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[There's a teenage boy staring at the camera for just a fraction too long before he starts to speak. Ed's a smart kid, and while he doesn't have any kind of phone remotely like this back home, he figured out how to use it pretty quickly. Still, he's done a lot more listening and watching and reading than actually communicating with other people through it. He wants to make sure he understands it fully before he uses it.

But he's ready now. Once he's satisfied that it's recording, he nods, then sits back.]

Hi. I'm Edward Elric. I'm an Alchemist. But from what I've heard, that doesn't mean anything to most of you. But even if you don't have alchemy, you do have science, right? What do the scientists of your worlds study?

[There, question posed successfully. He's mastered this fascinating device. He turns it off, and waits for people to reply.]
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[For a guy who's used to paying with reality bubbles, creating small pockets of reality to deal up just desserts to those who have it coming, you'd think Gabriel would be a little less startled at finding himself in one.

One second, he's shoving a DVD at Dean and telling him and his brother to get Kali and get clear and the next he's not even in the same craphole motel.

So Gabriel takes his time, wanders the halls before he finally lays claim to one and fiddles with the device he found in his pocket. Convenient.]

Well I've got to give this place props. It ain't exactly the Ritz, but then again, they don't have places that respond to thought. [Gabriel is comfortably sprawled on a bed large enough to accommodate several, balancing a heroic-sized milkshake on his chest. Somehow he can drink it while laying down and not spill a drop.] Now, while I wasn't looking forward to the ol Royal Rumble with big bro, I would like to at least get an idea of who nicked yours truly and why.

Yanno. Just because.
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[Do your reading before you start asking questions. It's something that gets beaten into you in the clinical half of medical school, Maxine guesses, as she catches herself scrolling back through the network for going on half an hour before supposing that maybe she might want to post to it herself.

There hadn't seemed a real rush, though. The view from the roof is both impressive and almost disorientingly free of zombies, and once the odds of being bitten, shot, or otherwise endangered had proved to be apparently minimal, there was all the time in the world to sit and think through her situation.]

Okay, then. [She looks down at the device in her hands, bemused and uncertain. Communicating with actual video feels like something from a lifetime ago.] I guess the only real option is to jump right in, huh? It looks like I'm not the only new person here, but hey. It's kind of nice seeing the consensus answers to the questions I was going to ask myself.

Anyway, I'm Doctor Maxine Myers, from . . . Abel Township? England? Chicago, America, Earth? And, uh. If there's a local barter economy, I'm glad to work as a medic. Heck, even if there isn't a barter economy. If all of this didn't make me crazy, retiring probably would.
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Halloween's tricky because no one's totally sure where it started; most people insist it's All Hallow's Eve and part of a Christian triduum that grew separate of things like Samhain, but that's probably because they don't want the association with pagan roots. Personally, I'm sure it started with pagan festivals, and you see a lot of that in the traditions. Jack-o-lanterns to scare off the visiting souls of the dead, masks to protect people from spirits, et cetera. Dressing up's also supposed to be making fun of the monsters, but I'm pretty sure that'd just piss them off.

[ Beat. ] It's not that significant a day when every day's pretty much Halloween, but the history's still interesting. My Storybrooke counterpart had the right idea; I'm gonna see if I can find anything good in the library if anyone's interested in learning more.

[ later: an anonymous text: ]

What're you most afraid of and have you ever had to face it?

VIDEO 001;

Oct. 28th, 2014 09:22 pm
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[Hey kids! It's Peter Quill AKA Star Lord. In fact he'd prefer Star Lord seeing as how you guys somehow managed to grab Drax, Gamora, and Rocket and take them out. He might have expected it with him. You didn't screw with his friends however.

See less then five hours ago (maybe?) Xandarian time, he had curled up in his bunk and specifically told Drax not to wake him. And when he woke up next he was in fact - well.

Not in his bunk.

Not on his ship.

And there was vaguely Xandarian space outside but some helpful soul (some soul perhaps hoping to avoid a shoot out given what's just happened.) left him a pamphlet and his guns. Well. One of them.

He's dangling it against his knee, could be a lot worse.

Could be a lot better too but he'll take what he can get. He's found the bar however, and that's where he's choosing to set up his first broadcast. Ever see Star Wars? Literally he looks just like Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina.]

