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[This is the second time Santana's woken up to a half-empty room.

This time is worse. There was only one bed this time, and now it feels way too big and cold.

Last time, she had someone she could go to, someone whose bed she could share. And when he left, she had people she could crash with still. But everyone's gone now.

Except for one.

She knocks on Kurt's door.]

[if anyone really feels they must chat with the sad girl, feel free to catch her in minute walk from her room to Kurt's.]
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[The video clicks on to Castiel standing in his room. It's utterly barren and white, except for the closet. Angels don't have much need for comfort. Or beds, apparently. The angel looks equal parts... why, distressed almost, and annoyed as well. Whatever the issue, it apparently isn't very pleasant for him to bring up. Not judging by the way his jaw clenches.]

Something has been taken from me, and I require it back. I suspect one of the demons during last week's chaotic events must have lifted it off my person when I was drained of powers.

[Castiel is not looking directly at the camera, but slightly off to one side. The angel is usually rather calm - not so right now. It's mostly in the eyes, in the way they sometimes look worried and sometimes look furious. He's not exactly good at dealing with emotions, so they war openly in his eyes, of not the rest of his face.]

It's an amulet. Golden in color. It depicts a horned head and is attached to a leather cord.

Return it.

[Private text to Buckingham:]

you are the only one i know to have been overtaken by a demon. if you have the amulet, return it immediately.
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[After his run-in with the demon, Castiel has dragged himself through the caves and corridor back into the basement. The camera shakes, which is maybe the first indication that something is wrong. The first thing that comes into view is the basement floor. There's a dull thump, the camera shakes more violently and it shows the ceiling, and finally it spins around to show Castiel. He's leaning against the railing on the stairs heavily, has placed the phone on a step ahead and above him - he clearly needs both hands to even keep himself remotely upright. 

Have you ever seen an angel so weak he can barely stand? Yeah, that doesn't happen. Yet Castiel is disoriented and weak. His legs wobble, nearly give up underneath him, and it takes him a while to focus on his device. For now, he can go no further. And that means he needs to warn the Mansion.]

There are... demons... among us. They wear familiar faces. I don't know how many. One of them... wears Buckingham's face... I don't know who else. 

[He has to catch his breath - an unsettling experience. Angels don't run out of breath, and yet here he is, weak and exhausted to the point of losing consciousness again. It's unsettling and incredibly annoying. Both emotions are written very clearly on his face. He might be ridiculously weak, but he's also angry.]

They can drain away all powers you have. They lay traps.... don't...

[And this would be where he stops talking for now and just slumps to the stairs. He's not only been drained to human levels, the sudden loss of all powers he has also weakend him considerably.] 
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[ Though Fukawa has obviously turned the video on herself, she appears to be ignoring it as she stands in one place fidgeting for a few moments. Fidget, fidget. Looking everywhere but at the screen.

Just when you might think she's forgotten about the camera, she sort of glances at it once and then finally begins to talk.

I...I thought I got out somehow, but I was just singled out, wasn't I...? I'm so unpleasant to be around that even that sadistic parody of a headmaster took pity on everyone else... I'm not even significant enough to kill, am I? No, I just get tossed out of the window like garbage!

[ She's starting to get riled up, so she has takes a minute to calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. Deep breaths, but they're the kind that precede a panic attack rather than follow it. ]

I know I'm just a dark fog that only causes misery, but I'm already so tired of this... Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. I'll go home and disappear beneath the rug and everyone can eject me from their memories. I'll become a dust mite hidden away so I can't even offend your noses. Your days will look up from there, won't they? W...Without someone like me to cloud it up?

[ Her voice is low and mumbling, and she talks like she just wants to get it over with, which makes her starting to yell even more jarring. ]

You're thinking that already, aren't you!? I can feel your eyes screwing up just to look at me!!

Just stop looking then! Stop looking!

