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[Sometimes, you feel like shit and nothing in the world seems like it's going to fix that. And sometimes, that means you start moping in public without really realizing it.

Which means random strangers are like dude, what's up? But in a more old-timey sort of way because this guy seems old-timey and eventually you start talking and he's like, how about we do something you'd do back home to cheer yourself up? And back home is, like, more years ago than it should be, honestly, but you remember just before the game started there was this video that came out. And it was so stupid. So stupid.

Sometimes, you feel like you need to be stupid again.

So you and Ben wander around the mansion (after a brief explanation that all he really has to do is point the camera at you, which he catches onto like a goddamn pro). You don't bother with the mask thing, you just stick your hood up over your head and keep it hovering with windy powers and yep, you look like some freak with a long neck who is somehow insanely cool.

Time to point at some innocent bystanders with the purest essence of funk on your side. And maybe chase some people, y'know, whatever seems stupidest at the moment.]
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[ so that feed. it keeps flickering on and off, as what appears to be a lanky teenage boy presses the buttons, going through all the functions. ]

Wait - so -

[ video to audio to text to nothing, then back again. ]

What's falksejfalsejfaef hello ??????/

[ alright. alright. hold up. he changes it back to video, as that's what he thinks he's seen on the network so far. he'll have to look into this later. ]

Whoa. Okay - you do talk into this, right? That's what this is for? I mean, this is crazy - is this, like, some kind of moving picture? Because even Hansel and Gretel couldn't've put that together! I mean. That I know of. They can do a lot, but I've totally gotta show them this.

[ he clears his throat. ]

Anyway. Hello! My name is Ben. Ben Wosser. And quick question. Is there something on fire, and, on top of that, is there water anywhere where I can kinda just - put that out really quick?

Or is that fog just a regular thing? A weird regular thing?


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