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[Crowley has a pressing, important question.

In fact, it may be the most important question that anyone asks this month.

He sets the device up to video and asks the mansion at large, because he does so dislike making wasted trips.

Does anyone know if the lake has ducks on it?
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[The video starts abruptly with the sight of blonde curls and perhaps a flash of blue eyes which then quickly spins around to show brown wing tip shoes and the bottoms of tan corduroy trousers.]

Goodness, this is a needy bit of technology, isn't it? I suppose it's good that it beeped until I found it. Er...

[He only now notices that the device in his hands seems to be recording his shoes and he fumbles with it until it finally switched cameras to show his face. Well, sort of. It's a bit too close at first before he adjusts it to... Well he's clearly holding it at arm's length. There are hedges behind him.]

Oh, er... I'm terribly sorry to disturb whoever it is I've accidentally video phoned... But, if you could do me a favor and let me know where I am and possibly how I ended up here, it would be much appreciated.

[This better not be some odd prank on Crowley's part...]
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[Aziraphale awakes to find himself dropped in a body of water. After a moment of startled splashing about he realizes which body of water specifically it is: the duck pond. He grumbles and makes his way out of the water, frowning at the bit of duckweed clinging to his tweed and trousers.

Eventually he fishes around for his communication device and turns it on, marvelling at how it is undamaged after being dunked. His soggy curls drip in his face as the video turns on.]

Er... I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I woke up in the duck pond instead of my bed. I suppose that means I must have left Wonderland and returned?

[He pauses, thinking.] I suppose I do have a vague recollection of being in my shop for a few days, so it mustn't have been all that long. Er... Has anything happened in my absence?
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[Crowley is near a duck pond when the feed opens, complete with neon colored ducks paddling about in the background.]

Right, so, it seems the angel has gone missing again, like last time. He came back before, so I'm not particularly worried. [HA.] In any case, I figured that those of you who know him should know. Try to enjoy your time without the stuffier of our two librarians to the fullest.

Though I would actually say that Aziraphale's luck is incredible. Him missing out on an event and that. Although, I haven't yet figured out what this event entails yet...

[He trails off and looks thoughtfully at the ducks, who look expectantly back at him. He's silent for a moment, watching the ducks and fidgeting with something in his hand. Then he sighs.]

What's the matter with me? You'd think a demon would learn.



Sep. 8th, 2014 03:13 pm
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 A companion of mine made me think of a strange little question...

There are many different types of people here. Humans, mostly, but we can call agree there are things definitely not human here too. Yet...

[During this time, Saki has been in her room. The device is propped up on a desk, as she is trying on make-up. She's never really been one for it, save for fingernail painting, but now she's curious. Today, she's seeing how black lipstick goes on her. After the 'yet', she rubs her lips together, and makes a little 'pop' sound.]

... What, I wonder, is the line we cross at, to decide what makes someone not human? Is a human a completely normal person? Or can someone have abilities beyond, and yet still be considered human?

Food for thought, for any hungry brains out there.
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[ Surprisingly, for once, the Doctor looks just the smallest bit tired. All things considered, that last event wasn't terrible, although dying wasn't fun, and being a ghost lost its novelty fairly quickly.

But it doesn't mean anything in the long run, other than the fact that he's feeling just a tiny bit diminished: nothing that a little relaxing won't cure. And right now, the Doctor can be found in the kitchen with his feet propped up on a chair and a cup of steaming hot tea resting within easy reach of his hand.

He turns his attention to the camera and smiles. ]

How're you lot doing? Everyone alright? That last event was interesting, wouldn't you say?

[ Honestly, though, he wishes that the death toll hadn't been so large, or that it hadn't existed at all, but sometimes deaths can't be avoided, no matter how unpleasant a truth that may be. ]

If I learned anything from it, it's that I'm a rubbish hunter.

[ In an odd way, it's almost lucky sickness got him in the end, or else he might've wound up starving. Never mind that it might have been on purpose that he didn't really have much success taking down game. ]

But either way, now we're back to our normal lives, yeah? Or at least as normal as they can be around here.

