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[If anyone had told Santana even a few months ago that she'd be at a train station with the rest of the glee club, seeing Rachel Berry off with a hug and a smile...

Well, if she wasn't choking to death on her own laughter, she'd have to go Lima Heights on their presumptious ass.

And yet here she is, standing next to Quinn, Brittany on the other side taking pictures, everyone waving wildly as Rachel watches them all. Actually, she's mostly looking at Finn, who seems ready to cry. Those two and their drama are ridiculous, and personally Santana's looking forward to a little summer break from it all.

She's not really thinking about how that break could turn into...the rest of her life.

She still doesn't know where she'll be in a few months. Even with her mom's and Brittany's blessing, Santana's not sure she can go to New York and be so far away. If Brittany had graduated, it wouldn't even be a question; they'd both be taking the next train to NYC like, yesterday.

The train pulls away, and Finn's actually jogging after it like he thinks he's in one of those old boring romantic movies. Santana snarks in her head, but she'll be nice and keep it there; she understands the pain of separation.

As everyone slowly starts to leave, Quinn announces that she better receive the same send-off when it's her turn to take off for Yale, and people laugh.

Her friends laugh.

Her friends.

These people are actually her friends. And yeah, Santana's gotten used to it over the last three years, but every once in awhile it hits her and she's left wondering what the hell happened. Now, looking around at this group of losers, her fingers curled around Brittany's, Santana feels both happy and--


...and thrown for such a damn loop because she's suddenly holding onto nothing but air, and she's all alone. Standing...outside...a mansion...]

Oh hell no.

06 [Video]

Mar. 8th, 2013 06:38 pm
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I know there hasn't been a lot to be happy about lately, but I can't help but think that if we let all the bad things that happened get to us, we're just giving them what they want.

And by them, I mean whoever's behind this place, of course. [Just in case that wasn't clear.]

So I was thinking: how about you all name some things that make you happy or that you enjoy, and maybe we can figure out how to do some of them. They don't have to be really big things, either. Even the smallest things can help, especially in times like this.

I could be wrong, but it really seems to me like we could all stand to be cheered up a little. And hey, if you'd rather not, that's all right too.

[Maybe this is a stupid idea, but there's got to be a break in the doldrums at some point, and this doesn't work, maybe someone else will be inspired by it to do something better.]
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So I guess they weren't kidding about coming back from the dead, huh?

..Phew..I'm glad everything's back to the way it was.

I'm really sorry about what happened. I didn't mean to die on you all like that.


How bad was it after I..yaknow..?
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Oh...oh my goodness, what is that smell? It's beyond foul! It''s like something that's been left to rot. Ugh, can anyone else smell that? It's positively revolting! I've never smelled such and sour sickly smell in all my life!

It's really a shame that someone would waste it like that to begin with, don't you think so? I mean, there's more than enough food now, but will there always be? I've never heard of Wonderland running out before, but I suppose it's possible, don't you? Where does it even get all of that food anyway? It'll have to run out eventually. Anything could run out if it gets used too much, right? The electricity, the air, the trees, the water...

...though, I suppose Wonderland has a lot of people anyway, so it probably plans for that sort of thing. I'm probably fretting for nothing. I should just ignore this odd feeling I'm feeling.

Except ugh, that smell! It's so completely disgusting!
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[Someone is dressed to impress today - or rather, dressed to stand out amidst the other entries you might see on the network.

She has every reason to, of course. With a twenty-four hour hallpass to the real side, Nefertiri isn't taking any chances.

has anybody seen that girl? )
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[Far below Wonderland's rolling hills and questionable forests lies a complex, cavernous maze that put the one in the gardens to shame - a veritable labyrinth of natural passages and crevices, pools and underwater tunnels. A subterranean system that has yet to be properly explored and documented.

Behold, then, Wonderland's very own intrepid explorer and wannabe archaeologist!

Evelyn has set up something of an encampment site a little ways from the basement steps into the caves. A steady drip...drip...drip in the background accompanies the brushing sounds of her tools on stone, and she very excitedly picks up some of her samples before taking them back to a lantern-lit table. She switches on her communicator.

I've discovered something really quite remarkable, it- the geological strata here is a complex amalgamation of impossible stones and rock formations, many of which should be separated geographically by thousands of miles, much like the plants above ground, but there are veins of pyrope garnet right next to limestone stalagmites, enormous calcium deposits, and chalk beds, of all things!

[Physically impossible, by all accounts. Next thing you know there will be dwarves mining for precious gems down here.]

I'm not certain if anyone else has made findings regarding the cave system, but if you have, please let me know; I'd very much like to share notes.


Jan. 27th, 2013 11:02 pm
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 [The subject that appears on screen looks like something straight out of a horror flick. He's covered in blood, covered in mud and muck, and he stares grimly into the viewfinder like he might actually murder the camera itself.]

Alright, I'm not even gonna ask what's up with the smart phone, because frankly? I don't care.

[Being reverse pick-pocketed by the apple store is the least of his problems.]

How do I get to the highway?

