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[ The feed focuses on a young, blonde woman sitting on her bed. She smiles briefly, a little shyly, at the camera. ] Hi. I'm Sharon, and it's come to my attention that I'm not in Kansas anymore.

[ She grimaces. ] Sorry. That was horrible. Obviously I'm not in Kansas anymore. And I don't have a dog, little or otherwise. [ Ba-dum tish. She clears her throat. ]

This isn't exactly how I pictured Wonderland. But I have to admit, I like the closet. Magic isn't really my forté, but I wouldn't have minded having one of those back home.

[ Now that she's broken the ice and paid the place a little compliment, just as her SHIELD - and later, CIA - training had taught her was a good way to get intel, she moves to opening up a conversation with a seemingly innocuous question. Ulterior motives? Fishing for information? Who, her? ]

I guess the most important question I have right now is, where's the best place to get a burger around here?


Aug. 2nd, 2015 09:58 am
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[Helena is honestly furious, but she knows no one on this side has done anything to wrong her. It was the other one. The one who looks like sestra Sarah but isn't. She knows others have things missing, but taking her scrapbook is a crime against humanity.]

I have question for those here longer than I have been.

If I kill one from other side, does it come back in the way people tell me happens on this side?

And how do I get one here, or go there? These are things I need to know.

[She pauses before adding, for context - whether or not it helps.]

She took my first scrapbook. I was making it with little Mabel.

Now I will kill the mirror.


Jul. 8th, 2015 05:21 pm
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[Brittany was...not handling the sudden redecorating well.]

[It had been less than a day, and the poor girl was completely disheveled.  Her hair was a fright, and her clothes were
literally on backwards.  Currently, she was sitting in the middle of a random hallway, shoulders slumped and eyes slightly glazed.  The poor girl had been lost before, but this was taking her lack of directionality to a whole, new, depressing level:]

Now I know how Bugs Bunny feels like every time he tries to go to Albuquerque with Weird Al.
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my wardrobe has supplied me with twenty pairs of ruby slippers and an umbrella.

as much as I appreciate the sense of humor, I do wonder if anyone has a pair of sensible socks about them?

on another note, I feel the need to inform you that I have taken to spending my afternoons reading at the area of the hills, I will ever so appreciate not being stepped on. I realize a green person in the grass may yet be confusion but I'm certain your brains can manage.
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She has to keep her babies safe. All the tiny babies that are frozen. She wonders what they look like as she holds the canister in her arms, staring up at the mansion. This is not seestra Alison's house. This is no one's house, it is a castle. Bigger than any house, even bigger than the orphanage. Helena takes a slow step forward, wary and careful, unsure.

She cannot kill anyone with babies in her arms. Though perhaps she could kill them with the canister the babies are in. Yes. She will do this if she has to, but for now she walks in a bloody white parka, the hood up and very much looking as if she's just murdered someone. Or two or three people. Perhaps four. No one threatens babies, even babies that are not hers. Gemma and Oscar do not become playing pieces in this game, they are innocent.

But now, there is a new game. What is this, she wonders, where she was with Donnie and now she is at a mansion and there are people, many people she has never seen before. At least she isn't locked away. It's an improvement, though soon she'll realize it's still a prison of sorts.

"Come babies," she mutters to the silver canister of embryos in her arms, giving it a kiss. "We will go find someone who will tell us the answers."


[Helena's found a room by now, and she sits cross legged on the floor in the empty space, holding her phone in hand, sending a video of herself out to all of Wonderland featuring a thick, Ukrainian accent.]

Hello, everybody. This place with closet gives me donuts and makes me stay.

[And a powdered donut makes an appearance, a bite taken as she chews thoughtfully, tilting her head to one side, contemplating the camera.]

There are many people here. Like rats, we are trapped? It only appears to be free. But this is not good place for me and my babies. I need my family. Tell me why we cannot leave.