[ She continues yelling at whoever she thinks she's talking to. Dare to interrupt? ]
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 [There is tinsel in Castiel's hair. 

It went something like this: In the process of trying to prevent the Apocalypse, find God, keep Dean Winchester safe, survive as well, and help find a way to kill the Devil, he's made the decision to forego walking (he's falling from Grace, not yet quite that handicapped, thank you very much, and fly into a building to follow a lead. 

It's turned out to be a bad decision since. Castiel can't pinpoint when his surroundings changed, maybe when he passed through the door of the old warehouse. Regardless he finds himself carried forward by his momentum. Pine needles try to scratch his face and his collision makes the ornaments jingle. 

In other news, there is tinsel in Castiel's hair, and he is not amused. This overly lavish decoration, this mockery of religion and custom, reeks of Gabriel, and the last thing he needs is one more angelic brother being a nuisance.

It's hours later when he has explored the Mansion, that he discovers the strange device in his pocket and fiddles with it. When the video starts (it takes some button pressing and is fairly accidental), the first thing the observant will note is an eye. It's rather big and rather blue, but Castiel soon pulls the device away from his face to frown at it. He does not have time for... whatever is going on.]

I wish to be released. If this is a ploy from you, Gabriel, it is not amusing. Someone put a device in my pocket. I don't... I don't understand what to do with this. 

[The video? It's upside down.]

01 [Video]

Dec. 2nd, 2012 09:50 am
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[The feed turns on, and Blaine can be seen staring around him. He's had some time to look around, and he really doesn't like what he's seeing... which is a lot of nothing and no one.

For a mansion of this size, there should be people in it, but so far, he hasn't seen anyone, and that is creepy. Or maybe he's just missing them. But either way, it's still creepy.]


[He pauses as if waiting for a response. When no one says anything, he continues:]

I found my room, and it was nice enough. It's a little bare, though, but I think I can fix that. I opened the closet to see what was inside, and when I did, a huge poster popped out. I'm not sure how it knew I was thinking about Vogue magazine covers, or why it thought I'd want one of those on my wall, but it's a nice thought, I guess.

But, well, I really don't want to feel at home here. This isn't home, obviously, and I'd like to get back to mine. So if anyone's listening, if anyone knows where the door or the hallway is that goes back home, it would be great if you could tell me.



Nov. 11th, 2012 08:15 pm
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[Kurt's been seemingly unaffected this event. He's been his usual self, with his problems no more pronounced than normal, and has spent most of his time avoiding all of these crazies. He might be a little tireder than normal, but it's not anything too horrible, nothing he would admit to.

Until he falls asleep, that is. Lately, Kurt's been sleepwalking, and it's gotten severe. On any night of the event, Kurt can be found in any variety of place - roaming the halls slowly with half-lidded eyes, making food in the kitchens, getting himself lost far away from his bed. He might even have half-intelligible conversations, but he'll have no memory of them when morning comes. You could try to wake him, of course, but it won't be easy.

And every morning, Kurt's found himself asleep in a strange, weird place, and been absolutely mortified. But he's far too proud to admit he's not sleeping well, or lock his door. Feel free to run into him any night of the event and have a good laugh at his expense.


Oct. 28th, 2012 07:03 pm
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[Kurt is in distress. Unfortunately, he's also only just barely recognizable. His face is mostly his own, but his hair has lengthened to a bob and it's mostly blonde, with just a few brown ends that are quickly fading away as it grows. The video is also suspiciously angled to avoid his chest.]

You know, I was just starting to think this event would be okay. Lady Gaga is inspiring, and there are far worse things I could be forced to dress up as. But this?!

[He gestures VERY ANGRILY to himself, in a circle.]

This is going too far.

[For a second, he looks like he's going to make demands and insist Wonderland fix this right now. But then, he sighs, and looks a little defeated.]

I know, I know. Complaining won't do anything - I just wanted some confirmation that I wasn't the only one suffering here. Thanks.


