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[James isn't entirely sure what's going on, but he's livid. The longer the day goes on, the less real his memories feel, the less connected they are. He has two sets of memories about his father that are difficult to reconcile now that he's started thinking harder about this and trying to pinpoint what's missing, what's changed, what's real and what isn't. His father, his childhood hero versus a father glittering gold, versus The Dark One. It rings too close to The Dark Lord, and it turns James' stomach that he ever thought for even a second that You-Know-Who might be related to him. He still has these other memories of his father that fit remarkably well though.

But, that isn't what fuels the rage. As much as he hates to admit it, he could live without correct memories of his father. No, there's something else missing, something vital and unfortunately Wonderland was foolish enough to take that memory and not the importance of it. They have to go back with their memories in tact. They have to remember everything. That all rings clear for James, but when he reaches for just why that needs to be done his fingers brush absolutely nothing.

He can't remember why he's doing this, why he's been trying so hard all these years. Instead of removing his resolve though, the lack has tripled it. He takes to the network, wide-eyed and loud.

Wonderland's gone too far this time! Is this even part of the event? Or did it just...did it just throw all of this together in the hopes we wouldn't notice it's fucking around with our memories?!

[He's furious, but he breathes in the hopes of calming himself enough to explain. Whether he truly does or not is up for debate.]

It's been five days since this bloody event started. I can't just sit around and wait for Wonderland to sort itself out this time! I...there's something very important missing and I need it back.

[Wonderland's taken enough memories from James already that the thought of this going missing, his reason for fighting so hard against Wonderland at all, is sort of terrifying and that that terror comes out as anger and desperation. He presses his hands to his temples, tangling his fingers in his hair. It hurts his head to think about it, to untangle the memories, but he forces through it because if it's true and it's real then it's important. He glares hard, more serious than he's ever been.]

One more thing. I don't know if the person who calls himself "The Dark One" is here, but if you are...if you are, then you need stay away from my family and stay away from my son. Are we clear?

[He doesn't wait for an answer before he ends the feed abruptly. He's also available for action if needed, mostly keeping to the lower floors and the seventh floor (where he lives).]


Mar. 14th, 2015 11:29 am
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[Somehow, even with everything that had happened recently...Hazel still felt anxious.  All this sitting around.  Letting things happen, and reacting accordingly.  It wasn't the Roman way.  And even if she wasn't at Camp Jupiter...even if she didn't have her fellow demigods here to help...]

I want to spar with someone.

[...okay, that was maybe a little more blunt than she'd been aiming for, and in fact, she looked almost abashed at herself before recovering.  Taking a moment's pause to clear her throat and better organize her thoughts.]

I have a sword.  [NOT THE VORPAL SWORD SO DON'T EVEN; if one looked closely, they might see something close to a large calvary sword leaning against the wall in the background.  Seemingly far too big for a girl her size, but try telling her that.] It's...not the one I'm used to, but I've been getting better.  And I don't want to get rusty...you know...just in case.

[Before she hung up, a thought occurred to her.  It should have occurred to her sooner, but her ADHD was running amok with her planning process, and she was acting more on spontaneous instinct right then than any semblance of careful planning.]

[So, while this might have been better left for a private message...she couldn't be bothered to remember how to send one o those right then.  And since the Network feed was still open:]


You mentioned something about wanting to do something...right?
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Has anyone ever actually solved one of the Duchess's riddles correctly?

And, more importantly, does anyone remember any others she may have posed to us over the years besides the one about the sword?
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[Wirt has never addressed the network directly, or on purpose. He's never felt the need to, and he's not much of a public broadcast kind of guy. The whole public speaking thing usually leaves him weak in the knees, but this is different. It's an emergency.]

H-Has-- Has anyone seen my brother, Greg?

[Wirt quickly turns the camera away from himself and shows the room behind him. The view is shaky, due to his unsteady hands, but it gets the point across - it's back to the default, like Greg was never there at all. Even his frog is nowhere to be found.]

I-I-I...sure he runs off on his own a lot, but-- but! But I would have heard from him by now, o-or there would be some sign of him somewhere, right? It's like he just...disappeared, out of nowhere! Spirited away somewhere!