[ He stops then to lift his teacup, toast the camera, and then take a sip. He's not in any hurry to leave, so anyone who feels like it is welcome to join him. ]
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[Aziraphale looks a bit frazzled about the edges, but remains calm and collected despite his worry.]

Much as Crowley said, this event seems to have it's origins in our world. If any of you, er... now humans out there have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

And really, dear. I don't think the new angels and demons fluttering about will start an apocalypse. They need the Antichrist as a catalyst for that and I doubt he's interested.

[It's only moments later that he realizes he may have said too much. The (former) angel grimaces and holds his hand over the button to end the feed.]

Everyone, be safe. Perhaps find a place to stay cozy until things blow over...
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[Crowley is talking fast, like he wants to get all of this out of the way as quickly as possible.]

Right, okay. Seems there's an event on and it looks to be one of mine--well, mine and Aziraphale's.

Since the lot of you seem to be mad enough to think oh, yes, of course we have always been sodding great angels and demons, all I can say is this--please do try not to bring on the Apocalypse this weekend. This isn't Earth, remember. No real need for mass destruction. They never wrote anything about Wonderland, understand?

On the off-chance that anyone out there hasn't, er, changed...I would advise you to keep your heads down. It'll be over soon enough.


Ang--er--Aziraphale, I daresay it's time we start barricading the doors. Sooner than later.
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[A monitor came on and began recording the movements of a platinum blond searching about the library. Integra's blazer rested on the back of a nearby chair as she climbed a shelf ladder and began inspecting a section of books. A library had information and she was certain there had to be a history book hiding somewhere. Her search so far had been fruitless but she hadn't given up hope just yet. Gloved hands were pulling out books and bright blue eyes quickly read their spine before shoving them back into their spot.]

Don Quixote, Clarissa, The Way We Live Now, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire- Christ, you would think there would be some order to this library.

[She knew she probably had no reason to be surprised considering the type of place she was in but still. Her life relished in organization and therefore experiencing anything less was just frustrating. A brief scan of the rest of the shelf and her eyes caught the title to a very familiar book. She reached for the piece and pulled it out to inspect it.]

Bram Stoker. How ironic. [With a quick motion she turned and threw the book gently onto a nearby chair near her coat. Once again, her attention back to the shelves, she caught a glimpse of something hiding behind the books of the new empty spot. She reached her hand in there and pulled out a recording case labeled 'important'. At once her interest was piqued, she knew looking in here would offer some clues. After carefully getting down from the ladder, she moved to one of the record players and pushed the receiver with a click. At once the scratchy sound of the recording came into play and Integra stood still in wait.]

Find a safe spot to pull over. If you're on the freeway, taking the next exit is the safest bet, even if you have to drive on a blown tire. Otherwise, pull as far onto the shoulder as poss-

What the hell is this.

Turn on your hazard lights. Get the jack, wrench, and spare tire from the trunk of the car and bring them over to the tire that is flat. Use other tools or supplies-

[She turned off the recording, her jaw clenched and eyes livid. She wouldn't burn down the library just yet but she was certainly thinking about it. With smooth movements she reached into her coats pocket and pulled out a cigar. Lord give her strength lest she burn this thing right here and now.]
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[Aziraphale wakes up in the middle of a hedge and looks around blearily. It only takes him a few moments after prying himself from the plant and pulling off a couple leaves from his jumper for him to recognize where he was. His (unneeded) breath catches in his throat and he feels mildly ill as the realization dawns on him how close he was to forgetting himself, forgetting who he became here. He wonders mildly how long he's been away, but judging by the temperature it seems like it could only be a month or so. Or perhaps he should start tacking years onto that.

He makes his way back to the mansion, a twig still stuck in his hair, and climbs up the the sixth floor, room 002. He tries the doorknob and it opens easily for him. Inside, the room looks exactly like he left it, if devoid of his book collection he had gathered over the near year he had been here before. He lets out a little sigh of relief.

He settles down in his old tartan wingback chair and pulls out his device from the pocket he normally keeps it in, smiling to know it's still there and then turns on the video. The angel's face is awkwardly off center, but he's definitely there with a smile to greet everyone once again.]