Afternoon Wonderland. No no, there's no need to get up from your seats. You're tuned to Star Lord. Same bat time, same bat channel. I have been. All over this rock and all over this location. [Or at least as far as he can get] And my ship seems to have taken a walk.

I want it back.

I'm reasonable though. We can make a deal. Or we could get creative.

[He'll sip on his beer] ...Good beer, but that ship was expensive and it cost me a lot to get it. Least of which is that it had my crew on board. My team as it were and if you've got them then you're... [Nonchalant.] Well you're screwed.

First there's Drax. If you've got him then I wanna know how many people he put in your hospital. They don't call him the destroyer for nothing. Gamora? Deadliest woman in the Galaxy. She could probably kill you with both hands and most of her toes tied somehow. Rocket? ... I haven't seen holes. So I can only imagine you took his gun. He's deadly with it and Groot...

[He points a hand] Only. an asshole. would kill. Groot. And I don't truck with assholes.

But I'm reasonable so give them back, give us our ship back, and I'll even transfer you units to pay for their lives.

Question is. [He glares at the camera, pointing a hand.] Are you willing to pay the price if you don't when I rip this place down around your ears because you kidnapped the Guardians of the Galaxy - and we don't go down without a fight.

[You're goddamn right.

He nods mutely and has more beer.]

...That really is good beer.

Choice is yours guys.

[And the feed turns off with a click.]
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[He's calm, composed, as if he's practiced what he's going to say over and over before turning on his device.]

Hello, Wonderland.

[Michael clears his throat once, though he's not nervous, even if a small part of him is uncertain if this will be well received.]

I've decided to...have a get together..a party.. on the rooftop tonight.

[The archangel had decided that he needed to know more of the citizens of Wonderland, and had figured a group setting would be easier for him. Take the pressure away, and not force his social awkwardness on one individual at a time. Yes, a group would be better.

If this didn't work out, then he'd go back to what he'd been doing before. Trying to be invisible, and staying off of everyone's radar.]

There will be food, and drink. Whatever the closet gives me. It will start when the sun sets.

[He nods quickly, then ends the feed.]

[ooc: Feel free to post starters that can be left open for others to respond to as well as Michael.]
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( the technology here is strange and foreign to her, though it is helpful that each button on this device says what function may be expected of it. it enables her to operate it fairly competently without all that much fanfare; other than the shriek and slack-jawed stare she'd given the first video post to come across her screen. today, she has a purpose: to find out information, and to cultivate some allies.

and what better time to do so than now, after she has observed and attempted to read the people here for a while? for the most part, they sound and appear to be good and true, exactly the kind of friends she wishes to make. and thus, both to flatter her vanity and make the best impression possible, she has done up her hair in all of the ribbons she had found on her person, and straightened her gown as best she might. her cheeks are pink and flushed, as though with cheer, which her smile echoes perfectly. it is a mask, of course. carefully built and rehearsed, so that it rests in place just perfectly so as no one may gauge her true thoughts or feelings.

so that she will be a true rose of york, and not wilt in the face of weakness and fright. )

Good day, one and all! I am only recently arrived—taken from the palace of Westminster, as I believe many of you have been from your homes. And I must wonder: who is it who keeps us here, and how does he or she continue to do so?

( she won't ask where she is. it's called 'wonderland', from what she has heard. but she can scarcely believe that a place with such a fanciful name might truly be real. )

Is this merely a dream? Or is this a curse of some kind? ( she pauses a moment, and then comes right out with it: )

Your pardon. I am Elizabeth Plantagenet, a Princess of England. In my memory, it is the year of Our Lord 1484. I would know if that is the same for the rest of you, if you would be so kind as to indulge me.
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How thoughtful of our captors to provide us with a means of communication.

[There's no video feed to accompany the message, but it's not necessary -- even without it, it's plain that the young woman on the other end is incredibly irate. As bad days go, she's certain she's had worse, objectively -- nobody has stabbed this time around, something that usually goes hand-in-hand with her waking up somewhere unfamiliar, but this time, it's not about her. She's angry on someone else's behalf, something that's entirely new for her in its own way.]

I suppose I should be grateful, modern technology does make this sort of thing so much easier. Now, as no one saw fit to answer me while I dragged myself through those bloody caves beneath this mansion of yours, I'll ask again: whoever is responsible, you and I are due to have words.

[The sort of words that are generally followed by very real physical violence, in this case. Aggressive negotiations, if you will.]