[She's remarkably calm, and then she brings the camera right to her face, so that only her eyes are visible.]

Who is watching?
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[James has been busy today, but he's been in very good spirits lately. There's an extra skip in his step and a bright smile as he goes down every single hall in the mansion and tosses a red invitation beneath every door that looks like it might have someone living behind it. It reads:

James Potter & Lily Evans
Request the honour and pleasure
of your company at their marriage on
Saturday the twentieth of June
Two thousand fifteen
at three o'clock in the afternoon
in the Gardens of Wonderland.
Reception to follow in Ballroom

He's admittedly gone a bit overboard with distributing them. In addition to slipping them under doors, he's charmed several of them to stick to the walls and doors, and there are even some strewn about communal areas like the kitchen and the tea rooms. The idea is for no one to be able to go anywhere in the mansion at all without learning the good news - that not only are James and Lily getting married, but they have a date.

At some point in the middle of distributing them, James decides to take a break and sits right down on the stairs. He sends out a message to the network, holding up one of their invitations.

So! You might've found one of these already, but if not I'm sure you will soon - Lily and I are getting married! In two weeks!

[He sounds like he can hardly believe it himself. He's so excited, and so happy. Happier than he's been in a few weeks even.]

I just wanted to be absolutely clear - everyone's invited. We could all use a bit of a celebration, don't you think so? And we know there's always the chance an event could come and derail things - if that's the case, the 27th will be the...err. "Rain" date, let's say. [It's not really, but everyone knows what he means.]

Anyhow, I've got to give out the rest of these. [He waves the invitations in his hand.] We hope to see you all there!

[Then he stands up and shuts the camera off, getting back to work. He can be contacted by video, or he can be found distributing more invitations all over the place.]
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[ The message that comes through on the system is text, with no preface and no explanation, a day after his return. It is, in a way, a note pinned to a communal board with a fingerprint pressed in blood. In his new room on the tenth floor, Hannibal carefully monitors the responses, making sure that any remain private. The last thing he needs is for someone with a grudge to air his dirty laundry. ]

"It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another."


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Jun. 1st, 2015 09:38 am
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I don't think that I've spoken to a single person who didn't appreciate the spa we were taken to.

( Lydia says this as if she's taken a consensus but her opinion clearly counts for the majority. That and it was nice, calm and not deathly. Who wouldn't like it )

Considering it was so short lived something needs to be done about that. We can't keep having horrific and deadly events and not have something to take out mind off it.

So I'm turning one of the empty rooms into a spa. But since everyone might have an opinion on it I'm willing to listen to that.

( Well. Listen. That doesn't mean she'll implement it )

So if you were making a spa here what would you want in it? Hopefully I'll have it finished before the next event.

( ooc; there will be a spa mingle log in a week or two for your spa opening needs!! )


May. 11th, 2015 01:40 pm
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[ The video comes on at the tail end of a sigh and Bruce purses his lips and removes his glasses. He's spent the better part of a day exploring the grounds and avoiding the people here as he read over the pamphlet and looked for some sort of catch or contradiction or escape hatch. ]

Wonderland, huh? This little pamphlet was very, uh, informative. It was nice of you to to put it together.

[ He taps the messily refolded cardstock on his open palm, less-than-convinced. What little humor he has drains from his face. ]

Look, is this some kind of joke? Because it isn't funny. Tony?

[ The name is almost an afterthought, half-muttered as he waits for an answer that probably isn't coming. His brow furrows and he sighs again. ]

This is exactly the kind of stress I'm trying to avoid, but alright. Here I am. You've got me. Now what are you going to do with me?
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[When the video feed comes on, Castiel is actually in his room, which isn't a place that he's very often found. His face is drawn with weariness, and while he tends to have circles under his eyes, they seem to be even more prominent than usual. Strange, given that he's an angel and doesn't require sleep, but this is a different kind of fatigue.

He doesn't waste any time, simply gets right to the point of this announcement, facing his phone's screen head-on.]