[He's panicking. He's absolutely panicking and he's still kind of half-expecting Greg to just pop out somewhere and be like "Oh hey Wirt! I wound a WAY better room!" or something. Wirt knots his fingers in his hair, which knocks his hat slightly out of place. He can't help thinking of every horrible possibility. Didn't someone say there was a serial killer on the loose, or a cannibal or something? Or what if he's hurt somewhere, or worse? Does that make all your things disappear? Wirt hasn't been in Wonderland long enough to know.]

He...H-He's about this tall. [Wirt gestures accordingly, bending down a little.] He's six years old, a-and he's-- teakettle! He's been wearing a teakettle on his head! And there's...there's this frog he's been carrying around everywhere - I think his name's James right now? Greg might've changed it by now b-but you can't really miss them. Has anyone seen them? Anyone? Please, if someone knows where he is...!

[They're not going to know. Greg's gone. Greg's gone and this is useless. Wirt looks down, not sure what else to ask, or what else to do. But, there's only one thing he can do.]

I...I have to go. But please, if anyone sees him, let me know? Um, thank you. ...I appreciate it.

[He shoves the device in his pocket, but forgets to shut it off. The last few seconds on his broadcast are just the sound of Wirt running as fast as he can down the hall. There's only one place he hasn't looked yet, so maybe...maybe he's in the woods, where they first arrived.]
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[Hey look, it's everyone's favorite walking talking cinnamon bun. His frog is sitting on his head.]

Guys, it's Valentine's Day! Even though the calendars are all weird and it's supposed to be like, I think, closer to Christmas maybe, I definitely didn't forget! Look, I made my Valentine's box already, so it's good to go!

[He holds up a shoebox with a hole cut into the top, just like the kind you make in elementary school. He's decorated it with red and pink construction paper, heart stickers and copious amounts of glitter. Listen, Valentine's Day is super important at this age, even if girls still have cooties. The amount of valentines you got in your box could determine your entire future.]

Hey, I've got a zillion valentines for everyone! And they're the good ones. They've got Spidermans and Batmans and stuff on 'em and also chocolates! The good stuff! So, if you guys but your valentines boxes out by your doors or somewhere, I can drop these all off. Even I can't eat all this chocolate, but I could totally try, but it would probably be bad for everyone. And I don't wanna eat 'em all! It's Valentine's Day, and that means giving out valentines and chocolates to everyone you care about. And I care about everyone here!

If any of you need help making a box, don't worry! I'm pretty much a valentine's box champion.
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[ hello, eway! were you looking for Thor? because this is certainly his communicator, pointing for some reason at the floor.

there's a glimpse of something in the distance -- a bundle of clothes? -- before the video feed turns off all together.

after a moment, Thor's voice issues from the darkness, unusually hesitant. ]

I appear to be in need of some -- assistance.

((ooc: action is okay too! Thor -- or rather, a tiny cartoon frog that speaks with Thor's voice for completely unknown reasons -- can be found in one of the basement corridors. he picked a fine time to leave Mjolnir and the armor off; the clothing bundle is Asgardian casual fare, cloaks and loose trousers and the like.

eta: time is a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing, and Thor will be grateful for however many rescues he gets :D and remember those of you who choose to laugh at him :| though I am also totally up for negative CR. ♥))
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[The video starts up with an image of one of the battered barricades, then turns to show Beiste's vaguely confused expression.]

So...that's still around. And I got a stack of rifles in my room, 'cause the closets don't seem to be back to normal either.

Does this feel weird to anyone? All that action and then nothing's happening but the stuff's still here? Almost like it didn't shut off all the way or somethin'.

Anybody notice anything else weird? I hear folks've got their powers back, so at least if those things show up again we're a little better off than before. Still feels off, though.


Jan. 9th, 2015 09:48 pm
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There's one thing I don't understand...

[Cue the inevitable Peanut Gallery echoing one thing?! behind her]

[You were all thinking it.  Admit it.]

Okay, so....like, I totally get forgetting pants when you leave the house.  Happens to me all the time.  But who forgets their skin?  How do you even do that?
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Eat! Devour! Swallow! Consume!

[ The Duchess' announcement sounds loud and fierce, from the mansion's very rooftop, and any device that would listen. But no sooner does her last scream ebb away, than her voice and face alike turn into a picture of quiet melancholy. ]

Would that we could leave it all behind. Alas, such matters make poor resolutions, for what certainty is there, truly, that we could become the hunters, and not merely food for another?

