. In it is someone some of you might recognize from movies...Or fifty years worth of comics or...Having to deal with his pompous ass numerous times in that whole saving the world gig. Tony's leaned against a table covered in various power tools, a sledge hammer propped beside him, and there's evidence all behind him that he's been hard at work. There are gaping holes everywhere, wires and cables trailing all over the floor, blinking lights...The works. And he does look mighty proud of himself.]

So I get that we're stuck here, and there's no just demanding to go home. And I get that this is some Tim Burton-envisioned version of Alice In Wonderland. [He leans back and picks up something off the table, which is proven to be one of the pamphlets. Where'd he get it? Don't ask silly questions.] And I get the closets, the dying thing - which, for the record, is entirely messed up - the people from fictional worlds and other times and whatever else was in this thing.

So basically what you guys are saying in this thing- [He taps the corner of the pamphlet, before tossing it behind him.] Is that we're probably trapped in some kind of wormhole. If not a wormhole, some kind of extra-dimensional black hole pocket or something. Seriously, is there no one here that's considered that? Is this place pulling the best of the best from places or just grabbing you guys randomly and so no one's had this thought rattle through their head? I mean, that was my first guess, minute one.

Anyway, since we're stuck here. And since that pamphlet is just informative enough to either piss someone off or confuse the hell out of them, I got some questions to anybody that can answer them. Fill in the blanks a little better, if someone who actually knows what's going on has the time.

[He moves to cut the feed, but pauses a second, before leaning back once more.] Oh, and guys, if any of you happen to be here - highly doubtful, but worth a shot - basement.

[And then he finally cuts the feed.]

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[Crowley is staring very intently at the camera. But not like last time. There's no anger or anything like that. Just mild bewilderment, and then a winning grin.]

[Without saying a word, he sets the communicator aside, revealing himself to be stationed at a piano. Where did he even get a piano? Do not question. He cracks his knuckles. Sets his fingers on the keys.]

[Then he starts singing.]

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?


001; video

Apr. 14th, 2014 03:16 pm
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I… Err, excuse me.

[A boy with blonde hair that doesn’t look like he could be any older than 15 stares into the eye of his camera with a look of far-off confusion, like he’s trying to deal with 1000 self-made questions at once.]

I remember this place. Vaguely, but I do. I feel like it was an incredibly long time ago, and yet-- In my world, it may have only been a month at best. Like having a painfully vivid dream, forgetting about it, and then suddenly having it again…

[He winces, like he’s having a headache.]

Tell me, is Eren Yeager still here? Or Captain Levi? As best I recall, they were here with me before I was taken back home.

--of course, I’m Armin Arlert, of the Recon Corps’ Special Operations Squad. Please forgive me if we may have met, and I don’t recall. I’m a bit of a mess at the moment.


Apr. 7th, 2014 05:59 pm
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[Saki is in her room, tying up her long black hair in a braid. She's laid the device against her mirror, speaking to it while she tends to her hair.]

The idea of different worlds is shocking, isn't it? Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend another culture so the idea of worlds...

In my home, Japan, our culture has 'rules' about names, and what you call one another. You may only use the first name of someone you know if you are very close. So when you hear your friend call you by your name for the first time... it's quite an emotional time. But it appears that many of you come from a Western culture, where you use the first name right away, without a care.

Is this because the Western cultures you hail from are friendlier or ruder? Or should we perhaps embrace this closeness, since we are all equally trapped in Wonderland?

[Pause. Eh, enough philosophy.]

I'm bored out of my mind. That lizard should have built a movie theater.


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