It appears I have been away for quite some time. I cannot rightly say that I was aware of the passage of time. I suppose... I suppose I was home for a short time. It was good to see my shop again, but... But I must say I'm glad to be back. And, more importantly, I'm glad to be back where I can be with Crowley. Crowley, if you're hearing this, please come to my room.

[A brief pause allows him to collect his thoughts some before he continues again.]

I hope to reconnect with many of the beings I knew before my... disappearance. And I do so hope that there aren't too many that have left as well. Please let me know that you are all safe and if there's anything I can do for you.

[He smiles one last time before he shuffles to turn off the video, anxiously hoping that Crowley is still in Wonderland.]
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[The video feed turns on to show the worried face of the angel. He is clearly in his room.]

Ah, I just want to apologize to anyone who may have encountered my mirror in the last week. If there's anything I can do to make up for his unpleasantness, please let me know.

I'm so very, very sorry.
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[The facts are these: the Pie Maker, having achieved a minor victory through closure and personal reassurance from Vivian Charles, having swept his infatuated employee out of harm’s way, having said a fond goodnight to Chuck before turning in for the evening, could not sleep.

This anxiety-ridden slumber (or lack thereof) left him tossing and turning and recalling with no small amount of dismay that the same thing had happened many years ago when he was a student at the Longborough School for Boys. Haunted by his mother’s memory and the father who had abandoned him, Young Ned had crawled out of bed and pitter-pattered to the kitchen to bake a pie.

In an effort to recapture the simple pleasure that was an apple pie from his youth, the Pie Maker had stumbled out of his apartment, down several flights of stairs, and stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he turned the kitchen lights on.

It was not his kitchen.

It is now half-past seven in the morning, and Ned is anxiously stuffing another pie into one of the many ovens, having discovered a funny little phone with a funny little case in his pocket...along with a pamphlet on Wonderland.

Hence the stress baking.

It could be a trick, [he mumbles to himself, pulling out another wad of dough and kneading it onto a flour-dusted marble slab. Ned wipes his forehead. The flour finds a new home on his temple and cheek.] Just...a funny prank, like the ones people pull on April Fool’s Day, only it’s not April, it’s October, so that doesn’t make any sense-

[The dough gets a vigorous and probably undeserved shove.]

-and any second now Olive is going to say it was Chuck’s idea, and they’ll be hiding in the walk-in fridge andohGodI’mlosingmymind.
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[ Well, well. Something clearly isn't right here. Though he's young--about fourteen--and doesn't remember Wonderland, Sam is still a hunter. Won't advertise it, but is smart enough to be wary, and peers into the device with a youthful, but suspicious glance. ]

Hey. Not cool. [ He huffs shortly, seemingly unconcerned that he's been kidnapped. ] Usually, I think people make demands when they've got hostages. Right? And I haven't heard anything yet.

[ Sam peers into the little camera, unused to the technology of a network like this, but also very smart. ]

If there's something you want to say? Say it. I'm not gonna stick around here long.

( ooc; his answers will come from [personal profile] nonfiction! )
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Action )

[A pretty woman with wild brown hair switches on her device, sitting at the bar. Her attire is a sundress, because evidently, even when in a lady vessel, Gabriel can't stay away from mildly garish fabric. She has the world's fruitiest-looking drink, which she'd snapped together herself, and a swirly straw. Life is too short, she thinks, not to use swirly straws whenever you can.]

Not sure what everybody's complaining about. C'mon, lighten up. If this thing fits pattern, it'll be over soon enough. [She grins, like a certain native cat.] Why not have fun with it while you can? Or, you know, for all our new kiddies out there, drink all the Shirley Temples you can and bounce off of the walls?

[Never put Gabriel in charge of children. Never. You know that sign, "Unattended children will be given an expresso and a free kitten"? Substitute a milkshake or Shirley Temple and a likelihood of that happening.]

I say we deck this place out in treehouses and Slip N Slides and see what happens.

[Replies will come from [personal profile] strawberrysyrup.]
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[The video feed cuts on to show Aziraphale in his room. He is seated in an old, tartan wing back chair with the cheerful morning sunlight streaming in from a window. He smiles cheerfully.]

