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under the cut: bruce/henry. post cut: network post. )

[Well, he’s going to be grounded for the rest of his natural life. Convenient that none of his family will fall under the curse because they’re all immune. After thinking about it, all he can do is address Wonderland en masse.]

Uh. Hi. So. You guys may have...noticed people falling asleep and some purple smoke?

[Deep breath.]

It’s called a sleeping curse. And it’s from my world. It’s not supposed to go through the air like this though. It’s like the curse from Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, if you have those in your world. Poison apple, prick of a spindle or a needle...

...The only way to wake someone up
[and BOY IS HE SORRY ABOUT THIS] is true love’s kiss. But that doesn’t have to mean a romantic person. It can be a spouse or significant other but it can also be a sibling, parent, best friend. If you love that person, it should work. Otherwise...they’re just asleep. That’s all.

[And he has no idea how to wake them up.]

I think since we are in Wonderland and it only likes things to be temporary, the whole thing will end in at most a couple days. And if not I’ll work with everyone I can here to make it better. I’m...I’m really sorry? I was just trying to show one person how magic and science work together.

[Bruce chimes in with some more practical suggestions, not ignoring Henry’s apology but not addressing it yet either.]

If you find anyone lying around in strange and random places, it might be for the best to get them somewhere safe. Either their own bedroom, or we can make use of one of the empty rooms here for everyone. It might be better to have someplace where it’s easier to keep an eye on everyone, especially if it takes any longer than a day or two for this to pass.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking into a way to fix this.
[A way that’s not a kiss, anyway.] Any scientists and magic users are more than welcome. We could use the help, I think.

[ooc: feel free to have people react to either Bruce or Henry on the network post, action tag them in the lab, and of course, use this post as gathering for all your rping needs! The lab portion with Bruce and Henry was not broadcast to the mansion. You're more than welcome to create your own posts. For more info on this plot, including the duration, see this post. blue - henry, green - bruce.]
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Hey... so, I totally missed my one-year mark. Pretty sure that was right in the middle of the Infected shit storm-- that couldn't be related, could it? But, anyway, I'm hoping someone just forgot to come by and give me my special badge or whatever you get for this illustrious milestone? I forgive you for being late, since I completely forgot, and you can come by with that prize anytime. Unless it's just for the five-year guys, and if that's the case, then... booooo.

[ Ellie pulls a face, offering a helpful thumbs-down for the camera. ]

Anyway! "What I Learned on My Wonderland Vacation"... I'm way less likely to drown now! Thanks, Jo. [ ... ] Uh, I know way too much about a lot of your personal lives, which is... gross, sometimes. There are kids here, people. [ Some of you are just nasty. ] I figured out exactly how much molten chocolate cake I can down before I get sick. That's three, and I'd say they're all big accomplishments. ... Except that middle one.

[ There are a bunch of other things, too, but her attention is already wandering and she yawns to prove it. ]

Does anyone have a Mirror who isn't extremely creepy? Inquiring minds want to know.
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[When the feed starts up, Alphys can be seen in plain view, except instead of her usual labcoat, she's wearing an oversized t-shirt with what looks to be an anime catgirl on it, surrounded by hearts. Those who can read the Japanese text at the bottom can tell it says 'Mew Mew Kissy Cutie'. Alphys looks quite proud of herself and very excited, and addresses the network with a little more confidence than is usually seen from her.]

So, uhm, I w-wanted to let everyone know-- the first meeting of, uhm, Wonderland's a-anime club is gonna be tomorrow! Usually, uh, it'd just be a few hours where we'd w-watch a new show, or talk about our favorite series, but... I thought the f-first one should be special! So we're doing, uhm, a movie marathon! Starting tomorrow at noon, in o-one of the second floor tearooms. There's gonna be signs so everyone knows, uh, w-where to go. All the films will be in the original Japanese with s-subtitles, and they're some of my favorites, and... hopefully they can m-make some people feel better after, uhm, everything that's been h-happening recently.

