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Um... H-Hello. This isn't anywhere near as important as the last couple of videos... Or important at all. You could skip this if you want, I don't mind. I was j-just, um, curious.

I was encouraged to try and perform, b-but... I don't really know much about music. So, I guess...

W-what is your favorite musical instrument? And why?
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[So here’s Mabel sitting at her craft table in her room, surrounded by her piles of stuffed animals. It looks like she’s about to make the world’s cuddliest State of the Union address.]

Hi, Wonderfriends!

As you know, I, Mabel Pines, am an expert at problem-solving. I not only solve my own problems, but the problems of my friends, and I have the scrapbooked evidence to prove it! Plus I’m co-leader of Angel Investigations- we make your mysteries history. Aw yeah, nailed that plug! [she high fives a stuffed animal, and then sighs and leans back.] But as surprising as it is, there are some problems I can’t solve. You see, I’ve been in Wonderland for two years now, which means I definitely haven’t been to the orthodontist. [and here, she smiles, revealing her braces, which she gestures to.] These things? Do not tighten themselves, guys. And since I kiiinda don’t want a super messed up mouth while I’m in Wonderland, I only have one question for you.

[and here she looks deeply pained, all the casualness gone from her tone, because believe or not, people, untightened braces are uncomfortable as hell.] Is there a dentist in the house??
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[Today’s little network post opens with the camera pointed toward a festive little booth outside the mansion. Its purpose seems clear enough, but just in case you don’t get it, don’t fret! Because here is a handsome robot to turn the camera onto his face and explain it to you!]

Hello beauties and gentlebeauties! As you are all probably aware, today is Valentine’s day! For those who may not be in the know, it is a holiday devoted to love and the expression of love! Pink and red hearts, delicious chocolates, heartfelt confessions, secret passions; today is the day for it all!

[Here he adjusts the device so it is sitting on the booth and you can see his outfit clearly, as he props up his chin with his hands and flashes the camera a coquettish grin.]

Now, some of us have a special someone to spend this beautiful day with, and that is wonderful! For those of Wonderland who aren’t so lucky and feeling down about not getting that special Valentine’s Day kiss- never fear, for your favorite star is here! Come on down to the gardens and, if the price is right, you’ll get to experience these luscious lips for yourself~!

[He’s certainly put on a shiny red lipstick for the occasion…]

The price is, of course, anything Valetine’s day themed that you think I will like! There’s no currency here, so regular money just won’t do darlings! Impress me with something really extravagant, and your kiss may be extra special!

I look forward to seeing you here, sweethearts! Bye for now!

[He blows a kiss for the camera and it switches off.]

((ooc: Feel free to respond to this post on the network, run into Mettaton in the gardens, or do both! His default kiss is going to be a chaste kiss on the cheek or lips depending on how your character wants and the thread goes, but if you want ~something more~, feel free to pm me or hit me up on plurk and we can hash it out! Kids are 100% welcome; he’s gonna kiss the heck out of those cheeks and foreheads!! Let’s have a lovely Valentine’s day, Wonderland! ♥))


Feb. 7th, 2017 05:40 pm
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cw: drowning )

[... And then he wakes up, and after a second to process that he is apparently alive, he opens up the communicator for a moment.]

'Sew fish hear sitiation cot us like wet rice in ah rag ant now his majig I bean tinkerizin'--got blessit...

[And then he stops attempting to talk, sighs with notable frustration and then... there's a tapping noise of hamboning something that, if you somehow miraculously know the language of hamboning (or more likely, morse code), you might actually have a vague idea what the tapping is meant to mean... except that it's kind of mostly just swearing in tap-rhythm, so it's actually not that important to understand him exactly aside from being clearly annoyed with the current situation.]


Jan. 19th, 2017 11:21 am
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has anyone ever attempted to shut down travel by dimensional tear or portal or what might be referred to as some meta-physical means within wonderland or without it?

degree of success is unimportant-- i'm looking for anything pertaining to travel into wonderland, out of it, within it, to the mirror side, etc.

data is good, personal accounts are better. if you've gone to the mirror side (during a time where not everyone was invited over en masse) and are willing to offer information about your experience, that could be helpful as well.