I assure you that I'm no stranger to making demands and doing what I must in order to get my way -- and believe me when I say that involving my niece in this mess, whatever it is you're playing at, was your first mistake, and one you'll come to regret. Tell me where Hope is and no one needs to get hurt.

[A flat-out lie, of course. She'll put her fist through the first person she sees once Hope is safe, but of course, that's not the sort of thing that inspires people to be helpful.]

Hold out on me, and you'll see just how unpleasantly creative I can be. There's no reason to make a defenseless child a part of your game.


Sep. 29th, 2014 07:12 pm
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[ video on! after a beat of looking directly up at the sky, a handsome blond man comes into view. he seems to be in the gardens, and his expression is one of mild puzzlement. just visual in the frame is what looks like -- red shoulder pads, the beginning of Thor's cape, and shiny silver heavy-duty armor.

Heimdall will not answer him, which could mean any number of things, but given that this is most certainly not where he expected to find himself...

Thor glances up, then back down at the device, and clears his throat ]

Is there a... Jane Foster here, by any chance?

[ he sounds a trifle uncertain. on such an enormous, usually-confident man, it's like an ill-fitting shirt. ]

((ooc: editing to add that action is also fine! You will find Thor, as mentioned, in the gardens. ♥))


Sep. 22nd, 2014 04:21 pm
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[ Phil has his device propped up on his desk. He's framed himself almost like a news reporter, a few neat papers and writing implements visible on the desk in front of him. ]

Well that was my first time over to the other side of the mirrors. Has anyone else spent time over there? I'm curious to hear about what else people might have found over there.
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[When the feed first clicks on, it's obvious that the device is laying haphazardly on its side (presumably propped up by a ... towel, or something) facing the second-story pool. The object in the frame looks a lot more like some sort of sea creature floundering in the water with the flashes of blue scales and occasional streaks of red motion, but when something finally emerges from beneath the water -- well, it's the form of a blonde girl in army fatigues, soaking wet and gasping.

The extremely sharp might notice the last hints of gold draining out around the very edges of her pupil, but only those who have better eyes than most -- she's gotten better at her shapeshifting in the last decade, after all.

The girl sputters and curses under her breath in what sounds like ... Vietnamese ... before she fixes her eyes on the camera pointed at the water. Her first instinct is to chuck the thing right at the person who'd placed it there to record her, but she doesn't see anyone in the near vicinity as she scans around. That was perplexing.

She clears her throat, trying to gather her thoughts. The last thing she'd remembered was going to fish Wolverine out of the Potomac River (always cleaning up Erik's messes - some things would never change), plunging a hand into the ice-cold water. In contrast, she notes, the water around her is fairly warm.

Having an outwardly hostile tone right now isn't going to help things, she knows, but she feels that if she sounds a little annoyed it should be all right.]

You know, I've heard of river monsters before ... but not teleporting river monsters.
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[Erik appears over the video feed, expression serious and slightly troubled. He is not wearing his helmet and he's visibly conscious of the fact. He doesn't know where he is, he doesn't know how he got here, and he also doesn't know that he's inadvertently broadcasting a video. It's the start of a great day!]

Mystique, if you are hearing this I request your immediate response. This applies to any other member of the Brotherhood. Contact is immediately required from all of you. Emma, if this is your doing and I'm walking around in one of your illusions we are going to have words.

[He closes his eyes, rubbing his brow briefly and looking momentarily drawn. He sighs, relaxing his shoulders with visible effort. And if it is not an illusion...]

...Charles, I would not turn you away if you hear this message, my friend, nor any from your party. Whatever this place is -- working together would put us all in a better position.

[He can be found wandering the halls of the Mansion, having woken up in a room on the fifth floor.]
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::Now that the hell that was the latest event was over and Ed was able to take a proper shower and sleep in his own bed again, he feels much better. Enough so that he's taking a break from his usual haunt of the library to set up camp in the diner instead. Granted, he still has books and papers laid out in front of him. He just wanted a place to both work and eat when he gets hungry; he's got both, so win-win.

He keeps working for awhile, taking the occasional sip of coffee before getting back to it before noticing that his comm turned itself on. He raises his eyes skywards for a moment before leaning back in his seat, eyes focused on the camera.::

May as well take this as a hint and take a break. I couldn't help but notice that there's people here from all different points in the timeline and different worlds. I should know, I'm one of the ones that gets the reaction of 'You're from where? And when?'. So I guess I just wanna ask how many others here are from some point before when the majority of people are from and what they're catching up on. Be it history, scientific developments, new ways of entertaining yourself, whatever.