So, I hear we have a book club. This seems like something I would very much like to get involved in as back home I own a book shop and here I manage the library as best I can. If someone has any information on this book club, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.
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[It takes a little bit of time for Lily to sort out the device once she's found it on her person, but she's always been a resourceful girl. She also has the benefit of being raised among Muggles, meaning that Muggle technology isn't exactly foreign to her -- though this seems to be years beyond anything she's had the opportunity to use. At the very least, she finds that it has features in common with both a telephone and a camera, enough to very plainly mark it as useful.

Though it takes some poking and prodding, she manages to open up what she assumes is the audio feed. While it doesn't seem to be directed to any one person in particular -- and if it was, she's not even sure who she would go out of her way to call -- it's very decidedly on, and so she decides to cast a line and see if she gets any bites, figuring it must work like a radio if not a phone.

It's not like she could be any worse off than she is at the moment, right?]

Is anyone out there? I've been up and down these halls the last fifteen minutes. I've never seen so many mirrors in one place.

[Maybe she should try something a little more specific. This place is unmistakably magic in some way, and that means that talking about magic itself can't possibly be off-limits.]

I found myself in the middle of your hedge maze; I think I must have touched some kind of portkey. What's the big idea, dropping people in your garden without warning, anyway? I'd like to find the way back, if you don't mind. I've got school.

[If she misses the train and thus ends up being an absent Head Girl on the first night, so help her.]
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way tl;dr arrival actionspam )

[The video feed clicks on, and for several moments the image jumps around and shakes, the one behind it pretty fuzzy on how it works and not exactly realizing that it's started recording. At least, not until his face comes into view after a few seconds. It's young in appearance, baffled, and...sort of completely covered in blood.

Hi there, Wonderland. Here's a little angel for you.]

Oh-- I wasn't aware that I...started this. [The image is still shaky, but it more or less keeps his face in frame. While also giving little glimpses at his unfortunately bright uniform shirt--those are red and white stripes staring at you all. A fast-food restaurant uniform, you bet.]

I'm not certain that anyone is receiving this, but I'm...not certain of much at this moment.  [He's pretty desperate at this point, and also kind of panicky. He's lost his angelic composure. In fact, every few moments, he glances up from the device to throw a look around, though he makes no mention of what it is that he's looking out for.] This place, I can't-- I can't tell where it is, nor can I make sense of why I have this device. But it would seem I don't have many options...

[Hence why he's turned to what appears to be his only one--a message out to anyone who might receive it. If anyone's kind enough to offer him some information, he would be greatly appreciative, even if he's a bit lost for words at the moment.]
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[ The feed begins on the face of a young woman who has a vaguely amused smirk on her face, but it's difficult to place how genuine it is. She leans back in her seat and raises a brow. ]

Well, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. Funny, I must have hopped the wrong tornado.

[ Except she's clearly not laughing. But what she says next does seem to strike her as more entertaining. ]

Looks like the house fell on a couple of people with all the Munchkins running around on a witch hunt.

[ Oh yes, she did skim the network. ]

But I don't do musicals so I'm not gonna sit around 'til the next number, wasting my valuable time chasing my tail at a luxury resort in the Twilight Zone. Might be a stretch to just click my heels together and get whisked back to Kansas. So when's the next twister out of here?


Feb. 10th, 2014 08:32 pm
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[Gabriel's hanging out in the bar. There's a tall glass of something bright next to him, half-demolished, but he doesn't seem to be paying it too much attention. His attention's on the video itself.

Watch out, Wonderland. You have a bored archangel on your hands. Anything could happen.]

So. Afterlives. Hit me.

What does your little corner of the multiverse believe in? Reincarnation? Sitting on clouds? Being literal soulfood for a dark, malevolent entity? Fiery pits?
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[The feed cuts on to reveal a young boy. His curly blonde hair seems to have an almost ethereal glow about it and he's wearing a look that, while innocent in appearance, clearly hides something mischievous as made evident by the gleam in his bright blue eyes. His accent is English and, despite the fact that he's clearly somewhere in the preteen age range, it's obvious when he starts speaking that things like proper grammar and pronunciation are not important concerns of his.

He also sounds ridiculously casual given the circumstances.]