[He could explain that he's got a brother to find, that he's circled this place for four goddamn hours and found nothing but wall, that he's running on empty and exhausted and that he's had to stop himself no less than six times to keep from jumping some idiot civilian because he's still on edge, but frankly, it's nobody's business. Instead, he barks out his question, stares at the camera, and then switches it off.]
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[Unlike the last time Blaine used the communicator for something, he's actually moving around this time, alternating between walking briskly and jogging around the gardens.

He's been at it for awhile now, but he shows no signs of losing steam. And that's probably a good thing, because he has a lot of steam he needs to blow off.

Anyone's welcome to say hi, join him, or just watch.]

02 [Video]

Jan. 6th, 2013 08:50 am
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[When the feed turns on, it shows Blaine, but he's not moving.

He's sitting down, his chin resting against his hands, and he's just staring off into space.

Maybe that he just has a lot on his mind, or maybe it's the fog that's begun seeping into the mansion hallways, but Blaine is being oddly still and feeling disinterested in almost everything.

And what's strange is that he can't remember the last time he just felt like sitting and staring and doing absolutely nothing.

Add in the fact that he feels cold, tired, and vaguely sick, which is a recipe for a not-so-happy Blaine.]
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[At first, the fog was just annoying. But then a whole day passed. And then a little longer.

And it was beginning to really get to Santana, but she didn't know why.

You know, other than the whole annoying thing.

She figures it's just the overall gloom and all, but she can't get rid of this pressing...something.

When she opens her mouth, she kind of wants to barf.]

What is the deal?! Can't we just get like, some huge wind machines and blow this shit away?!

[Ugh ugh ugh. So much for calmly stating a slight displeasure.

It's like the fog wants to eat her. Which is not impossible in this place.]
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[Souji's outside in the garden, but the fog makes it difficult to tell where, exactly. It's very quiet, though, with the snow and fog deadening all the noise.

He's wearing a pair of black framed glasses. Unusual for him, since he doesn't normally wear glasses.

He stops peering at his surroundings and holds up the camera at face level to address whoever might be listening.]

Don't you think it should have snowed instead of raining yesterday?

[That would make sense in early January.

He takes a few steps through the snow and he doesn't seem to be having any trouble navigating through the fog.]

This isn't ordinary fog. Be careful.
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[The feed begins with Beast clearing his throat and shuffling around - he's nervous, but he's forcing himself to do this, whether he wants to or not.]

So, um. I know I haven't really been around that lately, and I...

[He pauses for a moment, and when he says the next word, it's almost like he has to force his mouth to say it.]

...apologize. It wasn't very civil of me. But after seeing the different people around here, I finally think I'm able to at least walk around without getting shot and having my head mounted on someone's wall.

[He becomes a bit flustered, tripping over his words.]

Not that anyone would do that here, or that anyone is that rude or dangerous, but I mean-

[He huffs impatiently, taking a deep breath, trying to control his temper. It's really hard.] know what I mean. I think.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I guess if I'm stuck here I might as well deal with it. "When in Rome", as they say. So, uh, yes. I suppose this is more of an apology and a formal introduction than anything. I'm...sorry I frightened anyone when I first got here. I'll try to not do that as much.

[That being said, Beast turns on the video feed, finally revealing himself to the rest of the mansion proper for the first time. There he is, in all of his 6'5" monstrous glory. His ears and tail are slightly down, betraying his nervousness.]

I am Prince Adam, but you may call me Beast. It's a, uh, pleasure to make your acqwontonce, acquaindance, acquai-

[He struggles over the word, shaking his head, his fur raising slightly in irritation at himself.]

It's a pleasure to meet you, Wonderland.

Um. I guess that's all.

[After shuffling around awkwardly, he turns off the feed. Well, he did it. Let Wonderland react as it may; it won't change his circumstances any.]
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[  What was that loud noise that just came from the direction of the forest? Well, it's one of Wonderland's new arrivals, who seems to have been brought to this weird place mid punch. Instead of there being someone for her to hit, she's smacked a tree instead. The old oak didn't have much of a chance, it snapped almost completely in half under the pressure of her gauntlet. The young woman who just pounded it seems a little phased.  ]


What the? - this tree wasn't here a second ago.
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[Jack has never felt more betrayed in his life, and the traitor in question is the wind. One minute he was just soaring along, trying to decide whether hitting a town with a snowstorm over Christmas break would be an appreciated bonus or an empty joy since classes were already cancelled. The next minute he was tumbling roughly out of the sky. He shakes his head, his blurry vision coming into focus to reveal an unfamiliar forest that definitely was not below him a few minutes ago. The wind has always taken Jack where he wants to go, but now he's not even sure where he is.]

Did I black out?

[Jack talks to himself. It's a habit you pick up when nobody else can talk to you.]

That's never happened before.

[Maybe he ran into one of North's portals? He scans the sky, looking for some sign of that awesome sleigh, but there's nothing there. He looks around the nearby woods, but doesn't see any yetis or six-foot rabbits or any of the other creatures that tend to kidnap him. He grins.]

It looks like after three hundred years I'm still finding new ways to get into trouble.