Oct. 3rd, 2012 09:55 pm
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That last event was really awkward and I don't want to do that again.

How do I avoid that?
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[It happened so fast.

Lucifer's fist crunching into his skull, over, and over, and over. A flash of recognition, that painful moment when Dean could see beyond his busted eye and the searing agony as blood dripped down his chin. The beating stopped, and it was his little brother again.

Everything after that went too quickly. Sam's red hands twisting in Michael's jacket, both of them disappearing into the ground as it closed behind them. It didn't even give Dean enough time to feel his heart sinking into his stomach, not when Castiel reappeared and healed his swollen face, not when he brought Bobby back from the dead.

Not even when Dean found himself pulling up to Lisa's house, boots dragging on the steps to her porch because he promised, he knows he promised, he made a promise to Sam that he'd try and get out.

It was the least he could do.

When Dean found that the door was unlocked after he knocked and tried the handle, he thought nothing of it.

And it isn't until the door creaks open, revealing a wood-paneled hallway lined with more doors, that he well and truly feels numb.

Oh, what the f-

[For the safety of everyone's ears, the long stream of curses will not be scribed, but can be heard down the hallways and potentially over the communications system.]
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[Somewhere past McKinley High School in the dream bubbles, if you keep going, it gets a lot more suburban. Large houses, fresh cut grass, blue skies. It's a very nice day.

In the front yard of one of the first houses, there's a little table set up with chairs, a pink table cloth, and a three-tiered platter of plastic food. And in one of those chairs is a little boy, sipping at his empty toy tea cup, with one pinky out. His hair is perfectly coiffed and he has on a cute little bowtie. Unlike other children his age, who might be squirming to get out of clothes like that, this boy seems comfortable, like his clothes are an important part of who he is.

Clearly, that boy is Kurt. And he would love some company.
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Fog again? Again?

Obviously Wonderland is just getting unoriginal now. Maybe if it completely runs out of ideas, it'll send us home.

[It's meant to just be a tweet-length complaint, but everyone knows how this goes. Kurt has tempted the fates, and now it is only a matter of time before the fog comes for him, probably mid-tag somewhere along the way.]


Aug. 26th, 2012 07:16 pm
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[As Blaine walks into view of the camera, he's putting away his keys, giving his hair a smooth over - generally not paying attention to his surroundings. Until he realizes that he definitely didn't walk into a giant mansion. Except that he apparently did. He looks around cautiously for someone to tell him exactly what the hell is going on.]

Ah...hello? Excuse me, I'm looking for directions to William McKinley High School? Is there anyone here?

[He doesn't get an answer for a minute and checks his phone. He's alarmed when he sees that he has no service. He hurriedly tries to call someone but just gets a (rather loud) dial tone. Not even a ring. He's obviously very disappointed and upset that he couldn't get a hold of whoever he was trying to call.]


[And then something dawns on him very quickly. Something that probably should have dawned on him earlier. His eyes are wide and they shift from side to side. He even does a little whirl around.]

If I'm not in Lima, where am I?


Jun. 30th, 2012 09:34 pm
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[Kurt appears on the screen, looking more than a little confused. He's in the library, which is where the Fawn has been hanging out today, but he hasn't actually met the creature. But being in the library is enough. He's been there uh. ...Well, a while now. Maybe an hour?]

I came in here to do...something. But I can't remember what.

[He looks down at the table he was working at, and he's got a book on flowers, opened up to Larkspurs. But, they're just part of the garden, right? Nothing weird about that. No, that can't be it.]

...I don't know. But it's actually kind of nice in here.

[He sounds a little out of it, but he seems oddly comfortable with his head in the clouds today. Eventually something catches his eye and he just sort of wanders off camera, leaving it running.]
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[witness one (1) Finn Hudson, batting at a leather bound book with his broomstick. the book seems unperturbed, however, as it in turn latches onto the end of the broomstick with its... teeth?]