So I reckon I ought to start with an introduction. Seems only polite. [a bit of shuffling] My name's Adam. That's Adam Young, to be 'spific. [a pause as he absently scratches the side of his nose] And any other time I'd have my dog with me but for some reason he's not here. [there's a hint of a frown at that and he mutters a little under his breath] Which ain't all that right, if you ask me. If you ask me, you can't just up and kidnap a boy and not bring his dog, too. [a pause and he clarifies] Not saying they should bring Dog here, 'course. Just saying it's not right, is all.

[A shake of his head and he smiles sweetly for the camera once more.] Still, suppose it's likely for the best and there's no real changing it no how. [Well, there is, but he's only just arrived. Probably best he not start changing things up too much.]

What I really want to talk about is this place and what you lot know about it. Anything'll do. I just figured I ought to get some facts sorted before I start working things out on my own, is all. [A slight pause.] Uh… and that's it for now. Thanks!
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I mean, I've seen angels-- Maybe even crying ones, but nothing like this. [ Angels, of course it had to be angels, after everything with Gadreel. ] Back home, I would've said they're possessed, more like it's a spirit doing its work through the statues. But, if they're aliens, then I guess we have to deal with them a different way.

[ Beat. ] Like a lot of people have said, keep sharp out there. If anyone gets stuck and needs an extra pair of eyes, ring in. I'll be there.

[ Meanwhile, Sam is roaming the halls, shotgun in his hands for assurance's sake, at the very least. ]
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[ There really isn't a lot that can truly rattle the Doctor, but chief among the few things that can is the loss of the TARDIS, or damage to it, or anything that renders it unusable or separated from him. But even when they are separated, they usually manage to find their way back to each other, which is a very comforting thought.

But now, the Doctor can't even sense the TARDIS, which is very, very disconcerting. And it's made even more so because moments ago, he was on board, flying it to his next destination. But somewhere along the line, he was just... taken out of it.

It's all very annoying, really, and a bit rude, because one moment, he was relatively content inside his spaceship, and the next, he was on the ground on the outskirts of a forest, feeling as though his landing had been a rather bumpy one. But what's a little stiffness in the long run? He stretches a bit, hoping to work out the kinks, before he straightens up and has a glance around him.

It's not familiar by any means, and the TARDIS being gone is obviously still worrying, but he knows he won't find anything out by standing still. So, choosing a direction that seems the most innocuous (going deeper into the forest doesn't seem like a thing he should do, at least not right now), he takes off walking.

It takes him a bit, as he has to pass by the maze, various paths, and a fountain along the way, each one warranting a bit of a detour, but eventually, he comes upon the mansion, and he spends another few moments staring appreciatively. There's something about it that feels old, like it's been existence for years. But after a moment's reflection, he comes up to the doors, and pushes them open.

The Doctor has arrived. ]

Well, isn't this nice?

[ He pauses just outside the doorframe to take it all in, because the interior is very nice, but then, out of the corner of his eye, he spots something, and his expression drops. There's a moment in which he feels a surge of panic, because what he's just seen is absolutely bad news.

Don't blink, don't blink, don't blink, don't blink. ]


[ And then the feed cuts out, because getting out of there seems like a smart thing to do. ]
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[The whole broadcast is accompanied by the clank of metal and a sound like cracking, shifting ice. Elsa is clearly pacing around her room.]

Someone, please--something has happened to me, I-I don't...I'm in some kind of metal, like, like armor. It's a curse...some kind of curse, it has to be.

[Her voice gets markedly more frantic.] And Anna! I keep seeing Anna in that--I don't know what it is. The black box. She's alone, she's in danger, and I can't reach her! I have to help her. My sister...

[She's silent for a moment, taking time to metaphorically breathe and calm herself down.]

Someone--please tell me what is going on.


Jan. 18th, 2014 12:17 pm
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[Early in the morning, not long after the Midnight Channel broadcast, Souji decides he has some 'splaining to do. He fires up the old network device, but isn't really sure how to go about this.]

I can't explain the armor, but these broadcasts...they come from my world.