Dean Winchester has been cured.

[No doubt there are those who won't take his word for it, and so he's quick to elaborate.] I have senses that go beyond the five that most of you are familiar with, and there is no trace of any demonic presence in him now. [Even then, he expects that some won't believe him, but when they see Dean for themselves, chances are that any of their doubts will drop away.

Now comes the hard part. Castiel draws a breath in and lets it out, girding himself.]

I know that there are many of you who want revenge, but Dean was not himself in the time since his return. He was tainted, and that taint has been removed. [And here, his expression shifts from weary to something harder. His jaw clenches and he stares, unblinking.] If you have complaints to air, you can take them up with me. Dean is in no state to hear them right now.

[Working through the guilt of so many friends and family killed by his hands, even if he hadn't been in control of them at the time -- it's going to be a while before Dean will be able to face anyone. Until then, Castiel is willing to take the brunt of the righteous anger that might directed toward him.]

Believe me, he's already punishing himself enough. [There are those here who might not realize just how self-hating Dean Winchester can be. Whatever they might want to say to him, he's already said it to himself in a hundred different ways. If Castiel can spare him some of that, then he'll gladly do so.

His body language loosens slightly then, and he glances downward as he reaches for his phone.]
... That's all. [And the feed cuts.]


May. 4th, 2015 10:44 pm
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[This was....not an event for the shy.]

[Fortunately, Brittany barely knew the meaning of the word.]

[Donning her absolute favorite
bathroom accessory--along with a lovely pair of sandals and sunglasses--the young woman appears the picture of utmost serenity and happiness.  She was even waving at the camera, shaky as it was, as she headed out into the lovely, steamy air.]

Is it hot in me, or is it just here?


[...that...may have come out wrong...]

[Or not.  Who knows with her?]

All I have to say?  Best.  Event.  Ever.

Any chance we can stay for, like, another week?  Or longer?
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[ This one's... a long shot. He can virtually see the arrow disappearing on the horizon already, laughing at him as it vanishes. Still, he never thought to ask before, and that deserves a half-hearted effort at being remedied. ]

I've got a question for anyone who's lost one or more of their memories already, and left Wonderland at some point: While you were gone, did the memories you lost come back to you? What about afterwards?

It's a stretch, but let me know if you've got a minute to think about it.

PS.: I wasn't the only one who had some trouble getting back to his room for a while, right? Because I'd rather blame that on the banners last week than wonder if I mysteriously lost my ability to open unlocked doors.

[ People looking to meet Philip in the flesh will find him tending to his BEES near the forest, and catching up on a week's worth of BOOZE, now that the bar is finally letting him back in. ]
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[ a little while ago dean brutally murdered one demon king of hell, crowley, and hurt john blake in the process. before that, he murdered both his best friend and brother, and attacked a whole bunch of people once near and dear to him. today, thankfully, finds him doing something entirely different as dean addresses the network with a lazy smile on his face.

he’s looking way too pleased with himself, beer in hand and leaning against a familiar looking car... ]

This place is kinda morbid, right? Murders and fights and scheming going on left and right— leaves your head spinning even on a good day. So I figure I should try to shake things up a little, and offer something… uh, nicer to the public.

The female public, anyway. Here I’ve attached a collection of potential good times, so if you see your name and wanna have fun — which means get laid, for the less savvy people — then lem’me know. No strings attached, no flowers and chocolates bullshit. I’m easy like that.

[ he is a gift from god. and he promises no one will get murdered. unless they try something stupid. ]

attachment: dean's handy-dandy do list )

[ he never did say he hadn’t put down a few notes along with the names. ]

Now if you’re worried ‘cause your pretty little name ain’t on the list, fret not. If you’re easy enough on the eyes and old enough to know what fun is, get in contact.