Nov. 4th, 2016 08:58 pm
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[So Fiddleford's been here for about two weeks now, but for several reasons it took Fiddleford that long before he realized that he never really introduced himself to most of the other residents since arriving yet. Whoops.]

Howdy, everyone? My name is Fiddleford Hadron McGucket, Ph.D, and... ah, I would'a introduced myself sooner, but... well, pardon my tardiness. Better to do so now than takin' as long as a month of Sundays or never, right?

[For those with good hearing, they might be able to hear some sort of rhythmic tapping in the background for a moment, before he responds again.]

Anyhow, it's still a lot to get used to this dimension, but I'd still like to try to get along with all of you folks for the time bein'. [Tap tap. Tap tap tap...] And hopefully not ever have to deal with somethin' like last week again...
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[The feed starts abruptly with a shaky shot of the hallway floor, a dropped mask, a candy wrapper, and Dorian's shoes. Poor Dorian fumbles about with the camera in a panic as it quickly pans up to one of the mirrors.]

[Dorian's phone, floating in the air, is the only thing that's being reflected. Judging by the shaken muttering, Dorian's freaked out at the moment.]

How do you turn this thing around?! There's a button somewhere-

[The feed goes dark for a second before cutting to a shot of Dorian holding the phone. He looks noticeably pale and lifeless, much to his horror. His clawed hand pulls his upper lip away for a moment so we can all see his long, sharp fangs.]


[Dorian drops the camera, but we can still hear him panicking.]


[And the feed finally cuts out.]

[Thanks to the Wonderland candy grossly misinterpreting Dorian's masquerade costume, he's stuck as a vampire for the rest of the day. While it's still light out, you might find him hiding in the closets or wherever it's dark, out of fear that the sun's rays might kill him. In the evening, when he's not attending Mettaton's Halloween party, he's either attempting to figure out what vampiric powers he has or trying way too hard to resist the urge to drink people's blood. Somebody should tell him he can get blood from the kitchen.]

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[When the broadcast starts, it goes from silence to the immediate noise of two people screaming, punctuated by the sound of laser gunshots and mechanical whirring. It seems the device is on a side-table, giving a flat view of Ford and Alphys… perched on another table. Alphys is curled up, hands over her head, looking incredibly distressed, while Ford seems to be shooting at something off-camera.]

Oh m-my god, oh my god, we’re going to d-die here, I’m so s-sorry, I didn’t know they were all going to start...

Don’t worry! I happen to have excellent aim.

[All of a sudden, something takes a flying leap up onto the table, and Alphys yells as Ford shoots it down. The ensuing shot causes the device to fall over, revealing the floor is absolutely covered in knife wielding box tentacles, some with multiple arms, some with multiple knives, all running over each other and stabbing the floor, themselves, and the table. Alphys is still yelling. Ford is still shooting. It looks like an absolute catastrophe.]

Maybe we shouldn’t have prototyped them with the basic ability to learn--

Well it w-would have been fine if it was just, y-you know, one of them! They weren’t all supposed to turn on at the same time!

[Suddenly, Alphys turns her head and seems to notice the device, turning herself around and reaching out to grab it, bringing it in close to her and Ford.]

Uh, t-this is totally under control! No need to panic! I d-don’t, uhm, know how long this has been broadcasting, but, it’s f-fine! … And m-maybe don’t come to Ford’s room for, uhm, a little bit, for uh. Reasons.

Is that thing on? Uh, I mean-- Yes! Everything is absolutely, 100% under control. There is no need to worry about anythi-- [Ford cuts himself off and hisses.] Watch out, Alphys! I think it just tasted my blood!!

Oh g-god please don’t let that do anything new.

[And the device blinks off, cutting out the mechanical whirring sounds with it.]


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