If anyone knows how to reverse the "Inanimatus Conjurus" spell, that'd be really freakin' sweet.

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[ Good morning, darling seventh year students! Remember when Charms was a harmless subject with a lovable old professor and a slim to none chance of suffering emotional or physical trauma? No? Excellent.

Today each of you will find a candle sitting on the desk in front of them. Don't worry, unlike last time it will not grow teeth and attack you on sight. So sit down, get comfortable and listen to the task at hand!

Now, given the dreadful quality of your memory charms last week I trust that at least none of you will have any trouble recalling... the freezing charms you were taught in your third year. Today-

[ He snaps his fingers, lighting all the candles in the room at once. ]

-you will freeze the small flame in front of you.

[ He allows for a dramatic pause and for his students to wonder what place child's play like that has in a seventh year class. ]

Of course there... is a catch. Not only do I expect your actual incantation to be silent, no, I... should also like you to move your wand and lips as if you were conjuring fire. Allow me to demonstrate.

[ Professor Buckingham draws his wand (Dogwood, dragon heartstring, 15¾”, rather flexible, of course) and aims a flowing motion and a booming Incendio! at the candle on his desk, but instead of flames his wand produces a jet of ice that freezes flame, candle and holder solid.

Cue moment to let the display sink in.

To maintain the appearance of one charm while executing another is the very peak of focus, control and unity between you and... your wand, not to mention quite the edge in a duel.

[ It's also a rather underhanded technique and greatly frowned upon by Professor La Fère... which is all the more reason to teach it passionately and thoroughly!

Buckingham grins broadly and moves to the side of the classroom in strides.

That said, good luck and... do mind the eyebrows, eh?

[ For any ghosts, members of the faculty or students not presently suffering from his class Professor Buckingham will be in his office, grooming his owl. He will also be wandering the hallways often enough, especially to return a little something to a certain Ravenclaw's office. ]

For the curious, everybody else's lesson plan under the cut! )
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[Kurt Hummel isn't immediately visible on this feed. He is, once again, a bundle of miserable blankets, huddled in woe. He probably doesn't even know the camera is on.]

Why? Why would Wonderland do this to me again?

[He groans in pain. His head hurts so bad. His everything hurts. Light hurts. He's never drinking again. Ever.]

Ugh...It wasn't funny a couple of weeks ago and it's not funny now!
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[There's a curt 'whoa', a thud, and then a grumbling. It's the voice of a young man, who very shortly appears over the feed, blinking at the camera. He doesn't seem to notice it's recording at first, as he turns the device over in his hands a few times, muttering about 'the others' and 'yellow eyes.' Finally, he catches sight of the the light that signals he's on view, and his expression is suddenly surprise!]

Uh-- hey? Not sure what's... going on with this phone...

[There's a brief interlude, during which he examines the thing again.]

... Yeah. Well, gonna keep it simple. I'm not sure where I am. Honestly? I'm probably just dreaming. That's more likely than any alternative. But, if I've been whisked off to some other place? Just... let me know where I am?

[He pauses, and then frowns, brows knitted together in a sort of resolved expression.]

And, if this is your doing, Yellow-Eyes... I'm coming for you.
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How do you turn this freakin' thing on? Does the blinky red light mean go?

[rustling, before the very shakey face of a gawky teenage boy comes into view ala the Blaire Witch Project.]

Uh, okay, so, could someone maybe tell me why the hell I was in my room like, forty seconds ago, and now I'm in Hyrule Castle? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's the kind of thing a guy should know.

[tap tap tap.]

And it'd be super sweet if someone could tell me how this thing works, 'cause I've seriously tried it about twenty times now and I'm just hoping that by fifty I'll get to a point where someone actually responds, kind of like that Chuck E. Cheese deal where if you get five hundred tickets you get a BB gun or a huge stuffed animal or--um. Actually, I really hope not, 'cause I think I'd flip after about sixty and just throw it at the wall.
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[The feed turns on and John is hovering a few yards from the camera, holding a shale imp up by its elbow. It looks none too pleased.]