::He thinks for a moment, trying to decide if there's anything else he wanted to add before shrugging and turning off the recording.::

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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?

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[ The feed comes with a pair of brilliant, curious crimson eyes that are way too close to the device for a moment, before their owner moves it to a less intrusive distance. Said owner is not your average human, but given the nature of the place, it might not even come as the most weird thing people has ever seen. The hedgehog — he's a hedgehog, evident or not — tilts his head some as he keeps observing the little screen he's got on his hands. ]

Ah... How... interesting. Somehow I expected much less of the afterlife.

[ Not that it was, from what he had been told, but he had made it his, somehow.

Now, if he had gotten there for whatever reason... there was the tinniest probability that she could have been brought to here as well. The thought makes him doubt, and while he's able to conceal his hesitation, there is a longer pause before he speaks again. Ah, there it goes, he needs to know. ]

I was told I could use this... device to speak to others. I have an inquiry to anyone who is listening...

[ He wishes to ask about someone in particular, but he decides against it, it'd still hit a little too close to home. ]

Can this place... Can this Wonderland bring those who have passed away?
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[One moment he's standing on a beach, brow creased, heavy grimace, and doing everything he can to squelch down his guilt, and then he's standing in the middle of a marbled hall. Lit candles, and smelling faintly of incense, and no one around to explain anything to him. The archangel starts to move, stopping when he feels a strange extra weight in his pocket.

Reaching inside, he pulls it out, turning it on. It doesn't take him long to realize what he's meant to do with it, and he sighs.

Frowning, head tilted to the side, and, depending on your perspective, he's staring or glaring down at the device in his hand. Michael isn't confused by it, just annoyed that its use is required for communication.

With the ease of someone who’s had years of practice, he sets his face into a mask of austere disinterest and presses the button, starting the feed.]

I'd like someone to tell me what's going on. And where I am.

[Dark blue eyes become abruptly closer to the screen, a flash of movement, and the feed ceases.]

001 | video

Aug. 5th, 2014 11:11 pm
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[ The video opens up to a gym setting, with punching bags hanging in the background and weight-lifting machines off to either side. Front and center are Steve and Bucky, who don’t seem to have noticed the feed starting up. Steve dodges backward as Bucky's fist clears the space where his head was a moment before. They’re both clearly concentrating, their expressions pinched and serious. Bucky continues pressing forward and Steve inches back on the defensive, never throwing a punch himself.

They’re both extremely skilled fighters. Bucky is fast, tenacious, and precise. Several of his blows look like they would have done some serious damage, if Steve hadn't avoided or outright blocked them. Steve, on the other hand, is even faster and oddly graceful, and he doesn't look to have broken a sweat.

Despite the fact that they’re technically engaged in a fight, there’s something natural in the way that they move together, as if they’re going through choreographed steps rather than testing each other’s mettle.

it's going down, i'm yelling timber | you better move, you better dance )
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[ If I look back, I am lost. If I look back-- ]

I have seen for myself that we are not returned so easily. [ Dany huffs impatiently, long silver hair rippling in the breeze of the gardens where she spends all her time. ] I have neither my khalasar nor the first of my Queensguard and thus I must ask if there are any skilled warriors among you who might tutor me in handling arms. I would merely ask for soldiers, but I am well aware that loyalties here are not as they are in Essos or the Seven Kingdoms. I would not believe for a moment that a guard is so easily created and held for a stranger.

I would like not only to learn to defend myself, but also to better understand the magics of this mansion. Its history, secrets, and-- [ She frowns pointedly at the device, eyes sharp and gaze distasteful, ] I must understand this... device. How it can be used to better suit our lives.

If you might assist me with either, I would be happy to discuss payment.
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[ When the screen comes to life Elijah is dressed to the nines still. A tuxedo with tails. A classic look if you ask him. It's never quite gone out of style. His hair is styled different than the original spike he acquired after being undaggered by Damon. He looks mildly amused by the whole situation. But nevertheless this shouldn't be a reason to think him peaceful. He'll kill you if he doesn't get the answer he wants.