[ She looks towards the forest and lingers thus a moment longer, lest her silent dignity should inspire an artist to paint her greatness. Then she turns with flourish, and embraces the presence of her dearest audience at last. ]

Oh, oh! I do promise we shan't dwell on it a moment longer than we must! [ Her hands clap together with excessive cheer. ] You've all conducted yourselves rather splendidly, and did I not tell you that matters would resolve just as you all deserve? I am so very pleased with you today, and I should like to share a moral thought:

[ Cue the dignified pause for effect. Then: ]

Year's end is no end, yet neither is it beginning. 'Tis a continuance, with all the wisdom instilled by experience.

[ She smiles very, very warmly, and parts with her final thought: ]

Try to avoid the teeth this time, won't you?

[Audio 003]

Jan. 6th, 2015 09:10 am
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[Private to Phil, Skye, and Jemma]

[Long time no talk, guys.]

Sorry. For just...you know.

Going quiet.

[Everything that had been going on had been a whirlwind for Fitz and it had taken him some time to deal with all of it. Plus, he wouldn't have been all that valuable in a fight anyway.

The whole little kid thing and all and then his general..uselessness that he constantly felt.]

I hope you all are okay.

[Open to all | Still Audio]

...I hope everyone came out on the other side of that whole mess alright. I...I wish...

[There's a pause and when he does speak again, the engineer sounds sad and frustrated with himself.]

I'm sorry I didn't do much of anything to help.
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Hello, everyone.

[A hastily-written It's back, be a dear and see if you can't locate the Vorpal Sword was the only thing scrawled across Evelyn's mirror this morning in bright-red lipstick from the opposite side, which had her justifiably concerned. Even with that in mind, Evelyn appears to the casual observer perfectly composed, a limited frame of the parlor behind her and a Super-Soldier on her left.]

As we're sure many of you are aware, there's something- [A rumpus. A manxome rumpus.] -going on through the looking glass.

[Steve is similarly composed, his arms crossed tightly over his chest as he regards the broadcasting device. His Mirror had also left him a message, an even briefer it’s here, be ready, and upon conferring with Evelyn, they decided it was best to get everyone on the same page.]

I’m pretty sure we all knew that the Jabberwocky wouldn’t stay in our dreams. And I think it’s a safe bet that it won’t stay on the mirrorside for very long either.

What we are proposing is ample preparation, at worst, [she suggests carefully, wary of the sort of panic that can spawn from bad news.] As we have been gifted with a warning it would be unwise not to take advantage, and while many of us have combat experience, rushing head-on into altercations with the denizens of Wonderland’s bestiary is ill-advised.

[Which isn’t to say that a certain Captain won’t do just that, but at the moment he’s putting his best foot forward.] First of all, anyone who isn’t combat-trained for something at this level- [-which they should all be able to judge for themselves, given that they got a good look at what’s in store for them in that dream-] -should make sure they find shelter. We should barricade as many areas as we can, and Evelyn, I know you had another idea for that too… [Steve’s gaze leaves the recorder for a moment to eye her.]

In the event of emergency- [she picks up right where he's left off, tone firm,] -should our side be breached, heroics should not be endorsed. Exercise discretion. The Jabberwock cannot be killed by anything but the Vorpal Sword, and as a precautionary measure we'll be stocking the main caves beyond the cellar for evacuation purposes.

[Evelyn is not so naive to think that Steve won't be lunging through a mirror to take a stab at the creature anyway, but some people still need the reminder.

And speaking of mirrors, the one hanging on the wall behind them, formerly a glossy clean slate, is now spattered with red.

Neither of them seem to notice.

The clinic should also be stocked and prepared to service anyone who does get on the Jabberwocky’s bad side. I’m not sure who’s in charge there now, but it’d help to know that our lives are in the hands of some capable doctors.

[They may not have the Vorpal Sword (and who knows what the Queen of Hearts has done with it, but so much for thinking she might be on their side with this), but plenty of people are going to want to fight anyway. Steve can speak from experience there.]

Those of you who do plan to fight, you may as will suit up and arm yourselves now. If we’re going to fight it off, we should attack it in groups. We’ll have a way better chance of slowing it down if we work together. [There’s no place for anyone’s ego here, not now that they’re at the eleventh hour.]

...Which is easier said than done, mind, but blinding it first wouldn’t hurt our chances, [she points out, not at all keen on the idea of attacking the damnable thing but knowing the inevitability.]

