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Aug. 4th, 2016 10:26 pm
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[ A few things to know about Kurt Weller:

1) He's not easily amused by people he doesn't know well, so good luck getting him to crack a smile without a little effort.

2) He takes things a little too seriously sometimes. Sometimes.

3) It bears repeating: he doesn't smile easily.

All that being said, he's not a completely stoic hardass incapable of ever having fun, and it just makes those moments all the more hilarious when they occur. Like now.

So, he's broadcasting to you all today, with a completely ridiculous lesson. ]

I was hungry late last night and wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. [ Ordinarily, he would just make one himself, but not at 3am. ] Didn't feel like going to the kitchen. So the closet gave me this. This is wrong. Which means there are people out there from other worlds thinking this is how it's done. [ though the correct technique for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was of high importance to them... ]

[ So he's asked the closet for a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, and a loaf of bread. He props his phone up and proceeds to make it the correct way, with the peanut butter on both sides of the bread and the jelly in the middle. ] You put the jelly between the peanut butter, otherwise it's gonna soak through the bread.


Jul. 7th, 2016 08:48 pm
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 Excuse me everyone, I'm sorry - I mean... Um. If I'm bothering you, you could ignore this? ignore me? That's fine!

But I'm trying to become the best nurse Wonderland has, and I got reminded that it's not only humans that live here. So I need to learn how to take care of everyone here... S-So, if you're not human, could you please tell me what you are? So I can do the research and find out how to heal you if you ever need me?

Oh, and, I know we don't celebrate Tanabata here, but, my wish is that everyone is happy and we can all get along, as much as we can.

Thank you very much for listening!
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[He's going to regret this. He already knows he's going to regret this. But he has questions, and he's not exactly sure who to go to. Not his moms, not...anyone who would tell his moms, probably? He's going to regret this.]

So. Hi, Wonderland. Good afternoon.


I just...I had a question. So. Here it goes. My question.

How do you
I mean, when you want to know what or how, or
I mean

[Stop saying 'I mean,' Henry.]

Girls. Girls and the things that make them girls.
When do you get to see those things?

[Oh, man. He's going to have a panic attack over girls and boobs.]

I'm not trying to. I mean I just. How does anyone ever get to see them if you're also trying to be respectful?

[This is all Kenzi's fault.]
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[After some grumbling and fumbling, Stan turns on the video feed. It's very dark wherever he is, and he's only lit by the light of his network device, but he's looking pretty disheveled in his underwear and he's glaring hard into the camera.]

Can't a guy get some shut-eye around here without this stupid mansion pulling some bizarre magical stunt? Is floatin' around in the air what that dumb mouse meant by "tricks"? [He makes a fist and shakes it.] I oughta show that darn rat a trick or two!

[He's fuming, because obviously he was just jostled out of bed in the middle of the night because he was lifted several feet up and fell flat on his face.

Obviously that's what this is about.

Stupid damn trick anyway. I could pull off somethin' better than that with my eyes closed!

[Well. He can think of at least one trick he'd pull off better.]
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[ Hello Wonderland! Have a girl who may or may not be familiar to some of you appearing on screen, curly hair wild and her face trying to hold a serious expression but failing. Her amusement is cracking through, and she's not doing much to stop it. ]

Hey everyone. You're probably wondering what this is about, but gimme a sec. There's just a little bit of explanation that needs to be out there first.

[ Just casually clearing her throat for effect. She wants to enjoy this, okay? ]

When I first got here about five months ago, Stan Pines and I made a bet. Very loose terms were negotiated. Stan lost, and I've been holding out on giving him his "prize."

[ Because she wanted to be able to spring it on him as a surprise, which she's finally doing today. Surprise, Stan!! Happy unbirthday. ]

I'm changing that today, though. That's why today, I'm calling Stan Pines out! I probably could have just gone up to him in person instead of broadcasting where everyone can see it, but where's the fun in that, right?