[ s m i l e! and dean cuts the feed. ]

( ooc: note that some threads in this post might include heavy violence and/or dub-con/non-con type elements! read at your own risk. )
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[Darcy's chillin' in the hall that's been created on the 8th floor debating whether or not to get involved in the apparent ball pit scandal. She has no actual interest in said ball pit, but it's hard to not want something everyone else seems to want on the sheer principal of trolling. Flipping on the feed, Baratheon colors are proudly displayed behind her as she relaxes on a black couch. She's propped the phone so she doesn't have to hold it, leaving her hands free to toy with a pen. If anyone looks closely enough they might notice that it is, in fact, a ballpoint pen.]

So. All this ball talk got me thinking about how many balls there really are in people's lives. I mean, think about it. Most people learned the word ball when they were tiny and learning to read... A is for apple, b is for ball, c for cat and all that jazz. There's also a ridiculous amount of ball shaped food, including popcorn balls which are amazing if you haven't had them before. Do yourself a favor and fix that and if you don't know how, just let me know and I'll fix that for you.

Did you know almost any sweet can be made in ball form? Like cheesecake balls or truffles? Y'know what else is amaze balls? Popcorn shrimp. I mean it's not actually shaped like a ball - if it was that'd be weird, but they're addictive. Like tiny little breaded golden bites of heaven.

[Focus, let's get back on track.]

Sports! Sports use balls, usually just one unless you're playing like dodgeball - [Look! She didn't make the joke about getting hit in the face by balls when you're least expecting it. Someone be proud.] - or hockey where it's a puck instead of a ball. Everybody's got a sport they like, unless you've never heard of sports, which is cool too, I guess. Or maybe, the sheer mention of something sports gives you horrible flashbacks to high school and for that - I'm sorry. [Balls as a foe rather than friend, the struggle is real for some people.]

There tend to be sports-related parties, although I don't think I've ever heard of a sports ball - puppy bowl yes - but no dance-related sports balls. This is one of those moments when I wish we could access youtube because that is some class-a adorableness. Although I think we have enough puppies here that we could recreate it... Who doesn't love to play fetch on a tiny football field? Chasing after balls like a boss.

[Darcy, no. No Wonderland puppy bowl as a competition between the houses. It takes all of her decorum (which isn't much to begin with) to not imply a bigger picture game of fetch with the ball pit. As far as she knows, she hasn't pissed off any Lannisters lately and she'd kinda like to keep it that way... Although this probs isn't helping. /kanyeshrug]

Back to the important theme of this message: balls and their overabundant presence.

[And yes, she's just gonna skim right over the most obvious reference she could make. She's trying to keep this pg, people.]

Some dances are called balls, although it's not like a college rager where you go balls to the wall and don't remember half the night. Usually thanks to beer pong, which you use a ping pong ball for. Or bar-hopping and playing with pool balls... Or a carnival to see a gypsy and take a peek at your future in a crystal ball. Maybe as a date with the ol' ball and chain unless staying in and watching Eliza Doolittle shove marbles into her mouth with great ease is more your idea of a great date night.

Never forget guys, the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain and remember there are plenty of balls to go around. Balls can be your friend if you let them.

[And with that she's quick to shut off the feed, having struggled to maintain a somewhat straight face throughout that entire video. Although, she did manage to hit her goal of saying ball at least 25 times - everybody's gotta have something in life to work towards, right?]
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[A pale man with dark rimmed glasses, extremely bright blue eyes, and a curious expression appears in the feed. He studies his image for a moment, seeming to marvel at it, head tilting a bit to the left.

The image shifts slightly as he sits it a little further back. The room behind him comes more into focus, showing a place filled with an organized sort of chaos. There's a worn plaid jacket and blue and white scarf thrown carelessly on the bed behind him. An old, clearly well loved, camera sits on top of the jacket. He'd already changed out of his thick sweater, now sporting a simple maroon t-shirt, which made his pale arms seem to almost glow.

There was also the issue of the really pretty set of wings that had sprouted out of his back.