[Feeling that walking might be the safer bet, Jack makes his way out of the woods.] )

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[D'Artagnan walks through a hallway, holding the video device. His finger clouds the image as he taps the screen (but really just the camera) and then blurs as he shakes it. He hardly understands the novels of his own time, how is he expected to understand this?]

Hello? [A blur again, the sound of his boots smacking against the floor as he walks faster.]

Is-- Is this a-- Oh, merde-- [Aaaaaand a series of thuds and smacks and groans as he rolls down the stairs, which can be seen in glimpses as he goes.

The movement stops. The feed shows only the ceiling. Silence. One long, final groan escapes. A shuffling noise is heard, and D'Artagnan's face appears in the camera again. He does not look pleased.]

Where am I?
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[Tina stands in front of a gothic-style door on the sixth floor, fiddling with a matching black key featuring elaborate loops and hanging from a chain around her neck. She pulls the necklace over her head and, with a deep breath, she squares her shoulders and unlocks the door. She steps through the doorway, only to find herself back in the corridors of McKinley.

She spins around at the sound of her own voice, coming face-to-face with a version of herself - with no coloured streaks in her hair, the change of wardrobe she'd been considering, and an air of coldness surrounding her - talking to Jacob Ben Israel about starting her senior year. She watches in horror as her double (her future self?) speaks in harsh, clipped tones to a small Japanese girl following her, who is apparently her personal assistant, then mentions breaking up with Mike (and wow, if that isn't a punch to the gut). She can't tear her eyes away as the scene continues, seeing herself confident to the point of arrogance, all sharp edges and words, and she can't help but think that her future self must be screaming inside.

Her surroundings fade and Tina finds herself back in the mansion. She barely notices that the door has disappeared as she leans back against the wall and slides down to sit with her knees against her chest, her head tilted forwards so her hair hides most of her face.]

Is there a way to just stay here and never go home?
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 [There is tinsel in Castiel's hair. 

It went something like this: In the process of trying to prevent the Apocalypse, find God, keep Dean Winchester safe, survive as well, and help find a way to kill the Devil, he's made the decision to forego walking (he's falling from Grace, not yet quite that handicapped, thank you very much, and fly into a building to follow a lead. 

It's turned out to be a bad decision since. Castiel can't pinpoint when his surroundings changed, maybe when he passed through the door of the old warehouse. Regardless he finds himself carried forward by his momentum. Pine needles try to scratch his face and his collision makes the ornaments jingle. 

In other news, there is tinsel in Castiel's hair, and he is not amused. This overly lavish decoration, this mockery of religion and custom, reeks of Gabriel, and the last thing he needs is one more angelic brother being a nuisance.

It's hours later when he has explored the Mansion, that he discovers the strange device in his pocket and fiddles with it. When the video starts (it takes some button pressing and is fairly accidental), the first thing the observant will note is an eye. It's rather big and rather blue, but Castiel soon pulls the device away from his face to frown at it. He does not have time for... whatever is going on.]

I wish to be released. If this is a ploy from you, Gabriel, it is not amusing. Someone put a device in my pocket. I don't... I don't understand what to do with this. 

[The video? It's upside down.]
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[John Blake's learned some amount of patience for insanity, but only recently. His late night arrival to this unfamiliar place was initially shocking, but he managed to stop himself from demanding answers, instead opting to do a little investigation overnight. He observed the communication network, checked out the different floors, and walked the grounds well into the night before turning in to the room apparently assigned to him.]

[The following afternoon, when he finally properly manipulates the video recording function of the unfamiliar communication device, Blake's had enough time to observe his surroundings and at least form some thoughts on what happening. But a few more questions and answers can't hurt.]

—see I'm not the only one showin' up unexpectedly.

Afternoon. [Awkward wave here, half off-screen because of the angle.] Guessin' introductions are in order. Name's John Blake. Last place I remember bein' was Lima, Peru, but I'm originally from Gotham City in the U.S. Definitely not in either of those places.

So. Found this kitchen pretty quick— [Different than it had looked the night before, he notes with some surprise. John shows it off with the video feed.]  —and if anyone's interested in givin' me some input or havin' some lunch — or both — I'll be here.

[And that's it. He'll be making sandwiches, probably, so feel free to join him, or just send back a message and pass on bologna and cheese!]
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[The camera feed turns on and you can see Cooper looking around his room with an angry look. He's not satisfied with what he sees and it is clear on his face. Suddenly he turns and you can see his face clearly. His visage changes and he is smiling warmly.]

Hi. Cooper Anderson. I'm sure that you've heard of me. That's probably why you've taken me.

[He pauses, as if waiting for an answer or some applause. When it doesn't come, his smile falters.]

I'm going to need an upgrade. This room is too small for a person of my stature. Where is the bidet? Where is the minibar? I am an internationally beloved spokesman for the internet's fastest growing credit score website. The least you can do is give me a bigger room?

And where am I? I wandered around, but I didn't see anything other than a garden. And I didn't see any people. How can I really explore my character roots if I don't have people to draw off of? If I have fans here, you can't keep me hidden away. It's not fair to them.

Really, though, I have to get back to California. I have an audition for a little medical show you might have heard of? Private Practice? I really need to get back. So, where's the exit? Or my limo?


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