Stan! ...Stanley? It's gotta be Stanley, right? [ She never asked what "Stan" is short for, in his case... ] --Whatever, you know who you are! You're officially being challenged. For losing our bet, you must run up and down one of the hallways of the mansion--I don't care what floor--in your underwear while screaming about how much you hate money. Make sure to sell it. No half-assed yelling, got it? Make sure the floors above and below can hear you.

[ Pointing at the camera now, Selina offers a cheeky look. Is this childish? Yeah, very. But what do you want? He was the grown man who agreed to such a ridiculous bet in the first place, he should have known what he was walking in to. ]

And in case anyone can't make it to watch, don't worry. I'll be recording it. You know, we should really start a Wonderland video scrapbook.

[ A laugh, and the feed cuts out. Hopefully Wonderland has a sense of humour. ]


May. 16th, 2016 08:57 pm
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[A young woman's face appears, framed by bright red hair, her green eyes both confused and tinted with anger as she starts to speak.]

Alright, first of all, to those of you that aren’t totally crazy, my name’s Clary, and I’m new around here. [She’s aware that she’s not the only person here against their will at least, so they should probably work together. She’s screwed if she doesn’t make some allies or friends.] If someone could let me in on what exactly is going on around here, I’d really appreciate it.

Second of all, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with this alternate-dimension thing. [She’s trying to sound ultra-confident about this, and she’s mostly successful, though there’s still a sense that she’s agitated and confused.] So whoever’s responsible for this? I’m not just going to sit around and take it. You can’t keep me here, not when the people I love need me.

And third, if you think giving me a bunch of free clothes and a nice room is going to make everything okay, you’re out of your mind. [Her attempt at being intimidating falls slightly short, considering she doesn’t even know who exactly she’s supposed to be addressing in regards to all this.] This is still kidnapping, no matter how you try to spin it. I’m not about to thank you and turn into some Stockholm Syndrome case.
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Greetings denizens of Wonderland!

[Bubblegum looks excited today. She has a lab coat on over her pink dress, her hair piled into a bun and out of the way.]

I have made some rather alarming discoveries, and I thought I would share them with you.

[She fiddles with a remote and the picture is replaced with an image, her face shrinking to a smaller box in the corner.]

For those of you from less scientifically advanced worlds, this is a PET scan. It shows activity in the brain. As you can see, I've marked off several areas of note. This subject made an excellent example, as they have experienced unrelated amnesia as well as Wonderland memory loss. You see in "Area A," there's a darker smudge? That is what I'd expect memory loss to look like. This subject's memories have been manipulated rather extensively, so it isn't surprising that the data would be a little... fuzzy.

But the areas marked "B" and "C".... when I first noticed those I thought there might be something wrong with my equipment, but after discussion with the subject and testing my equipment further, I am forced to conclude that my reading is correct.

My subject has lost two memories from the so-called "Wonderland Events" and traded one away to the vendors. She has three dots where there is simply... no data, two smaller, one larger. This should not be possible. It certainly is alarming. Nothing should be able to remove data so thoroughly. Nothing. But if my hypothesis is correct, Wonderland is doing just that.

[She touches her control again, sending the brain scan away, her own image now taking up the entire screen. She smiles sunnily.]

Anyway, I'm happy to share my full report with anyone interested. I'd also welcome anyone willing to volunteer as a subject. The more data we have, the more substantial a theory I can build.

Thank you for your time. I will take any and all questions you may have now.
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[ The video feed opens with a shot of a new bar menu displayed prominently above the bar with the drink specials of the month before panning out to show the bar itself.

A moment later, it turns around to feature Simon in the shot, the Brit grinning in his typical friendly manner. ]

Alright, so with all the new arrivals we've been getting recently combined with the rather emotionally-exhausting magic tricks we've gotten to experience over the past few days, I thought it was time to remind people - or let them know in the first place - that if you're looking for a little distraction or socialization, the bar's on the fifth floor. Myself and Jo and Cami are your bartenders and one of us is usually hanging around the place, but if not, you're welcome to help yourself.

And yeah, the theme of the month might be a little tongue-in-cheek. But. [ He shrugs here, looking mostly unconcerned about it, roguish smile still lingering. ] We're all a little mad here by now, right? Might as well enjoy what we can.