[She knows it's been rough for a lot of people, herself included. This is, obviously, the fix for that. Obviously.]

There's also gonna be, uh, snacks, and pillows, and you c-can come in your pajamas if you want. Everybody's w-welcome, just as long as you don't, uhm, disrupt a-anything by talking too loudly. The point of this is f-for, uhm, time to relax, and watch some great stuff, so. I hope everyone c-can come!

[Her smile's starting to bleed into something very nervous-looking, so she waves a bit and then abruptly cuts the feed.]

[ooc: log is over here for the club meeting!]
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[The conversation with Carolina settled, he'd gotten back to reviewing the data from the network to familiarize himself with the events, people and anything else he could find about the place. Best to be prepared for whatever and then he could update Carolina on what to expect.

Maybe make up for the bomb he'd already dropped, although he'd found some ...unsettling entries when a familiar face came up so he set to track that down.


This was going to end well.

And then he finally accessed the network himself.]

First things first.

Call me Church if you feel the need to call me anything.


This place is fucked up, and coming from me? That actually means something.

And considering some of the shit I've read, I should clarify, I only look like a ghost so no attempts at exorcism or whatever the shit you assholes get up to. Won't work. Nothing here can kill me, as far as I know and if something does happen to me?

You're going to be in a world of pain. Just trust me on that.

So yeah, if you see me around, just pretend it's totally normal, or whatever.
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Stanford Pines here. It has been brought to my attention that according to my timeline, I am really missing out on thirty years' worth of Earth's culture and media. I left my dimension in 1982 and returned in 2012.

So. What have I missed? Anyone have any recommendations? I'll even take something from another time period or planet if you think it's good.


Apr. 26th, 2016 03:54 pm
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 H-Hello everyone... I'm sorry to bother you, but, um... t-this has been a long time coming. I mean, a few weeks, but that's kind of long? Maybe it's been too long... Ahhh, this is hard...

I-I wanted to apologize for my actions earlier this month.  I've been told I d-don't need to be sorry, because it was Wonderland, and it does a-awful things to us... But... I feel... it still came from somewhere deep inside of me. I-I thought about texting this out instead, b-but... I didn't want to back out and d-delete everything... I should o-own up... I'm getting off topic again...

At the beginning of this month, I attacked people who c-came into the clinic. My r-reasoning... I felt so useless... That no one needed me... I-I'm a nurse, the Super High School Level Nurse, it means I'm the best. But... a lot of people here d-don't need doctors or nurses... Death isn't even permanent here. So during those days, I thought... I would make people need me. I would hurt them so I could heal them... Even though the first rule of medicine is d-do no harm...

N-Now I'm scared to be near people, in case W-wonderland does that to me again... I can't even kill myself, in order to repent... I want to be forgiven, but what can I possibly do to earn that? ... I-If there is anything you want me to do, I will do it... I'll l-leave that offer there...

I am sorry... I am really truly sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry...


Apr. 26th, 2016 02:50 pm
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Hey, Wonderland. Henry Mills here. And I wanted to keep a running tally of all the monsters or villains that you know of from your world that could come here. And then note whether or not they have been here.

I'll need people's help since I've only been here a year and a half, and I'm not sure what was here before me. So, I'll go start:

  • Ice queens (but only evil ones) - One named Ingrid was here but left.
  • Dark One (any form)
  • Ogres
  • Peter Pan - he was here and left a while ago
  • Curses (any type, usually there are a lot of clouds that build up before hand)
  • Poison apples/spindles/pointy things
  • Dragons (but not all of them are bad so you have to be careful)
  • Cruella de Vil
  • Zelena (she's here. Hi, Zelena. Sorry you're on this list.)
  • Flying monkeys (but they're actually people so...I'm not sure what to do about that?)
  • King Arthur
  • Trolls
  • Mermaids (but NOT Ariel.)