Hey guys! I'm gonna give y'all a tutorial on how to beat the ever-loving shit out of imps!

[John drops the imp and it falls in an unceremonious pile. John mumbles at it to get up and be a good sport since he knows he's gonna lose anyway. Eventually the imp goes and stands a few feet away.]

Okay, so! You should all have strife specibi now, which means you get a special weapon you're super awesome at. My favorite is hammers and I in no way accidentally fell into them at all.

[John drops to the ground and walks over to the imp. The hammer he's wielding is on the small side and he just sort of bops the imp on the head. The imp appears to be further insulted by this.]

You might also have some new powers! Especially if you have these nifty pajamas-- that means you're God tier and you're super cool like me and Dave and Jade and Aradia. Since I'm the Heir of Breath I get to do this!

[WHOOOOOOOSH! With a flick of his wrist, John sends the imp up off the screen. Judging by how long it takes it to hit the ground and burst into grist and boondollars, it hit a peak height of about 30 feet. John looks pretty pleased with himself.]

So, there you go! I hope that helped, hehehe. I like to have fun with it. You should too!

[video] 01

May. 6th, 2012 03:14 pm
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[ Looking straight (if a little confusedly) into the camera. ]

So... Wait. This is Wonderland?

I had a dream once with everyone from school and we were all here. Well, not here here but in Wonderland. Santana looked super hot in a top hat. She must have glued it on her hair because it never fell off, not even when we played crochet with the flamenco dancers.

Nobody ever died though. Just the JabbaWockeeZ. They didn't get to come back after final elimination. Only Sue was mad about it because she voted for them and not Status Quo and then she wanted my head but Santana wouldn’t let her take it so she put me at the bottom of the pyramid again as punishment, it really sucked.

But then Santana woke me up with her sweet lady kisses so everything was okay in the end. I bet this is just another taco dream and I'll wake up soon. Not with Santana though, it's a school night so she can't stay over.


May. 2nd, 2012 12:32 am
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[Kurt refuses to appear on camera in the state he's in. All he allows on the network is the following text:]

if i am ever uncharacteristically drunk or smoking during an event again

someone, be kind enough to stop me, even if i'm not myself. please. Please.
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[So Santana leaves her room, ready to go kill Kurt for the endless racket at his fancy-pants party, and trips over something. There's a huge freakin' book right at her door, taking up space. And sure, she totally recognizes it after a second, and okay, she may be looking through it and snickering at the entries she finds, things like--

John Egbert Cameron Poe is a bigger butt-boy than Kurt Hummel

George Lass is a zombie

Amaterasu is a flea-bitten lesbo wolf

Shannon Beiste will die a smelly virgin

Evelyn Carnahan is a fugly slut

Dean Winchester Indiana Jones is on the FBI's Most Wanted list

Aang is a hippy tree-fucker

Rapunzel needs to donate to Locks of Love

Philip LaFresque Dr Alan Grant is a (psycho) 40 year old virgin dino-lover

Kenny McCormick is a panty-stealing pervert

Athos sells alcohol to minors

Noah Puckerman is never getting out of Lima alive

And it goes on from there. Everyone Santana's met and hasn't met in Wonderland is in there at least once, usually with added illustrations and cut-out magazine pictures. There's a picture of George with green crayon scribbled all over her skin, and Philip (...or whoever he currently is) is drawn humping a dinosaur skeleton. It's all very classy.

There are even some that don't have more detailed descriptions and instead just have a full page of drawings--Santana spends an extra moment snickering over the picture of Buckingham, doodles of pink and purple hearts and dicks all around him proclaiming ~*~SUPER GAY~*~ and things. Again, we point out the class of this little project.

All in all, Santana's pretty impressed.


Until she turns a page and sees, scrawled in bright red marker:

Santana Lopez is a dyke

Oh hell no.]

