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Hi everyone! [Dipper waves, giving a slightly awkward grin.] It's been a while, so I thought I'd let people know: I've been running a regular "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons" game and anyone can join in if they want. It's... very similar to something called "Dungeons and Dragons" that's found in some other worlds. And not really hard to pick up!

[That is a flat out lie it is INSANELY complicated.]

Anyway, I'll be in the library for a little while if anyone's interested in making a character sheet for it.

[He moves to turn off the feed, then pauses.]

Oh, and I can't believe I even need to add this, but we've got a really strict "No Murdering Players" rule in the game. We're keeping all deaths to ones the dice cause, okay? [YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, PEOPLE WHO NEED THIS MESSAGE.] If that's going to be hard for you, this isn't the game for you.

Private to Alice

Hey, you around?

[She pointed out he'd never tried to reach her first. So it's worth a shot.]


[As promised, Dipper will be in the library for the next few hours, with several large volumes of rulebooks as well as a handful of books on different ghost legends. Later, he can be found in the gym, vest and hat off to the side next to a pile of books about fighting. He's currently going up against a punching bag and... definitely losing.]
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[For the first few moments of the video, all that's visible is what looks like a little makeshift shooting range set up outside. It's the kind a kid who just got a BB gun for Christmas would set up, just a rail with some cans and bottle set up along it. Someone shoots down three bottles off the display, then John moves the camera to show his face. He looks like he hasn't slept in days and then got run over by a truck.]

Okay, here's the deal. It's pretty obvious by now that this place is a goddamn death trap just waiting to snap. And too many people are showing up unprepared. [In his humble opinion.] So, I'm gonna be offering free shooting lessons to anyone under 18. If you're over 18, you gotta provide your own weapon, but I'll take you.

[He's more worried about the kids, truth be told. Adults, they, but minors are...well. He's spent too long hunting to let kids just go on unprepared for things coming at them. It's not fair.]

There's one catch. You gotta prove to me that you're not gonna be stupid enough to blast a hole in your own foot before you can hit a target.

[That's fair, he thinks. He's not going to just put guns in kids' hands. Right away. Even Dean was seven before he let him shoot a real gun.]

And bring your own bullets.

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Mar. 7th, 2016 06:06 pm
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Well howdy, all you beautiful people! Lil' Gideon here, just tryin' to figure out what the gosh darn heck is goin' on! [ his lower lip wibbles a little, and he looks somewhat downtrotten. ] Y'see, I was just mindin' my own business, sleepin'...when all the sudden, I wake up here! Outside! Can you even believe it?!

But...I can't say I recognize this place at all, no I certainly do not. Any sweet creature want to let me in on where we are?

[ the innocence is palpable. It's almost over the top. But he does look a little perturbed. ]
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Ugh, there we go...

[Pacifica's narrows her eyes while she stares at the screen. Calling her expression icy almost seems too mild. She's not having a good day, sorry. And she can't even use her own phone for this? That's so stupid.]

So, like, I don't know if this is just Gravity Falls type weirdness or something completely different, but honestly? I don't really care. Someone just tell me who I have to blame for all of this and make it quick. Because if I don't get home right now, I'll-- I'll sue them!

I'll sue everyone here if I have to!

[She brushes some hair out of her face and crosses her arms, trying to look intimidating. Which is difficult when you're a twelve year old girl, unfortunately for her.]

Some of us have a curfew, okay? And I so refuse to get in trouble with my parents about this!


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