  • There's probably more, anyone from home can add to this. But yeah, it just might be good to know what to be aware of?
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    [So Alphys has been in her room the last couple of days, entirely of her own choosing, because she's finally figured out how the closets work. So when the feed comes on, anyone viewing can see Alphys, but in the background can clearly view a television, DVD player, and what looks to be a stack of DVDs. Occasionally, when the camera moves, a stack of light novels can be seen next to her bed. She was serious about replenishing that collection, after all.

    Still, when the feed clicks on, Alphys can be seen smiling, trying to look inviting.]

    S-So, uh, I may have found, uhm, a c-copy of this anime, that, uh, I r-really like, and, I know s-someone mentioned to me, uh, that there m-might be a way to do screenings, uhm, somewhere? And, uh, it's really good, s-so if other people uh, w-wanted to come watch with me... it's, uh, it's called Mew Mew Kissy Cutie and i-it's really good! It's about this, uh, h-human girl with cat ears a-and she can control people w-with magic kisses but she realizes-- wait, no, t-that's spoilers!

    [She's fidgeting and looking like she's trying not to spill all the plot details right this second.]

    A-anyway, uhm, does anyone know if t-there's a place with a projector, or, uhm, a nice tv? I c-can bring the DVD player. And, uh, if anyone has r-recommendations for other, uhm, shows, we can w-watch those too!

    [She grins again before the video ends.]

    [Text; Private to Sans] )

    video // 1

    Mar. 7th, 2016 06:06 pm
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    Well howdy, all you beautiful people! Lil' Gideon here, just tryin' to figure out what the gosh darn heck is goin' on! [ his lower lip wibbles a little, and he looks somewhat downtrotten. ] Y'see, I was just mindin' my own business, sleepin'...when all the sudden, I wake up here! Outside! Can you even believe it?!

    But...I can't say I recognize this place at all, no I certainly do not. Any sweet creature want to let me in on where we are?

    [ the innocence is palpable. It's almost over the top. But he does look a little perturbed. ]
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    [The camera turns on upside-down seems to be shaking quite a bit, focusing in on a scaly yellow face heavily biting her lip. It seems to be rapidly moving or otherwise broken until it gets placed on a nearby table and stabilizes, though still… upside down. Thankfully, the device isn’t broken- Alphys’ hands can be seen in-view, shaking. She appears to be outside, but the camera is only showing her torso to her eyes.]

    Uh, h-hello! Is anyone there? U-Uhm, t-this is, this is Dr. Alphys! I don’t, uh, I don’t know where I am. And, if this is s-some sort of joke, I don’t appreciate…

    [She trails off, getting close to the camera again and finally turning it right side up, lifting it off the table and back to a close-up of her face.] I’ve never even s-seen a device like this before… I think it’s broadcasting somewhere? I bet t-thats what that light does. What h-happens when I do—

    [The feed cuts out. She hit the power.]
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    Ugh, there we go...

    [Pacifica's narrows her eyes while she stares at the screen. Calling her expression icy almost seems too mild. She's not having a good day, sorry. And she can't even use her own phone for this? That's so stupid.]

    So, like, I don't know if this is just Gravity Falls type weirdness or something completely different, but honestly? I don't really care. Someone just tell me who I have to blame for all of this and make it quick. Because if I don't get home right now, I'll-- I'll sue them!

    I'll sue everyone here if I have to!

    [She brushes some hair out of her face and crosses her arms, trying to look intimidating. Which is difficult when you're a twelve year old girl, unfortunately for her.]

    Some of us have a curfew, okay? And I so refuse to get in trouble with my parents about this!
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    [Here's a particularly purple person picking her nose for you, network. Know you were in the market for that kinda thing. If you recognize her, you might notice she's wearing different clothes, which is only notable if you also noticed before that she never changes her clothes. Except that one time there was a wedding.]