[He seems slightly hesitant and more than just a little awkward. His body shifts slightly, causing the image to shake just a bit. He clears his throat and tries again] anyone know where I can find a man named Roger Davis? Or perhaps a Mimi Marquez, Maureen Johnson, Joanne Jefferson, Tom Collins....hell, I'd be happy to see even Benny right now.

[The names are rattled off quickly and he suddenly stops, inhaling sharply. His hands are trembling now, as evidenced by his now shaking image. He pushes up his glasses with his free hand as he debates how to ask this next question]

Also, does there a camera store or....or somewhere that I could get extra film for my camera at? And...and the wings thing. They're not a permanent thing, are they?

[As nice and neat as the wings were, they weren't something that Mark wanted to keep forever. It was a novelty thing that would wear off quickly for him.]
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[Sam appears on the video, positively beaming. Five, the newfoundland puppy is sprawled on his lap, taking up entirely too much space an Sam doesn't care one little bit.]

Alright! Some people I've mentioned this to before, but really anyone is welcome. The more the merrier.

[He picks up a leather bound tome, brandishing it at the screen.]

Tomorrow, in the room we used for the Star Wars marathon, we are going to be having an epic Demons and Darkness game. Or 'Dungeons and Dragons' in some of your weird worlds which are not quite so awesome.

[Because obviously Darkness and Demons is the best roleplaying game.]

We've got all the Croatic modules, including 'Night of the Shambling Ones'. Maxine is an amazing DM and it- it should be really fun okay?

I'll probably bring some other board games too. They actually have all of the pieces and cards and stuff which is... surprisingly novel experience for me these days.

Bring drinks and snacks and feel free to come along just to watch or chat, or we'll teach you how to play if you want.
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[Wirt has never addressed the network directly, or on purpose. He's never felt the need to, and he's not much of a public broadcast kind of guy. The whole public speaking thing usually leaves him weak in the knees, but this is different. It's an emergency.]

H-Has-- Has anyone seen my brother, Greg?

[Wirt quickly turns the camera away from himself and shows the room behind him. The view is shaky, due to his unsteady hands, but it gets the point across - it's back to the default, like Greg was never there at all. Even his frog is nowhere to be found.]

I-I-I...sure he runs off on his own a lot, but-- but! But I would have heard from him by now, o-or there would be some sign of him somewhere, right? It's like he just...disappeared, out of nowhere! Spirited away somewhere!

[He's panicking. He's absolutely panicking and he's still kind of half-expecting Greg to just pop out somewhere and be like "Oh hey Wirt! I wound a WAY better room!" or something. Wirt knots his fingers in his hair, which knocks his hat slightly out of place. He can't help thinking of every horrible possibility. Didn't someone say there was a serial killer on the loose, or a cannibal or something? Or what if he's hurt somewhere, or worse? Does that make all your things disappear? Wirt hasn't been in Wonderland long enough to know.]

He...H-He's about this tall. [Wirt gestures accordingly, bending down a little.] He's six years old, a-and he's-- teakettle! He's been wearing a teakettle on his head! And there's...there's this frog he's been carrying around everywhere - I think his name's James right now? Greg might've changed it by now b-but you can't really miss them. Has anyone seen them? Anyone? Please, if someone knows where he is...!

[They're not going to know. Greg's gone. Greg's gone and this is useless. Wirt looks down, not sure what else to ask, or what else to do. But, there's only one thing he can do.]

I...I have to go. But please, if anyone sees him, let me know? Um, thank you. ...I appreciate it.

[He shoves the device in his pocket, but forgets to shut it off. The last few seconds on his broadcast are just the sound of Wirt running as fast as he can down the hall. There's only one place he hasn't looked yet, so maybe...maybe he's in the woods, where they first arrived.]
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[When the feed begins, the Once-ler is sitting inside the old greenhouse, bundled up in his pink Thneed scarf and long gloves. More specifically, he's sitting in front of what looks like a rudimentary heating system as the whole thing starts to kick in. The greenhouse hasn't been used in an actually greenhouse in...