Anyone who can handle ranged weapons and has fair aim on moving targets would be appreciated assets. Steve will be organizing some groups, I’m leaving that to him, but assistance with supplies and munitions collection wouldn’t go amiss.

[Should things get exceptionally bad - as in, ‘closets stop working’ bad - it’s best to stock up while they can.]

I know that the odds are against us, here, but let’s not forget that there’s only one of it and a whole lot of us. If we coordinate on this, we stand a chance. [Steve has to believe that. They’re not going to survive this if they go into it assuming that they’re already dead.] If anyone wants to volunteer to contribute to the cause, we’ll need all the help we can get. You can contact either one of us.

[There’s a small look exchanged, as if they’re quietly making sure they’ve covered everything. They nod to each other and then Steve reaches forward to cut the feed.]

[ OOC: Russet is Evelyn and blue is Steve! They will be responding together to each reply. Posting order A -> B -> C. ]
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[Cecil is pretty used to nightmares, even community-wide nightmares, but this one should probably be addressed.]

Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. Welcome...to Wonderland.

Are we safe from Jabberwocks? No way. )
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[When the camera first turns on and the feed starts rolling, the shot is very unsteady, and gives the viewer a very shaky view of the sky and some nearby treetops, and a voice can be heard just offscreen.]

Greg! Greg, no don’t- don’t put weird things from your pocket in your mouth! We don’t know where these things even came from!

I thought it might be candy! Hey Wirt, have you seen Agent Seaweed? I can’t find him.

Uh. ...No, I haven’t. [He doesn’t sound like he cares all that much. There’s kind of someone more important missing.] But where’s Beatrice? Wasn’t she right here like a minute ago?

Hmmmm, I had him when we passed that one tree, and the other tree, and the rock, and the branch… [[This boy sounds a bit younger than the other one and is clearly only barely paying attention.]

This is bad. This is really bad.

[Since the device is very obviously not candy, the angle changes and for a second a teenage boy can be seen, wearing a blue cape and pushing his hands up under his tall red hat to tug at his hair nervously.]

Greg, Beatrice isn’t here and she’s the only one who knows how to get to the ferry! We’re lost, again! I-I’m pretty sure we walked by here already anyway...we must have gotten turned around somewhere. I guess….

[A small hand appears in the frame for a moment, pointing.]

Oh, I bet they’re hiding in that huuuge house up there, like hiding hiders. Whoa, it’s almost as big as Unkie Endicott’s mansion!

[The camera abruptly goes bouncing away, catching a retreating view of the boy with the conical hat.]

W-Wait, Greg! Greg, hold on!

[Despite his protests, it sounds like the taller boy is following right behind whoever’s filming without actually doing much to stop him.]

We can’t just go running off...though, huh. I guess...I guess she could be there? Maybe?

[Meanwhile the younger boy is calling for Agent Seaweed, whoever that is. A particularly lucky shake of the camera reveals a glimpse of the boy’s head. If you thought the conical hat was weird, well, this kid is wearing an upside-down teapot. He’s also humming an odd, jaunty tune to himself as he trots along toward the mansion.]

Greg, stop shaking that thing around. You’re going to break it, and I’m pretty sure they’re not ours to break.

[Without being able to see him, he sounds very bossy and annoying, but to be fair he would probably sound that way even if the viewer could see him.]

[[Then the one named Greg apparently stops running with a curious-sounding “Hm?” and he peers down at the communication device, turning it around and over. It’s the first good look at his face; he looks to be maybe five or six. And yes, your eyes weren’t deceiving you, he is still wearing the teapot.]

Hey, Wirt! What does it mean if this candy thing is glowing?


[There’s some footsteps, and then the older boy (apparently named Wirt) is looking into the camera too. When their faces are next to each other, it’s clear there’s about ten years between them. Wirt raises an eyebrow and looks down at the device and then gasps when he realizes what’s happening, panic filling his face.]

It’s recording. G-Greg, it’s recording us, turn it off!


[And then the device goes sailing away through the air as Greg tosses it with all his might. There’s a horrified gasp from Wirt.]


[It’s the last thing heard before the device crashes into a nearby bush and shuts off on its own.]


Nov. 12th, 2014 09:10 am
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 [Last time Saki Hanajima was on the network, she was screaming and crying about a vampire who killed and tortured her. Then she went missing because the same vampire killed and tortured her again. Then she was freed, but remained locked up in her room.