    Uhh, hey. Question for anyone who gets this: if, say, someone happened to fall asleep on the beach, get taken in by the tide, and then get washed up somewhere completely different... Just, in the case of that freak, completely hypothetical scenario... [She pulls her finger out and flicks whatever she dug up away from her.] How would she use the phone she woke up with to send pictures of her butt with an SOS attached to the guy with the lion?

    I mean, the lion can teleport. So the guy with the lion can, you know, use the lion to teleport. Obviously.

    I wouldn't care, but there's kind of an emergency with a giant monster in the core of the Earth-- Okay, Pearl keeps telling me it's not actually in the core, but it's deep in there, and I gotta help get rid of it or we're all doomed. Forever. Kersplode. No Earth.

    Don't freak out or nothing, though. It's all good. Just gotta... get back. Hypothetically.

    Man, I wish I didn't have to leave, this place is cool. I think it's even bigger than the temple. And have you seen the closets?
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    [ This network needs ten times more Soos stat, and Soos- wearing safety goggles and a standard yellow construction helmet- is here to provide it from the nearest hallway terminal. ]

    Okay, I'm not trying to call it officially or anything, but I'm pretty sure I just had the best idea ever and everyone should get in on it. Like, drop what you're doing, get a helmet you think is cool, and hit the second floor. Maybe get some kneepads or something, too? Whatever you'd call your basic safety equipment. I'm not gonna judge, dude; you do you. 'cause-- not to spoil the surprise or anything, but this is gonna be so rad.

    [ He pauses for all of half a second before he's laughing. ]

    Haha, okay, I'm totally spoiling it. We're about to do some killer mattress surfing, dudes! It's time to make the dream aliiiiiive!

    [ Full-on excited fist-pumping, shouting into the air, enthusiasm. So ends the saga of why Soos should not be allowed access to a closet that can give him almost anything he asks for. Or maybe the saga of exactly why he should be allowed.

    The option to action in is totally open! Soos is pretty determined to do what it says on the tin and then some, so he'll be hauling mattresses around and the like. Anything is possible.

    (For real though, feel free to doop around any old way in that regard. Threadjack, drag friends upstairs to make them ride down some stairs, yell at people, bring a toboggan, whatever takes your fancy.) ]
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    [It's everyone's favorite loser skeleton. He's looking pretty tired.]

    so that event was kinda fun, yeah? spent the whole time hanging out with a bear. can't say i've ever done that before, heh. he's--they're?--a pretty chill guy, or guys. good taste in music.

    but it's pretty crazy. wonderland makes all these thinking, talking monsters, and then at the end of the event, poof. they're gone.

    [Best not to think about it.]

    that reminds me...

    looks like my brother's gone home.
    [Gone home, back to being a pile of dust in the snow. Some other Sans will find him, and so on ad nauseum. But at least now Chara can't kill him. Again.] you mighta seen him around. tall skeleton, way cooler than me. all his stuff's gone and his room's back to the default. only one thing that means around here.

    [He shrugs as if it doesn't really matter. And really, does it?]

    [He's about to sign off on that note, but then he pauses. There's something else he should say. Something that, if he's honest with himself, he'd be remiss not to mention. Even though it's essentially pointless and won't change whatever is going to happen.]

    by the way. there's two humans here now who came from my world. frisk and chara. you might see 'em around--they're pretty independent kids, but if people could keep an eye on them both, i'd really appreciate it. frisk's a good kid. chara's...kind of a hellion. heh.

    [No one would believe the truth. Right?]
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    [Stan has never been happier with an event. When he appears on the screen he's in full Mr. Mystery garb - fitted suit, fez, unnecessary eye patch, 8-ball cane. It's like he never left home! And he'd be a lot more upset about this event if it weren't for one huge, crucial detail - he woke up with money. Which means everyone woke up with money. ...Which means, naturally, that he's going to try and make all that money his.]