...Actually, the Once-ler can't remember anyone using it as a greenhouse, ever. Which means it's been literal years since anyone was using it for what it was supposed to be used for. After spying on the place for months until he was pretty sure no one was using it anymore, the Once-ler decided to do something about that. For...practice, for a thing. He's spent the last couple of days cleaning the place out so he can start from scratch, and getting rid of all the other abandoned projects from years past, and now that there's room today's project was the important one - fixing the heat. It took forever (and some of the new pipe work looks positively Seussian, with seemingly unnecessary bends and turns) but it works and it vents out correctly and sitting in front of it and letting the warm air blow over him feels pretty great.

But this isn't an accidental post. No, this is intentional - he has something to ask. He debates how for a while, but he eventually just spits it out.

So...spring's coming soon. Anyone know anything about, uh. ...Gardening, by any chance?

[Not for any particular reason of course. Nope.

He ends the transmission there, but he'll be out in the greenhouse most of the day, fixing the lighting and trying to set up any other hardware things. Other times he'll have his nose in a gardening book or be sketching out blueprints on a comically over-sized notepad, but at least it'll start warming up now if he gets any visitors.
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[ at first, you would think you are looking at a wolf.

grey and white with yellow eyes, it will move in front of the camera, blocking the view of the girl whose company it keeps. however, as it steps away, one could tell that it is much larger than any wolf. it is not the size of a bear or a lion, no, but it is certainly no ordinary wolf.

there is a silver ribbon around its neck and when the direwolf finally rests her head on alayne's lap, alayne reaches a fond hand to caress her ]

dear people of Wonderland, I would introduce you to my company. I know well that many of you have not heard of a direwolf and that you may think her to be a threat. I promise, she will do you no harm. Her name is Lyanne and she is my companion. She has a sweet demeanor to her and she would do you no harm.

[ she is less trusting, alayne has noticed, than lady was. sweet, yes, but less inclined to approach others.

she is all the wiser for it, she thinks. ]

she is not a pet, by any means, and I do not intend to force her to my side at all times. however, if you see her wandering please do not be alarmed. I promise she is good.

[ she inclines her head. ]

if there is any way for me to assure you of it, I would do so.


Feb. 4th, 2015 10:58 pm
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[It was kind of like the last time]

[Except when the chair turned around...]

[...there was a doll sitting where Brittany normally would. It wasn't moving. It's facial expression never once changed. There didn't seen to be anyone else in the room, either, which left a question as to exactly how she got there, who moved the chair and how was this video being recorded.]

[But as a wise man once said: just think to yourself, it's just a show. You should really just relax.]

And we're back. I think. It's really hard to tell when you can't turn your neck.

[It was definitely Brittany's voice. Except the doll's lips weren't moving. And, after a sudden cutaway scene, she was sitting on the bed, resting against her pillows. Because all this wasn't creepy enough already.]

On today's episode of The Big Comfy Bed. Repressed childhood memories.  The questions we were all too young too ask.  Like...just who was Raggedy Ann, and how come she and her brother had the same first name, but different last names?  

Discuss. Telephone lines are open now.


Jan. 9th, 2015 09:48 pm
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There's one thing I don't understand...

[Cue the inevitable Peanut Gallery echoing one thing?! behind her]

[You were all thinking it.  Admit it.]

Okay,, I totally get forgetting pants when you leave the house.  Happens to me all the time.  But who forgets their skin?  How do you even do that?
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[When the video starts, James is outside, bundled up in a plain black cloak and leaning against a tree. It's a little cold, but not unpleasantly so, but there's one big draw to making such a broadcast outside - privacy. He's out not so much because it's a pleasant winter day, but because he doesn't want to be accidentally overheard.

