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[Souji is for once not in the diner. He needed a day off, and the weary look on his face says as much. With both Ned and Tohru gone now, they're quite short staffed.

His tired expression isn't the only thing out of place in this video, though. He's sitting at his desk, one elbow on its surface and his cheek resting on his palm, his room visible behind him.

Also visible are hundred of parakeets. They are everywhere, all chirping and trilling and fluttering around. There a couple are preening on Souji's shoulders and another is picking through his hair from its perch on top of his head.

Though Souji likes animals, if anything, this just makes him even more tired.]

The closets are still acting up.

[He sighs through his nose as though to add "But you probably already knew that."]

The events are combining again, the last one wasn't announced, some parts of the events are lingering after they finish... Something's going to happen soon.

[He's absolutely sure of that, but his solemnity is ruined by a green, fluffed up parakeet strutting into the feed and taking up the entire frame, turning its head this way and that until Souji uses the back of his free hand to gently scoot the bird aside.

In other news:]

If anyone wants a bird... [He gestures, not caring to finish.] I opened the window, but they don't seem interested in leaving.

Video 006

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[The video clicks on to just Billy's face and he moves the camera back quickly because no one wants to see him that close up. He's sitting on a couch in a room with book shelves behind him and he smiles awkwardly at the camera.]

Err. Hi. So. I had been thinking recently, what with all the stuff this place has been throwing at us and everything, maybe it was time to have a place for the people who come from worlds with magic who can use it or even who want to learn to study or train. We have a fitness room, and a training center but no magic studies room. So uh, I made one.

[He pans the camera around the show everyone the room, before the camera comes back to his face.]

Its not much yet, but I was hoping that anyone who is interested would come and contribute what they know from their worlds. A place we can meet and teach each other or just hang out and discuss whatever. Its on the first floor next to the training center. I'll be here for a while but anyone is free to stop by whenever.

[There really wasn't much else to say so he shot the camera another grin before turning the video off.]

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She has to keep her babies safe. All the tiny babies that are frozen. She wonders what they look like as she holds the canister in her arms, staring up at the mansion. This is not seestra Alison's house. This is no one's house, it is a castle. Bigger than any house, even bigger than the orphanage. Helena takes a slow step forward, wary and careful, unsure.

She cannot kill anyone with babies in her arms. Though perhaps she could kill them with the canister the babies are in. Yes. She will do this if she has to, but for now she walks in a bloody white parka, the hood up and very much looking as if she's just murdered someone. Or two or three people. Perhaps four. No one threatens babies, even babies that are not hers. Gemma and Oscar do not become playing pieces in this game, they are innocent.

But now, there is a new game. What is this, she wonders, where she was with Donnie and now she is at a mansion and there are people, many people she has never seen before. At least she isn't locked away. It's an improvement, though soon she'll realize it's still a prison of sorts.

"Come babies," she mutters to the silver canister of embryos in her arms, giving it a kiss. "We will go find someone who will tell us the answers."


[Helena's found a room by now, and she sits cross legged on the floor in the empty space, holding her phone in hand, sending a video of herself out to all of Wonderland featuring a thick, Ukrainian accent.]

Hello, everybody. This place with closet gives me donuts and makes me stay.

[And a powdered donut makes an appearance, a bite taken as she chews thoughtfully, tilting her head to one side, contemplating the camera.]

There are many people here. Like rats, we are trapped? It only appears to be free. But this is not good place for me and my babies. I need my family. Tell me why we cannot leave.

[She's remarkably calm, and then she brings the camera right to her face, so that only her eyes are visible.]

Who is watching?
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[ it has taken a full day for elsa to understand the devices and even that understanding is shallow at best.

a whole day. when she first found herself in the halls of the mansion, her instinct was to run to the top floor to try and see if she sees anything familiar in the landscape.

nothing whatsoever. it was as foreign as the mansion itself and worse of all, no matter how much she looked around from corners and shadows, she couldn't see Anna.

the mix of fear, anxiety and anger led to her running back up, to the 10th floor and to hide in one of the rooms but the turmoil has shown its effects. the temperature in the 10th floor dropped at once and as the hours passed, it has gotten progressively worse.

outside of room number 40, a clear, thick frost is covering the floor; it is spreading, slowly but surely towards the windows and ceiling in the floor.

keep it up and the 10th floor might yet start looking like Alaska.

hidden in her room, door blocked by a strong, fierce wall of ice, elsa uses the device to send one, short message: ]

if you have her, I want Anna back.

I will stop at nothing to save my sister.

give my sister back to me, now.


May. 19th, 2015 02:47 pm
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[A new face appears on the screen. She seems to be fiddling with the device, pressing all sorts of buttons -- the video keeps blinking in and out but finally she stops and squints down at it.]

Oh! Oh, it's doing something. Hello? Can anyone hear me?

I think it's recording... [She positions herself properly in the center of the screen, looking very businesslike.] Hello. My name is Antimony Carver. You may already know me, or you may not. I don't know how closely tied this place is with the forest. It is tightly linked with the ether, I can tell that much easily, but this... phone or whatever it is too closely resembles human technology.

I'm excited to see more. [And oh does she look it. ...That was sarcasm. She looks completely stone-faced.] But I am... otherwise engaged. I made a promise -- not in so many words, but... I need to get back to the Court. Gunnerkrigg Court? It's beyond the forest, but I don't know the way, and I couldn't find anyone within the forest to help me. When I get back I can tell Kat I'm alright and then return here to investigate, but right now.... I can't just leave her without a word again.

Please, if you could help me. ... I'd owe you a debt.


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