[ And with that, he cuts the feed for the time being. Simon will be hanging out at the bar for the afternoon, visiting with anyone who wanders in or carrying on conversations to people who reply over the devices instead. He's feeling sociable either way. ]


Apr. 4th, 2016 02:08 pm
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A couple months ago, I suggested getting some self-defense lessons going. We won't always have weapons with us when Wonderland transports us someplace, and God knows we're often at a disadvantage. So I thought we could learn how to defend ourselves with or without weapons. But events came and went, it got delayed, and then to top it off- Well. It's done now.

[ She pans the camera around to show a comfortable large room. Mats are on the floor, weapons are on the wall. Everything is light and cheerful. No blood yet, either. ]

I've already talked to some of you about classes. Let me know if you're still interested. I've got sign-up sheets by the door for anyone else who wants to teach or take private lessons, that sort of thing.

So swing by or, if you can't, let me know if you're interested in lessons.

Private messages to John Blake, Evelyn O'Connell, Faith Lehane, Natasha Romanoff (616), Mystique, Chuck Hansen, Victor Frankenstein, and Philip )
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[Violent mood swings are nothing new to Rick, but damn but this is something else entirely. Switching it all off was refreshing at first, but it gets kind of boring after awhile, as well as a little bit...concerning. When you start thinking about all the neat experiments you could run on everyone in Wonderland, Morty included, yeah, it's time to go back to the Feels.]

[Somewhere between crying over cat videos and crying over his own shit life and generally freaking the fuck out, Rick decides that this post is a SWELL idea.]

I say we make it a g-goddamn party! Yeah, party in the mansion, e-everyone's invited, all the booze and drugs you could ever want, loud music and all that, that great party-type shit! I don't know about all you assholes but I-I'm having a GREAT time, so, so, l-let's make it GREATER! FUCK YEAH!

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Hi everyone! [Dipper waves, giving a slightly awkward grin.] It's been a while, so I thought I'd let people know: I've been running a regular "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons" game and anyone can join in if they want. It's... very similar to something called "Dungeons and Dragons" that's found in some other worlds. And not really hard to pick up!

[That is a flat out lie it is INSANELY complicated.]

Anyway, I'll be in the library for a little while if anyone's interested in making a character sheet for it.

[He moves to turn off the feed, then pauses.]

Oh, and I can't believe I even need to add this, but we've got a really strict "No Murdering Players" rule in the game. We're keeping all deaths to ones the dice cause, okay? [YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, PEOPLE WHO NEED THIS MESSAGE.] If that's going to be hard for you, this isn't the game for you.

Private to Alice

Hey, you around?

[She pointed out he'd never tried to reach her first. So it's worth a shot.]


[As promised, Dipper will be in the library for the next few hours, with several large volumes of rulebooks as well as a handful of books on different ghost legends. Later, he can be found in the gym, vest and hat off to the side next to a pile of books about fighting. He's currently going up against a punching bag and... definitely losing.]
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[For the first few moments of the video, all that's visible is what looks like a little makeshift shooting range set up outside. It's the kind a kid who just got a BB gun for Christmas would set up, just a rail with some cans and bottle set up along it. Someone shoots down three bottles off the display, then John moves the camera to show his face. He looks like he hasn't slept in days and then got run over by a truck.]

Okay, here's the deal. It's pretty obvious by now that this place is a goddamn death trap just waiting to snap. And too many people are showing up unprepared. [In his humble opinion.] So, I'm gonna be offering free shooting lessons to anyone under 18. If you're over 18, you gotta provide your own weapon, but I'll take you.

[He's more worried about the kids, truth be told. Adults, they, but minors are...well. He's spent too long hunting to let kids just go on unprepared for things coming at them. It's not fair.]

There's one catch. You gotta prove to me that you're not gonna be stupid enough to blast a hole in your own foot before you can hit a target.

[That's fair, he thinks. He's not going to just put guns in kids' hands. Right away. Even Dean was seven before he let him shoot a real gun.]