Who did this?!

[Of course, the second she says it, she regrets it because wow, she doesn't want anyone to see that. Maybe she can rip that page out first...]

(Feel more than free to a] blame Santana for this, b] come see what she is screaming about, or c] find the Burn Book on your own before she leaves her room. Give your characters insults to be included!)
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[Dear Wonderland,

You'll never guess who's looking more handsome than ever now that he's stupidly cleverly sacrificed a life to the noble cause of Fighting the Jabberwocky (TM). Dean Winchester has not one, darling readers, but two glorious green eyes now, and it's been a while, so excuse him while he decides to celebrate* in the most glorious way possible.

*Also to get over the fact that Lady Licks-a-Lot is gone and man that's a real friggin' bummer.


[Because he may have nicked a projector, a sheet, and a parlor to execute this particular feat.

And his phone is stuck on the CAPSLOCK.
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[This will be short and sweet. of those, anyway.]

Has anyone seen Puck since that whole... monster deal?

[She's trying to sound casual about it. She doesn't think Puck would really go off to face monsters on his own because let's be real, here--he's mostly talk. But maybe he came across it accidentally and was killed but now he's nowhere to be found, so.....]

Mohawk, bad attitude. The guy with the spray paint?

[...Okay, this is awkward, so.]


Apr. 5th, 2012 06:02 pm
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[Kurt had been minding his own business, hanging out primarily on the first floor where everything was fancy and nothing hurt. That is, until yesterday, when he woke up like this. Yes, I changed my mind shh.

He's since wandered away from the first floor, since he can't take advantage of it like this (a penguin in a little top hat and bow is just silly). However, it's really hard to climb stairs like this, so outside it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a baby penguin wandering the grounds, making your day more adorable by existing. He is mostly likely to be in the safer parts of the chaos outside (so no warzones or deserts or forests), but mostly he's just being a bit of a grumpy penguin pants and eating his weight in grass because that will make everything better. Kurt's pretty sure that his life literally can't get worse than this.
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[ Today's video feed is brought to you live and in colour from your local library by a Philip surrounded by notes and books. ]

Erm... so I've been doing some research and I was wondering...

[ Philip clears his throat. ]

Does anybody actually know where this five death rumour comes from?

[ He flicks through his notes, tapping the desk in front of him with a pencil. ]

I'm almost positive most of us were told that, er, that you can "only" [ cue matching finger quotes ] die five times here, but nobody seems to have any idea what happens then and, erm... I can't find any records of that anywhere and--

[ He hesitates. ]

I guess I might has well ask, has anyone ever seen a fifth death? ...Or suffered one?

And while Philip waits for the answers to that, here's a little backdated something for one Dean Winchester. )
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[Santana, for once, is actually purposely addressing the mansion-goers.

Or at least one of them.]

Know what I haven't done in a long time? Had a good gossip with my girls. Of course, my girl isn't here.

So. Hummel, I expect to see you at my door in half an hour. Bring whatever you want, I don't care--just be prepared.

[Her tone leaves no room for discussion here.]

Everyone else can stay away, cause it's none of your business anyway.


...A vocal z-snap, anyway. She doesn't actually do it. Whatever, shut up and leave her alone*.

*"leave her alone" in this case meaning feel more than free to bug and annoy her.]
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[Tara woke this morning to discover that T's had yet another fit. Being cooped up here isn't doing any of her personalities any good, and to be honest Tara's getting a little more scared every day. What if Gimmie comes out?

She'd really like to avoid that. And getting a taste of a life where she didn't have any of the personalities was almost too much. She wants to be like that for real, now.

So she decides to record a post.]

So, uh. Do we have any psychologists or psychiatrists around here, or...?

[She smiles, doing her best to look friendly. Probably she just looks anxious.]

I figure it wouldn't hurt to have someone to talk to after that...thing. Event. Whatever.


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