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[The church had disappeared. Somehow, in her waiting, Lilith had fallen asleep and awoke in a strange garden, surprised and confused at how she had been apprehended so easily. This wasn't Heaven, the angels wouldn't interrupt her plans or avert the apocalypse. Everyone wanted it, except for the Winchesters (but who cares what they want?)

So then where was she? How did she get there? It was almost pitiful that she had been surprised...

...and pitiful was not something she could accept.]

What is this place? [She's angry, fuming, but containing that rage in a silent simmer. When she's quiet, that's when she is dangerous.] What trick is this?

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Mar. 7th, 2016 06:06 pm
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Well howdy, all you beautiful people! Lil' Gideon here, just tryin' to figure out what the gosh darn heck is goin' on! [ his lower lip wibbles a little, and he looks somewhat downtrotten. ] Y'see, I was just mindin' my own business, sleepin'...when all the sudden, I wake up here! Outside! Can you even believe it?!

But...I can't say I recognize this place at all, no I certainly do not. Any sweet creature want to let me in on where we are?

[ the innocence is palpable. It's almost over the top. But he does look a little perturbed. ]
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[The camera turns on upside-down seems to be shaking quite a bit, focusing in on a scaly yellow face heavily biting her lip. It seems to be rapidly moving or otherwise broken until it gets placed on a nearby table and stabilizes, though still… upside down. Thankfully, the device isn’t broken- Alphys’ hands can be seen in-view, shaking. She appears to be outside, but the camera is only showing her torso to her eyes.]

Uh, h-hello! Is anyone there? U-Uhm, t-this is, this is Dr. Alphys! I don’t, uh, I don’t know where I am. And, if this is s-some sort of joke, I don’t appreciate…

[She trails off, getting close to the camera again and finally turning it right side up, lifting it off the table and back to a close-up of her face.] I’ve never even s-seen a device like this before… I think it’s broadcasting somewhere? I bet t-thats what that light does. What h-happens when I do—

[The feed cuts out. She hit the power.]


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