And bring your own bullets.

video; 002

Mar. 15th, 2016 08:21 pm
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[ Selina's absolutely not the type to turn to others for help. Especially not a whole open network of people. But sometimes, there are situations that occur that you just can't get out of on your own, and this is looking, very unfortunately, exactly like one of those.

Basically, she's had an accident with something she stole from someone back during Saturnalia. It had looked like an innocent little vial of liquid, and while she's smart enough to know not to trust the contents since there's no label, sometimes accidents happen. And that sometimes means... Well, basically, she broke the vial and it's had an interesting effect on her.

Nothing appears out of the ordinary when she starts up a video feed over the network, but she does look frustrated and gives a huff before getting to an explanation. ]

Hey. So. I've got a little problem and was hoping someone out there might have a solution.

[ With that, she lifts her left hand and reveals that it has been entirely trapped in crystal. ]

Yeah. Long story, but to put it shortly, I "borrowed" this vial of something from some guy back during Saturnalia. I haven't really touched it again since then, but when I picked it up today, it kind of...broke. And this happened.

[ A long, irritated glance is cast in the direction of her crystal-encased hand. ]

Normally I have no problem dealing with my own problems, but this is kind of new. As in, I have no idea how to fix my hand. So if anyone has any ideas or actually knows what to do? That'd be great.
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[CLICK. For a moment, there is nothing but the sound of vinyl rubbing against vinyl. Then, very slowly, a large, white, marshmallow-like form moves in front of the camera.]

Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. I am programmed to assess your healthcare needs. How may I be of assistance?

[Pause. Turns head.]

My sensor is detecting high levels of stress and anxiety.

[Shuffles off-screen in tiny, squeaky steps. Pause. Thud.]

Oh, no.

[Shuffles back on-screen.]

My non-threatening, huggable design prevents me from opening the door. I am unable to provide medical assistance in my current location. When will the door open?

[Shuffles offscreen again. Pause. Thud.]

Oh, no.
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Alright, so I’ve had something on the back-burner for awhile and it’s time to finally just do the thing. Spring has almost sprung and I think it might just be fun to do something a little crazy.

[ Because everyone should be totally not concerned when Darcy drops the word crazy into everyday conversation. ]

I wanna do a calendar. A calendar with pictures of us. Wonderland already decided to show us an alternate version of ourselves and some people from home. Why not keep track of the real us and have a little fun doing it? There might even be booze and coffee. And sugar. A lot of sugar. And it doesn’t just have to be people here right now, I have a few pictures of people that used to be here that I want to include… No rules for this.

[ Considering rules would imply an actual plan. And since this is definitely coming off as a sort of spur of the moment decision, as tends to happen with Darcy, she’s trying to just keep this as broad as possible. Keep those real reasons floating in the back of her head about why she wants to do this out of this post. Maybe it’s because she’s had her hands full with Jane’s whole human infinity stone mess this week, maybe it’s because she’s almost at her two year mark and that’s making her start to twitch a little. Maybe it’s because the wear and tear of making friends only to lose them was getting a little old. Maybe… maybe she wanted to do something nice not just for herself but everyone else. ]

Since we don’t actually know the year here, I figure this calendar can legit be as many repeated months as we want. And I guess if you take personal offense to anything over 16 months in a calendar, we should probably take this chat in a different direction. Possibly involving the words ‘professional’ and ‘help’ and ‘banana balls’.

[ Subtlety, thy name is Darcy. ]

Hit me up if you’re interested in participating. I have a working list of people that I may or may not have already volunteered for this. You should all know who you are and if you don’t, then I guess just assume yes.

[ OOC: So this is Darcy’s Calendar Announcement. The log will go up this weekend for the actual photoshoots/mingling in case anyone wants to thread it out :D ]


Mar. 8th, 2016 09:01 pm
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[ Adaline wakes up slowly with the scent of vanilla, almond and parchment teasing at her senses. Her limbs feel heavy as lead, as if a hundred years of exhaustion has settled into her bones overnight. Unable to move properly right away, she stays there as she lets her the grogginess fade and her consciousness slowly come back into focus. Logic dictates she's fallen asleep at work again, lost in the 70,000 cubic feet of original records, books and news reels that the National Archives boasts. It wouldn't be the first time.