    Well, well. [He leans forward on his cane with two hands and glances around conspiratorially, 150% showman swagger.] Would you look at that. Another event. Another weird building in the middle of even weirder woods. A good two hundred dollars burning a hole in your pockets.

    [With a flick of his wrist like a magician, Stan produces his new event wallet and turns it sideways so he can open and close it like a puppet, and he makes it talk into his ear in falsetto.

    "But Mr. Mystery! Everyone's stuck in the woods with nothing to do and nowhere to go! How will anyone ever spend me?"

    That's a great question, Wallet! [With no regard whatsoever for his new wallet friend, he roughly jams it back in his pocket.] Luckily, I have the perfect place for people to spend their completely unearned cash!

    [He tosses his cane up and catches it, using it to gesture widely to the gift shop around him.]

    Welcome to...THE MYSTERY MANSION! Formerly known as the Mystery Shack and even more formerly known as the Murder Hut! [Stan places a hand over his heart, clearly pretending to be sincere.] My fellow Wonderland refugees, I'm sure you're just as tired of this magic nonsense as I am. So why go off into some spooky, potentially dangerous magical forest when you can satisfy your curiosity right here, without even steppin' out the door?

    [Granted, Stan is well aware that the forest of Gravity Falls is not as dangerous as the last forest they all got stuck in, but these rubes don't know that! He'll happily bank on the fears and insecurities of suckers.]

    Tours run once an hour, sun-up to sundown, from now until whenever this event ends - $20 a pop. Behold incredible sights never before beheld by your eyes! Wondrous attractions that will leaved you astounded! Bewildered! Befuddled! I can guarantee without a shred of doubt that you've never seen anything like the oddities of my Mystery Museum before, even takin' Wonderland events into account. Don't believe me? Take the tour and see for yourself!

    [That's because they're mostly horrible taxidermy abominations that Stan's cobbled together himself.]

    And that's not all! There's also a gift shop with all sorts of things you poor folks with your barely workin' closets desperately need! We've got T-shirts, cameras, key-chains, probably a grappling hook or two, bobbleheads, maps, postcards, snowglobes, hats -- we'd be here all day if I listed everything! Buy somethin' for everyone you know so when they get dragged to Wonderland they'll wish they'd gone to the greatest attraction Wonderland's ever forced you to be in!

    So come on down to the Mystery Mansion Tours and Gift Shop! [He points his cane right at the camera and grins.] Because you and I both know you don't have anything better to do!

    [He smacks the network device with his cane and it crashes to the floor, shutting off. Anyone's welcome to reply via video/text/audio/whatever, or they can skip right to the part where they're handing Stan their money and opt for an Action thread for tours and/or gift shop shenanigans!]
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    [The feed starts with Dipper’s face way too close to the screen, tongue out as he sets the phone in place. It wiggles a bit as he finds a good balance, then he moves back to sit next to Mabel and gives an awkward grin and a wave.]

    Hi! Dipper and Mabel here. Welcome to Gravity Falls, I guess? Sort of? [He glances over at Mabel.]

    Close enough, anyway! [Mabel’s not exactly concerned about the differences, to be honest. she’s all but bouncing in her seat.] For once, Wonderland’s giving us a break! Gravity Falls is totally awesome so long as certain well-dressed triangles aren’t here. [she blows a raspberry.]

    Which he probably isn't since he used to be here as a… [Dipper glances up, scratching his chin.] Well, I’m still not sure if he was here on purpose or not, but the fact is, he’s no more likely to secretly be lurking here now than he was before the event started. But isosceles horrors aside, there is a lot to watch out for here. The woods are filled with amazing creatures!

    Gnomes! Unicorns! Sometimes an occasional cow with extra legs. But the important thing to remember is that for the most part, none of them are really gonna hurt you. They’re more… [she squints, trying to find the right word.] ...annoying? Weirdly stalker-y? [she shrugs] Point is! They’re pretty easy to deal with if they get on your nerves. And accidentally swallowing unicorn blood will not give you an extra face on the back of your head! [she turns around in her chair and tosses her hair over her face to demonstrate] See?