So. It's been a bad autumn.

When she chooses to address the network, she looks disheveled, her hair all over the place, her clothes shabby and wrinkled, has she even bathed or eaten in a while? She doesn't speak for a long time. It almost makes you wonder why she bothered doing this, but then she finally opens her mouth.

Death isn't permanent here. For those who didn't know.

It just takes you a little longer to wake up each time.

... I'm not sure what to do. I'm not... sure, why I'm here. But I guess no one really does.

We have no choice but to accept things. 
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[Peter walks down the hallway not really knowing where he's headed. He doesn't want to be in his room but there's no where he wants to go. He's wandering aimlessly, hoping that none of his friends are around. As long as he avoids people then the music can't catch up to him. It's already happened to him before and he's not eager to see what other secrets he is about to spill.]

Cue the dark, brooding music... )
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[Well well well, look who's crawled out of his hole... It's been a while, Wonderland. Sup?]

Uh, yo. I was thinking- [oh no abort abort] and like looking at the calendar or whatever, and I've totally been here for, like, an entire year. I think. Pretty sure. Whatever, anyway-

[The feed shakes a bit as Jesse digs around his pocket for something, and there's a bit of muffled swearing and a few 'oh come on's; probably should have gotten his shit together before starting the damn thing, huh? OH WELL. Moving right along.

He finds what he's looking for eventually, and he holds it up to the feed. It's sort of blurry because it's slightly too close to the camera, but it's obvious enough what it is: a small wooden coin, about the size of a poker chip; its face is smooth and shiny, and there's an artsy looking '12' carved into it. It's obviously been treated in a way that compliments the natural grain and colour of the wood, and it's pretty legit. Professional, even- have some god damn pride, Jesse, Jesus.]

I figured we gotta mark the time somehow, you know? Since we don't actually get any older and those tearaway calendar things stop being cool when you're like...  Five. [Except for the ones with the pinup chicks on 'em. Those are cool forever, but that's not the point, okay? By and large they're mad lame hence... This.

He looks away, sets his hand over the side of his neck in a dead giveaway of his growing awkwardness. This is totally putting himself out there like... Legit, wow, why did he think this was a good idea? Uuuuuugh...

He perseveres anyway, though, because there's no going back now. The damage is done, he's made his video bed, it's over, etc.]

So if you're into it, lemme me know how long you want and I'll get on it. I'm at the shed thing, you know-- outside, kinda by the woods, ish.

[It's possible this will out him to... The like five people he knows personally and hasn't already outed himself to, but whatever. He's over it.

CARRY ON, WONDERLAND. Or come find him (he'll be in the shed, covered in shavings and dust and working on whatever), hit him up here, point and laugh. You know. Whichever.]
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[On Tuesday, a short message of some urgency appears in the Resistance Notebook, in a familiar formal script.]

ATTENTION: Fort Dixon-Potter will be occupied on the night of the full moon each month from now until further notice, from sundown until sunrise. Please spread the word so that no one needlessly puts themselves or others in danger. It is of the utmost importance. If circumstances change, we will inform you as soon as possible.

The next full moon is tomorrow evening. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


[And, on the off chance that someone feels the need to attempt to use Fort Dixon-Potter during the full moon the door will be locked from the inside, even if they have the password. Considering the ban is to keep a werewolf from running across the grounds and being a danger to himself and others, that's probably for the best. For one night a month, it's likely worth it.]
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[Hello, Wonderland.

This is an unfeasibly large gun.

In fact, that's pretty much the entire broadcast right now- the four barrels of an unfeasibly large laser cannon. Off-screen, presumably wielding said unfeasibly large cannon, a Brooklyn-accented voice speaks up.]

I've been here two hours and I ain't heard any demands, so I hope I'm not stealin' your thunder if I skip the theatrics and move right on to the negotiation process. [There's a pause and then a dry laugh.] Oh, who am I kiddin'. I don't give a shit about your thunder. You took somethin' what belongs to me. Four somethings actually. They go by the names Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, and Groot. They are completely helpless without me, so I get why you'd think they were the ones to kidnap. This will still go down in history as the dumbest move of your lives, so way to think strategically, you d'ast imbeciles.