She yawns, jaw crackingly so as she pushes herself to sit up, her name badge still hanging loosely around her neck (still at work, then), proudly proclaiming her name as Jennifer Larson. It clicks gently against her belt, and Adaline looks down, taking it between her fingers and tapping the plastic with a soft snort before stretching, wincing as her bones crack down the length of her spine.

Just because you're ageless doesn't mean you don't ache like a 107 year old, she thinks off-handedly. Everything aches right now, like she's been in this position all night as opposed to a few hours. Normally, one of her coworkers will gently shake her awake and tease her for her inability to keep track of time. Poor Reese, she thinks as she finally stands and rubs her eyes, humming quietly under her breath as bones pop back into place after sleeping so long in a chair. He must be starving.

It's only once she's aware of her surroundings, once she clears the sleep from her eyes and takes a good look around that she realizes this is decidedly not the Archives. Her brow pinches between her eyes as panic flutters, but Adaline stays calm, composed. She's in a library, that much is clear, and danger does not seem to be imminent, but the threat is always there, as it seems to be no matter where Adaline Bowman goes.

A strange weight in her pocket merits a check, and it's not her cell, but a strange little device that looks as if it could be some sort of device. Which, of course, warrants further investigation and examination. ]


[ She's quiet, voice tentative. She's comfortable at least, surrounded by books, one leg delicately crossed over the other as she speaks into the device, not quite knowing what else to do.

It has a record function - broadcast, whatever you have it. So, that's what she's using. ]

Is anyone there?

[ Oh God she feels literally crazy, talking into a palm pilot or whatever the hell this thing is. So crazy, she speaks it aloud. ]

I'm going mad.
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[The camera turns on upside-down seems to be shaking quite a bit, focusing in on a scaly yellow face heavily biting her lip. It seems to be rapidly moving or otherwise broken until it gets placed on a nearby table and stabilizes, though still… upside down. Thankfully, the device isn’t broken- Alphys’ hands can be seen in-view, shaking. She appears to be outside, but the camera is only showing her torso to her eyes.]

Uh, h-hello! Is anyone there? U-Uhm, t-this is, this is Dr. Alphys! I don’t, uh, I don’t know where I am. And, if this is s-some sort of joke, I don’t appreciate…

[She trails off, getting close to the camera again and finally turning it right side up, lifting it off the table and back to a close-up of her face.] I’ve never even s-seen a device like this before… I think it’s broadcasting somewhere? I bet t-thats what that light does. What h-happens when I do—

[The feed cuts out. She hit the power.]
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[Stan has never been happier with an event. When he appears on the screen he's in full Mr. Mystery garb - fitted suit, fez, unnecessary eye patch, 8-ball cane. It's like he never left home! And he'd be a lot more upset about this event if it weren't for one huge, crucial detail - he woke up with money. Which means everyone woke up with money. ...Which means, naturally, that he's going to try and make all that money his.]

Well, well. [He leans forward on his cane with two hands and glances around conspiratorially, 150% showman swagger.] Would you look at that. Another event. Another weird building in the middle of even weirder woods. A good two hundred dollars burning a hole in your pockets.

[With a flick of his wrist like a magician, Stan produces his new event wallet and turns it sideways so he can open and close it like a puppet, and he makes it talk into his ear in falsetto.

"But Mr. Mystery! Everyone's stuck in the woods with nothing to do and nowhere to go! How will anyone ever spend me?"

That's a great question, Wallet! [With no regard whatsoever for his new wallet friend, he roughly jams it back in his pocket.] Luckily, I have the perfect place for people to spend their completely unearned cash!

[He tosses his cane up and catches it, using it to gesture widely to the gift shop around him.]