[It's not easy to tell from his tone whether or not he's affected by what he saw, especially for people who don't know him well. In reality, it's hard for him not to feel agitated in response to it. He spent a year hyper-alert to this thing, after all, and even after the time he's spent in Wonderland, it's become a habit to react this way.]

I don't think you should worry about what it shows you. It's probably not real.


This sort of thing used to happen sometimes. Where two events got mixed together. It's been over a year though, I think.

[He can't think of anything else to say that would actually be helpful. He had thought of offering to explain the broadcasts, but he's alarmed by the fact that he can't remember what they're called. After a couple seconds of dead air, he shuts off the feed.]
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[The sun shone through the window onto Aziraphale’s face and roused the angel from his light dozing. He blinked open his blue eyes and sat up, fumbling for the communication device to check the time, accidentally flicking on the video feed in the process. Viewers are treated to the view of Aziraphale’s extra disheveled mop of curly blond hair, entirely bare torso, and a bit of ruffled white wings with black speckles behind him.]

[Keen-eyed viewers might also notice a certain dark lump on the opposite side of the bed. Or at least a tuft of black hair poking out of the top of the covers.]

Dear, I think it’s time to get up. What would you like for breakfast?

[No response except for the shift of fabric.]

Really, dear… Breakfast. And a nice pot of tea sound lovely. Wake up.

[He nudges the lump in what may or may not be the side. Who knows? It’s a human-sized mass under the blanket. The lump twitches a bit and the camera auto-focuses for a moment in confusion since the angle’s a bit rubbish. Something that looks like a black wing appears in the corner of the frame for a moment before dropping away out of sight off the side of the bed with a sort of “flump” sound.]

Mffggfffllllssssssstime ‘zit?

[Huh. That sounds like Crowley’s voice.]

Crowley, it’s already eight o’clock. It’s time to wake up and enjoy the morning.

[He slips his hand under the cover and feels along the lump until he finds what he’s looking for. Oh yeah, he pinches dat ass. The Crowley-shaped lump responds with a snarly-growly sound and curls up even tighter beneath the blankets, the tuft of hair disappearing from view.]

Nnnnffbloody mornin’, bloody ungodly hour ‘swhat. Five more hours. Sleepin’, angel.

Oh no you don’t. Not this time. I let you sleep to your heart’s content most of the time, but I want to take a walk.

[He hesitates before he pulls off the cover. The room isn’t cold, by any means. But suddenly going from blanket-covered to blanket-free can’t be fun. Especially not for that particular blanket-dweller. Fortunately for everyone involved, the blanket hits the communication device just enough to turn the camera--sorry, Wonderland, no free peep shows. There is, however, a yelp and then a thud as Crowley falls out of bed. A downy black feather drifts into view.]

Now that’s just bloody well cruel. Mornings are for songbirds and those bloody mad jogging types, not any self-respecting demon.

I asked you yesterday to be up at a reasonable hour because I wanted to share breakfast and tea and a walk with you in the morning and you agreed. Up you get, dear boy.

[Crowley makes some indecipherable grumbling sounds from offscreen.] Bloody angels with their bloody guilt trips and bloody sodding morn--

[Crowley trails off quite abruptly. For a few blessed moments, there is silence.]

...Why is that light blinking?

Hmm? What light?

That, light, the one on-- [Beat.] Angel, tell me you didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t--

[There’s a flapping sound, the thud of footsteps and then the communicator gets thrown clear across the room. It hits a wall and the feed cuts out.]

[ooc: Aziraphale and Crowley.]
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[So this past week? Kind of crappy. Ghosts and time travel and the end of the world, it's not exactly in keeping with the Christmas spirit, or something like that. It all seems to be over now, or at the very least it seems like the ghosts have gone, so Crowley's decided to take the latter half of the day to enjoy Christmas and the new peace and quiet.]

[He doesn't do the whole gift-giving thing because, come on, demon, but he does switch off all of his cursed mistletoe in the mansion, turning it back to normal. He figures that's gift enough, and watching the fangy plants chase people around has gotten boring.]