That's how much he's been fretting about this. There is exactly one person in all of Wonderland who shouldn't hear this post, and he feels like she's going to sneak up behind him at any moment. But, he has no idea how to go about any of this at all, and it shows.

Hullo, Wonderland. I, err. ...Need some advice. Romantic advice. An absolute shocker coming from me, I know.

[He tries to laugh at himself a little to remove some of the awkwardness, but it doesn't work very well.]

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, I assure you. And if we could keep this between us, and not mention it to Lily, that would be fantastic as well. [He can't help smiling a little at mention of her, though he does peek off into the distance to make sure she's not coming.] I'd rather keep it a surprise, and that'll be hard to do if she knows about it. Thanks.

[With that, he shuts off the camera. He already feels a little better just having put the request out there.]
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[ So, first of all, the image quality on this thing is so much better than the cellphone she's used to. Nokia is still pretty much in charge in the early 21st century and anything other than your standard LCD screen that was better for Snake and Pong than for FaceTiming. Speaking of faces, there's one up fairly close to the camera, brown eyes wide. ]

Oh. My. God. This is amazing. It's super high quality video like right out of a Sci-Fi movie--

[ Her eyes narrow, brows pushing together as she leans in closer. When she speaks again, it's in a low voice, somewhat astonished and grossed out at the same time. ]

Are those my pores?

[ Maybe the image quality is a bit too high. Cue Cordelia pulling back as she scrunches her nose. ]

Okay...unscripted dramatic close-ups aside, I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be my S.O.S. for winding up in some random, very big, very well-decorated, and likely expensive to keep up mansion. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a sort of kidnapping or rescue from dated paneling? As far as gilded cages go, this is pretty gilded--which I prefer over a stinky dungeon, thank you--but...the whole "magically transporting" at a really awkward moment kind of ruins the chivalrous effect. So if someone could page the property manager, or duke or count--preferably not the kind with pointy teeth and ugly satin capes--you know, whoever holds the deed? That would be great.

[ Have a smile for effect. And then as an after thought... ]

--Hey, does this place do room service?
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[ Though she'd been mysteriously absent over the past week, the last Targaryen is not shy in her return. Clad again in Dothraki clothing, Daenerys looks displeased as she appears over the network. ]

I know not where I have been these few days, but it seems I am not yet to return to Essos. [ And that's annoying, to say the least. ] What has happened that so many run about the mansion in fear?

[ There's a long, thoughtful pause, during which her silver eyebrows come together, and then... ]

Where is my dragon?
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[ Is it narcissistic to think that if he makes a video post he'll get more interest in the matter? Probably.

He seems overly worried which is veiled behind a thin mask of apathy...

Has anyone seen Elena Gilbert?

[ He's looked for her, she wasn't in her room, she wasn't in his, he's searched the place pretty well. ]
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[ how about let's not talk about that dream. that sounds like a really good idea, even if becky is pretty curious about it, if not a little scared. she knows she's in good hands, what with the winchesters around, so, you know, how about instead she just shares a little something of her own with everyone. she's been doing a lot of writing over the past few months, after all, and it's about time she posted some of it for everyone to R&R. it's a little taste of home for her and hopefully a lot of other people in wonderland; she couldn't actually bring herself to write about anyone ... in wonderland. that's sort of crossing the line into rpf and while writing about sam and dean isn't really technically fanfiction anymore, she can at least pretend it is if she sets it in some alternate version of home. ]

Title: All I Want For Christmas Is You
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13, for implied sexual themes.
Summary: How "A Very Supernatural Christmas" should have ended.