Welcome to...THE MYSTERY MANSION! Formerly known as the Mystery Shack and even more formerly known as the Murder Hut! [Stan places a hand over his heart, clearly pretending to be sincere.] My fellow Wonderland refugees, I'm sure you're just as tired of this magic nonsense as I am. So why go off into some spooky, potentially dangerous magical forest when you can satisfy your curiosity right here, without even steppin' out the door?

[Granted, Stan is well aware that the forest of Gravity Falls is not as dangerous as the last forest they all got stuck in, but these rubes don't know that! He'll happily bank on the fears and insecurities of suckers.]

Tours run once an hour, sun-up to sundown, from now until whenever this event ends - $20 a pop. Behold incredible sights never before beheld by your eyes! Wondrous attractions that will leaved you astounded! Bewildered! Befuddled! I can guarantee without a shred of doubt that you've never seen anything like the oddities of my Mystery Museum before, even takin' Wonderland events into account. Don't believe me? Take the tour and see for yourself!

[That's because they're mostly horrible taxidermy abominations that Stan's cobbled together himself.]

And that's not all! There's also a gift shop with all sorts of things you poor folks with your barely workin' closets desperately need! We've got T-shirts, cameras, key-chains, probably a grappling hook or two, bobbleheads, maps, postcards, snowglobes, hats -- we'd be here all day if I listed everything! Buy somethin' for everyone you know so when they get dragged to Wonderland they'll wish they'd gone to the greatest attraction Wonderland's ever forced you to be in!

So come on down to the Mystery Mansion Tours and Gift Shop! [He points his cane right at the camera and grins.] Because you and I both know you don't have anything better to do!

[He smacks the network device with his cane and it crashes to the floor, shutting off. Anyone's welcome to reply via video/text/audio/whatever, or they can skip right to the part where they're handing Stan their money and opt for an Action thread for tours and/or gift shop shenanigans!]
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[When Alice appears on the screen today, she's bobbing up and down in excitement with the widest smile – even without eyes to accompany it. Curiously, for those who have never met Alice before, her gaze always goes to the camera somehow, even though by all accounts she should not be able to see it.]

Everyone! I've thought of the most marvelous riddle and simply had to share it immediately! So many of you are much smarter than I am, and I'm certain you'll come up with an answer easily.

Hm... [She brings a hand to her chin and frowns in thought.] Now, how did it go again? I think it was..."If there's something in the forest, and no one's ever seen it, how do they know it's—" --no, that's not quite right, is it? Someone who's seen it obviously told them and that isn't much of a riddle at all. Maybe it was...maybe it was "If everyone's scared of a beast in the forest, but no one's ever seen the beast, is it truly a beast at all"? Hmm...I don't think it was.

[Alice scratches her temple, frustrated that she's lost the correct wording to her absolutely fantastic riddle.]

Perhaps it wasn't so marvelous after all. [She shrugs. Eh. Over it.] Oh well. Everyone knows who you are is much more important than the sort of riddles you tell. So, let's do that instead!

Tell me Wonderland - who are all of you today? That ought to be much more curious than some riddle.

[She rests her chin in her hands, waiting for answers, and then the video feed flickers off.]
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[ By now, she's already had a relatively thorough look around the mansion and its grounds, investigating and exploring. She's overheard conversations, watched some people from afar, and has the gist of what this place is about. She's pretty sure she has, anyway. Wonderland, it's called. They're all "prisoners", all from different worlds or universes or whatever, blah blah blah, some magic junk, etc. It's only then, when she feels like she understands the situation, that she finally makes an appearance on the network, a wry smile on her face as she broadcasts. ]

So, I've heard this place be referred to as a prison, but you know what? It ain't so bad. I mean, there're rooms for each of us, free food--as much as you can eat--and we're free to come and go as we please. I don't see what's so bad about all that.

[ She kicks her feet up from her sitting position and gives the camera a look. ]

I think I could get used to this, actually. Loads better than anywhere I've ever lived before. Sure, we're trapped here or whatever, but is it really so bad? Could be a lot worse, you know. I'd rather be trapped somewhere comfortable if I'm going to be trapped at all.

[ With that, she shrugs, and cuts the feed. ]


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