Here's my terms. If I don't see all four of 'em alive 'n breathin' in the next six seconds, I'm gonna put a round in this communicator just for the hell of it. And then I'm gonna put about eight more rounds in your face. And after that I'll get real creative.

[The gun is lowered. And there is one pissed off raccoon now staring into the screen.] Do I make myself perfectly freakin' clear?
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This is- this is Eve- Evelyn, this is Evelyn O'Connell, I-I need-

[Many were applauding themselves for calling the Duchess on what could be nothing more than an elaborate bluff, a red herring meant to discombobulate them, send them all running in different directions. Fewer still were concerned with the lack of resolution, and with a three-year history of living in Wonderland Evelyn knew better than to grow complacent while those in power nursed their plans to a likely-explosive fruition. Her disappointment regarding her inability to solve the riddle - which Evelyn blamed a great deal on her own incompetence - was nigh palpable even after the event had passed and everyone returned to their respective sides.

Or so one had to hope, as some people had yet to communicate their safe homecoming. Evelyn's line of contact with Philip during the event had put aside any ill feelings from the impromptu (and decidedly awkward) meeting of her current affair, Will Graham, in favour of forcing their efforts into uncovering the secret location of the Vorpal Sword. Since then, he had not called.

It was easy to dismiss the reclusive behaviour based on precedent, but to see Philip's dog, Faraday, whining and snuffling about the library in search of a familiar scent (hers?) was cause for concern. One exhausting trek up to the fifth floor later and the animal pawed desperately at the door of a tearoom, and she could feel- no, she ached with the growing anxiety that sat like a heavy stone in the pit of her stomach.

...p-please, I need help, there's been...

[Beyond the threshold was an unholy mess of red, a body sprawled inelegantly and clutching its - his - communicator as if in a last-ditch attempt at contacting someone, anyone, for help. Evelyn did not need to turn the face to her, gazing lifelessly in the opposite direction, to determine the identity of the victim of what appeared to be an inordinately violent murder by stabbing.

She knew who it was.

I told him to be careful, he's lost- he's lost them- them all...if someone could-

[Which brings us to The Now™, a time when Evelyn can barely force out a plea for assistance over the network between sharp gasps for air in an effort to keep from crying. At some point her legs crumpled uselessly beneath her in the space between the door and Philip's body, the first one she has ever known in Wonderland to have lost the fifth life.]

I'm in the- the fifth floor tea room, Philip La- LaFresque has been- someone has murdered him, I need help.

[Her voice breaks on the last word.]

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Believe in a Smiling God. Believe in a Smiling God. Believe in a Smiling God. Believe. Smiling. God. Welcome...to the Greater Desert Bluffs Metropolitan Area.

more like a smiling goddess these days )
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[ So, it's been a while since John's put his face out there, but considering the last time (and everything that's happened since), maybe it's not so hard to figure out why. Nevertheless, this suitably fine Sunday finds him taking the risk once again. It's not so much an attempt to be social as much as a way to stay connected without getting too close. ]

Hey, everyone. [ He waves. ] 'Bout a year an' a half ago, me an' the residents of Wonderland — some of 'em, at least — played a get-to-know-you game. It was pretty amusin' so I thought I'd bring it back, maybe add a few things, too.

Game 1 )

Game 2 )

Game 3 )
[ Yep. That's what John Blake's offering Wonderland this week. Hope you guys enjoy his newfound interest in doing very little that could be considered productive. ]
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[ Haymitch hasn't posted to the network once in all his time here. He's answered other people on rare occasion, but overall he hasn't trusted the thing.

He's been mulling things over lately, though, and he's come up questioning even himself and his own perceptions of Wonderland and what it is. After all this time, he's got to do or say something.

Any of you ever heard of Panem? The Hunger Games? Have you heard of Haymitch Abernathy at all?

[ Oh and he's visibly drunk, swaying just a little as he speaks. ]

(OOC: Fourth-walling is welcome at this point, if you feel so inclined.)


Aug. 24th, 2014 04:42 pm
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[Just a quick message from the Once-ler this time - he's outside, and it's warm enough that he's removed his trademark pin-stripe green coat and gloves. Before he says anything though, he looks around and then behind him, as if he expects something to happen all of a sudden.]

So, uh. Last week that cat...thing...came out and talked about rivers or whatever. Usually when they come out that means an event's coming, right? Not that I want one, but...