Elijah clears his throat and lifts his brows as he surveys the area around him. The camera on the device catches all his movements. He looks back down at it and smiles. ]

Abduction is so quaint. Adorable really. Classic. In the right circles. I find that some classics die out though. You be the judge of this one.

[ He sighs heavily. You can tell he's growing less and less amused by this whole situation. He wants answers and he wants them now. He's not quite as demanding or flashy as Niklaus. It's never really suited him. He's always been the more patient of the two, but even his patience are growing very tired.

There's a small part of him that assumes this is his mother's doing. He had assumed her untruthful, but Elena had assured him that she just wanted to apologize. She vouched for her and he trusted Elena. They had been through too much for him not to. He had saved her countless of times. He thought they were over this. ]

Whoever is responsible--please step forward.

[ He doesn't look particularly threatening, but there's something about Elijah's eyes. They're old. Ancient. Tired. Powerful. He has no problem making a point with violence if he has to. It's his brother's move, but he will steal it if needed. ]

I would like to return home. I have a party to get to. You have three minutes to explain yourself before things get--uncomfortable.

[ The feed cuts out and he pockets the device. He fixes his bowtie and begins to walk towards the house. He can't stay outside forever. Might as well meet the neighbors. ]
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[ Today, most are getting to see a side of Sam that they haven't seen before. The expression he's sporting and his general air exude the hunter slice of his identity. His eyes are sharp, narrowed, face collected and cold. This is the expression of a man on a violent mission, of a man who's been to Hell and back, of a man who cuts the heads off of monsters.

It isn't the quiet, thoughtful younger brother. Not today. ]

I'm gonna make this quick. Whoever strung up my brother isn't getting off with a slap on the wrist. Doesn't matter that people come back a few times here after they've been offed; as far as I'm concerned, that's just a push toward a permanent ending.

I've got a few hunches. If you did this, then I guess you don't know us well enough. Winchesters don't stay dead, but they do stay pretty friggin' pissed.

[ And they're glorified serial killers, which is why, right now... Sam Winchester looks decently scary. ]
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Now before I say anything, I want to remind you all not to shoot the messenger.

[Yes, Wonderland, the angel of light is still amongst you- and is making a rare video appearance on the network. Reasons for this will soon become apparent.]

Dean and I never saw eye to eye, but really-

[He pans the camera around as he speaks and...

Squeamish viewers will want to look away.

Dean Winchester is dead, and here is a graphic description of it )

Lucifer doesn't seem to mind sharing all this with the network without a warning. One part of a human is the same as another, right?

Instead of sounding pleased - as one might expect from a being who would like to end all humans - his voice sounds resigned.]
I suppose this is humanity for you.
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[ Cue up one particularly irate face. He's trying his hardest to act calm, to not to let the vein by his temple throb with his obvious distaste. It's an obvious struggle between professionalism and an outright rant, one that'll spread and engulf all in its wake like a broken levy. If it breaks. Probably not a good idea to find out.

Or do. Whichever.

To anyone who reads this transmission, this is Starfleet officer Leonard McCoy speakin'. Anyone affiliated with Starfleet or the Federated Planets, please respond immediately. [ And he does mean immediately, because to hell with this standing out in the open shit! He's just asking to be kidnapped by unfriendly natives. ] Or, Hell, I'd take a damn Nibiran at this point...

[ With a grim huff, he looks askance for a moment before his attention rests back on the screen. The likelihood another officer is going to hear his transmission seems moot, so he tries for a Plan B as well. ]

I'll also take a point in the direction of whatever passes for a foreign embassy or emergency care facility around here...

McCoy out.
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It's too quiet.

The noise of humanity that roars like the ocean is gone and everyone is scattered, running, talking about dogs? We are changed, we are powerless, we are nearly nothing and ourselves again, why is it so quiet?! Is it death? Is it nothing?

Are we nothing?

[ There is the definitive sound of something glass-like being broken and the transmission ends there. ]
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[ Hello Wonderland. The feed turns on and looking right back at the viewers is a skinny teenager with white hair dripping dry on his face. He took a shower before deciding to spend the minute it took him to peruse the network, and hadn't bothered to put on a shirt. He slurps his instant ramen, twiddling his chopsticks. When he speaks, it’s fast. ]

So, Wonderland, huh? That’s pretty weird, and I know weird. Can’t be worse than getting a timeout in hell from Master Pandemonium though. Yeah, that Master Pandemonium, the guy with the fu-manchu mustache who kisses the devil’s shiny red boots. Not fun, let me tell you.