[So now he's settled into the bar for a drink and some quiet, and so he can stare bemusedly at the assorted random crap he has found in his stocking. This includes a bottle of liquid even he can't identify, a live snake which he has currently stuffed into a small plastic terrarium, a shirt with a goose on it--America is going to get a talking to when he sees him--and a tiny, die cast exact replica of his 1926 Bentley, right down to the nearly microscopic Best of Queen album abandoned on the passenger's seat.]

[Pain in the ass, all told, which sums up this week.]

[Still, as he rolls his toy Bentley back and forth across the bar, he remembers that last time there was a rough event he offered people a drink. He figures a fair few of them can do with one this time around too--plus there's at least one person he needs to check on. Two, technically, but he expects one of these to find him here if he just waits long enough. So he fires off a few text messages and braces himself for another night of gross emotions.]

[It's a good thing he's in a charitable mood.]

Hot toddies and buttered rum at the pub, for anyone who needs to make their holiday more tolerable.

Private Text to Jesse Pinkman )
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[The feed cuts on suddenly to the sound of someone clearly having a good time. Or at least there is singing. And that singing person is none other than Aziraphale. His voice has always been something of an embarrassment to him as he was criticized in Heaven for not having as good a voice as other angels. But by human standards, the tone if pure and his voice is clear despite all the alcohol in his system.]

--lay. Lullay though little tiny child. Bye, bye, lully lullay. O sister too, how may we do, for to preserve this day. This poor Youngling for whom we sing, bye, bye, lully lullay.

[Okay, so maybe that song is in a minor key. But still. The angel is wearing a hideous Christmas jumper and is decorating his own room as he sings and occasionally sipping some mulled wine. He switches up to something a bit cheerier sounding.]

Good King Wenceslaus looked out on the Feast of Stephen, when the snow lay round about deep and crisp and even. Brightly shone the moon that night, though the frost was cruel, when a poor man came in sight gath'ring winter fuel. Hither, page, and stand by me. If thou know it telling: yonder pea--

Oh, dear! I didn't realize this thing was on. Er... Sorry about that...
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[There's something Crowley's been wanting to try for awhile now. Since he arrived in Wonderland, technically, but mostly since a moment in the library last month when he noticed that his demonic powers aren't quite...up to snuff here in Wonderland. There's a certain something he misses quite a lot from his world. What better way to test his limits than to see if he can pull it out of the firmament in Wonderland?]

[So now there's a car sitting out in one of the courtyards.]

[Not just any car, either, but a sleek 1926 Bentley, polished to a shine.]

[Sadly for Crowley, at least, it's not
his Bentley. The color is wrong, for one, this one a sort of forest green. No bullet hole windscreen transfers, no tapedeck, no Best of Queen tapes sitting in the passenger seat. Worst of all, the entire process of manifesting the car was utterly exhausting, moreso than it should have been. Crowley's used to being able to bend reality to his will, and the fact that not only can he not do that anymore, but that the best he can do is produce a sad mockery of his own Bentley--his baby!--have left him feeling rather glum.]

[The feed comes on to show Crowley sitting on the ground with his back to the car, cigarette poised at the corner of his mouth. He's also bundled up in a wool coat and several scarves because it's bloody well cold out and he's nigh-on coldblooded, thank you very much.]

[He lets the camera take in the glory that is the Bentley before speaking.]

So, would anyone like a car? I've no real use for it--just a depressing reminder that my real Bentley is still at home, really. It does run at least, though I'm honestly not too sure how well it runs without--you know--proper roads.

[He shrugs and takes a long drag on his cigarette.] I could see my way to putting together a carport, if anyone's actually interested in this thing. [He jams an accusing thumb in the direction of the green Bentley and sighs.]
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[When he had discovered what Crowley's mirror had done to the books in the library he nearly wept. So much knowledge just gone. From how many worlds had the collection hailed, he doesn't know. How many of those books can not be replaced, he honestly does not want to find out.

The angel finds himself taking to video. He looks a bit tired, but that's probably just from the loss of so many books.]

Ah, I'm... I'm terribly sorry to be a nuisance, but I must ask... Would any of you be willing to bring books from your world to the library? I'm afraid there was a bit of a mishap and many of the books have been burned. I-I'd really like to replace them as best I can.

Thank you for your help.


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