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Since my last message, it has come to my notice that there are more people investigating this mansion and its various elements than I was aware of. I realise that some of us perhaps work better on our own but it strikes me that we are missing an opportunity if we do not coordinate and cooperate on what we find. Perhaps if those of us actively working on solving the mysteries of this place could come to work together, to share what we know, we will stand a better chance of finding some answers.

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[The camera flicks on, focused on a man who looks like he's seen better days. He's face down, but slowly looks up, dazed and with blood running down his forehead. He reaches out for the camera, seemingly recognizing it, and the feed cuts out the second he picks it up.]


[The feed resumes, but judging how Ky is looking down at it purposefully, it seems he'd meant to turn it on this time. He's since cleaned himself up, or at least wiped the blood out of his eyes.]

Hello? This is captain Ky Kiske, officer ID numbers four-one-two-six-nine. I require--...[He hesitates, just for a second, and then shakes his head.] This seems to be anything but the Parisian streets, am I correct in thinking that? If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be most appreciated.

[He takes a deep breath before continuing. He can feel the headache coming on just thinking about it.] And if anyone has see the loud boor singing Queen in the past twenty minutes, could you please notify me? Thank you.

Kiske out. [Ky turns the device off and leans against the fountain. It's pretty cold out here. He'll get up after a few minutes of rest. Maybe.]


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