[ He slurps down some noodles, then continues. ] Anyway, Speed here, of Young Avengers fame, yadda yadda yadda. I’m a pretty big deal in Queens, you might’ve heard of me or my little brother, he goes by Wiccan. He's here, and so's Hawkeye, so they probably gave you guys the whole run-down.

Here’s what I’m wondering. How did you guys get here? Did anyone see a creepy dude dressed like Patriot? Blue and red jumpsuit with a red domino mask and way too many stars with not enough stripes, looking kind of really possessed? Last thing I remember I was in a warehouse with a friend of mine, and then BAM, here I am, waiting for my witchy baby bro to figure out how to save our asses with his reality warping mojo, again.

Being zapped into other places without a warning gets old, fast. Can we just sign a permission slip next time?

01 | Video

Jun. 16th, 2014 12:46 pm
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[Tybalt's been around for a few hours by the time he makes He'd been doing so good at avoiding cell phones and now apparently he has to use one if he wants to find anyone. (He's been going around as a cat trying to find Toby or Raj or even Quentin by scent, but this place is so huge and full of weird smells that he can't.) Illusion firmly in place, he gives the device a mildly unamused Look.]

I was hoping this was some sort of incredibly odd lucid dream but it doesn't seem like it. Dreams typically make more sense then...wherever this is.

[Well, his do at least]

I'm looking for two people. One is a woman, average height, blondish with blue eyes. Her name is October, or Toby, and she is probably in some sort of trouble or angering the one person she really shouldn't. Her nephew Quentin might be here as well. The other is a teenage boy, called Raj, and he is my nephew. If anyone knows where they are, tell them Rand is looking for them.

[No please, no thank you. Kings don't say please, and faeries don't thank anyone]
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[The feed cuts on to show a teenaged girl who seems friendly enough for a kidnapping victim. She certainly isn't showing any of the frustration or confusion typical for newcomers. But Zatanna is pretty good at staying whelmed, even if she's suddenly been dumped off in who-knows-where.

At least there's a phone?]

So, don't get me wrong; the free phone is kind of nice, even if I can't actually dial out. [Because yes, she's tried that. The Team's emergency contacts are all as dead as her com and any telepathic link she might have hoped for.] All things considered though, I kind of wish the kidnapping hadn't come with it.

Not that I've got any idea who I'm talking to now, but if one of the bad guys can hear me? Bad move. I've got some pretty heroic friends--like, Justice League heroic. Capes and everything. [Even if Zatanna thinks the Team is just as good, she opts for the name that carries greater weight behind it.] Whatever you're up to, you're about to get busted in a big way.

So let's call this your chance to earn brownie points: come on out, explain what's going on, and maybe you spare yourself a few bruises when they get here. Because I know them, and they will be coming. Fair warning.

[Pretty big words, right? Well, Zatanna believes it. She knows the Team won't just let her disappearance lie, and they're too good not to find her. They might even be able to hack the transmission she sent out. But the truth is, she's trying to figure out what she can in order to make her own escape first. Being taken prisoner isn't on her list of New Year's resolutions, thanks. She'd much rather be back up at the Watchtower, and maybe if she can gets the person in charge to show their face, she'll get those answers.

And if nothing else, she'll at least feel better once she knows who she's up against. Probably. In the meantime, Zatanna's going to be exploring the grounds. There really isn't anywhere that's off limits as she tries to orient herself to wherever she is, not to mention get a feel for the people there. She starts off in the mansion, but definitely don't expect her to stay there.]

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[ becky doesn't remember ever auditioning for big brother, but when she peeks her head out of the room that has been made up for her to resemble her own room almost identically (they even got her posters!) all she sees is a long hall full of doors that presumably lead to other rooms. it reminds her more of a dormitory hallway than a house, but she's never actually watched big brother, so how would she know? maybe this, like, big brother college edition or something, despite the fact that she hasn't been to college since she dropped out her sophomore year. that wouldn't even make sense, anyway, unless they were in some kind of fraternity/sorority house. for all she knows, this could be part of a house, but it seems really odd for a house to have a whole floor of doors like a hotel. she almost feels like she's in a hilton. hilton's hotel california, more like... ]