    And the Multibear has surprisingly good taste in music. [Dipper looks slightly shifty as he says it.] For the record, we mean deal with in a non-fatal manner. [He spreads his hands out in front of him, looking serious.] I know a lot of you fight monsters in your worlds, but can you just… try not to do it here? It’s unnecessary and really sort of a jerk move. I mean, a lot of them are sentient.

    [Mabel turns around tosses her hair back.] Yeah, seriously guys, even the gnomes aren’t that bad, and they tried to make me marry all two thousand and something of them.

    [there weren’t that many, Mabel.] And, most importantly, don’t forget to check out the gift shop for all your mystery needs!

    [she beams proudly, much like someone who expects to be rewarded for throwing that in.]

    [Dipper rolls his eyes like someone who won’t actively speak out against the family business but also refuses to participate in the sucking up part of this message.] And ask us if you have any questions. No one knows these woods better than us. [A beat, then he quickly adds:] Except Great Uncle Ford. [Ford is the reason Dipper and Mabel know so much, after all. He looks over at Mabel, frowning slightly.] Do you think the gnomes’ll bother Wirt?

    [still facing the camera and beaming.] He’ll be fine.

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    [There's a girl staring at the camera very intently. She frowns, staring at it very intently, before she notices that it's already recording and scowls.]

    I guess this is way more sensitive to touch when you use fingers, huh? Well. I'm not a bird anymore.

    [She shrugs a shoulder. She doesn't really feel the need to add more explanation than that.]

    If anyone needs me, I'll be eating waffles.

    [She squints and frowns again, then presses a few buttons that are definitely wrong before she ends the feed.]

    (ooc: Beatrice got a pair of scissors in her stocking that let her clip away her wings and become human again! From now on, I'll be using this journal for her.)
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    [It's been at least several hours of dodging strangers in a mysterious garden belonging to the shifting architecture of a mansion that must've come right off the pages of a fairytale... or from a nightmare. Ford has tried everything to wake himself up from what he believes is a dream; perhaps a trap in which Bill has locked him away, or some pocket dimension, or what if he's even dead, or... or...

    All he remembers is raising his hands to answer Bill's "riddle", a bright light, and extreme discomfort.

    He scrubs his hand over his head and looks down at the unfamiliar device he found on his person not too long after he woke up.]

    Come on, Stanford. He trapped you here. You have to wake up. This has to be a riddle, a game...

    [If it's a game Bill wants, Ford decides he might have to play it long enough to wake up--just wake up--

    He starts typing out a message, and reminds himself to trust no one. If he's been blasted to another dimension, it might actually be better than being locked in his own mind, but... if this is his own mindscape, it doesn't seem to fit. It's definitely something Mabel would come up with, but him? No.

    What then, is it? Where is he?]


    My name is Stanford Pines and I come in relative peace. I am attempting to communicate through this device. If you understand this language, please respond.

    [That's ambiguous enough, and--] There. I drew my line in the sand.

    [He pockets the numbered, lettered pad and sets out to explore.]
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    Good thing that's over.

    [Zelena's doing her best to look completely unimpressed and like she didn't spend the majority of the Christmas season in a dungeon or dealing with goblins when she wasn't trapped in the already mentioned Krampusjail.]

    In fact, between this year and last year, I'm rather glad we didn't have nonsense like this where I come from.

    [There's probably not Christmas in Oz. If anything, there's probably some sort of horrible holiday called Zelenamas.]

    But still, I don't suppose anyone's seen that horrid creature around, have they? I'm assuming he's disappeared with the rest of the...well, I suppose everything except the snow, but I'd certainly like to return the favor if it hasn't.

    [...maybe she should've said which creature she meant.]


    LAYOUT BASE @ [community profile] fruitstyle