The ground outside was covered in a light dust of snow. )

[ the next part she cut into a separate entry because she couldn't decide if she actually wanted to post it or not. but, you know, wonderland will have none of that. and neither will i. so, of course, by some inexplicable wonderland magic, it posted itself. so here is the thrilling and explicit conclusion! ]


[ shortly after this very angry conversation with sam the whole fanfic has been deleted from the network and in its place is: ]

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Okay, public service announcement, here: if you don't filter or lock your messages, we can all see them. And read and hear them. Which usually doesn't matter, but just... I mean, if it's quote-unquote sensitive information, you probably don't want it on the public network. And we don't, either. Usually. And even then... I mean, there're a handful of tech-savvy people in the mansion, so even if it's encrypted, it still could be, you know, decrypted. I'm just saying, it's almost always better to talk in person if you're making big plans or swapping secrets.

That said, does anyone know the network's origin? I mean, I never pegged the Queen of Hearts or the Duchess or whoever to be good with computers. It had to start somewhere, by someone who knew what they were doing. It's a pretty complicated system.

Just... don't tell me it was "magic." [ Sigh. ]
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[personal profile] curiousher's gotten colder all of a sudden, hasn't it? Though, I suppose that does happen in autumn. It's so much darker too, isn't it?

[He hums, thinking over this thought as though it's something particularly new to this season. It's not, but it feels...important, in a way Alice can't define.]

Autumn feels...almost unreal that way. Like the setting for a scary story by a fire. [Her face lights up that the thought!] Oh, wouldn't that be fun though? Does anyone have any spooky stories to tell?

Either way...we must be certain to close the doors. They shouldn't be even the slightest bit ajar! After all, we wouldn't the darkness to come inside and get us!

[And she twiddles her fingers at the screen, as if that's a particularly terrifying thought, but she ends the broadcast with a laugh - scary stories are so much fun, aren't they?]

02 - Video

Nov. 15th, 2014 03:46 pm
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[ Usually, when Alex uses the video function on his device, it's up close, just his face. This time, he's propped the device up on a desk or something to record. He's in his room, wearing his usual long sleeve shirt, showing nothing but his face and hands.

He has something on his mind. ]

I know when we leave here, we don't remember anything that happens here, but I have to know.

[ Exactly what it is he has to know will wait a second, as he instead begins to take his shirt off, revealing a torso covered in strange tattoos. ]

This writing, these markings. They're all over me, and no one from my world has any idea what they say. Sometimes I can make sense of some of them, but... mostly they're just indecipherable.

I have to know, is there anyone here who can read this? It's important.

[ But he won't say why it's important, simply reach forward and turn off the device. ]
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[ It's late when the video feed kicks on. In the background, the library stretches out behind him, but Blake's seated at a large table with a multitude of crayons and construction paper instead of the usual stacks of books. On the tabletop, a small gray tabby kitten bats around crayons and generally invades Blake's space as he adjusts the camera. ]

Hey, uh... Wonderland. [ He offers a wave as he sits back from the camera propped on the table. ]

Been thinkin' a lot lately. 'Bout this place, 'bout these murders, 'bout the people we meet an' the people we lose, and I—

[ Blake shakes his head. He feels almost instantly like he's made some kind of mistake. Not being a particularly outwardly emotional person, not really one to admit there are chinks in his armor, let alone display them, he can't be sure why he's decided to share with the network this time around.

He reaches to go turn off the feed when his hand is intercepted by that affectionate and persistent kitten, purring and butting against his fingers. Instead of ending the transmission, he scoops up the cat and holds it close to his chest.

It's been rough. For a lotta people, not just me. The, uh... the Elrics are gone: Edward and Alphonse. And Jesse Pinkman, too. A— [ He sighs a little. ] —a lotta people, really. 'Specially lately. And it sucks, really sucks losin' family like that.

[ When he looks down at the kitten, he realizes he doesn't have much else to say, that he's probably said enough (or too much). John smiles thinly, scratches at the kitten's ears, and then focuses back on the camera. ]

Anyway, pretty sure I'm not alone in feelin' that way, so... It's late, but if anyone wants to come down to the library, I hear colorin's good therapy and I don't mind sharin' my crayons.

[ He might even draw you a picture. ]


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