[ she doesn't feel like she's been kidnapped, even though she's entirely sure that might be a possibility. she's read the supernatural books, she knows what's up. she also knows that if she's the first victim of whatever monster or cult this might be, she's screwed. but if she's not... ]

[ well. obviously the winchesters will show up. they always do. (except for the part where they aren't actually real. but a girl can dream.) but it's a good thing for becky she knows about these things, because if this is a potentially bad situation, panicking would not be a good option. she's obviously allowed to leave since the door isn't locked — or maybe that's just what they want her to think? ]

[ her eyes land on the computer on her desk. it might as well be hers from home, but she knows it isn't. it doesn't have all her stickers and sticky notes attached to it. it also doesn't have the fanfic she was in the middle of writing on it, or any of her other works. really, if she's going to get all the comforts from home, the least they could have done is copy all her computer files. she doesn't really care about the rest of the stuff in her room, but her fanfiction? that is irreplaceable. at least most of it is on the internet, so if she has internet access... ]

[ she opens the browser, which normally would take her to the home page of, but here it apparently takes her to some kind of... forum? she's not entirely sure what it is. it's not like any forum she's ever seen before. but if this is the only thing they want her to access, maybe she'll be able to communicate with whoever else is trapped here, assuming that the people on this strange forum are also trapped here. it could just be a red herring, to make her feel like she's not alone when actually she is, or it could be like all hell breaks loose, and they've all been kidnapped by demons or something — except demons wouldn't be this nice, so probably not. she doesn't really want this to turn into some kind of battle royale, anyway. ]

[ she clicks on the video option and the light on her monitor blinks to life, and some kind of video box pops up on the screen in front of her. she looks a bit lost for a second as she tries to figure out if it's recording or not, but she assumes it is since the only other button she sees is a stop button. she looks back up, as if she's trying to make eye contact with whoever might be watching. ]
Okay, this is kind of weird. Is this a kidnapping or, like, some kind of Hotel California thing? Or maybe it's both? It's hard to tell. But I don't remember how I got here, so that kind of makes me think kidnapping. Definitely not demons, but it's something... [ she seems distracted by something else on the screen, frowning at the 404 error she's getting for until she remembers that the video is still recording. ] Oh, anyway. My name is Becky Rosen. Not I would expect any of you to know that... But, uh, any information on this place and what's going on would be great. And is it just me, or is the internet down?
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[James still has the shield. He’s been clutching it, since he’d won it back from that robot Tony had built of his father. Plus, his shield generator isn’t working on his wrist. The shots from his mother’s robot had damaged it and without his workshop, Tony couldn’t fix it. He couldn’t fix the shield either. Apparently, the metal was too rare.]

Azari? Torrun? Pym? Hawkeye? Where are you guys? This isn’t Ultra City. Where are we?

[He’s barely aware of the broadcasting thing nearby and stands, holding the shield like he’s used to holding one.]

Mr. Vision? Is this the Savage Land? Tony? Where are you? TONY?!
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[Castiel very rarely makes use of the network, but now he's had some time to evaluate what's taking place here and given the epidemic that's taken over the mansion since yesterday, he's got no choice but to say something.

Is this his fault, or Dean's, or Sam's? There's no way to be certain, but Castiel chooses to take the initiative with issuing an explanation. He would rather the others didn't draw attention to themselves.

He's seated in a room (the room Dean once occupied, which Castiel mainly uses for storage), cross-legged on the floor, with a burger in one hand. The area around him is scattered with wrappers, so it's clear this isn't his first one.]

This event is one that belongs to my world. [He takes a bite of the burger and keeps talking around the food.] We're all being influenced by Famine. He is...

[He pauses, his expression slowly shifting to one of confusion as he stares toward the ceiling, searching for a word that isn't there. He'd felt disoriented early yesterday morning. Something was taken.]

He's a powerful demon that's able to inspire Famine in any creature. This can manifest in a number of different ways. [His is actually rather mundane.]

Anything you may crave, any addiction you may have, it will be pushed to an extreme level. If you suspect that you could become dangerous, I would advise that you have someone restrain you to save you from yourself. [Not that it had worked with Sam the first time around.

Castiel takes another bite of the burger, finishing it off in one go. He doesn't seem to care that he's talking with his mouth full.]
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

[With that, he ends the feed and then sends a text message to Sam Winchester:] Where are you?

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