[It's times like this when he misses swimming in denial all the time. Something feels distinctly wrong about this, and he really wants to ignore it, but he's got a stupid conscience now that says it's probably not the right thing to do.]

...Uh, what I'm getting at is, shouldn't an event have evented by now? It's kinda weird that it hasn't, right? Has anything weird happened to anyone?

[Maybe it's one of those ones that doesn't effect everyone, but it still seems...quiet, for an event.]
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[Natasha doesn't normally make open posts on the network and she's been fortunate so far in that the magic here hasn't decided to reveal her at inopportune or embarrassing moments for everyone else. Today she makes an exceptionhowever, opening a broadcast for the network in general. When the video starts, it reveals the redhead dressed in her typical sparring attire in a bright open room. Her manner is friendly and open because she's here for a reason today. Which should be apparent when the video pans out to show the expanded room behind her.

It's a mix between a gym and a training facility, something resembling the rooms that had been used back at SHIELD for the more extreme styles of training. There's no weight machines or treadmills here, but there are two large sparring rings off to one side, an aerialist set-up and high bars, a large climbing wall, and a row of waiting punching bags and training dummies. A simple running track rings the outside of the room and the entire area is lit by large windows on the far side of the room overlooking the lawn. The opposite side of the room holds a large obstacle course for training purposes. Behind it, the wall held a series of doors that led off to smaller rooms for private sessions, weapons training and a holographic simulator - the one room that was still in progress as Tony tinkered with it. The entire floor is one large mat, letting any space be potentially useful for whatever needs the users had. ]

Hello, Wonderland. I've heard a lot of discussion about this lately and about a week ago, some of us decided to do something about it. I know there's training and self-defense and weapons classes that happen at various times and places around here, but a few of us thought having one centralized location for these might be helpful. We had a facility similar to this back in our home and it was almost always in use.

This one will be here night or day and open to anyone who wants to come and learn or practice with others and if the existing lessons occurring would like an equipped place to hold them, we have private rooms set up along the side as well as this central one. We're also working on a room that can simulate battles and attackers in hologram form but we're still testing that out as our resident genius is still tinkering with the technology, so I apologize ahead of times if there's any bugs.

That said, you can find this room on the first floor in Rooms 20 and 22. I'll be here for most of the day to answer any questions or help out if you need it.

Also, on that note, I know I've offered this to a few people, but I suppose I should make it official. If anyone would be interested in learning self-defense or weapons skills, I have a wide variety of hand-to-hand knowledge and training in... well. A lot of things. I've been passing this on to some people, but I don't mind adding new students to people interested in learning, or even just testing themselves against someone, if you're in search of a sparring partner. I'm sure some of my fellow Avengers are also interested in doing the same, so you can let me know here or stop by.

I've found I have a lot of time on my hands here and I'd like to see about filling a bit better. [This is confessed with a bit of a rueful smile, because she's sure she's not the only one with this sentiment. She doesn't bother with goodbyes, but flicks off the feed after that, letting interested parties respond however they'd like.]

((OOC Note: Feel free to respond via video or stop by in person, Natasha will be chilling in the training area for a while to answer questions or set people up for lessons with whoever she knows of that might best benefit them. And don't be surprised to find random other Avengers wandering in and out as well.))

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Aug. 18th, 2014 09:58 am
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[ cora's going to make this nice and quick. after experiencing a normal life as a teenager, sans the canines, and having a repeat performance as herself, cora's beginning to feel a little on edge. as there's no alphas to hunt down and try and lure into a violent dance, cora's had to make do with herself — and similarly to how she feels about being stripped down to the bare essentials that come with being human, she's angry about it. nothing feels enough. nothing ever is enough. not while she's here, not while she has time to actually stop running and fighting. ]

Is there a gym? Getting tired of running outside. Sticks and stones.

[ may not break her bones but they sure as hell bruise as badly as being human and liking it does. running out in the woods isn't punishing enough, unfortunately. even if she wished for a silver bar in her room, it seems to disappear each time cora wakes up. it's as if her own room won't allow her to work herself to the bone. ]

I need a sparring partner. Prefer it to not be Thumper.

[ there's too many rabbits out in the woods. she's not going to bother asking any takers?. ]
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[ Robin doesn't use his device too terribly often; not because he doesn't understand how to use it - he's caught on well by now - but he'd still much prefer to speak with someone in person, unless of course they really only need to ask something briefly of each other. It serves a purpose, he won't deny that.

And today, he's decided to step outside of his comfort zone and deviate from how he normally conducts himself, posing a few questions and observations to anyone who might be listening.

He's in the dining room at the moment, giving some thought as to what he wants to eat, and his face is rather perfectly centered as he speaks. ]

Before my arrival here in Wonderland, I had a brief stay in a small village by the name of Storybrooke. Everyone frequented Granny's diner, so I presume the food was extraordinary there, but I regretfully didn't have much time to sample it all.

[ He thinks for a moment, trying to remember some of the menu items: ]

I enjoyed the burger I was able to try, and the grilled cheese.

I was curious about something called buffalo wings. Does anyone know much about the buffalo? It must be rather small, based on its wing structure.

[ He's familiar with chickens, and the meat that comprises burgers, but buffalo is something new to him. ]

I've come to understand there's a particular type of food unique to diners, and while this place isn't a diner in the strictest sense, we can certainly acquire any of the food normally found there. I'm not sure what I should try. Any suggestions?
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[The Twins appear, one of them dressed in a pencil skirt, stockings, and a cardigan, and the other wearing a blue-green track suit. They're standing in identical, albeit mirrored, positions, one hip cocked with a hand resting on it.]

There's a lot to do to get everything ready.

They've known it was coming for weeks now, and they're only just getting started.

It's their age. They've got no world experience, and they think they have all the time in the world.

Were we that irresponsible when we were teenagers?

[Tweedledee waves her hand dismissively.] No, it's just natural, you know? Every generation gets a little less virtuous than the last.

Then we were irresponsible compared to our elders. [Tweedledum poses this as both a question and a statement.

Tweedledee sputters, then stalks off with her sister at her heels.]


Jul. 1st, 2014 12:06 pm
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[Her bed of puppies was gone, and with it, seemingly her spirits.]  

[Only one cute little tyke remained, currently in her lap as she sat cross-legged on her bed.  The latest addition to her ever-growing zoo of a room that already had a pet pig, squirrel, and unicorn.  But this was not about the puppies!  No, this was about something else entirely.  Something that pre-dated the puppies, and it was only because of the distraction of puppies that it took her so long to get around to it:]

Hey, James?

Can you come up to my room?  I need your help with something.

[...never mind the fact that she still didn't really know what James looked like.  Or his last name.  Or the fact that this invitation...probably should have been made private.  Again, hampered by the whole not-actually-knowing-him deal.  Oh, well.  It's not like it was going to be misinterpreted by any casual passer-by over the network.  Or possibly by the intended recipient.  Or...anyone, really.]
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[The camera flips on to show Beiste already in the midst of a very thorough licking. And it's not a fight, of course-- it's an assault of puppy kisses. The puppy in question is almost too eager to interrupt, but Beiste manages with a soft chuckle to pet her into submission in her lap.]

Seems I've been adopted. Anybody know how crocodile babies and puppies get along? That might be a, uh, problem. Though I 'spose we aren't short of rooms for pets, anyhow, heheh.

[The puppy noses at Beiste's chin, snuffling loudly. She looks down at it with a grin.]

Also, assuming these lil monsters don't disappear, I'll need a name. And Beethoven's cliche. Anybody got any ideas?
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[Peter is having a nightmare.

The last thing he remembers is falling asleep in his Gryffindor dormitory with his mates snoring all around him. It’s a strangely comforting sound, one that always puts him right to sleep better than a sleeping draught but tonight is different. His dreams are filled with an old terror and he finds himself running through the halls of the castle, trying to get away from the nameless, shapeless form that haunts him.

Soon the castle walls shift into long corridors with ornate mirrors on either side. His barefeet pad noisely on the tiled floor, his heart beating in his chest. It isn’t until he trips and falls, skidding into the wall that he has the sinking realization that he isn’t dreaming any longer. Some how, his dream has become a reality.

In a panic, Peter turns out his pockets looking frantically for his wand. A black device clatters to the ground and turns on, video capturing him without his knowledge.]

Where is it… Where is my wand?

Oh Merlin’s balls, where am I? I was sleeping… I know I was sleeping.

[There’s a noise down the corridor and Peter turns to it fast, his face white.]

What was that? Fecking hell, what is going on?

I can’t believe I don’t have my wand! What sort of wizard am I?


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